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Japan Doesn't Like Tien [DBG #1]

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Boy am I not making one like this again. But I DO like complaining. Hm.
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OH YEAH YEAH (12 hours ago)
Nobody likes Tien anyways.
Nathan Spagnoli (14 hours ago)
... if you read the books Gohan.. is far stronger then goku... even the archangel comments on him
Zenothys (15 hours ago)
Lol I forgot about the whole "gets his ass kicked by Buu's legs" thing
Zenothys (16 hours ago)
What did Vegeta say about the Higgs field? _It doesn't matter._
LORDBADASS (17 hours ago)
Tien was a fucking beast.
Seth Obregon (1 day ago)
Omg, that entire video was so good. Honestly, I can't agree with you more! After watching Dragon Ball, Tien has become my favorite character...but unfortunately Dragon Ball was also where he hit his peak. :/ Literally, nobody care about Tenshihan...not Japan, not the US, no the UK, nor Mexico! What a shame. :(
Sobok Gaming (1 day ago)
It's funny cause Tien has always been my favorite character. The highest point for me was his fight with perfect cell cause like, there were all these crazy ass super saiyans and fuckin androids and time travel shit going on and then Tien is just a human, but he'll still sacrifice himself to beat cell
Pandamoniaque (1 day ago)
I remember him in the Bojack movie, fighting Trunks, it was cool looking, the music made it kind of epic as well. Non-cannonical Tien receive more respect than cannonical Tien ._.
Marcos Barrionuevo (1 day ago)
Nice critic man, i was waiting for someone to point all this BS out, Tien needs more love!
The World Key (1 day ago)
Oh yeah, not to mention Tien was the first human we saw that knew how to fly.
Michele (1 day ago)
In the manga it's even worse
Major League Anime (1 day ago)
Notice me
McKevin Johnson (2 days ago)
I need a Toriyama handjob so I can go super saiyan
Prince Vegetables (2 days ago)
Tien is actually half-alien
Zeng Vuh (2 days ago)
Well Super is crash, thats why. Its just as bad as GT when it comes to involving the rest of the cast.
Rusty Shackelford (2 days ago)
Tian Shan hun the true most powerful human and Dragon Ball Z and also beat Goku
Rusty Shackelford (2 days ago)
My bad Dragon Ball but the point is Tian Shan hun what is the most skilled powerful and on top of that the only person besides Master roshi and I want to do a little bit of a cell to be Goku quilling is great but he's also a little of a bich
Maynard Guevara (3 days ago)
Toriyama could have just gave him a heroic death in dbz this is just sad.
Hr1s7i (3 days ago)
blocktopic (3 days ago)
Where did you get the source of the power of level of frieza's army
DoNKeY (3 days ago)
Wasn't this show supposed to be about the pure blooded saiyans anyways? Goku and Vegeta will always be the main focus. They only train together and the other characters never really train.
Kanibelazy 05 (2 days ago)
But Tien trains all the time, he never stops training
Michele (3 days ago)
Best video ever
Jose Diaz (3 days ago)
If I were to choose between Super or GT I'll probably go with GT, cause for as much problems as it had GT had the decency to end before becoming the worst thing out there.
Hobo Joe (3 days ago)
Tien was my favorite character ;(
Math M (3 days ago)
What about my boys Yamcha and Yajirobe? :')
Tom Curl (4 days ago)
what if since future yarjarobe was retconned into not having died they could have had him be future trunks sword teacher since they both use swords. they don't do that so wasted opportunity
Tom Curl (4 days ago)
yamcha needs a toriama hand job
Tom Curl (4 days ago)
android 8 needs a toriama hand job
DickeyCanyons (4 days ago)
For what it is worth, I've always liked Tien and it has made me sad for a while that he barely exists anymore.
Crosmert (4 days ago)
Thankfully I never saw DBS, and now I know that I made the right choice. I agree with you 100% man, thanks for the info, didn't know they were treating Ten so bad, damn it, I'm a bit sad now.
YouSoRusso (4 days ago)
I've never liked Tien so.. yay?
Professor Badger (4 days ago)
Your personality in these videos makes me very pleased, do more because I enjoy hearing you debate dumb bs in anime and or other things
Asmo (4 days ago)
Man, I like tien in dragon ball abridge better..
jholotan best (4 days ago)
The battle with Goku and Tien was great :)
Batosai06 (4 days ago)
Tien's erection was ready to go. Not a hand in sight. Masterful writing sir.
lonely hippie754 (5 days ago)
Is it sad that tien is my favorite character
CheckOutMyPokemons (5 days ago)
Sounds like you just wanted a video to tag on Tien haha. I'm surprised he got the screentime he did during super. He was irelavent since... Well the namek arc I suppose.
Cal Schmidt (5 days ago)
3.4k didn't get a Toriyama handie.
Benjamian Hausmann (5 days ago)
i dont hate tien
Piro Man (5 days ago)
drinking game - drink every time he says Toriyama handjob
Jake Blaylock (5 days ago)
Krillin is stronger than Tien because of Guru's unlocking. He has never had a chance to catch up since then
Jake Blaylock (5 days ago)
+Cal Schmidt okay so besides run of the mill training with a weaker-than-him midget, what has Tien done since his death in the Saiyan saga that could even remotely level him up to Krillin's level? 158 days on Kai planet didnt get Goku even remotely close to the 75k Krillin was at when he died, which was FAR beyond the 1.5k Krillin arrived on Namek with. Again, at what point in the show is there even a chance for Tien to catch up to Krillin?
Cal Schmidt (5 days ago)
Lmao no
spiritual seeker (5 days ago)
Honestly, the reason i stopped watching is because, akira just stopped caring about the z fighters, wll he cared about was the saiyans, i was fine with db and dbz but i think there was no point in having the majin boo saga as cell saga would have been a good way to end off, and for sure i will say that there was no point in still having a terrible show run, aka dbs, i mean, does akira just care avout the saiyans, and if so, it was i good i left the series because all that ws good is gone, people treat piccolo, tien and yamcha like a joke, krilin is just there cause he is gokus sidekick Really im seriously asking, what happened to the series, and please, why in the world would there be dbs, and last but not least, what is the point of the show anymore, db was about comical adventures alongside tournament's to see who was boss, and dbz was a United effort by earths strongest fighters to defend earth with their life, and that dang awesome name (the z fighters)
spiritual seeker (4 days ago)
+Lorenzo yes friend, i know, i stopped because the show lost the best part, the part which made z so good, The different characters working together, Its awesome the first time i saw z after the original, because it showed all of the different characters form a team to fight of to protect earth, super should really not have existed, it was just lazy writing at a standpoint, it just ruined what made dragon ball feel good, the fact that all characters played a part, but by the buu saga, everyone was almost obsolete except guku and vegeta, that's the real problem, that there is no point watching the show because there are no characters exept goku and vegeta batteling out, all the good characters with their amazing arcs have pretty much gone by, and so has akiras writing ability 😔
Lorenzo (4 days ago)
well said! now Dragonball is basically "The Goku and Vegeta show". it sucks as a die-hard fan to say it, but none of the other characters are important.
Da Jew (5 days ago)
Toriyama wanted to stop DBZ at the Cell saga, but people wanted more, so he kept going.
Iliyan (5 days ago)
we already Know DB creators dont give a shit about the series ok,
Cal Schmidt (5 days ago)
bob bobbgarte (6 days ago)
I wana fuck that chinese bitch with nice tits n ass
Cal Schmidt (5 days ago)
Matthew Lucas (6 days ago)
Well it’s the popularity to be honest.Many people like Goku ,vegeta ,piccolo ,Gohan .To be honest the Dragonball community In the western community sure talk about it now
NPC #133713371337 (6 days ago)
Most Japanese see the Chinese as dishonorable and subhuman for standing down during the Japanese invasion of Nanjing. Makes sense why Tien gets shit on
Zen P (6 days ago)
So Tien is like that kid in highschool with only one move and we've all simply forgotten about him?
Chibiwaza (6 days ago)
Dating Launch was the kiss of death that doomed Tien.
Atomic Werewolf (6 days ago)
“Fuck super Saiyan! Fuck androids!! AND FUCK YOU!!!” -Tien to toriyama
Seal Games (6 days ago)
Dragonball is anime junk food. Kids love it and adults still eat it and its fun while your enjoying it even though it has absolutely nothing of substance whatsoever and you eventually have to watch other animes or you will get sick, vomit dbz and swear you’ll never consume anime again. You have to broden your tastes and find anime with more substance or youll get turned off of it forever. Its a great kids first anime though but like i said kids love junk food.
DanNeko (6 days ago)
Seal Games this is probably the best summary of DBZ as an anime that I’ve ever seen.
Alex1 agsgbffb (6 days ago)
Is it toriyama fault tien so unpopular among the fanbase? Its like if coke made a drink that 100 of 100.000 ppl liked, even though its suck to be in the 100 ppl, but they cant sell something that gonna cost them. tien is a cost, not a gain.
Alex1 agsgbffb (6 days ago)
You gotta understand i hate tien, and would rather see goku and vegeta fight over any other characters, yes i am one of those guys sue me. I fall into the mainstream over the top fan of dragonball the ones that continued to buy so many of their products after the show ended, the we are the reason they saw enough profit to continue the show, of course they are gonna pander to us, we are the core fans who pay the fucking bills. This show is for those who are fans how how toriyama writes not HOW YOU WANT HIM TO WRITE.
Schneeregen _ (7 days ago)
I always remember liking Tien's design, but I always prefered other fighters more
Red Stone (7 days ago)
Tien and Yamcha had the potential to be the strongest earthlings, but you know how creators [email protected]#$ their shows.
random account (7 days ago)
Mr. Terrific (7 days ago)
Why does he sound like he's as mad AT Tien as he is FOR Tien?
ORobyTM (7 days ago)
3:40 17 has a family
CanDyPoiSon (7 days ago)
4:30 I know you are here for this
Saiyan Girl (7 days ago)
I didn't like how TIEN was taked out. 14:36 Look what Piccolo is saying That accident never happened by Tien. Not in Dragon Ball ,Z,KAI, GT Most of that happened with Goku, Gohan and Vegeta But here on Super It become Tien who's doing that
Mauren (7 days ago)
It's good for me, I don't like Tien either xD
teddy Cole (7 days ago)
I mean 17 has better reaction time than a human since he’s a robot
drubio (7 days ago)
Tien is simply a reference to Chinese people. Japan doesn't really like China or Korea, which is why Tien was originally a villain and Oolong was a pig (communist wearing Kim Jong Un Sr. looking character that is a shapeshifter... get it?). They don't really like those "other" Asian cultures as they've had fought tons of wars with them and were once colonized by them (at least attempted). It would be like a Hollywood movie having an Al Qaeda Taliban as a member of the main crew... wouldn't happen would it?
Bushmansmeg (7 days ago)
Monty Python voice: "you make me sad"
Anthony Primm (7 days ago)
Are we uhhh.... not going to talk about Yamcha?
Anthony Primm (6 days ago)
Anthony Primm (6 days ago)
+DanNeko it makes perfect sense.... racism. Nuff said
DanNeko (6 days ago)
Anthony Primm ah, right. True. A whole video could probably be made about Yamcha as well. 😂 But then there’s the fact that martial arts and the mastery of them is Tien’s entire life. Plot wise, the way Tien’s character is treated makes no sense at all.
Anthony Primm (6 days ago)
+DanNeko he gave yamcha a short by and basically said he wanted to get famous and play baseball. What he overlooked is that Yamcha wanted to go..... but wasn't even invited to the tournament of power. Yes they treat tien fucked up but I'm sure that if we looked at yamcha under the same light we'd find he's actually worse.
DanNeko (6 days ago)
Anthony Primm towards the end of the video he explains why Yamcha sort of just disappears and it makes sense. It doesn’t make sense for Tien to be treated the way he does.
henvdemon (8 days ago)
irishboy325 (8 days ago)
The logic of this is brutal
A P (8 days ago)
Tien had his moment in dbz when he was pretty much the only human to land a serious hit on imperfect cell. Also I don't think energy atrophies the way muscle does when characters don't train for a while. It's more like it gets sealed away and you either need to train a bit or get it awakened and you'll be better than ever.
Prawin Balaganesh (8 days ago)
The third eye is a huge part of Eastern culture, mainly related to meditation and unlocking one's true potential as mentioned in Buddhism but, it goes even further back in Hinduism Lord Shiva "God of Destruction" arguably the strongest god in Hinduism has a visible the third eye. It also has a significant lure in Japanese and Chinese Myth. Tien is probably the easiest character in the Franchise to make strong, he doesn't need a Toriyama Handjob, just give him the lure related to the third eye, some extra moves that he gained from mastering the 3rd eye or at least give him his old moves back, he had some badass moves in DB. Tien and Piccolo can be made stronger easily but, Toriyama and Toei want to make other characters strong by stupid means. Krillin is a scaredy cat he didn't even want to face Cell, Tien faced him head on and Kikoho-ed him. I hate how they did Tien in DBS.
Quản Thịnh (8 days ago)
Wtf when you mentioned Toriyama so much??? Remember, he only does scatches. He DOES NOT directly evolved the show.
Terra Estrahl (8 days ago)
Well Gohan does train with Goten, but he likely took a break in the time it took for Goten to learn how to talk.
Tien is part alien, he's not fully human like Trunks and Gohan
Peasant (8 days ago)
Honestly this is the problem with the show in general. No matter how much you train you’ll never be able to beat aliens. Like when friezas race shows up distinctively marks the show not being a martial arts show anymore if you ask me
Sunglare (9 days ago)
Japan doesny have to have a fucking discussion with anybody. Never change Japan.
Rhin Forti (9 days ago)
Nice vid, but you misunderstand the "Multi-body" technique, or whatever, that Tien used during the tournament of power. When a fighter uses it, they aren't clones. It's the the fighter divides himself, dividing his power amongst the copies. A guy splits into 2? They aren't both the same as the original, even the original himself. They are now 2 who have only 50% of the original's power. Making 3 copies of himself split his power into 4. And the copies that tackled the sniper weren't new, but the others that were previously gunned down. Why didn't he leave one on stage? Cause 25% of his power was knocked off and he had 3 more 25%'s, which took them all to overpower the sniper. If he had left 1 on stage, it'd only be 25% of his original power. Unless the power level retcons to copies remaining when he dismisses them... but still. Could still be valid to have himself stay and dismiss the copies as they fall, and the tactic of using cover would have helped, but the sniper was also moving between blasts and the only way Tien was tracking was by watching where the blasts were originating from.
RaineTCG (9 days ago)
Nobody has realized by now that Super is just a big fucking joke by Toriyama to see how much bullshit he can throw out there and get away with it?
15thTimeLord (9 days ago)
"No goku, its not just about brute force" "bah, Tien cannot beat picolo, his biggest brute force ability isn't enough"(which takes longer to charge than it did with cell games)
15thTimeLord (9 days ago)
God, just make Tien wiser and more "i dont want any of yer BS". If ya wanna give him the toryama handjob, pick 5 monk powers and super charge them. Cuz he's a teacher now and mediates more and the like.
Mac Gargan (9 days ago)
your videos are boring. a script would help you.
Loved this. Can you please make a Yamcha video
Dhun Mohan (9 days ago)
Floyd Pinkweather😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kitt Spiken (10 days ago)
Japan also doesn't care that it's racist not to like the Chinese. That shit aint changing.
Azraile Kiras (10 days ago)
So Tien is shit because Japan and China hate each other. The only reason he was good before was he was a bad guy and you need tough bad guy.
Paul F (10 days ago)
If Dragonball is rebooted, ALL the main characters should roughly be as strong as each other and not just Goku and Vegeta and that’s it.
Unpopular Opinoins (10 days ago)
Krillin has always been a tactician just watch the Frieza arc he’s smart as shit
水野水 (11 days ago)
Toriyama sensei love Goku,that's all
SuperSpy2019 (11 days ago)
22:45 In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 there's a thing called Super Soul's and Tien's super soul that you can get to your own created character can make you go through kamehameha's and only kamehameha's so yeah thats a thing that you just said it confirmed to be the case. That is a thing.
Sickest Puppy (13 days ago)
You want proper character development? Watch Naruto and Naruto Shippuden....
CBGaming (6 days ago)
Sickest Puppy I’ll agree with you there, if your recommending someone from the dbz fan base watch both the nation shows and by a chance they watch shippuden first, they’ll probably just argue the character development is about the same level
Sickest Puppy (6 days ago)
+CBGaming Shippuden was a continuation of what had been built by Naruto, so the characters weren't in need of major development to character that's why it was mostly powering up through training and battle experience. Not saying it was perfect but it's still is miles better in comparison to the Dragonball series of which I am also a very big fan of.
CBGaming (6 days ago)
Sickest Puppy I agree with naruto, don’t know if I agree with you on shippuden
IronWolf 73 (13 days ago)
Yo i hate Tenshinhan bro , his ass tricked villagers and was just being pretty much a little bitch to Goku during his first appearance , haven't looked at him well ever
Jeronimo Horbach (13 days ago)
Tien is the best character, this really is sad.
plastic glove (14 days ago)
NUTCool (14 days ago)
Bruh this is Toei not Akira Toriyama lol.
elevate07 (8 days ago)
Toei (and Toyotaro) get their notes from Akira Toriyama
MrToxic (14 days ago)
Damn... Toriyama gives a lot of handjobs doesn't he?
Marko Liimatainen (14 days ago)
Im happy that they give Tien less screen time than others because he is so boring.
Jason Burtt (15 days ago)
what about yajirobe? all he does is hang out with korin all day. he climbed the damn tower with goku on his back. and then lost all his confidence after getting his ass kicked by a god. that kind of sucks.
TheSojoboUchiwa (15 days ago)
Do we need to talk about Yamcha and Chaotzu?
morelifenotes (16 days ago)
“That’s a toriyama handjob”
Clifton Pierre-Antoine (16 days ago)
F for Tien.
Vash Stampede (17 days ago)
The whole Dragon Ball was based on the book Journey to the West (from China). Goku was based on the monkey king who defied the gods and smashed heaven. Tien was the three-eyed god who stopped the monkey King after a long fight. They were pretty much on par with the three-eyed god had a slight edge. Yes, I remember Tien first showed up as a villain in DB, and he broke Yamaha's leg. Fought Roshi to a standstill but Roshi gave up after a long fight. Then he won the tournament after defeating Goku. He was able to copy Kamekameha after just saw it once. Now he is just a shitty character who is completely useless and totally forgot most of his own moves and abilities. Sad indeed...
Paco Mercado (17 days ago)
You get a Toriyama handjob, you get a Toriyama handjob. Everyone gets a Toriyama handjob...except you tien
Kai Huso (17 days ago)
PMBO (17 days ago)
If I could make the episode of Tien Shin han ft.Rochi, I would put a battle between Base Goku and Tien, and like old times, a battle, a real battle like that times Maybe making OP Tien Shin han as Super do with Goku and Vegeta, and I know, strong strong strong and more strong buddy, but just to make Tien Shin han go close to other characters and give better fights (And give he more fights) And now I think, instead of spamming Blue Goku to anyone, I would just spam base Goku

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