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Japan Doesn't Like Tien [DBG #1]

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Boy am I not making one like this again. But I DO like complaining. Hm.
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RiceFromHell (13 hours ago)
very informative video. i will spread to everyone the knowledge i learned from this. Japan is racist to Space China!
Torso Twister (14 hours ago)
Tien has literally done nothing but train his whole life. Tf
Centeolt (14 hours ago)
On a side note, Toriyama don't make the Super serie, that's Toyotaro or whatever his name is spelled. Toriyama just supervise the work
John Dan (20 hours ago)
still hate tien
Carmelo West (1 day ago)
Yo funny shitt u did your thing
Comics Plays (1 day ago)
Well of course Roshi is stronger than Tien because he's 300 years old so he has more experience than Tien.
The-Jaded (2 days ago)
that's why many people in their later years realize how bullshit Dragon Ball became once the Saiyajin space crap started, rendering the human characters and even everyone except Goku more or less worthless
University of Gerg (2 days ago)
Dude I’m binge watching dragon ball and I’m at the second tournament where tien appears, and he’s sick. He trash talks but behind the scenes he give goku and krillin and yamhca credit that they aren’t ordinary fighters, and it shows he’s not just a guy with a god complex and I just met him and I already like the hype around him. He’s like lunch, or launch, in how they used to be annoying and one dimensional but they grew into their own characters, like when he kills shen, or the crane hermit, his master, and Tao. And becomes his own person. Why does japan hate him?
GameCubeBoy2002 (2 days ago)
Don't get me wrong, I like Goku and Vegeta (but they ain't in my top 10). But, I like the humans and other races besides Sayians. All Super has been so far is basically "Oh look, Goku you're so, so, FUCKING STRONG!" "Oh Goku whats this? Someone stronger than you? Well let's just Goku v. Tien, Goku v. Piccolo, Goku v Frieza that shit and make you overcome the odds!" I'm sick of that! I want to see more interesting and deserving characters get some love in the series. It is something worth putting together. But, fuck it. Toriyama could give less of a fuck about his own creations. I wonder if he still even remembers if Yamcha exists...
Lightning Cayo (2 days ago)
Tien needs some respect put on his name.
Lea Arias (3 days ago)
fuck you toriyama, and fuck all that dbs crap, with that fucking gay-gods power levels. you just ruined a great anime for money, go fuck yourself mother fucker and stop killing my motherfucking childhood with all this shit. by the way. this video is gold, greetings from a tien's fan from argentina
Damien Stanton (3 days ago)
Wow You like that term "Toriyama Handjob"
Jams (3 days ago)
i come just to hear him say toriama handjob
goodgamenore (4 days ago)
Go and cry in a corner you fat fuck
UltimatePiccolo (3 days ago)
wow, tough kid.
Vortex (4 days ago)
Super was bad. It just had the dragon ball name to it.
nousername191 (4 days ago)
My main question was why was Tien even still there. It would have been better if he walked off the stage at the end of the Cell saga. Not that I hate him, but like Yamcha, there was no point to him still being there. Hell, they should have just kept Future Trunks. He's certainly more iconic and him being trapped in the current timeline for good could have been an actual consequence for all the time travel screwups rather than Whis magically fixing everything after ZENO wiped everything.
Is it sas my 3 favorite characters are vegeta, tien, and yamcha?
Eric Blomquist (6 days ago)
I wrote a Tien fan fic in HS (2002) where he goes into the hyperbolic time chamber and learns a golden form...which i called a...SUPER TERRAN. Man I wish I knew where that garbage was. Oh and he fought Broly..cause duh.
Marian Müller (6 days ago)
Remember the RF Film ? Tien did Kikoho at least 1000 soldiers But now Meh :/ In z Ok the voiceactor of Tien died and they didn't want to plan a new voice for him to honor him But in Super Nope
K y s h i i (6 days ago)
owari da
K y s h i i (6 days ago)
gotta do what you gotta do
Seether2141 (7 days ago)
Toriyama forgets a lot of things (Like Launch and SS2) but he also hates a lot of his characters
TheMoplicGamer (7 days ago)
Omg when you said he was holding back the worst villain form the video ended and the next video was tfs ep 48 what a coincidence btw watch it
Diana Shaw (8 days ago)
Anyone out their thinks it's strange that in DBZ Tien looked like a buff tank, but in DBS, both he and Krillen look like muscle deflated wimps.
Liam Sullivan (8 days ago)
Can I get an F for my boys tien and krillin
Pranjal rawat (9 days ago)
like for a toriyama handjob
Jack The Dog (9 days ago)
At least teens biceps aren’t about to explode anymore.
Am I the only one who noticed that Krillin deserves admiration far more than Goku? Krillin wasn't born with destiny, or alien DNA or a long line of fighters to be granting him potential, he was just a kid who shaved his head and showed off at Master Roshi's hoping to be trained in martial arts. He worked for every bit of power he ever got, and when he got beaten to a pulp or killed it never made him magically more powerful. He had to actually work for his power.
Just a Cat person (9 days ago)
Racism in anime!
Mario Müller (9 days ago)
How can you say he's human if he can literally just grow 2 more extra arms
SykoChiipmunK (10 days ago)
The writers don't seem to like Vegeta either. They give too much story, time and all the wins to Goku. It's what made me lose interest in the anime. They made a cuck out of Gohan.
john ryan (10 days ago)
wow. I don't like your opinion.
Ryan Dabeast (11 days ago)
You take too long to speak and get your words out. Good points though.
asian dude (11 days ago)
10 k comments and 1 mil views u sh make more of these vids
John Smith (11 days ago)
I wanna go to Space China so I can have crispy space duck.
Terence (11 days ago)
For those that don't know (and those spreading hate crap): DB was based on Journey to the West which is from China; a story that was written more than centuries ago. Akira Toryiama made the story his own with a different path using the dragon balls to start the journey. The main two characters that have been carried over since the beginning (and that I know for sure) are Sun Wukong, the monkey, (being Son Goku) and Pig (being Oolong). The biggest give away is Goku having the power pole and nimbus cloud, Oolong still being a pervert, and Akira Toriyama saying this in the beginning of the manga: https://www.viz.com/read/manga/dragon-ball-volume-1/product/104 He also mentions Journey to the West in a way. Pretty sure there were more writing from Akira, but unfortunately I don't remember where I put my copy of the DB manga since I was a kid so this image will do: https://anime.stackexchange.com/questions/32156/is-goku-in-dragonball-based-on-sun-wukong-from-journey-to-the-west I personally grew up watching Journey to the West 1996 edition in Cantonese. I still think it's the best version they created since they remade the show so many times do to new technology. I definitely don't like the older Journey to the West show they created in terms of look so I never watched it. As for the last few points but you need to do more research is both having Bansho Fan, Tien (the 3 eye guy), and Snake Princess. *Tien*- Chinese version actually has a use for the third eye being able to reveal disguises since enemies can transform like how Oolong at the beginning transformed to different beings. He was given the 3rd eye by his master and could remove it when he forfeit all his powers, but I'm not 100% sure about the original origin dating back when the story was first written if we want to be give all credit to the original. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erlang_Shen Chinese: Monkey, Pig, some other guy, and the Master goes on a path to obtain enlightenment Toryiama: Monkey being Son Goku only goes on a path to obtain strength. Oolong isn't the fighting type but still shares being a pervert in the stories.
Jakub Wojciechowski (12 days ago)
Why Tien never used drago balls to give himself some handjob?
JacksAbschaum (12 days ago)
20:23 chaozu lost his red cheeks
Robert Robertson (12 days ago)
Well you know what? Fuck Power Levels... Fuck Super Saiyans... And FUCK! YOU!
Anthony Haller (13 days ago)
Well they supposed to stand for China? Well if you do know China was invaded by the Japanese and the Chinese have never forgotten that.
Alexander McCalla (13 days ago)
No... If they named her Urine, they definitely thought about it. Way to piss on Tien truly.
Nastassia (10 days ago)
It's actually Yurin. I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence or if they really knew that her name sounded like piss in English. I'm pretty sure the ancient Greeks didn't want to piss off a God by naming him Uranus. It's just the English language being shitty to non-English names.
A D (14 days ago)
Loved Tien Loved Gohan until right after he gets eaten by Buu and it seemed to change him Love Piccolo he is always great SO WHY DO THEY SHIT ON TIEN... racism that is why
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
Its realy possible. Japanese killed the population of Shanghai because the soldiers there give up. This is why Japanese realy dont like Chinese.
Sam The Saiyan (14 days ago)
Amalaric GoTH (11 days ago)
Nappa punched it off.
תו הרצליך (14 days ago)
Forget Tien, this video is so bad, you just keep spouting the same shit over and over. And why the fuck are you saying "Japan hates Tien"? you mean Japan, the enormous country with over 100 million citizens?
KaibaCorp HQ (14 days ago)
Damn, I forgot about launchpad, it's been a long time since I actually saw her. Ya though I was kinda wondering where the fuck Tien went off to lol.
Tom Luongo (15 days ago)
I love tien and yamcha but they got shit on after DB because of power level bullshit. Also, I mean, if you think they hate tien, what happened to yamcha?? The joke was that he thought they would ask him to join the tournament and no one ever did lmao. His highlight moments were baseball pitches
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
The one charakter who wasnt even good in the Original. Did you remember his Wolftechinque? No one dose.
Matthew Cusanelli (15 days ago)
This is one of the reasons why TFS is soo great. TFS turned Tien into one of the greatest characters.
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
And give C18, C17 and many other Charakters a real Personality and a charakterark. People say SAO Abridged give the Charakters more personality and Development, but realy, DBZ too DBZA was a equaly big jump.
The German (15 days ago)
I read tiens voice actor died on cancer and out of respect for the actor they did not restaff the voice actors. Hence it was said on JP pages why he was out of the loop for so much.
Astral Buddha (15 days ago)
I am glad you called them out. Tien was always one of my favorite characters. I wish someone would make a fan series that does him the justice he deserves.
awesomo9 (15 days ago)
19:55 Holy shit, Tien was a savage! The brutality...He kneed him in his nuts and everything!
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
Jup, and he even copyd the Kame hame ha once. He can creat Doppelgänger, 4 Arms, the solar flair, and had much better visions because of his third eye. Also Telepathy and Telekinesis. And he was the first Charakter who could fly.
Mirelind Neziri (15 days ago)
Krillin is a chinese monk too! No Argument!
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
Buddhist Monk, japanese buddhist Monk. He is based on a special Monk of Jorney too west.
Id4n (17 days ago)
I know what Dragonball has done for Anime. *But everything after the original just fucking sucks.*
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
Thank you. People say DBZ was the highpoint of DB, but it was realy the worst. GT was not good but had at least some motivation, twists and complexity. I like this Parasite Alien.
どすMicho (17 days ago)
Where's yamcha
rodraku (18 days ago)
the only moment i can remember is goku grindin on thath kelfa beam with a charged up kamehameha that it i forgot everything exept that but it was fucking dope
AnimationTV (18 days ago)
This is so sad to listen yo, coming from someone who watched and remembers all of the Dragonball World Martial Arts Tournament.
Cesar Prieto (18 days ago)
I'm surprised Tien doesn't stay killed off like Raditz or Nappa
Rogun987 (19 days ago)
Are you kidding, Toriyama forgets his characters. Look at Launch. He straight up forgot she existed. Tien is no exception. He has the attention span of about 6 characters at a time. Thats about it
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
He didnt even remember SSJ 2! And some people think hes a genius, because he didnt look back too his older Work, ore make notes.
Shadow Gamer (19 days ago)
I've watched some old DB but didn't get to the tien fights yet and holy shit he's fuckin brutal and awesome.... and this is how far he's fallen. It hurts because I really like tien and they just fucked him over BAD. Damn you toei
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
Wait for the demonking Piccolo Ark. This ark was cool.
Mr. Loowiz (20 days ago)
Dragon Ball is overrated. The story and most characters are shit, and the battles are just a bunch of overpowered "the enemy is so strong but the heroes somehow manage to beat him so he can change form and overpower them but they power up and overpower him again". People enjoy it for the nostalgia, because they enjoyed it when they were kids and enjoyed shit shows.
Mr. Loowiz (10 days ago)
+Yal Rathol 6/10 seems fair. Though in my standards that's a pretty low score.
Royal (10 days ago)
You literally just described every shonen ever lmao
Sunaki1000 (10 days ago)
+Yal Rathol I disagree here. I know we all must pay tribute too the years. Sometimes older Series are just different in storytelling, complexity... Like Starwars. Ore some of the Disney classics. But Z is a little different. Its not like DBZ was the first Dragonball, and basic Storytelling Rules are universal. The first Dragonball was fare from good, in modern standards, but make things better whan the original. DB Classic had Charakters like Pool who would never be real Charakters in DBZ, because they have no Battlepower. The Martial arts was more strategic and more about playing right and not hitting strong. It was not perfect, but a good start. DBZ did not only fabricate some of the worst Aspects of modern Shounen, it did things wrong what DB Classic did right.
Yal Rathol (10 days ago)
+Sunaki1000 DBZ was fine. a solid 6/10, only notable for being the start of the shounen battle manga. it has since been _outclassed._
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
Jup. But its not only the writing. Even if you enjoy this mindless Battles. Its so slowwwww. They need 5 Minutes just for powering up. The Battles are incredible drawn out. Its just boring. DB was OK, but not Genius. DBZ was terrible. GT had at least some Development and Villians whit Motivation and interesting powers, but was also not very good.
Max Boss (20 days ago)
Id feel bad for all the Tien fans but they dont exist.
Justin Sanchez (20 days ago)
Sooooo, do you guys think it's only a matter of time before Tien retires too? Him and Yamcha seemed to be bros/rivals anyway. Maybe us Yamcha and Tien fans should stick together actually. We both know the sting of our favorite characters becoming jokes. Actually, what if Tiencha became canon? It'd be a spectacular way to bring back Tien and Yamcha. Ik Toriyama won't do it because he doesn't care but it'd be so cool if he did.
ThatCatShirtGuy (20 days ago)
Its funny because he’s great in Fighterz
Mgtow Messiah (21 days ago)
kiko how ya doing?
What about yamcha
Unorus Janco (21 days ago)
What *about* Yamcha?
베르베르나 (21 days ago)
Never thought of it this way Tien's being yamcha'd
TheProRockPL (21 days ago)
For me this series is lost after GT. All Super Saga and God's Saga are BS. And look at it.... I can't stand new design either. It's ugly and makes no sense.
Lur TV (21 days ago)
that's coz he's TIENEESE!!
TaroT SselluosS (22 days ago)
Buu looks weird AF skinny. Especially with the same annoying voice
Robert Paulo (22 days ago)
Tien is powerful in the new game DBFZ so that's good.
Robert Paulo (22 days ago)
'toriyama wants to know your location' lol
Water & Sky (22 days ago)
I actually do not consider DBS to be canon. It's worse than GT, ffs.
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
Yes, but Z is worse whan GT.
Overwatch Floatzel kid (22 days ago)
What a shame I actually like tien
Andrija Grebenarovic (23 days ago)
lol no one likes Tien
Cpt. Sideburns (23 days ago)
Raditz should get the biggest Toriyama handjob ever
The Hat Gungineer (23 days ago)
nahh, that would be Cui
Unorus Janco (23 days ago)
11:20 No you don't, let other cultures have their own set of morals you imperialist scum.
Chris Peterson (23 days ago)
Most of what you said here is probably at least partially true, but I think some part of Tien’s ineptitude is due to genetics. Kind of like how Broly was born with a massive power level and tremendous latent ability, or how Gohan has fantastic dormant powers (probably due to being the offspring of Goku and Chichi, who was also an accomplished martial artist), while someone like Hercule can train all he wants but will never be able to stand against even someone like Krillin. Maybe he hit his genetic limit much earlier in his life than everyone else due to his discipline and focus on training. Just an alternate opinion.
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
This is only true if Toriyama gives a shit about internal rules. But he realy dose not. Piccolo was so strong, even Roshi, Tien, Yamchu, Chao Zu and Kururin combines would loose too him. Raddiz nearly defeated Piccolo and Goku and in only 1 Year, Kuririn was able too be stronger whan Raddiz. Son Gohan and Trunk are able too be as strong as Freeza in no time. And Roshi trained his entire life and wasnt even a Planet destroyer, but now hes a Big Bang Level Warrior. Dont try too explain it. You just hurt yourselfe.
Danny Raul Molina (24 days ago)
I've heard that in China, media portrays the Japanese always as evil and the enemy, which is an image that started when Japan invaded China. Do you think that likewise, Japan portrays china and chinese culture as weaker and the lesser one?? Although considering that the whole concept of Dragon ball comes from a Chinese story, this idea argument doesnt have much validity.
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
Japan was pisst off because Chinese Soldiers surrender. And Japanese Soldiers NEVER Surrender. They thought China had no honore and start too kill the Population of Shanghai. The make a Contest in wich two Generals try too beheades 100 Chinese and whoever is fastest wins. And from a person I know from a forum, they asked her, when looking for a flat, if her husband is Chinese, as they did not want to rent apartments to Chinese people. I like Japan, but they really have problems.
Protoka (24 days ago)
''Well yea, he sucks.'' For 26 minutes. inb4 ki ko hold up
Boost Me Daddy (24 days ago)
Rip just China
SShaBazzz (24 days ago)
This is pretty fucked up dude.
UnicornStorm (24 days ago)
No one got it worse than Yamchu
frank ponds (25 days ago)
Hell yeah Japan doesn't like him because he's Chinese. We know older Japanese people are racist as hell lol.
David Baines (25 days ago)
Tien is actually one of my favorite characters
Zeltos (26 days ago)
Tien is part of the illuminati
Femto (26 days ago)
I know this is irrelevant but I felt like gohan should have taken over dragon ball in the cell saga
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
+slifer875 Absolut possible. Toriyama normaly made Shortstorys.
slifer875 (13 days ago)
+Sunaki1000 some people say it was suppose to be over with the first time shenlong appears.
Sunaki1000 (13 days ago)
+slifer875 It was suppose too end in the grand tornament, in the Piccolo Saga, the Freeza Saga and finaly Cell. He just want too stop.
slifer875 (23 days ago)
All of you are wrong, gohan never earned anything and it wasn't suppose to end in the cell saga, that is just a rumor.
Unorus Janco (23 days ago)
Cell saga Gohan was boring as fuck, thank god he didn't become the main character at that point because his character was already ruined. He was only interesting at the beginning of Z, the fight against Vegeta was obviously a passing-the-torch tale, he was destined to become the legendary Super Saiyashit (Gohan was the one who couldn't control his rage due to his human blood, not his father) and defeat Freeza, but Goku stole his thunder instead of just dying.
Jordan Williams (26 days ago)
Stephen Jones (26 days ago)
I don't like the idea that Tien is slower than gohan since everyone in super has the same reaction speed for reasons.
Progamer 63 (26 days ago)
Toyama handjob even for chichi
Joel Knuckles (26 days ago)
your commentary is the fucking best!!!
t84t748748t6 (26 days ago)
tien should have been above roshi and krillin his peak was against semi perfect cell wel roshi peakt before dragonball z and is so old hey should be dead and krillin i would say was on namek in the andriod sage hey was mostly side lined because hey was just to weak if u dont count te androids hey is the strongest human in my mind
Avatarbee (26 days ago)
Never forget. Powerlevels are Bullshit.
Brandon Merriday (27 days ago)
You sound just like anime abandoned lol
Badbad Fishy (27 days ago)
I want a toriyama handjob.
quickdippin24 (27 days ago)
In the original DBZ when Tien takes on Cell and hits him with like 8 tri blasts is still one of my favourite moments of any anime
Asia Johnston (27 days ago)
This shit is sooo funny
Aki-Sora (28 days ago)
Tien is (and has been for a long time) my favourite Z fighter, the Kikouhou was legit beast and actually got nerfed heavy, each itteration DB to DBZ to DBS tien gets nerfed more and more and its honestly so sad. Great vid, agreed with everything.
Joey idc (28 days ago)
I like tein I try to ignore when they screw him over
PUNGENT BEAR (28 days ago)
Japanese hate the Chinese, look at yun and yang... gone.
Captain Zoltan77 (28 days ago)
IKR tien of all the humans has the most potential to get some crazy buff. It's said that his third eye from his alien ancestey gave him god like Powers that we're sealed when he was training under shen. That would give him the best opportunity to getted vuffed and become rrelevant especially since the whole them of super is about gods
Josh Rivers (28 days ago)
There's a lot of hatred between China and Japan because of WWII and probably things that happened in history previous to that. So maybe that's why.

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