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Oops! Band MAS's extreme performance causes guitar string to snap [The Unit/2017.12.20]

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Text Comments (143)
Kapua 4 (26 days ago)
I love MAS there is this one song from them that I love sooo much it’s called 나비 꽃을 찾다 or Butterfly, Finding Flower
*alittlelost* (3 months ago)
are these the same people that now debuted under the name onewe?
ONEWE 0094 (3 months ago)
Josefa Fuchs (3 months ago)
Im so glad they are now debuting again. MORE BANDS YAAS
Vipora (3 months ago)
Eargasm 2:23 - 2:31
Batool Alansari (4 months ago)
Korea's not ready for this tbh
K-World Channel (4 months ago)
I came because of mas
Putri YP (4 months ago)
Wiena Larasati (4 months ago)
Why is it so easy to love dongmyeong?💕💕💕
I swear imfact performance is magical and awesome i love it
Ddeulgi (5 months ago)
3:35 who is he? he's so handsome~
KYS (5 months ago)
Kanghyun of ONEWE (formerly MAS) :)
Bella Permata (5 months ago)
WATCH MAS REDEBUT RAILER AS "ONEWE" here https://youtu.be/zUgxTMLPXw0
Bella Permata (5 months ago)
*MAS AND DONGMYEONG IS GOING TO REDEBUT!!* Yesterday it's confirmed MAS (Dongmyeong's band) will redebut with new name "ONEWE". Please support them!! *ps.* ONEWE has a brother group which is soon-to-debut idol group "ONEUS", and Dongmyeong's twin brother (Dongju/Xion) is the maknae of ONEUS
anime connoissuer (28 days ago)
*MAS and Dongmyeong* Dongmyeong is in MAS, though?
matcha greentea (1 month ago)
OMG they're from RBW right? 😱
Bella Permata (5 months ago)
Yolany Montoya stll no debut date set yet, but most likely this August. Subscribe and watch their debut trailer here😆 https://youtu.be/zUgxTMLPXw0
Yolany Montoya (5 months ago)
Bella Permata Sari, I'm so excited, when they going to debut? if you know, please let me know ¡!
Victoria King (5 months ago)
Who's that at 0:11?
Sokwantha Beth (5 months ago)
Victoria King it's Lee Gunwoo from MYNAME ^-^
Goul TR.K (5 months ago)
MAS I am yourr fannnnn
Previa S. (7 months ago)
MAS Fighto oh!
Jan Ramasute (7 months ago)
everytime dongmyeong made it through elimiation rounds i laughed because it really showed just how much the hard work paid off
rupa praja (7 months ago)
Nice band
Changbin_ Matryoshikaaa (8 months ago)
The one at the piano is he at the produce 101 season 2???
Changbin_ Matryoshikaaa (6 months ago)
Bella Permata Sari that’s why he was familiar to me
Bella Permata (7 months ago)
Red_ Shkw yes, RBW trainee Son Dongmyeong (tbh that time he already debuted in MAS)
Elleine Murga (8 months ago)
Who was the first performance of this video?
clapicusrein David (8 months ago)
Pls make a full version of this cover. You did super in this cover..
Moos Japkowy (5 months ago)
Moos Japkowy (5 months ago)
clapicusrein David they already did it! uwu
Bey Er Khaw (9 months ago)
Domyeong dance in produce 101.Why do people think he never dance before?
hikaria luqito (9 months ago)
They have charm. This band has charm. I want them to perform more
Laura (10 months ago)
lolol we allllll saw yonghoon trip over the aux cord
lisa lol (10 months ago)
I'm so happy that they proved that they have talent and that one of them made it to the finals
Indah Kusuma (10 months ago)
Powerfull vocal Gunwoo!!!!!!!! why he can't make it >,<
lisa lol (10 months ago)
Ah I want to see the full performance of MAS without the guitar being cut
Hannia Hh (5 months ago)
Moos Japkowy really? With the guitar Solo? Omgg
Moos Japkowy (5 months ago)
lisa lol it's available on vlive
white g (10 months ago)
Is dongmyeong a trainee?
Bella Permata (7 months ago)
No... he is a debuted trainee (?) lol MAS (his band) is going to redebut soon
white g yes from rbw pd101
B bitch boi (10 months ago)
I love this song
jiaqi (10 months ago)
Im really confuse they said they are not a band under any company but i went to reasearch and they are under rbw ent?
aiyishidemeihao (10 months ago)
helloimjiaqi RBW kind of adopted them... Or for the better term - signed the whole band so they're now under RBW but as artists and not trainees. Dongmyeong I think is the most active member they have given that he was in PD101 with the rest of the RBW boys.
little did you know (10 months ago)
Bella Permata (7 months ago)
Sharon Wah his name is Kang Hyun Gu (Kang Hyun), 98liner!
Ice Aboy (10 months ago)
i like this band better than those who already had labels
Chin Xin Ying (10 months ago)
I rmb dongmyeong was in produce 101 season 2 right?? He look really familiar and also, I watch all the episodes for the the unit. I hope he can debut omgggg. And also he produce 101 season 2, he COMFRIMED learn dance. :)
Kyari Pamyu (10 months ago)
So cute
SuHyunWoo Bin (10 months ago)
I wish that the guitar string didnt snap But they did the choreography in perfect harmony
Amy (10 months ago)
omgg im so proud of how far dongmyeong has come!!!
the real friend! (11 months ago)
Ann CityZen (11 months ago)
I would definitely go to their concert
bexie1989 (11 months ago)
Go Dongmyeong go The only survivor of the MASsacre
The trash can is my twin (11 months ago)
I love them they are unique and I really like their vibe
Jikook & Bts (11 months ago)
Donmyeong de Produce 101? Este va a todos los programas 😂
Emily Vinyl (11 months ago)
MÁS is incredible🕺🏻✨
Ally Loves The Boyz & EXO (11 months ago)
son dong myeong produce 101
kania agustien (11 months ago)
Kang hyun remind me with wonwoo seventeen 😍
Pipa (11 months ago)
I really like MAS, they're sooo cute T.T
Zombie Girrrl (11 months ago)
MAS ! 😭 just one survive 😢
Cute Choco Ball (11 months ago)
Why Dongmyeong looks so much like NCT Renjun? Even their vibe and nature also similar.
Yana (11 months ago)
MY MAS BBYSSS!! I've stanned them since a long time ago and I've seen the shows they've been on, even the other survival shows Dongmyeong appeared in like Pd101. I love them so much :3
Hyuckie (11 months ago)
i'm rooting for them ^^
what's up world (8 months ago)
Ok I fell in love with them as soon as that first guitar riff started edit: also that was really creative with the megaphone 😘
Val Cortés (11 months ago)
리아나 (11 months ago)
String breaks at 3:24
iseullee s (11 months ago)
Thank to the Unit which made me know them. And now I want to stan them all ;-;♡
Annie (11 months ago)
Dongmyeong, you can do it😭❤
maggie (11 months ago)
RAIN so intimidating lmao Besides that I am so ready to stan
Fatimah Untoro (11 months ago)
"im not sure if they fit this program" Also them : *pass a 13 yo trainee that havent debut and have nothing to boot"
Ashely Marisse (2 months ago)
Tbh Juhyun was still better than most of the female idols in terms of dance.
Peng Tang (2 months ago)
Fatimah Untoro Yep they make unfair desicions but...Joo Hyun isn't exactly just a 13 year old girl. She's mad talented, able to sing when she's bouncing on her hips (dancing) and have you seen her dance? She can sing as well. She may not have debuted but she is a CUBE trainee. She started dancing in 2nd grade, covering idol dances
lynnie uwu (6 months ago)
Can anyone link the vids to what you guys are talking about lol
Ankha _ (7 months ago)
John Cage the 3-week old group is still more reasonable than an actor who has never danced before but you know
Ankha _ (7 months ago)
John Cage I'm glad lovers of those two can see it the same way :,^) I'm still disappointed talented people that wasn't able to get the judges attention or wasn't asked to show extra singing/dancing didn't pass but like several trainees and a freaking actor. And even though the main vocalist from Good Day had an amazing voice i loved, i don't understand how a 3-week old group made it in either
Dhaen Bongon (11 months ago)
I like them! And I remember that guy on keyboards. Was he that cute and talented guy from pd101?
Millaray Valenzuela (3 months ago)
Millaray Valenzuela (3 months ago)
Dhaen Bongon (11 months ago)
jonghyun&hispotato ow.. Thank you what is his name again? I remembered him to be that guy who screamed with minki on that show with a task. 😅
skrreut (11 months ago)
Dhaen Bongon yeah!
Bro Kimchi (11 months ago)
yasss imfacttt
Zairel Carpio (11 months ago)
I'm rooting for Dong Myeong!!! 😍😍😍
Rin Hime (11 months ago)
It wasn't the string! The cable was just pulled out
wong sushi (11 months ago)
Omg I almost screamed my lungs out when I saw Dongmyeong! It was so late for me to realize who MAS is. I’m happy he didnt stop chasing his dreams so please give him another chance! 💖 He’s really talented and cute too. But btw are these all RBW trainees? I couldnt recognize much so I’m not sure.
Chin Xin Ying (4 months ago)
Poiire okg ehy they changed the name MAS name cuter 😂
Poiire (4 months ago)
They are now debuting under the name ONEWE under RBW!
alou g (11 months ago)
shining carrot nope. None of these boys went to p101 (well except DM). This is his original group MAS0094 then they changed their name to MAS when they signed to RBW :)
i'mSIX FOURu (11 months ago)
I expected your video 2 weeks ago Anyway, thank you for posting this hope Dong Myeong is doing great, and Yong Hoon, Ha Rin, Kang Hyun, CyA, keep yourselves healthy, eat more, all of you
bitgwa (11 months ago)
The guitar string didn't snap. That one guy tripped over the guitar cable and pulled it out of the amp.
lynnie uwu (6 months ago)
taemins face tho omg sjsnd
Teresa Hoang (11 months ago)
yeah, he was rocking out too hard to the guitar solo
Amachin (11 months ago)
7 Balls of sunshine ONFxBTS 3:25. You can see Yonghoon tripped in 3:28
Lalaine Lala (11 months ago)
bitgwa when?
KTV HD (11 months ago)
I didn't know they were all so young. I'm interested to see if they would incorporate dance to their performances
myiah carter (11 months ago)
Whole wig is revolving in orbit
Noralyn Torres (11 months ago)
myiah carter .
THANKS Seventeen (11 months ago)
this performance is unbelievable. so creative and uplifting! that guy who played electric guitar played so well >< and dongmyeong's magical voice... it reminds me of one female vocalist's voice from the band Nightwish! o.o wow... MAS really looks like a comoosed, unique, witty and talented band to me. I'm ready to stan! haha I even know who my bias is already👀
THANKS Seventeen (10 months ago)
+milk curtain call mine is dongmyeong!😆 he has improved so much, especially his dancing! I'm so proud over the fact that I can now finally see him in a music video >< I can't stop rewatching the "All day" MV😍
sol kai (10 months ago)
say the name #20SEVENTEEN who’s ur bias? mine’s the one playing piano
Dolores Bermudez (11 months ago)
Porque los chinos son tan guapos
Mikhayla Dizon (11 months ago)
Omgggg dongmyeong!! I remember this ball of sunshine from pd101!!!💜💜💜
Hana Honey (11 months ago)
Heard about them a lot last year but since they join RBW they kept join programs like this and went silent. Hope they doing great after this.
Milkyway Ali (2 months ago)
Omg but RBW is about to debut a boy group!!!
Jinhyung ehe (10 months ago)
Hana Honey that's why dongmyeong was so familiar to me.
Hana Honey (11 months ago)
Eun Eun yes. The house of Mamamoo. Rbw right? Many RBW trainees were sent to PD101
France Gieb Mier (11 months ago)
Hana Honey RBW?
Alissa chip (11 months ago)
I really enjoyed them
Din l (11 months ago)
Well, there's better platform for band to show their talent. or better they join Kpopstar or Korean National band competition. Interpark, Rolling Hall, Gogos is good place to start.
alou g (11 months ago)
Din l I cant find the other full videos... just search 마스0094 in youtube and their club performance will come up :
Din l (11 months ago)
초커 윙크 남 ᅲᅲ oh, thank u! :)
alou g (11 months ago)
Din l Since their fandom is not that big, there is a limited fancam but i'll try to link you to some of their performance :) Their 200th day of debut show https://youtu.be/owt5qZrM9os
Din l (11 months ago)
초커 윙크 남 ᅲᅲ do u have the link they perform in the club? I really wanna se it :)
alou g (11 months ago)
They were a regular on Rolling Hall and Gogos in their predebut / early debut days :)
Bbyeang Videos (11 months ago)
I really like them
Bbyeang Videos (11 months ago)
They should go viral 💙

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