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Morning Prayers Celebrating the Feast of All Saints

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Details about Brother Sean are available by visiting our website at -http://www.taucommunity.com/ http://www.celticfranciscanmonk.com  https://audioboo.fm/celticfranciscanmonk video is a live recording on Sunday 1st November-The Feast of All Saints. We dedicate our Morning Prayers For all our Franciscan Brothers and Sisters of different faiths who have surrendered their hearts to God following the simplicity of Saints Francis and Claire to meet Christ in the impoverished. We also remember all God’s Children of all faiths, colour, creeds, gender orientation or political persuasion. We prayer this morning for an increase of vocations into the Tau Family of Interfaith Franciscans where men and women are free to dedicate their lives 4 global unity and peace. We so remember all God’s suffering children of all faiths and none who have need for God’s intervention in their lives today. Prayers is led by Brother Sean UK. Why not come and join us 09.00 AM-05.00PM-(GMT) http://original.livestream.com/franciscansoulmates4peace Tau Community is an interspiritual circle of soul companions, and a lay order of monastics serving in love, in the spirit of Saint Francis and Saint Clare.  Doves4PeaceTV is one of its outreach and service ministries. Website:  http://www.taucommunity.com  Doves4Peace Virtual TV A Free Spiritual & Metaphysical Online TV Network featuring an exciting, eclectic, and highly ecumenical  line-up spiritual teachers, authors, activists, evolutionaries, and visionaries. Dip into the wisdom, expertise, and free instruction offered by our presenters by watching their programs in real time or by searching through our archived programs, which can also be found on Youtube at:  http://www.Doves4PeaceTVonYouTube.com  Our Online Network:   Doves4PeaceTV Website:  http://www.doves4peacevirtualtv.com Doves4PeaceTV Facebook Fan Page:  https://www.facebook.com/doves4peaceviritualtv?ref=hl Doves4PeaceTV Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/doves4peace Doves4PeaceTV YouTube Channel:  http://www.Doves4PeaceTVonYouTube.com
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