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The Smok Morph 219 Vape Kit Giveaway/Review!

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For More Information On What Was Shown In This Video Visit: http://bit.ly/2pgClyu My Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/riptrippers
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Text Comments (4478)
Ween The peen (5 hours ago)
My email is: [email protected] or my Instagram is: Weenxemods
Ryan Fowler (7 hours ago)
Colbalt06 Instagram
steve king (2 days ago)
Steveking257 Love the vids keep up the good work
ALLAHU AKBAR (2 days ago)
How much ampere should a Batterie have
Cameron Medina (5 days ago)
David Dingler (5 days ago)
IG superdave6281 USA, 38yrs old Been vaping for 6 years
Zaneta Spencer (5 days ago)
@zspencer28 That tank cover is awesome; sucks you broke you tank though. Just means your throwing skills are on 🔥LOL 🤣 . Thanks; for the helpful info.
Jack heath (5 days ago)
[email protected] Age:23 Vaping two years From: United Kingdom
Singing 4ever (5 days ago)
Kaydonpodgers - instagram
Syruz Cambo (5 days ago)
[email protected] Age : 32 Massachusetts Been watching your videos since I saw the smok alien on your channel and got one but now looking to replace it 😁
Ryan Zuber (6 days ago)
Insta-Ryan.zuber.37 I’m 26 been vaping 6 good years now I watch all your reviews before I pull the trigger on something new and I’m from Boise Idaho
Meek Thach (6 days ago)
Insta: _meek_tvt Love these videos! ☝🏼
ApexTV (7 days ago)
[email protected] Let the games begin 😂
dan-s c (7 days ago)
5452👍🏽 still waiting for winners
Dizzy Hollow (8 days ago)
Insta @lennseis Age 23
Daylon Naidoo (8 days ago)
[email protected] like your vids man, keep chucking.
Skyler Briggs (9 days ago)
My insta is skyler126438
Jaime Patino (9 days ago)
Insta: ms6_panda Age: 28 California Always interesting videos
Benjamin Duff (9 days ago)
Instagram @Benjaminduff4
Mike Beesley (9 days ago)
[email protected] Best YouTube Vapor out there, keep it up man 🔥🔥🔥
Taimur Ahmed (10 days ago)
My IG : taimur_938 . I live in sri lanka and am of legal age. Would love to win this kit. Keep up the great work🤗
Ivaylo Atanasov (10 days ago)
[email protected] Location: Bulgaria Age:40
Dexter Maderazo (10 days ago)
Great mod and great endorser. Nice vid more power and godbless
Tommygunn Vapes (10 days ago)
IG @tommygunn_vapes great vid I'd love to own that blue morph thanks rip
JMA Bitch (10 days ago)
Instagram yung_jma Great review keep up the good
Reinaldo Saltares (11 days ago)
[email protected] I’m still using my beat up old alien220 with a falcon tank. This may be my new upgrade. You are my go to for honest in depth reviews. Keep up the great review videos!
Flórián Szűrös (12 days ago)
IG: @flo_rian_14 Love your reviews,you go trough every detail and explane everything!
cedie ongpauco (12 days ago)
IG:cedie_35 Location:Philippines Age:21 Good reviews mhen
Abayakla Acetam (12 days ago)
IG : abayakla Rly love this mod design
Joci K. (12 days ago)
saubansnsn (12 days ago)
Who's the winner ?
Autumn Claxton (12 days ago)
Sakshi Rastogi (13 days ago)
I love this vape what a smoke what a body my email is [email protected]
John Mark Biagtan (13 days ago)
Email:[email protected] Age:22 Philippines 🇵🇭
George Waters (13 days ago)
Instagram @Toiletmechanic92
Jason Dunning (13 days ago)
Love these videos I used yours to put my profile RTA'S together that video saved me
L N (13 days ago)
Location: Canada Age: 23 Email: [email protected]
paulie kane (13 days ago)
Rip tripper when you picking winner ? 😂😂
Taylor Okeeffe (14 days ago)
Surtival (14 days ago)
lauren howerton (14 days ago)
Bro that chrome is dope! Ig: @laurenhowerton18
Owen Kemsley (14 days ago)
Love your channel man🤘
Owen Kemsley (14 days ago)
Owen Kemsley (14 days ago)
Owen Kemsley (14 days ago)
Andrea Bridgeford (15 days ago)
Dylan Strang (15 days ago)
Had the v8 stick and the gx350 with a tfv12 never had a problem with ether even tho they are pretty old now based on those two would recommend smok all the way
SummerShow (15 days ago)
Ig:rweynn Big pinoy fan here and hoping to win much love from phillipines
Juanjonas Botor (16 days ago)
nice kit
Ashley Manon (16 days ago)
How do you see who won?
marilyn li (17 days ago)
Sorry I'm late hahahahahhahha
Tyler Harrell (17 days ago)
ig: itstylerharrell love your videos man. Really want to get my hands on this smok product
Evan Parker (17 days ago)
IG : evan2353 Love all your videos and I enjoy all of them Been watching your videos for years now
JKR 31 (18 days ago)
IG: fxcken31___ really love your videos. been with you since 200k subs till now
Izaiah Galan (18 days ago)
This sucks I don't have social media so I dont stand a chance😥 I'll be 31 in a few days
heathsss (18 days ago)
IG: @heathsss 25, AUSTRALIA❤️
Trevor Marchant (18 days ago)
Email: [email protected] Virginia I’m 42 and have been calling for about five years now....
Carlosis121 (18 days ago)
Asap Chan (18 days ago)
Ig: _asapchan_ Needa win
Jandee (18 days ago)
Ig: jandeelee_ Philippines 20 Love you brooo u da best vape reviewer
Lőrinc Cs (18 days ago)
[email protected] It's very good kit
Rayyan Sheikh (19 days ago)
Rayyan Sheikh (19 days ago)
Keely Michelle (19 days ago)
IG: @keelobaby 💙💙 Love you
Tarra Donald (19 days ago)
@tarratoosh 35 Aberdeen Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Kimberly Maiale (19 days ago)
[email protected] Love these reviews i just recently stopped smoking and started vaping your reviews help
DailyBen (19 days ago)
@ben_ake 18 Uk
Josh McDaniles (19 days ago)
Email:[email protected] Age:34 From: Illinois Thank you so much for all you do. Been vaping for 4 years!
Joseph Thompson (19 days ago)
Bálint Éber (19 days ago)
Has been a winner named ?
paulie kane (19 days ago)
IG | Powley_ Age| 23 Country| Ireland Let’s test our luck 😂 Ps love your reviews great 👍🏼 and very clear big fan !
Aaron Miguel Malonzo (19 days ago)
IG: @aaronmlnzo Location: Philippines Age:20 i hope i win! best vape vlogger ever!
Dean Marven (20 days ago)
Insta: Deano_mtd AGE:29 Location Essex U.K. England sick beard man would be cool as a first Decent starter kit
Alexander Gray (20 days ago)
critical temp. (20 days ago)
insta:Mohammadabdullah3 age:22 from:Bangladesh i see u r every vids....interested in quiting smoke and start vaping,but cant afford a good vape
Blake Stratford (20 days ago)
Awesome video! Love how informative you are! Here's my IG 2p_founder Thanks!
x.3lawe (20 days ago)
Hi I am a big fan and I smoke and I don't have money to buy a kit Instagram: x.3lawe Age : 20 From: iraq Name: ali wisam
IAN Gaming (20 days ago)
IG : @iansky LONDON UK Great content! Keep making videos for us vapers. Hehe
Genesis Pasquin (20 days ago)
Martha Spherical (20 days ago)
New to your reviews and enjoying the way you do your reviews! :) Instagram: @marthas3 Australia, 58
Sariah Lewis (20 days ago)
i've never had a SMOK before and would love for this to be the first I try!! IG: @lewisariah Happy vaping!!
A Dash of Monty (21 days ago)
Itz Smith (21 days ago)
The Asian Nation (21 days ago)
yFiJi (21 days ago)
Ig @ n.ejy
Melissa Claytor (21 days ago)
I hope I’m doing this correctly!! Please I would love to win! I have never won anything in my life!! Melissa
GmokosFTW (21 days ago)
Instagram:Giorgos.1102 Country:cyprus Age:22 Lets test our luck
Mohamed Elzuhry (21 days ago)
Email: [email protected] Age 21 Location:Egypt Well the email says all so vaping helps take your mind off the stress
Ashley Stephen (21 days ago)
ig: tiny_ashhh from Malaysia aged:18
Bruce (21 days ago)
I need that puppy chucker! @bruce_v_vuuren
ASUS Micro (22 days ago)
Insta: asusrock Age: 22 Arkansas Thanks for the giveaway! I started vaping with a beginner's kit just couple months ago. This mod looks cool.
jiji ha (22 days ago)
IG: @nineten1999 usa 20!
Alexander Perry (22 days ago)
Ig: zenthusiast85 You’re the most informative vape reviewer out there
InternalInferno (22 days ago)
Insta: synslash96 Age: 22 Location: California Always love the vids, really loving these giveaways too.
pwr pwr (22 days ago)
INSTA pwgreyes Philippines 38
Marco Corgas (22 days ago)
Instagram:@marcocorgas Marco Age 32 Portugal Nice Review :)
William Chuacuco (22 days ago)
Who won?
Travis Ridley (22 days ago)
[email protected] 33, Washington State, USA Thabks for doing these reviews and the giveaways too my man.
Nathan Franklin (22 days ago)
Instagram: nate_frankie New Zealand Age:25
Son Son (22 days ago)
My ig: @j.idiomatic I hope i get one im fan from Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

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