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Cetaphil "Men" Lotion & Aveeno Naturals Daily Moisturizer

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Hymns of Elizabetha (11 days ago)
Here’s a thing when it comes as skincare - body care products etc. you don’t have to buy everything that listed as ‘men products’. You can buy a pink bottle that scream feminine but it will probably work the same. Men or women we all have same human skin except you have to know that you are dry skin, oily skin or combination skin in order to choose right moisturizer.
Joshie Bear (11 days ago)
Will do, thanks! 😁
Hymns of Elizabetha (11 days ago)
Joshie Bear try Cerave their products are amazing I don’t like those heavy fragrance products too
Joshie Bear (11 days ago)
Agree! Only problem is sometimes "women's" stuff is heavily scented like perfume :(
vietnamemperor123461 (1 year ago)
Can you put it on your face especially for oily skin?
Joshie Bear (1 year ago)
+vietnamemperor123461 I wouldn't! Use Yes To Tomatoes!
Cesar Quevedo (1 year ago)
Then put less
Joshie Bear (1 year ago)
+Cesar Quevedo ok
Boner Lee (1 year ago)
How is it compared to the regular cetaphil moisturizing lotion?
Joshie Bear (1 year ago)
+Boner Lee Been a really long time since I have used the regular one honestly but I know a couple people who have used it with success.

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