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Meet John Romero: One of the Godfathers of the First-Person Shooter

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Subscribe to Motherboard Radio today - http://apple.co/1DWdc9d Motherboard meets John Romero, one of the creators behind Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, and Quake, breakthrough games that all but created the first-person shooter genre. Watch Episode 1: Meet The Programmer Behind 'Centipede' - http://bit.ly/1BscC3q Read: 'Brutal Doom' Makes One of the Best Games Ever Made Even Better - http://bit.ly/1AwFdtI Subscribe to MOTHERBOARD: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-To-MOTHERBOARD Follow MOTHERBOARD Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/motherboardtv Twitter: http://twitter.com/motherboard Tumblr: http://motherboardtv.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/motherboardtv More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos
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Text Comments (1300)
hero night Beyond (17 hours ago)
That was amazing story I ever heard and I believe you dreams take came true
Ak47 (2 days ago)
now mick gordon proves us wrong
Master Yi (2 days ago)
My Fav Doom, alongside with Halo.
Poison (4 days ago)
John Romero didn't make me his bitch
Benhappy 802 (9 days ago)
I met him in Dublin comic Con
H. H. (10 days ago)
Amazing! But how did he earn money while making games - He gave it away for free? I mean, even devs have to eat..
Reggie Mass (12 days ago)
That hair takes a lot of time out of his life.
Quake Wolfe stein and doom ? Genius.
Jerry Cerros (18 days ago)
This is the guy responsible for daikatana....... Romero is a failure!!!!!!
kuZya (22 days ago)
Rich Bovee (22 days ago)
<3 Thank you for DOOM
jesse Vortex Sungte (22 days ago)
We want John back and reunite as a team family to make more old school games.
BASSINVADER (24 days ago)
An absolute top generally nice humble guy. Had the pleasure to meet himself at Revival in Walsall, he really makes the effort to listen and make conversation with you. Really down to earth human being. Also HE IS SUCH A DUDE!!!!
1:18 holy shit it's Napoleon Dynamite
Joseph Wagner (1 month ago)
6:30 you know, I'm not being sarcastic when i say this, but this is my ideal development environment. It's totally real. No wonder they flourished.
Sea Pig (1 month ago)
I still play Doom (1993). I still play Doom II. I still play Quake. I still have a blast.
Bill D (1 month ago)
It's great how John Romero's head on a steak became so... Iconic :>
TheVoiceOfTruth (1 month ago)
John's right, who the fuck programmed and made all the arcade boxes and games XD
MK-TOOLS (1 month ago)
I am here just to say ... THANK YOU John Romero (end the Rest of id)
Archer_Trollfaceman (1 month ago)
Diogo grenha (1 month ago)
My respect for him DOOM best shooter ever and game
Angrius Windstorm (1 month ago)
He is a legend, creating one of the first FPS games out there (Wolfenstein) and then going from there with DooM and Quake.
Elliott Johnson (1 month ago)
DOOM Eternal baby! Can't wait!
derekisazombie39 (1 month ago)
Must have been a pretty personal split for him and Carmack. It’s too bad they aren’t involved with the new Doom and Quake. From what I’ve read, that might be for the best though.
80sruler (1 month ago)
The Doom series still my all time fave
Andrew Tolbert (1 month ago)
Dude is a cunt
d00mer 34 (1 month ago)
dont talk about your father like that!
OoeyGooeyGoodra (1 month ago)
This man will forever stay on the hallmark of gaming history!
Dwader (1 month ago)
T Kayra S7 Edge (1 month ago)
quake sucks. doom beats quake with 999.
Matt R (1 month ago)
I was born in 1987. I grew up playing DOOM. Always have been a huge fan to this day. When Romero describes himself as an artist it makes me mad. Long hair and fingernail paint self absorbed tool. Why can't he just say that he's a dude that had ideas that worked? I'm 31 and became a millionaire through understanding coding before I was 23. Do I call myself a coder? A computer scientist? No. I'm a dude that knew a trade and sold my know how to people that wanted to pay. I'm not special. I'm not a numbers artist. I don't take myself so seriously. It makes me angry when folks give themselves titles. We all eat, sleep, and shit. Never take yourself too seriously.
David Vannder (1 month ago)
I loved Doom. Games like this are rare these days. Since game design and production is about profit and sales now. And mostly they let the graphics do the work instead of making it something you can feel. Love John Romero's work.
Soviet Blackborg (2 months ago)
4:47 Where can I get that copy?
King Bat (2 months ago)
Nohomo but I want to run my fingers through his hair.
Cyber Demon (2 months ago)
Thanks for that game
MichelleObama isAman (2 months ago)
dude looks like a california fag with those painted fingernails
белая лиса (2 months ago)
John romero, romero, john, george, romero, george romero, john , george. The Romero's rules, Romero synonymous of gore, i hope what my next life would be born as a Romerooo, i "shaaall" change my last name to ROMERO
Orbital Dew* (2 months ago)
1:57 yeah ... back then
Dat One Randome Dude (2 months ago)
one of the things that would make me happy in 2018 if the id team came back and made another doom game that looks like the original with all the pixels and stuff
doom was impressive for the day.
Josh Plays! (2 months ago)
1:52 mark shows what appears to be that first interactive section of E1M1... where the green armor is atop the stairs.
5986 Y (2 months ago)
I'm 11, and I have too much respect to count for id Software. Ever since I played Doom II, I've been in love with the Doom series. Fortnite and COD can move out of the way, cause Doom is the real deal.
Benjámin Kurilla (3 months ago)
I respect this guy! I can't even number how many times I killed him in Doom 2.
FC BAYERN MUNCHEN (3 months ago)
He looks like a devil worshipper.....
DJ-Oglala (3 months ago)
Still playing doom. On episode 3 mission 6.
MattehWizard (3 months ago)
Then how did you feel when valve bought a quake engine off you and make one of the most revolutionary FPS games ever?
Raul Gubert (3 months ago)
6th book from the series WOR(L)DS, a project by Raul Gubert ''NUKE THE QUAKES! BOMB THE DOOMS!! KARMA KARMA BOOM (a  new game that blends Carmageddon, Doom and Quake) http://www.filedropper.com/nukethequakes_1
JiMiB Games (3 months ago)
I see John as an idle, but doom is still the best after 25 years!
Javier m (3 months ago)
John romeros a has been. And a pussy libtard faggot cuck.
Scott Peltier (3 months ago)
one of the best around
Hunter Jenkins (3 months ago)
Doom was my first FPS love. Command and Conquer my first RTS love. Everquest my first MMORPG. Windows XP was my first OS love (mostly because of networking, and of course games of the early 2000's). So I'm in the process of rebuilding 2 pc's that will run XP, does anyone have recommendations for what programs I could use to make games? When my uncles introduced me to Unreal Tournament my good buddy and I immediately got into Unreal Editor and began to make maps and I believe it runs on Java? But yeah now I'm 33 and the cool older brother/young uncle that games with my family showing my siblings, cousins and nephews the glory of not only gaming but creating games and maps I'm looking for output on which programs from the Windows XP era would be great to learn and teach these noobs. Every seasonal family event like Thanksgiving and especially Xmas my uncles and I network our current pc's (4 to 8 usually) and we game on Overwatch, StarCraft 2 and Battlefield. My very younger nephews who are 10 and younger enjoy MineCraft, of course. We put them on the laptops. But still we get them to make maps. I'm just reaching out for opinions and recommendations. Thank you everyone reading this. ✌ and gg.
Nonetrix (3 months ago)
I love doom and quake there still better than modern shooters
George Gates (3 months ago)
Hi John Romero. Guess what I STILL have this game on Linux Ubuntu15.0 and I STILL play it. It made me very happy to know you still added an additional level to first person shooter that never ages - Doom! I still play Duke3d, Redneck rampage, and Shadow Warrior every once in a while. Even though I love to watch the walkthoughs on youtube, of newer games like Grand Theft Auto and scary games like Dying Light. I don't think they get it.. The recipe of "playablility" and simplicity that YOU put in your games, John. for example: 'No. I personally don't want to press buttons to reload my gun every time and I don't want to select a weapon in the middle of a big fight'. This is automatically done by anyone's cerebellum in real life anyways. You don't stop in the middle of a war and think. I need a bullet, I need to load it in a chamber, I need to cock the gun. The newer version motherboard that I have has UEFI. And their idiotic wisdom has DECIDED for me that I don't want to install 3rd party software.. And no, turning it off in BIOS will not work. The newer BIOS's don't have a disable switch option anyways..The Linux OS will not boot up at all without UEFI fully working. I'm currently working of other ways to temporarily disable it so I can AT LEAST install Wine. Sheesh!
Brad Cozine (3 months ago)
"As oxygen pervades our atmosphere, so should DOOM. Please distribute."
Da Cat (3 months ago)
this dude has some nice energy
Timanator (3 months ago)
Great interview, but that dude made $$, Daikatana paid him well enough to be out with a lambo and strippers at Quake Con's.
Shadow Heart (3 months ago)
One of the rockstars of gaming- and one of the very few that actually lives as a rockstar. Respect.
Redstripe921 (3 months ago)
John A Romero is 51 years old now, in this video he was 48 years old. He looks young.
Kppot (3 months ago)
клеви чувак, я с ним знаком (не уверен, знаком ли он со мной). в общем он клеви!
Mads Andersen (3 months ago)
Thank you for my childhood John
Jorge Perez (3 months ago)
This man is a hero.
Julian Strong (3 months ago)
Even if I'm not his bitch I'm happy he did what he did.
UltraGaming 49 (3 months ago)
Huckleberry Hound (3 months ago)
.......and that's the only thing he's going to be remembered by. sad
Feel Good (4 months ago)
BUT, BUT why is he wearing nail polish?!?!
Kieran M (4 months ago)
Got to love those textures ! Old school !
Eric Petty (4 months ago)
My childhood is flashing before my eyes.
Eric Petty (4 months ago)
Dude. Love your work.
Dan Banks (4 months ago)
5 sec..in. you ruined my life😲i was supposed to be the chosen one...
Nude Jawn (4 months ago)
John Romero is just an over rated level maker.
Perihelion74 (4 months ago)
Such legendary days in gaming and computing are long gone but for those old enough, *we* were there and I wouldn't have it any other way. From Wireframe to filled Polygons to Texture Mapping, Gourad Shading..etc... as well 8 bit to 16 bit to 32 bit systems, these were the best years.
jay tee (4 months ago)
i want to like this guy so bad but that shirt makes it REALLY hard..
J. Wolfe (4 months ago)
Team iD is gods among men. This was such an exciting time in gaming. Fond memories.
Jeremy Kothe (4 months ago)
He got... paid for Quake, right?
halo3gamehead (4 months ago)
I'm proud to have long hair as this man
Koala Nectar (4 months ago)
It sucks that quake's development took such a toll. Would have loved to see a Quake 2 with Romero involved.
MahaVakyas (4 months ago)
sigh.. game companies have changed a lot since then. this guy is a legend.
Warren Stepp (4 months ago)
Does anybody know what the music is at 3:20?
Paul Nguyen (4 months ago)
Halflife and Counter Strike were the end for his 3 games for me
aldi404 (4 months ago)
Thanks for Daikatana
Lonnie Booth (4 months ago)
I will NEVER forget the experience of playing WOLF 3D for the first time with Sound Blaster speakers in 1991/1992 when I was 7. That blew my fucking mind. Before I just had the ad-lib sounds (beeps) coming from the computer. Great times.
Lonnie Booth (4 months ago)
Anyone else think Doom Guy looks like Harrison Ford?
The Lavian (4 months ago)
I noticed he never mentioned Dai Katana, even though it was right there on the shelf!
akaBez (4 months ago)
but what other games he has worked on since?
Osama Manan (4 months ago)
Thank you id software for a masterpiece of Doom.
Bima Sudiarto (4 months ago)
Bima Sudiarto (4 months ago)
Dude, I grew up with your games. Respect, bruh!
mattshutup (4 months ago)
No mention of Daikatana??
geht euch n scheiss an (4 months ago)
and what r his achievements dotay?
pdmftw1 (4 months ago)
this man made the best game of my childhood!!!
davebaxxxter (4 months ago)
Cool guy! :)
TheLewisma (4 months ago)
Being born in ‘99 and still having Wolfenstein 3D be my first computer game ever at age 4 tells you a lil something about John Romero’s work Respect.
Jose Briseno (4 months ago)
Doom for Xbox oneS and PS4
I see this almost 3 years later... Best interview with a game design mogul by far. *****
cemeter (4 months ago)
I wish someone would remake the original doom in VR
iHelloway (4 months ago)
IDDQD & IDKFA #neverforget
M M (4 months ago)
imqtpie time traveled to past and did this
Dimitri Andreou (4 months ago)
I can say he "nailed" it
Yau Yau (4 months ago)
a real artist
Boo Radley (4 months ago)
Did id make Heretic ? That game is tight.

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