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Doom 2 all secrets in all maps part 5/11

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Sorry if there are many videos, but they are a little big.
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irvinegamer (3 years ago)
Wow, Thanks for all the secrets, some I've never experienced before. Note: In Map16, there's an easier way to shoot those switches for secrets 3 and 4. The mid section where the shotgun shell is happens to be an elevator. You can get on it to shoot that red thing to get the Megaphone then. The other thing is that the wall that's in your way to shoot the eyescan be opened by touching the torch to open the top-part of the wall, then the bottom part can be an elevator. Now you have full open-close view of the eyes to shoot with any weapons.
MyCaptainX (3 years ago)
+irvinegamer Wow! You're right! I've been playing this game for 17 years and I'd never noticed about this. There's no doubt I don't know all the hidden places yet. Thank you so much!

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