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Funny Games - Pull the trigger

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Wait a second. I'm gonna play a little music for us. (Naked City - Bonehead) - Hi, Georgie. - Don't come any closer. Cock it. Pull the handle back. (Naked City - Hellraiser) Pull the trigger. ______________________________ funny games 2007 naked city John Zorn Michael Haneke
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Text Comments (9)
Sebastián Barragán (5 years ago)
Anyone know the name of the song?
Sebastián Barragán (4 years ago)
+Vanalos Ta very much.
Vanalos (4 years ago)
Bonehead by Naked City
Perse Polis (5 years ago)
1:41 I couldn't hold it
NeuroticAlex (5 years ago)
The original movie was better...
i am not a weeb I swear (2 months ago)
well...uh...they are the exact same movie. The same director shot both and each shot is the same, just american actors instead of the other actors.
Eyeonmarocco (5 years ago)
Yeah, that and the fact that it's kinda muted because of the door.
phathooligan (6 years ago)
The music makes this scene absolutely terrifying.
Flaviano Bin (7 years ago)
@christiandipa Si, ma accade solo una volta nel film. Quando la madre uccide uno dei 2 ragazzi.

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