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Emirates A380 First Class Dubai to Amsterdam (+ lounge): a trip report

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Read my review of this flight here: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/2016/05/25/trip-report-emirates-a380-first-class/ If you like this clip, be sure to follow me on Youtube (200,000+ followers so far!). Each week, I upload one new clip about my (luxury) travels around the world. You can watch more of my flight clips in my playlists 'trip reports: Business Class flights' and 'trip reports: First Class flights'. These playlist includes flights with Finnair, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, American Airlines, Swiss, Austrian Airlines, and Cathay Pacific to name a few. Travel your dreams in style & follow my website for luxury travel inspiration: top 10 lists, news, reviews, trends, tips, offers, and competitions. You can subscribe to my newsletter (3x/week) here: http://wp.me/P4d1XU-5J. FOLLOW ME: Website/blog: http://theluxurytravelexpert.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LuxTravelExpert Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LuxuryTravelert Instagram: https://instagram.com/luxurytravelexpert Tumblr: http://luxurytravelexpert.tumblr.com/ Production music by www.epidemicsound.com
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James Kristoff (3 days ago)
What happens if youre flying with another person..they have cabins for two or more..?
You can lower the partition between the center suites
KP (9 days ago)
Kenny G Choonit (25 days ago)
omg that plane is a flying palace.
If Aeroflot was on duty,l will never take that plane. In 1993 l suffered in Moscow. I regretted taking Aeroflot airlines.
I have slept in one of the best 1 class hotel in France. Therefore l will by all means sit in the 1st class in a plane in the near future.
Mmmm wow!!!!
Yes,life is very,very precious, so we need the best in life. Very nice Emirates good job
Really marvelous.
Yes. We will always choose the best airlines all the time. We love beautiful things.
Michelle Collins-betz (28 days ago)
Welcome aboard The YouTube airlines we hope that you have a great time with us while watching the video, food and beverages are served in your own home, feel free to stop the video at any time then resume the rest of the video at your own leisure. Thank you for flying with YouTube airlines we hope you had a great time watching this, please watch again soon.
Russell Robinson (1 month ago)
who in their right mind would serve cabbage on an aircraft
Ezugo Obuekwe (1 month ago)
First class on Emirates is certainly awesome, but... it’s Emirates, even their economy class is satisfactory enough for me. Plus I’ve flown on their business class before. Now FC is certainly for the adults who’ve made it though, it’s excellent, but depending on certain personal belongings (like the best noise-cancelling headphones on the market presently), some of the stuff there is a little extra.
Billy Robert (1 month ago)
US INSIDER TRAVEL TIP: When flying airlines based in the states, especially Jet Blue or Spirit, in their premium seats, you can quietly ask the flight attendant for the "Waffle House Special Menu." They will slip your WHSM inside their standard menu whereupon you can discretely select Smothered Hash Brown, bacon burned to a crisp, eggs cooked any way you can imagine and, my favorite, "The All American with liberally Buttered Texas Toast." The beauty of the WHSM is the same as any Waffle House, you can have breakfast for any and every meal -- but you must ask and sometimes insist. To give the proper ambiance, all plates, cups, saucers and silverware are authentic Waffle House monogrammed serving sets -- all slightly greasy to the touch. Some of the better airlines offering trans-con service have a special WHSM Chef onboard lacking dentures, replete with prison tattoos, wafting around a bouquet akin to homeless homemade hooch.
Ernesto WENDENBURG (1 month ago)
B777 cabin seems far more luxurious compared to A380!!! A difference in generation?
Palomiäs Sami (1 month ago)
Correct me if I`m wrong but some of those materials look cheap. Anyway that`s great looking first class! I hope I could be in that first class seat someday:)
John Boyt (1 month ago)
What items are first class allowed to take with them when they leave?
Noob Guy (1 month ago)
i was on that
Paulo Cezar Soares (1 month ago)
Ótimos vídeos
BK007 (2 months ago)
This is the best First class I have ever seen! American Airlines is a joke compared to this.
Rais Fiqriansyah (2 months ago)
15:46 the same caviar but different presentation compare with emirates 777
JayJay Swan (2 months ago)
this should be offered to everyone, no classes, no downgrade especially for long flights; this is where beds are most needed.. am pretty sure people will travel more often "long distance flights" if comfort was offered at reasonable prices. dont need all the extravagant style, just a bed.
Aravind Vinod (2 months ago)
This is very very motivational flying experience
Sean Jacobs (2 months ago)
Crazy the difference the way you fly in 1st class compared to economy. Just the name alone: FIRST ( I have ) CLASS Vs economy ( cheap ) class. *sniff sniff*. LoL I imagine First Class feels like the way you feel when you have a speed pass at Universal Studios Amusment Park and you walk past all the suckers that have been waiting in line for 75 minutes to ride The Mummy. Just FYI you get the speed pass if you stay at the Hard Rock Hotel - so worth it.
HELMUT ALTO (2 months ago)
Ubirajara Durval (2 months ago)
very nice thanks
beth98362 (2 months ago)
Looks stylish but not comfortable! Looks like a late "50's" remake...OLD!
Gülsen Imerova (2 months ago)
stephen turner (2 months ago)
Tell that cunt to take their feet down off the bulkhead.
Aestheticllyplsing 01 (3 months ago)
Another great and informative review! Are you given permission to film or is the camera discreet?
the Luxury Travel Expert (3 months ago)
The camera is dicreet ;-)
Steph the Mess (3 months ago)
Great video!!
Michele Smith (3 months ago)
first class review from a first class reviewer
the Luxury Travel Expert (3 months ago)
Thank you :-)
Michele Smith (3 months ago)
u are the best, just watched one of "nonstopdan" reviews , never again hes a bit of an eegit
Phil RIta (3 months ago)
We've managed Emirates on a couple of legs of long haul flights and was a great experience. Hopefully somewhere in our future everyone gets to travel this way. Thanks for sharing.
loreanne caruana (3 months ago)
Cigar lounge is best part of that lounge. Most comfortable, inviting.
Sorin Blaga (3 months ago)
I am glad to know that the chocolate (GODIVA) is from Belgium, not USA.
MineWit (3 months ago)
23:57 558 mph per hour??!!!!!!
Cesar Diaz (3 months ago)
stupid air line, you discriminate very good people for flight attedant postion. piece of shit you treat the people like a garbage.
cheryl gould (3 months ago)
Do they have different pyjamas for ladies?
the Luxury Travel Expert (3 months ago)
Yes, men and women get different pyjamas
Angela Fitch (4 months ago)
I love airports flights.
Jasmine A. Hart (4 months ago)
the back ground noise really got to me at about 1/2 way thru this...... is it that noisy on the plane....well i guess so since it was in the video..... gonna need no noise ear phones....... will bring my own....
Yudhis Tirafp (4 months ago)
17:38 look at the bartender
paradidledidle (4 months ago)
Cheeky smile @17:38
wael fm (4 months ago)
not beautiful for example air lines Singapore
Eric Thire (4 months ago)
la restauration au salon est plus haut de gamme qu a bord de l avion !!! illogique !!!!
Himanshu arora (4 months ago)
There is a difference between sheep's and tiger
Zaneta Jusková (4 months ago)
beautiful experience you had! If you appreciate a company next time, I am ready! :) I like the combination of fun and intelectual conversations, constant self-improvement and sharing great moments.... +34/633 373 996
Pilot Adi (5 months ago)
Emirates 1 class is too luxury for me XD
ajmccg (5 months ago)
I really enjoy your videos but I really wish people would stop ordering foie gras. It is banned in many countries because of the cruel way it is produced. I'm not one of those "Peta" people, I eat meat, but what they do to the bird produce this stuff is insane.
MANDY SCOTT (5 months ago)
ive been back home to uk 6 times now 4 of them with Emirates …. just normal seats though but I wont fly with no one eles now they are great... one day when I win lotto I will do just one first class lol
Robert W Clubine III (5 months ago)
Sort of a cheap sitting area for first class I feel. Nice shower area.
Sony Shamim (5 months ago)
How much it costs?
Chee Tang (5 months ago)
British Airways must watch and learn!
steve austin (5 months ago)
Ces dorures partout dénotent un véritable gout de chiotte , un gout d'arabes quoi
gas money pls
PeriNKinG (6 months ago)
What?... no bacon? Fuck this!
motorway gaming channel (6 months ago)
How to earn skyward miles
liton sharma (6 months ago)
teaflower (6 months ago)
Who else gets ASMR vibes from this??
adriano giannini (6 months ago)
Emirates the best first class
Stéphanie Bazola (6 months ago)
I love this plane
Maria Isabel Suarez (6 months ago)
what is a dutty free shop?
Adeboye Israel (6 months ago)
I'll try this in the next 3y years
lucifer morningstar (6 months ago)
now this is what you call first class. british airways should take a lesson or two.
Carol McElheney (6 months ago)
Business class welcome here as well. We flew from Colombo to Sacramento. Emirates to NYC and Jet Blue economy from NYC to SMF and that part sucked. Emirates is great.
Citizen of the world (6 months ago)
TheMerryPup (6 months ago)
I always think "those poor bastards in _economy_ class!" But then, that's where I'd be! :p
Marlon Aguirre (6 months ago)
Very good
Courtney Bynum (6 months ago)
This is by far the best first class there is high privacy thumbs way up
Dave D (6 months ago)
Exellent video, we enjoyed every aspect of the first class amenities. Thank you for sharing.
Richpilot Moore (6 months ago)
this all looks nice inviting & no doubt relaxing BUT where are the PASSENGERS!! - - the average joe can't afford this really plush chairs in the lounge, wide array / assortment of food - - this is something of a once in a life time experience!!!! - - BUT none the less fun indeed
Michael Testarossa (6 months ago)
I've been viewing yo travels for 2 years I've also viewed other travelers. Yours has got be the finest. smooth panning thru the terminals and aboard numerous flights you've taken. Like other travelers, jerking filming scanning too fast, out of focus... You are a Professional !!!
Alle Z (6 months ago)
Emirates are the best love to fly with them
Khurram Live (6 months ago)
wow ! it's luxurious travel, Inshallah! i will travel.
Khurram Live (6 months ago)
wow ! it's luxurious travel, Inshallah! i will travel.
Ti' Dieu (6 months ago)
TWICE Lover (7 months ago)
4:53 egines lol :D
ABU HASSAN OBIDA (7 months ago)
Tom Jardine (7 months ago)
Last time I flew Emirates, the crew were so rude and unfriendly and you had to pay for seat selection, don’t really expect that from a premium airline
Sanddab Z (7 months ago)
That's one expensive way to get a plate of foie gras.....
Who else has been to the Emirates first class lounge?
Eddie Griffiths (7 months ago)
Hello All, The only thing I do not like about Emirates 1st class is that if I am on a trip which normally involves a stop over at their main hub Dubai and my next flight is from another gate then I have to travel with all the other passengers cramped up in that metro train?? to the next gate? Emirates should lay on for their 1st class passengers a taxi from the gate thy just entered to the gate they need to be at? otherwise what is the point of paying all that money for 1st class?? you might as well just go business if thats the case?? any comments on this?
All you can hear at Dubai airport is the aircons
Hugo Ruiz1987 (7 months ago)
Hasan Sadaqa (7 months ago)
I was me and my mom was going to Basra in irap
GHP Productions 2019 (7 months ago)
I in Amsterdam
ste5e2 (8 months ago)
Just don't get raped and report it?
Colombia Mapping (8 months ago)
Amsterdam Is Largest Capital Of Netherlands
John Iii (8 months ago)
It’s just way to gaudy. The latest version is a lot more stylish
J LP (7 months ago)
way too gaudy for my taste too. Looks like a chav won the lottery and said Gold! Put gold on all the things!
John Iii (8 months ago)
the Luxury Travel Expert I am aware it’s on the new deliveries. Emirates has always been an for an inconsistent product Across their fleet
the Luxury Travel Expert (8 months ago)
The latest version is only available on B777 aircraft.
bus king (8 months ago)
I travelled business class on Emirates(A380) to London and, looking at these pics,there doesn't seem to be much difference between 'business' and '1st'.
Pablo Neruda (8 months ago)
And people still insist in Flying Lufthansa first class 😂😂😂😂
Gabor Nagy (8 months ago)
Very good and thorough video!
the Luxury Travel Expert (8 months ago)
Thank you
Sally Preece (8 months ago)
OM the cabin cre are so friendly. I want to be cabin crew for Emirates
Abbas Karanaz (8 months ago)
first and business class are fuck'n wasting money no more.
335halim (8 months ago)
All this shows Emirates goes above and beyond to improve its service. Thank you a lot for your efforts
Bob Frieser (9 months ago)
Again an essential part missing in this report. What happened after arrival AMS airport (after flight service)?
Clement Nubertus (9 months ago)
I want to travel in Emirates first class at least once in my lifetime.
damysticalone87 (9 months ago)
Next times record in at least 4k60fps - 8k60fps. It's a pity, that high expensive luxury planes get destroyed once they crash - the problem is, humanity is using a wrong flying technology. You need to develope Anti-Gravity Technology just like in Sci-Fi movies as for example Independence Day1-2. You need to bring physic- and tech-experts together and advise them to develope antigravity technology, they have to master the understanding of gravity in learning magnetic gravity, earth gravity, negative- and positive+ energy/electricity gravity. Then bring those developments to mechnanics Hi-Tech hardwares and use them for everything like movements, logistic, traffic and flying. This must be the main goals the major priority of every states. Only Anti-Gravity Technology will rescue/safe the Humanity from the incoming Earth Death.
BK007 (2 months ago)
True , you should think there are scientists today capable of making new technology. We already have drones and I would imagine the next thing would be anti gravity drones in the same size as an airplane . So we could fly 500 passengers in a drone that can not crash.

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