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Hayley Kiyoko - Cliffs Edge

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From the EP, "This Side Of Paradise". Out Now! iTunes: http://www.smarturl.it/HK_TSOP Spotify: http://www.smarturl.it/HK_Discography Google Play: http://www.smarturl.it/HK_TSOP_GP EP CITRINE Availible Now!! iTunes: https://smarturl.it/CitrineEP Spotify: http://smarturl.it/StreamHayleyKiyoko Google Play: https://smarturl.it/CitrineEP_G Amazon: https://smarturl.it/P_A Join My Mailing List: https://atlanti.cr/join Site: http://hayleykiyokoofficial.comCitrineE Twitter: http://twitter.com/hayleykiyoko Facebook: http://facebook.com/hayleykiyoko Instagram: http://instagram.com/hayleykiyoko Official music video by Hayley Kiyoko performing Cliffs Edge. 2015 Rich Youth/Steel Wool Records http://vevo.ly/rBXlDH
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Text Comments (19836)
Faye Venture (2 hours ago)
How very... Lesbian.
the Lali (12 hours ago)
I'm so fucking gay😂
Natalia Fleetfoot (15 hours ago)
Real reason y I wanna be in a music video: to kiss hot girls
Z-star * (1 day ago)
She looks like Piper from oitnb
Karla Michelle (1 day ago)
I think I just got 10x gayer just watching this video
Marilena_ (1 day ago)
Before watching this video: Naah im straight After watching this video: BITCH IM GAY
Kommentiert (2 days ago)
𝙄𝙨 𝙞𝙩 𝙬𝙚𝙞𝙧𝙙 𝙬𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙞‘𝙢 𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙬𝙖𝙩𝙘𝙝 𝙞𝙩 ???
Scout Curtis (2 days ago)
So I was all ready lesbian this made me more of one
sara eronen (2 days ago)
2016: "eww how could i be nothing else than straight" 2017: ok girls are kinda cute idk but i'm straight as fuck 2018: WTF GIRLSS AHHHH 2019: bi and proud but bit confused
LagunaRavin 233 (3 days ago)
I need help. So I think I might be bi I'm still confused but I think I might have a major crush on my best friend and I think about her all the time. But i think shes straight and i like her so much i dont know what to do with myself. What should I do
JUST HILAL (3 days ago)
How can all of us be gay and lonely fck
bloodsucker175 (3 days ago)
I've this song
Aeryelle Fritz (4 days ago)
I fucking love Hayley so much
Peridot 7u7 (4 days ago)
Tonia render (5 days ago)
I thought I'm straight?! Wtf🤯😅❤ Okayy I'm bi
Katherine Alexander (5 days ago)
😂😂😂 who knows
Audrey Chaillou (5 days ago)
I am bisexual.
Rhanna Diaz (5 days ago)
affie v (6 days ago)
Damn.... I really want a girlfriend.
Denise Hiers (6 days ago)
2016:Strait 2017:lesbian 2018:hi 2019:in hella bi Thankd hayley you helped me come out
地球人 (7 days ago)
I hope Hayley kiyoko date Haruka Ayase or put her on HK’s future mv. Haruka Ayase is so hot. Great body. Sexy. If they made out, that would be so .... beautiful.
《Park Jikook 》 (7 days ago)
Essa música é muito maravilhosa meu Deuus!!!
Nina Basaric (7 days ago)
2017 me: I'm straight 2019 me: no tf you're not I'm pan btw
Jesus Romero (8 days ago)
Estupidaaaa sos lesviana
bea (8 days ago)
okay but hayley looks so good here? i? am? gay?
SiSiRay27 R (9 days ago)
Love this
Cat Crew Martinez (9 days ago)
im gay
TWICE TRASH (10 days ago)
I'm sorry mom but i think I'm gay
Lattecat (10 days ago)
R.Yenii. R (11 days ago)
2014: I like a girl what does this mean... 2015: I just found out what lesbian is and I think I’m that. 2016: the church says I can’t be lesbian... I’ll force myself to like boys 2017: I think I’m bi 2018: actually I think I’m lesbian I’m tired of forcing myself to like boys Later in 2018: I’m pansexual! I’m gonna come out 2019: I’m out and life is great Thanks Hayley kiyoko
Luke G (11 days ago)
Are there any fellow straights here?
Kara (11 days ago)
billie eilish and Hayley both made it official about who I really am. they are the true heart and soul of music 100%
Love Ly (12 days ago)
I'm sorry but I'm gay😿
2015: I’m straight 2016: I’m straight 2017: I’m straight 2018: I’m straight 2019: I’m straight for life
Lost Girl (13 days ago)
Grandma: Stephanie I fallen and can’t get up come help me Me: Hold on I’m watching Lesbian Jesus Grandma: Lesbian who? Me: Lesbian Jesus... u know your future granddaughter in law 😍 Grandma: Ok just Hurry up Me: Grandma u can’t rush talent
Lost Girl (13 days ago)
2019 and this song is my favorite
Gamer Girl (4 days ago)
my too
Foxi Doxi (14 days ago)
ommmgg that’s sonya esman shhhhhttttt
parkjiminjam hopeworld (14 days ago)
2015: I'm straight? 2016: I'm gay? 2017; what am I? 2018: I'm bisexual🌈 2019; I'm bi? Or pan? 🌈
Riverdale Forever (15 days ago)
Hayley lesbian can only
GдWaNtS-_- (15 days ago)
All you will go to hell
Watery Bleu (5 days ago)
only when you learn to type properly
BombtasticBih (11 days ago)
see ya there 🤠
p p (15 days ago)
p p (15 days ago)
Please, someone tell me they too get sad when they listen to this song and doesn't know why.
Angel Canada (16 days ago)
She called you a f* B* that not me I would have screamed back "why would you called me that that's not true love"
Sebastian Santa (18 days ago)
Me encantaaAaaa
Соня есьман, прикол)
Coon Dog1 (19 days ago)
Lesbian sex videos of all kinds are long overdue and very exciting. Girls today are so deeply sexual for each other and are having really great sex. They look hot and are willing to display their most passionate sexual love and lust for each other openly. This is awesome! The more videos created of them, the better.
Phoenix Jay (19 days ago)
I wasn't paying attention why are they yelling at each other?
Shivering (19 days ago)
I’m gayer and I don’t know how that’s possible but I am
Gata MP (20 days ago)
Hani Berovic (20 days ago)
I love her!
A'Tianna Marie (20 days ago)
2015: What is gay 2016: Girls are kinda cute.. 2017: NO I'M STRAIGHT 2018: Okay, maybe I'm bi 2019: GAY GAY GAY, GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS
shauna pauwels (22 days ago)
Nick paulinho (22 days ago)
Viados filhos da putas
Jack Smith (22 days ago)
Najilah Wharton (22 days ago)
Diamond LPS (22 days ago)
2017:strait 2018:bi 2019:lesbian
Urbanpoison14 (23 days ago)
This is disturbing and I get a satanic vibe
a girl (23 days ago)
This is so so so hot omg I can‘t breathe
Chaemunk Blink (24 days ago)
Tbh I laughed when they were dancing in the lake. It was rlly weird lol
Ky (24 days ago)
yes, i wanna be that girl hayley is kissing please
Sushma Chauhan (25 days ago)
If girl's can love like this, I don't want a man in my life. I want a girl who will love me like Hayley do 💏
саня обзоры (25 days ago)
This world going to hell
Watery Bleu (5 days ago)
no u
Great Channel (25 days ago)
You Make me the best present to come in Vienna I can't meet you beacase I didn't buy a VIP tickets...but I was happy to see you sing and i was happy to sing all your song I have my birthday in 24 febbbruary I was born in 1999 I feel 20 gay TEEN now and i am so proud of me Your music is represent my life..
Missy D Power (25 days ago)
2016 : I think I'm bi 2017: I'm bi 2018 : boys are just ewww 2019 GAY
emofoxkitten (25 days ago)
Idk I think I've watched to many horror movies cause that lake shit was super creepy for me, the song was good not gonna lie but super creepy for me
Nirjala kunwar (26 days ago)
i just cant find any girl liking girl in my country i wonder why
Katy Miles (27 days ago)
Videos like this are the reason why I know I've never REALLY liked boys. Because boys have never made me feel like THIS...
LanceYen TV (1 month ago)
I’m 🌈 since birth❤️❤️
Lexi French (1 month ago)
All of Hayley’s music makes me want a gf so bad
Clementine (1 month ago)
Yo I’m still confused about my sexuality, it’s been years, I know that I like boys and stuff but they don’t turn me on? But girls definitely do. Idk it’s confusing.
issi (1 month ago)
i want a girlfriend so bad, shit
SafetyGiggles (1 month ago)
Leydi Maldonado (1 month ago)
2019 😍
Soupetry (1 month ago)
Wow they are really good friends
Rainbows_Are_Life (1 month ago)
Friends: are you a lesbain Nevaeh Me: No eww gross one of the friends: oh ok Me: are you a lesbain her: no like u said gross Me: yea ikr Her: see ya tommorow Next day me: hey Her: I lie Nevaeh yesterday I'm a lesbain I said it were u didnt get grossed out and I really like you me: really I'm a lesbain to I was lying I was scared to say it Her: well see you Me: WAIT I liked you to Her: really?? me: yea so will u be my girlfriend her: yes we are still dating, now and we are 18 we were 13 then
Courtney Sanchez (1 month ago)
I realize 🌈 I am
lessbians is no good
mimosaist (1 month ago)
favourite Hayley song. 🤧💕
GAY AF (1 month ago)
Random people: *dancing in the water* Ah, homosexuals. So lovely.
Princess Liar (1 month ago)
2017- I'm so straight 2018- Maybe I can try dating a girl 2019-...fuck.
daphne grothe (1 month ago)
I thought i was watching thriller from Michael Jackson for a sec
oh yeah yeah (1 month ago)
Villads Trier (1 month ago)
1st grade: Boys are kinda lame 2th grade: never talks with any boys 3th grade: i think im bi 4th grade: likes both gender 5th grade: oh hell naw im lesbian 6th grade: gets bullied for being lesbian 7th grade: gets a GF 8th grade: BOIII ATLEAST I CAN GET ALL THE GIRLS Well thats me lol
Darah Mandon (1 month ago)
Other people: I watch porn Me, an intellectual:
That one Gay girl (1 month ago)
can you even make it gayer?
Laura Kramer (1 month ago)
I watch these videos to heal my soul, man.
mwrtinna uwu (1 month ago)
video culiao me da mil años de vida
B M (1 month ago)
2017: I’m straight 2018: confused Also 2018: I’m bi 2019: officially bi
cry babyzinha (1 month ago)
Emppu V (1 month ago)
I love Hayley sm
Hayley please have a son
Darker Man (1 month ago)
Have a concert here in the Philippines Hayley kiyoko! We love you so much 💕
DemiLovato Lovatic (1 month ago)
I like boys I like boy I like bo I like boo I like boob I like boobs 🌈😅💖
Nina Winchester (1 month ago)
Damn hayley must have so much fun making these videos 😂😂✨
Randi Moser (1 month ago)
Ikr 😂
Min Sook (1 month ago)
CandelLaCool BB (1 month ago)
Swing a little further, higher Underneath the big top trees Scrape my knees, whatever, uh huh I'm gonna let them bleed Got no turning back, I'mma flirt with that Get a little closer, get a little closer Cliff's edge, you turn me on You lead me on You got me on A Cliff's edge, where I belong You got me on And turn me on I want to feel that sea breeze, I want to feel that sea breeze Love until we burn up, fire Do whatever gets you seen Kiss me with adventure Until I forget my name Chills run down my back, I'mma flirt with that Get a little closer, get a little closer Cliff's edge, you turn me on You lead me on You got me on A Cliff's edge, where I belong You got me on You turn me on I want to feel that sea breeze, I want to fee that sea breeze Closer and closer to you This could take all night Caving and crumbling on your hips, Your lips, they're mine Closer and closer to you This could take all night Caving and crumbling on your hips, Your lips, they're mine Cliff's edge, you turn me on You lead me on You got me on A cliff's edge, where I belong You got me on And turn me on I want to feel that sea breeze, I want to feel that sea breeze
Alejandra ;D (1 month ago)
Sorry mom, but i like girls and im proud for that. I don’t care if you’re not happy for that, it’s my life and my happiness
MissaPlayz (1 month ago)
I'm so gay omg
Neela Hutton (1 month ago)
But, like, Riverdale is the best!!
Neela Hutton (1 month ago)
I would still love the Serpents, but I go wherever Choni goes, so...
AlyxRiverdaleSerpent (1 month ago)
+MissaPlayz Yes! Lol
MissaPlayz (1 month ago)
+AlyxRiverdaleSerpent Yas! South side serpents for life!
AlyxRiverdaleSerpent (1 month ago)
I love your profile picture! Riverdale is the best!
I am bisexual and I love v this song
Randi Moser (1 month ago)
aNxIeTy Is LiT yEeT (1 month ago)
Mood(but not me cause I’m forever alone)

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