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After watching this you will HATE Justin Bieber!! (WORST MOMENTS EXPOSED)

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After watching this you will HATE Justin Bieber!! (WORST MOMENTS EXPOSED) Justin Bieber worst moments rude to fans. Justin Bieber angry at fans and yells at fans during concert. Justin Bieber no pictures with fans. Justin Bieber won't take a picture with little person. Justin Bieber ignores fans and Justin Bieber says Selena Gomez used him for fame.
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Text Comments (212288)
Llama Verse (49 minutes ago)
When I was younger I thought his name was Justin Beaver...
Hello Kitty Slimes (1 hour ago)
I never even liked him at all but he is so rude and boring
Santhosh Raj (1 hour ago)
Justin fucks
Johan GAMERZ (2 hours ago)
Justin your lucky my mom said never to burn plastic because its bad justin to his fans plastic
joanna bocar (2 hours ago)
I hate him
Sabina Lee (2 hours ago)
so any way. i felt bad for the little guy
Sabina Lee (2 hours ago)
for being mean to ur fans if ur like that then dont be an artists!
Sabina Lee (2 hours ago)
good for u!!!! u got arrested!!!
hassan yaish (4 hours ago)
I have a close friend whose inspiration is him And I wish I could tell her how mean he is I can't because if I do she might fall sick (mental state)
Lupita Vallejo (5 hours ago)
The little guy is not disabled he's just short. That doesn't make him disabled you assholes!!!
Lupita Vallejo (5 hours ago)
What a fucking asshole! seeing the little man crying and begging the loser to take a picture with him but the sick head just ignores him and walks away saying hi to losers like him. ugh I am so angry disgusted by him I hate him so much. I hope I never meet him in person I will slap him so hard it will hurt his daddy! faggot mother Fucker asshole!!!
Serenity Davis (5 hours ago)
"after this video you will hate Justin Bieber" I already hate him...he looks gay (not to be mean but I mainly hate his personality)
AzazIL iblost (5 hours ago)
Fuck u justin the real music is Rock 🤘🤘
Ayesha asif (5 hours ago)
How much mean stupid asshole
Darkyz Miami (6 hours ago)
4:53 Justin make that mans dream come true
Arvind Jha (6 hours ago)
I hate u
Nasiira Moalim (7 hours ago)
1:30 how mean he was 🙁
Ghgh Dhd (7 hours ago)
The little dude wanted a picture
Ghgh Dhd (7 hours ago)
I always hated him he’s a a$$hole poor little dude
Ghgh Dhd (7 hours ago)
He’s so rude to the little dude
Natalie Lopez (8 hours ago)
I’ll always hate u I can’t believe u gushed people by there cover and treat them differently he just wanted a photo and u ignored him
I already hateed him but omg😠😠
Vague Jose (8 hours ago)
The disabled one is fake you stupid cunt
adam perrin (9 hours ago)
That poor guy wanted a photo that a$$
Esnart Mwale Davids (9 hours ago)
So rude!!!!!!!!! ¡!!!!!!
PewDiePie:NEWS (10 hours ago)
It was that he nipped , he f**ked up😂😂
PewDiePie:NEWS (10 hours ago)
Edit: it was that moment that he nipped , he fucked-up
Christian Osbert (10 hours ago)
I fill bad for that people becouse of justin is ************
Christian Osbert (10 hours ago)
Justin you have to been a sucks
Baxter Tirch (10 hours ago)
Justin Bieber is a piec of shit
Kaye martin (10 hours ago)
That's the behavior of devil worshippers. what do you expect?
Wordell Hooks (10 hours ago)
I hope you burn in hell Im black you racist prick
Manu Manuel (11 hours ago)
I filling bad fo jastan biebar
Manu Manuel (11 hours ago)
I fill bad fo jastin Berber
San Jackson (12 hours ago)
He is retarded
Abraham Chery (13 hours ago)
fuck you justin bieber when I find you I will kill you bich and you are a asshole
Fairylover 17 (14 hours ago)
I nate Justin Bieber so much😔
igor sta (14 hours ago)
i dont hate you
Megan Merkwan (15 hours ago)
I feel bad for disabled, small, fan. Justin deserved a tire kicking.
DailyKat (15 hours ago)
i already hate him
Epic Gamer (15 hours ago)
Taking pictures Wanted posters
Vebbiyola Natasya (15 hours ago)
Minus Ariana grande
Kathy Minecraft 42 (16 hours ago)
Who line this answer: Everybody line him but now everybody hear THAT and hate him But HE'S sooo MEAN M-E-A-N
Nicki Babyyy (16 hours ago)
IF he keeps being mean he will have know fans and will be crying 😭 and i will be laughing 😂 hard as heck
mummy matus (16 hours ago)
i feel bad for the disabled guy but he was funny
Forward Imagination (16 hours ago)
This more of a comedy
Forrest Man (16 hours ago)
Don’t see why we’d hate him
Ritze Maamo (19 hours ago)
Kapayason !! Bayut raba sumbagay ta
Boipelo Mathibe (19 hours ago)
I never liked justin in the first place
Wrence Buan (19 hours ago)
Hey I thought you were a nice person and I was biggest biggest fan of biggest fan in the freaking world
Francis Njuguna (19 hours ago)
Justin Bieber is a very big idiot
Abby O (20 hours ago)
And this is why I like Daniel Radcliffe 😑.
Gemechu Baduke (20 hours ago)
I feel really sad for the little guy i have always hated Justin and i will always will
Marlene Powell (20 hours ago)
i hate him
Daily Sisters (21 hours ago)
U r so mean Justin
Lata Lata (23 hours ago)
I still lovee u jb forget these all haters😗
Reverse King (23 hours ago)
I hate him already
Molly gaming (23 hours ago)
Hes so rude he reminds me of someone in my class i had a crush on well that was untill i found out hes a b*tch lol 😎
Simona (23 hours ago)
Okay. I hate justin but saying i hope he dies is not nice kids lol
oofyuli (1 day ago)
I already hate him
Justin is a burger boy bitch.
I already hate him
parniya m (1 day ago)
It's hellish I hate him
Ariel Beo (1 day ago)
Zar Zar Thin (1 day ago)
I will never hate him. I will love him forever no matter what
Sasha Farrer2007 (1 day ago)
Watching this has made me hate Justin Bieber
Adin Halilovic (1 day ago)
Oh come on this girl is just a child
No need to watch this,I already hate him.
anjana preeti (1 day ago)
Hey his face was matching with that monkey's face
anjana preeti (1 day ago)
I am really sorry for that disabled
I will still be his biggest fan
Bappy Roy (1 day ago)
Well done China.
Nothando Tshabalala (1 day ago)
fuck you justin
Why don't u show the full video of the disabled one that was just an acting Justin is amazing outstanding and u guys suck him idiots
Coralee Barrett (1 day ago)
Sorry for ywll ur haters but I STILL LOVE ME TUFE LUCK
its bitch dark (1 day ago)
nah am not biggest fan lmao no
twihard (1 day ago)
I hate his personality but I love his voice.
twihard (1 day ago)
I don't like his personality but I love his voice.
2NE1 pilots (1 day ago)
Jackie P (1 day ago)
OMG he is so rude!!! Iam feeling like to slap him!!
hector lolhead (1 day ago)
All of tris isnt a opinion or a mistake its a fact
Tanya Gatlin (1 day ago)
He's just 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Tanya Gatlin (1 day ago)
He is so mean😢😢😢😢😢
Kimberly Palmer (1 day ago)
Justin is dead
Luis Rodriguez (1 day ago)
0:23 lol
JESUS IS FREEDOM (1 day ago)
The man is overhwlemed and not treated like a human. Show him some grace :/
Paula Knoss (1 day ago)
yay u finally see the truth
shadow msp (1 day ago)
We all hate him :)
Zaire Floyd (1 day ago)
I can’t believe he said that racist song 😔😔 it makes me very sad
Kimmy Coral (1 day ago)
i already hated him no use..
Pingu_ Jin (1 day ago)
If i could've met him. I would literally punch him.
W1NIX Fortnite (1 day ago)
I feel bad for the short person
HZ Germany (1 day ago)
yo im black this mother ass fucker i never liked him he is a little shit he is rude and racist
little madoxs 12 (1 day ago)
that fat dick head
Nya .D (1 day ago)
Thats not rude to his fans i mean idk but Seriously he’s not trowing his gum on his fans some of them r realy weird and want his gum this video has a realy stupid titel ya’ll al realy over reacting (THIS VIDEO IS MADE BY A JB HATER) i’m not his fan but HE’S A HUMAN TO ya’ll dont know how its like to be famous. But I stil feel bad for that smal Guy❤️
Sweety Spinn (1 day ago)
I already hate him so (:
Elisabeth Fujita (1 day ago)
I hate this b**** he’s stupid
Summer loliscool (1 day ago)
I'm not that type of hater but Justin I hate wut he did to dat disable guy
Harry Ward (1 day ago)
Samrit Singh (1 day ago)
First time heard his voice thought it was a voice of a girl lol
Jose Chouchani (1 day ago)
I hate u alredy im gonna trll evry body 😁😁😁😁😎😎😎😎
Taron Jailojan (1 day ago)
Xxxtentacion is better than just in bieber

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