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New WCW Champion Lex Luger - Promo [1991-07-21]

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Charles Crump (21 days ago)
Luger should have held that title on at least 8-10 occasions.
Christian84 (1 month ago)
God, Luger sucked at that promo, the older guy was way better.
Chen Xu (4 months ago)
Luger was denied the world title for way too long. Actually really enjoyed watching Luger in this role where he was at peak physical shape, and finally gained killer instinct/attitude/confidence to be the man.
SaturdayNightSlamMaster (7 months ago)
WWE wants to pretend Luger wasn't a top name and contributor to the industry but they will put Koko B. Ware and other perennial midcarders in their HOF. If WCW was still around Lex would be a HOF HEADLINER for THEIR hall of fame. Even Goldberg's accolades and tenure pale to Luger's. Fuck WWE revisionists. Nikita Koloff was a much better bald badass than flash in the pan Goldberg
lyndonkimthomas (7 months ago)
Fesineiriei Akneisi ninonriwia thubinriei..nomtie Att.kmtisuaa TPUR INRIE ONTIE MIMRIWUS .📣🇦🇩📣🎫◼️🉑🈲🎲🉑🎹🗞️(^^)🎧
Justin Mardis (10 months ago)
Story goes, that belt that Mr. Hughes is holding, the belt that Lugar won was in fact the Florida Championship title belt that Dusty owned and brougjt it in and they used it because Flair took the Big Gold with him to WWF and WCW hadn't figured out what to do yet about a new belt. Lex said in an interview that they told him to not let the camera really get a good shot of the belt. Soon after, they designed the new belt.
Chen Xu (4 months ago)
both this temporary Dusty belt and the follow up WCW world title looked better than big gold belt
DefLeppardVanHalen (5 months ago)
Actually, a new belt wasn't ready in time for the show, which was why they used the doctored Florida title belt.
yankeefan33 (6 months ago)
Flair kept the Big Gold Belt for years since the NWA never gave him back his $25K deposit.
herrrd (10 months ago)
“Grab it by the throat!”
don417 (10 months ago)
Well, that was...cringey.
Kurt Van Der Bogarde (10 months ago)
Best era of Lex Luger's career, period. Harley was a legit mentor as well as onscreen manager and was actually molding Lex into a credible World champion. He even got Lex learning new scientific moves instead of relying on the power/clotheslines/etc. Lex and Sting could have alternated as champion for years. In the end Vader took Luger's spot, complete with the manager.
Christian Hollister (1 year ago)
Lex Luger, the original AA lol
triple_12 (10 months ago)
The FU could've lasted to this day, where Cena could've gave a deadlier finisher the "AA" name upon turning heel and giving a promo like this once his "Make a Wish" demand started to dwindle beneath even perennial midcard heels.
triple_12 (1 year ago)
Notice that Mr. Hughes held the new WCW title in a way to hide how it looked since it wasn't the Big Gold Belt anymore.
jahiddle (19 hours ago)
That wasn't the new WCW belt. It was the Florida title belt that is the reason why it was hidden. The new belt was still being made at this time(this was right after he won the title at TGAB)!
LT9856 (1 year ago)
triple_12 I remember during the match the crowd kept chanting “we want Flair!”.
Vishal Sancheti (1 year ago)
actually could almost be a babyface promo as well, great promo by Luger. Wish we had guys who looked like that today.
triple_12 (10 months ago)
The original attitude adjustment, not Cena's fireman carry takeover slam that was a botched death valley driver in a way that the first "FU" had Brock land on his back vs. make it look like he was driving Lesnar's head or neck into the mat.
Kurt Van Der Bogarde (10 months ago)
Lex himself eventually took on the Mr Hughes "heat anchor" role during Sting's heel run in '99.
Kurt Van Der Bogarde (10 months ago)
Mr Hughes was the heat anchor - he was there so people knew that they were supposed to boo Lex (hitherto babyface) and Harley (resepcted legend). There was the potential there for Luger and Harley to have been the babyfaces in a heel vs heel situation - say if Rick Rude had challenged Luger for the title. When Vader replaced Luger, Harley actually became a nastier heel character.
alBart (1 year ago)
Harley was a great manager, he used to take bumps that some of the wrestlers wouldn't take - and of course his psychology on the mic was second to none ...

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