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#Smoke1 w/ Lex Luger -Episode 1

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@SmokedOutLuger | @BlaQstar91 Smoke 1 Lex Luger Episode 1 a Blaqstar Blaqstar91 DC1135 Da Company 1135 Fat Trel Boosa DC Wale Meek How to How do I tips tricks Mill Maybach music rick ross God forgives hype williams michael jackson michael jordan nba nfl best ever top 10 5 3 NDK Clothing Dom Kennedy Casey Veggies Charlie bit me Charlie bit me baby my finger bite cute babies funny boys Harry laughing Laugh most viewed Justin Bieber Island Def Jam Pop Jennifer Lopez On The Floor Pop Pitbull American Idol JLo Nicki Minaj Super Bass Cash Money Records/Universal Records Rap/Hip-Hop LMFAO Party Rock Anthem Pop Shots video goonrock Lauren Bennett Redfoo SkyBlu new cookies kid Justin & Jake viral video viral Snoop Dogg Wiz Khalifa Young Wild and Free Bruno Mars Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow Official Music Video Taylor Gang kush orange juice Wiz Khalifa Taylor Gang bill paladino taylor gang atlantic records "Rap Music" freestyle fight girls fight fight fight fight fight dc Rick Ross yella diamonds rich forever dope mmg maybach music dre films jon j. ricky rozay official video hip-hop rap birdman rap Rick Ross feat Drake French Montana Stay Schemin [OFFICIAL VIDEO] rich forever Drake (entertainer) Rapping Cent Video West Kanye Hannah Kanye West Wayne Eminem Jay Hannah Montana Lil Wayne Film Miley Cyrus Lupe Chris Brown Remix lil wayne ludacris worldstar worldstarhiphop hot97 shade45
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Text Comments (119)
That Wan boy (2 months ago)
YO (2 months ago)
This nigga got replaced
D Vazquez (2 months ago)
This is only 7 yrs old wtf... MySpace ?? Not knowing what twitter was? This whole rap game and society is so different and new . the last 10 yrs have had huge impacts on everthing
Lord Sensei (9 months ago)
The G.O.A.T 🎸🤘🏾🔒 🐐
DNilson Hrnndez (10 months ago)
this nigga prod taylor gang. fire
KING CEEZ (1 year ago)
PhakztheKid (1 year ago)
he was getting so high, I caught a contact just by watching this lol
mac maoni (1 year ago)
2017 trapor la vida ayyya
Tony Montana (2 years ago)
Trap GOD... STILL My Favorite..
Hakashi Chan (2 years ago)
i just now noticed Bruh look like Fredo
Astro de Verste (3 months ago)
Hakashi Chan RIP
FOSTER CHILD (2 years ago)
someone tell me where to get that choppy violin build up
FOSTER CHILD fl studio
CFT (2 years ago)
Lex is a trap producer legend.
Megaman Fire (1 year ago)
Cam Cannon bruudaa metro boomin is the best in the wordl
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DasHermanLP (2 years ago)
Does anyone know the VST and name of the arp from the intro beat?
SALEM (2 years ago)
lmao hella specific
Mike Lukas (2 years ago)
+DasHermanLP the beat in the intro is the original instrumental for HAM. the vst is Gladiator2 by Tone 2. the sound is in the Atmos bank titled ATM Tripping Aliens
Youmad Uknowumad (2 years ago)
Where do i work with producers and artist besides avid protools 12
what brand them blck speakers be?
Swervo 2x (1 year ago)
jay r how bout you learn to write English bitch
K Swisha (4 years ago)
a tip to new producers, its ok to give out free beatz. u gotta get yo name out before u can start to tax niggaz
Specially in Poland is the way it goes, see U on top, bless
c white (4 years ago)
Florida Goon made them beats!!!! FREE FLORIDA GOON BEATZ
Fred Edmilson (4 years ago)
what is the beat after the taylor gang?
Michael Michuki (4 years ago)
Taylor Gang... Wiz Khalifa :-D Dude, that beat..#im still clapping
TheRunawayiggy (4 years ago)
beat at 2:05??
KehBin (4 years ago)
lap dance - tyga, yo welcome
Mvrshboiii (4 years ago)
im a young new producer, and i just made my first  banger trap beat check me out on youtube and soundcloud =D  https://soundcloud.com/marshboiii
lorensitomasbonito (4 years ago)
William Lane (4 years ago)
whats the beat in the beginning? 0:05 - 0:40
Black God99 (3 years ago)
+Daniel Toledo *Starlito I go ham
Daniel Toledo (4 years ago)
Jay z and kanye west : H.A.M
phil s (4 years ago)
i cant even get anyone to rap on my beats and he talkin lawyers :(
kfant (4 years ago)
"i might feel happy and shit" haha
Lionel Watkins (4 years ago)
If you're into Lex Lugers instrumentals then you should definitely check out my new track "Dimension". Y'all haven't heard anything like this before. The genre for this track is unheard of so I call it Cinematic Trap music, picture Lex Luger collaborating with Hans Zimmer for a better idea. "Dimension" starts off dark and ends with a beautiful melody that leaves you wanting more. Check it out on my channel
MelaninBeauty_OX (4 years ago)
Ayo Lex...You should hmu wit google so we can make some things happen
funny guy (4 years ago)
lol i love how he flows when he talks and says a bunch of random cuss words.
Michael Collier Jr. (4 years ago)
erryday by juicy j and wiz khalifa
XVII-_-DOPE-_-IIVX (4 years ago)
beat at 8:03 ???
Jc Pittman (4 years ago)
that's RS doe bruh tha #missions ondeck
Hempstone (5 years ago)
Haha... I'm producing on a laptop just like the one next to his. A HP dv6. Very Fast, No lags here. Mulittasks like a champ
Chandler Rapingman (5 years ago)
@James Rutledge not at all! If you have a good master then you can just turn down the volume of the 808s or mix around them, or just lower the 1's in the parametric eq. I usually just use volume, i don't mix my 808s.
WicKedM3 (5 years ago)
Eddie Nava (5 years ago)
does he use fl studio?
Fastball n orionmusiq (5 years ago)
lose ass blunts
James Rutledge (5 years ago)
lex has to put is 808s theres no way they sound that good without it
Branden Harris (5 years ago)
hahaha i noticed that shit to bruh
dominique young (5 years ago)
That Weed Must Be Tasty As Fuck Cause He Smacks His Lips Every Hit Lol
StreetBeatsChicago (5 years ago)
Question for anyone. So after you copyright your "sign" or beat tag/name you can sell any beat and get money guaranteed? Look starting at 4:03.
EpologyMusic (5 years ago)
Nah, the term 808 came from the Roland tr-808 Drum Machine which had lots of drums that trap producers now use.
NWA362 (5 years ago)
christian cole (5 years ago)
my brother does that -,-
Exelero Loudroll (5 years ago)
@ 2:12 he makes his own tag sound LOL
Origin Bass (5 years ago)
Wonder how high the camera man got?haha
SpaceGhost Jay (5 years ago)
This nigga got two daughters he just produced on duflocka rant 2 so he just chillin n smoking n eatin real nigga shit he letting 808 Mafia get they fame n fortune like he did smh dis nigga racked up bruh
Brian (5 years ago)
Hes still in 808 mafia and they on shit right now
AnthraxDuck (5 years ago)
"Soundclick, I used to have soundclick my nigga" LMAO!
SwayzeDre (5 years ago)
nah he just produced waka flockas new mix tape
KIDD ANT (5 years ago)
what happend to him is he done or what ?
Dillan Champion (5 years ago)
wats tha beat on 2:12
Exelero Loudroll (5 years ago)
Yo its funny you can tell Lex Luger just doesnt give a fuck he just chills and smokes weed all the time, no stress.
Astrix321 (6 years ago)
lol that speaker in the back in sitin on a bar stool, thats gangsta :D
T Will (6 years ago)
fucked up by waka flocka
Alalu Music (6 years ago)
Tyga - Lap Dance
kell cole (6 years ago)
Soren Didandeh (6 years ago)
wat are a&r's??
cheetabrad (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you want lex luger to put lex luger in the torture rack
Derek Clark (6 years ago)
whats the song playing at the end
BeatzByLowkey (6 years ago)
dis shit make wanna make a lex type beat ertime watch dis !
josh87745 (6 years ago)
hell yea i was jus about to ask the same thing im not sure wat it is but it looks helpful when making beats
deanacore (6 years ago)
thanks for the sweet comment bro your a swell guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you make the world a better placee i love people like you
deanacore (6 years ago)
if he toked bongs he wouldnt need to smoke so many L's he be waayyyyyyyyy higherrr makin iller shitt sonnnnnnnnnn GET ON THAT WHITE BOY GAME. 2 dollar dutch vs 200 dollar glass bong hmmmmmmmmmmmm wich will get me higher?
Peter C (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you want Lex Luger to make more Smoke1 vids!
ericisthatboy (6 years ago)
Wats that black box called on his table?
kingduke1800 (6 years ago)
Osbaldo Camacho (6 years ago)
@ 3:09 like if u recognize that sound
GR8TBYBE (6 years ago)
Lex Need To Make Some More Of These
Yea412 (6 years ago)
im tryna chief wit lex lol he a real asssss nikkkkaaaaa
i had to crack a smile when he said 'i dont put my 808s in no mixer, i put my 808s on fruit loops' he a real dude comin from the bedroom like how most of us start out, mad props to lex luger he blownnn crazyy
@lilmannorcross54 if u know dat he gt enuff to get a grinder u should know it aint about money... maybe he jus like breakin it down with his fingers.
sparrowonthebeat (6 years ago)
@joshuaLBC15 HAM by kanye and jay z
Andrew Bain (7 years ago)
i have that same hat waddup
limbeboy7 (7 years ago)
@VerryRareProd Talorgang - by wiz khalifa. that ish go in...
lilmannorcross54 (7 years ago)
People still break that shit down with fingers? I know you got some spare change laying around for a grinder Lex.
llil shitt (7 years ago)
lex is cool as fuk i like the vids and he getin blowed 24/7 man thats dope...
moon child (7 years ago)
Lex Luger is one of my fav. producers I swear! He shows everyone that you can make it in this indusrty all by yourself. Its not all about your equipment or shit. Its time for me to get on my feet and do work! Please goto my page and check out my beats yall! Follow me on Twitter too @XDIRTYDAVE. Peace.
Mario Jr (7 years ago)
whea he got tht lighter from i want one lol tell me anybody
poopypoopy (7 years ago)
diamond supply ayeeee
finimo (7 years ago)
I'm feelin' this dude. He's like the Madlib of the mainstream!
Lorenzo Caldwell (7 years ago)
the erryday-Wiz and Juicy J beat 7:56 sound so much better on here than it do in the song
Lex Luger the truth. - #LawsonBeatz
fireadept007 (7 years ago)
@ghgfd345 kill all the potency when yo hands touch it aint it
MB (7 years ago)
@sikhlionzs sprite + styraphom cup = lean
Landfill (7 years ago)
southside and lex need to collab rite now, i bet dat will sound BEAST!!!
Nass1992 (7 years ago)
he aint gt no twistys lol
Watchaknow702 (7 years ago)
Drumma Boy and Lex Luger needa collab on a trax
ghgfd345 (7 years ago)
Lex needs a grinder fuck all that old school break down by hand
Khriz Llxyd (7 years ago)
Left Brain is my Lex Luger, Bitch im Waka Flocka !
LowLying (7 years ago)
my partner f**ked up what he on?
BeatzByLowkey (7 years ago)
wat iz a&r
MrRus91 (7 years ago)
Respect Mane
YungDro Productions (7 years ago)
YungDro Productions (7 years ago)
nigga has at&t dope
Seamus FitzPatrick (7 years ago)
whats the second beat?
RoyPacShakur (7 years ago)
@blaqstar91 WHAAAAAAAAAT!? No Shit! Well shit hit me on the twitter thang next time you on ya way I'll leave ya my line bro #SALUTE This shit Dope #SALUTE -East Oakland Roy
Blackjak (7 years ago)
@CGBeatz lol hell yeah
SvG (7 years ago)
lmaoooo at lex " tity boy ma nigga meng,, tity boy got me on dat drank" cheezey ass laugh 6:14
RoyPacShakur (7 years ago)
My NIGGA BlaqStar What up BRO! It's the SMOKE Prince Of The Bay he need to ROLL A FOOTY like ME peep the videos!-East Oakland Roy
thaBootyologist (7 years ago)
When you smokin' and sweating yo ass off, you got some good shit, LMAO!

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