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Text Comments (71305)
lasantha pushpakumara (26 minutes ago)
2:53. Yup. Total privacy! Lol
Abdu Salam (5 hours ago)
That seat better come with with free airpods and iphone xs max
William Adiputrotjio (6 hours ago)
Why do you shower with your sun glasses on
lisa (12 hours ago)
him wearing shades while showering,,, thats the most casey neistat thing to do EVER
Foxxi (13 hours ago)
idk idk (14 hours ago)
Watching this video for the 1858985368th time
bishan chhantyal (16 hours ago)
1:39 the only time he took off his glasses
RB TECH (16 hours ago)
Please take off your shades sir
Anderson Barrera (1 day ago)
Imagine the plane crashing while being in the shower
GrahamPiano (1 day ago)
8:08 What Olympian is that?
That flight attendant deserves an award
I miss you niggah
hpygolkyone (1 day ago)
Your purser peeking over the wall at 2:49 was kind of creepy. You could have doing something you might have regretted.
llCloudyShadowll .P (1 day ago)
What is the airline
ViQariusz ofc (1 day ago)
Why do you have these sunglasses?
grunge _alone (1 day ago)
2:56 top left corner
noor afghan (1 day ago)
Aidan Lynch (1 day ago)
Man, and I thought business class was fancy.
_The_Nerd (1 day ago)
You know it's fancy when the flight attendant gets mad at you for making your own bed
Philip Cavin Young (1 day ago)
A guy look at you
Philip Cavin Young (1 day ago)
That is so cool
ankit7420 (1 day ago)
Who showers with sunglasses on ?
1:40 No sunglasses for the first time ever
NTLE (1 day ago)
How does one get upgraded?
Aeromaster 213 (1 day ago)
They are giving those amenities because they know that once you pay for this, you're most likely gonna be broke.
Crunk Lil (1 day ago)
Aeromaster 213 a lot f people have private jet, each fly will cost them 500k
Naveah Choudhury (1 day ago)
omg im so jello xd
FocusedSG (1 day ago)
This has been in my recommended for months
NASADAVID Antenor (2 days ago)
Business class is better than first class
FFJJ [BS] (2 days ago)
Hey Casey my fron Kazakstan me Uygur надеюсьты это прочел
CrispyRC (2 days ago)
At 7:19 who takes a shower so h there classes and watch
Vincent Bowling (2 days ago)
Is anybody wandering why he is wearing sunglasses in the shower
Steven Magallanes (2 days ago)
Why does he sleep with his glasses on
StanGlasius (2 days ago)
You must be feeling like the kid in home alone you can order whatever he wants
aidan bae (2 days ago)
When the plane seat bed is better than your bed at home
Syahir Nizam (2 days ago)
Guy look like Sean penn
yamab alhalabi (2 days ago)
Lance Vlogs (2 days ago)
Why do you need to wear shades every time
مح مد (2 days ago)
يا حضضضضضضصك
Diva Cutegirl (2 days ago)
*why am I felling poor over here*
Marri Bermudez (2 days ago)
*imagine he forgot to edit when he was in the shower?* im really dirty lol
hakeem (2 days ago)
Yo did he ever remove the sunglasses
Mukul Sharma (3 days ago)
5:16 Yeah I sleep with goggles too😎😎😎😎😎
Emanuel Tavares (3 days ago)
$21k??? 😲😲😲 F that!!!!!! Beautiful for sure though....
Valentina Zalevskiy (3 days ago)
Love your videos
Exalty (3 days ago)
I wonder how he got the footage of everyone in the airport in the beginning🤔
Exalty probably on a catwalk above or something
Toastyfrown (3 days ago)
excuse me, but where is the black market for these seats?
DAN GAMER (3 days ago)
In the shower I felt like that he became a lunatic
NinjaFakeNpc (3 days ago)
*Martin (3 days ago)
1:23 Total privacy Hehehehehehehehe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
apaphy (3 days ago)
he got so many views on this vid that he probably could've paid for this seat 3 times over
Dicey (3 days ago)
The guy u talked to at 8:09 was billionaire John emus
savbro 909 (3 days ago)
7:24 Casey spits on camera
Leøn Førever (3 days ago)
Pure firsr class man its dope to be in first class on airplane
Martane (3 days ago)
A real man sleeps with his shades on. Casey puts the sleeping mask over his shades when he sleeps.
Martane (3 days ago)
The flight attended was just checking that you were making a video reviewing their first class seat.
Jas Games (3 days ago)
At 2:56 😂
Alon mualem (3 days ago)
Why he slept with sunglasses
MineFox (3 days ago)
There is a problem with the motors He in the shower: 😨
Athos Achilleos (3 days ago)
yo this man took a bath with his glasses on xD
Pepe The Frog (3 days ago)
2:56 who tf is that
Dawson Bojanic (3 days ago)
That Olympian was like “da fuq?”
lixat (4 days ago)
Who's watching in 2019 I love this part when someone is on top of the screen lol#_#
coco gamers (4 days ago)
Why does he have a tattoo of Connecticut on his arm
ugur akar (4 days ago)
I skipped some parts
ugur akar (4 days ago)
I really wish it was me riding that
Anitah Gabaipone (4 days ago)
Wish someone could buy me a ticket just to visit US since I cant afford
kalamii_ (4 days ago)
63 mill views? the guy got his money back including a lot of profit xD
VinceGae (4 days ago)
if i rode in first class i’d never sleep cause there’ll be so many things to play with
David Morris (4 days ago)
This is gonna ruin every other flight for you lol
Blueface Dream (4 days ago)
5:00 you said its more comfy then your bed at home no wonder you totally didn't pay 21k for it
Anna Bulakhova (4 days ago)
How the heck do you cook on a plane
JoeCnNd (4 days ago)
I'm looking to buy a plane for less than your first class ticket. lol
Who else poor AF?
Marek Tomes (4 days ago)
wow .... thats suck
Crazy Warrior (4 days ago)
This guy never puts thumbnails
He wears sunglasses in the shower???
leleo (4 days ago)
7:17 you still have your glasses on..
the_detonator_1 (4 days ago)
How do you get off?!?!
anonymous ___ (4 days ago)
very comfortable i'm subscribing
Syber Manral Official (4 days ago)
Who noticed the guy at 2:56 watching Casey?
jack DOVE (4 days ago)
Zebra (5 days ago)
I would be taking as many free things as possible
Gray Overton (5 days ago)
I’m still trying to figure out why this vid has 63 mil views when he’s averaging 1.2-2.2ish views
Sonu Rabha (5 days ago)
He : total privacy Me : 2:56 😂
eRiN (5 days ago)
Finding Nemo is sh00k
Megs Productions (5 days ago)
Thats an expensive plane seat *emirate* Should i go now?
Hoang stupid (3 days ago)
Rajad Mohamed (5 days ago)
he taks shower with his sunglasses ?!!
Harmony Vlogs (5 days ago)
Showering On An Airplane While Washing His Hair WHILE Wearing Sun Glasses In The Showerr And Now He Has Soap All On His Sun Glasses
Max Dooley (5 days ago)
2:39 that cut out was completely unnesecc
Ethan Lee (5 days ago)
Wow 😯
Max Awesome (5 days ago)
are you Asian? because you pixilated your dick.
Tea Spilled (5 days ago)
anyone watching this in 2019
kuronekouhai (5 days ago)
The part i like most is when you prepare your bed yourself but caught red handed by flight attendant. Hahahahah. It is no mean disrespect to the flight attendant, their work are precious. I also know they probably afraid that, their supervisors or higher up or someone in authority blames them for not doing their work when in reality, if im in that situation, i probably set it up myself too because it was I who want to sleep. Hahaha
震えた (5 days ago)
That's the best room to fap for
Kristin Friedlaender (5 days ago)
Is that watch waterproof or something
Hani Syazana (5 days ago)
8:13 I mean he's on the first class seat in the first place,not sure if he got a free ticket like you too but if he paid for it then he must be really rich so it's not that surprising for him I guess?
Britishgirl (5 days ago)
Then you got 5:14 why is he wearing sunglasses under a sleeping mask?
Britishgirl (5 days ago)
5:03 made me scared for a bit
freepotatoez (5 days ago)
This was the first Casey video I ever saw
Ayieelajeen J. (5 days ago)
Caviar is the rarest fish eggs in the world.

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