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Surprising my Brother and Sister with 2 BRAND NEW Cars!

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A big thank you to AutoGravity for partnering with me on this video and helping me give such an amazing surprise to my brother and sister! Download the app below for all your car buying needs: AutoGravity App - http://bit.ly/2q3OfyY Website - https://www.autogravity.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AutoGravityHQ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/autogravity/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/autogravity My Gaming Channel - http://www.youtube.com/NadeshotPlays Find me here! Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/Nadeshot Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/Nadeshot Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/Nadeshot My Gear! Camera - http://amzn.to/2gi3fPL Camera Lens - http://amzn.to/2gjcjI4 2nd Camera - http://amzn.to/2gi3iLr Tripod - http://amzn.to/2ghYwxA Microphone - http://amzn.to/2gjga7Y FTC: This video was made in partnership with AutoGravity.
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Text Comments (3629)
Meghan McCain Obama (3 hours ago)
Meghan McCain Obama (3 hours ago)
I don't think you did though
M K (9 hours ago)
I had an uncle who was generous with my mom but it kinda offended my dad; although he had good intentions, he was single and maybe didn't understand how complicated marriage can be and my dad felt belittled and I saw him many times swallowing his pride. My dad wanted him to leave us alone but mom always took his gifts/help. This happened years ago and now that I'm married, I understand my dad's feelings. Good thing I'm doing fine to not have to take my brother in law's help and am thinking twice when giving to my sisters. Nadeshot's brother in law's expression brought those memories. Anyhoo, cool cars, congrats!
JEAN TOWNSEND (10 hours ago)
Darlin Nikki (13 hours ago)
Theyre not the hugging type family...lol
ZWATER1 (16 hours ago)
That's what's up.one day I will too.
Yasir Khan (23 hours ago)
beautiful but sister should have given him a big hug....at least.........
Mike Jones (1 day ago)
See the dad throw the kid when he seen the keys lol. And at the end you hear him say wow iv always wanted a Honda.
jane parsons (1 day ago)
wow that man was horrible to that child.there was no need,
Kristofer (2 days ago)
How rich is this dood?
Anup thakur (2 days ago)
Mahamud Hossain (2 days ago)
You are the bestest brother ever in the world man... Allah Bless you with all the happiness in the world...
Carolyn Sargent (2 days ago)
BlackFemaleAdviceTV (2 days ago)
name of track in beginning
(2 days ago)
You are the best
Samind IS (2 days ago)
Awesome dude..!!
123 getup (3 days ago)
Just came across this video...it just ended and im in the bathroom wiping tears from my eyes cuz my girlfriend is like babe are you crying...no i just yawned i lied...great guy...im definitely subscribing 💪🏽💪🏽✌🏽
Janice Dekle (3 days ago)
That was beautiful
Kiza 1 of 8 (4 days ago)
this is amazing!!! my goal is to gift my siblings and parents such big deserving gifts!!!!
Carol Walker (4 days ago)
Sweeeeeet. I need him 4 a brother
Susan Hickson (4 days ago)
What a considerate and loving brother! God Bless You. :)
Anonymous Z (5 days ago)
will you marry me?
Ramon Maldonado (5 days ago)
That would be amazing 😉 I wish one day I could buy my sister a car. That was a spectacular video
Gabriel John (5 days ago)
I wish I have lots of money to buy cars for my families too.. Respect bro
nikkione1580 (5 days ago)
Your absolutely amazing brother!! ❤️💋❤️💋
Paul Meinart (5 days ago)
good cat right here. love 2 you bud
Seton Murphy (5 days ago)
You're a great guy. I love the genuine joy you receive by giving your siblings those cars. Great video.
Blake (5 days ago)
Wasting 2 ply is the best line
paco ramirez (5 days ago)
That's love my brother , that is love
Levona Morris (6 days ago)
Family first - I love this, you be blessed with so much more
Daniel Trinh (6 days ago)
I assumed that your older brother would have told your sister about you getting him a car tho
Linda Farneth (6 days ago)
I need some of that toilet tissue, I got something in my eyes!
Rushali Gurung (7 days ago)
He got me lottery tickets! Lmao
Rushali Gurung (7 days ago)
Loved his brothers reaction
B Sa (7 days ago)
Beautiful!! You GO BOY!!
Jose fco. Samperio (7 days ago)
God bless you and ur family ur the best what a surprise keep up the good work .
Valarie Cole (7 days ago)
Christel Howard (7 days ago)
I cried because you’re an awesome brother. That’s family Love.
charles smith (7 days ago)
I paid my ex college from a ba to a dr degee never ever got a thankyou gave my brothers thousands of dollars no thank you.i have not seen our sons in 19 years and i still paid her college education. been paying bill since i was 14 years old.
Alexis Maldonado (8 days ago)
And all the subscribers paid for this cars ! End of the story
Athena Verene (8 days ago)
Take a shot every time she says "Shut the front door" and "Shut up." How drunk are you?
Gavin (8 days ago)
Rumbani1 (9 days ago)
This is real deep bro. RESPECK
Dennis R. Florian (9 days ago)
I’m his best friend and he wouldn’t even get me a role of toilet paper last time I was at his house... much respect dude!
j2kool c (9 days ago)
wow..your an amazing bro ......respect
Alice Faticanti (9 days ago)
God Bless You!
Tripciscor clan (9 days ago)
LMAO parasite married nades sister
Alex Hleb (9 days ago)
you are a nice guy, what you did to your siblings is exactly how we are suppose to treat each other, may you excel in anything positive you desire to achieve,
Knecht Thedots (9 days ago)
Wow!!! Can I be your sibling?! Such a wonderful thing to do! You’re a good man :)
Servando Resendiz (10 days ago)
Dude that was very sweet ☺
Thank you. I'm personally fascinated by the love of your brother and sister. Thank you again. Let the legends be long-lived.
Theresa Farrell (11 days ago)
Super sweet. You’re a great brother.
George Bernabe (11 days ago)
whoa what do you do to make that kinda money?
Sunny Goswami (11 days ago)
Nice bro love u all
Taivini Teai (11 days ago)
rien de plus beau que de faire plaisir à sa famille, nice shoot Nade
Star Anna (11 days ago)
Must be nice to have$$ Glad you used it like that on your family though!
Tyanak Atakers (11 days ago)
Your brother is yuuuge!
Carlos Marquez (11 days ago)
well done you hope you get the love you deserve
Muhammad saeed Memon (12 days ago)
What a bro ! A v good brother. God bless, the whole family!
Helen Blessed (12 days ago)
You are an awesome brother
Carlieto' Way (12 days ago)
Nice guy!!!
Scream Man (12 days ago)
Your parents truly raised a great and amazing person. I've never seen anyone so excited with giving ! God bless you!
tootini timothy (12 days ago)
Wow wish I had a brother like you men
Muggy Duke (12 days ago)
Why doesn't he just this video is sponsored
Verlena Sutton (12 days ago)
My only brother is now in At Home Hospice, He is 18 months younger than me and we live 175 miles apart. I love him so much , but I’m having trouble realizing he’s in hospice. He turned 70 this past June and he should be enjoying his grandsons. So brothers and sisters whether they are your biological, step or half , keep the love flowing. Take care, VelinaTheFlutterby 💕🦋🦋
tru lee (12 days ago)
this is great can't wait til i can do this for someone i love
Robbie Rice (13 days ago)
Calum Goodwin (13 days ago)
remembering jazziedog (14 days ago)
Dang i wish you where my brother i have to share 1 vehicle a 2006 f150 with 160,000+miles between myself and two other family members cause we dont have the money to buy another vehicle you son going to college now to become a teacher maybe someday someone will buy him a car
The way you're so pretty, you're so Good; thanks for that😍😘😙😚😉😎.
Richard Green (14 days ago)
What a truly amazing awesome gifts that you gave
William Brake (14 days ago)
549 what did he say ni~~~~~
Yangmihor Zimik (14 days ago)
Mannn....... This is what I say brotherhood, you are just great hats off to you.
B Saffert (15 days ago)
"Shut the front door" in the thickest Midwestern accent ever to travel over the lips of any human being. Over and over and over til you pluck out youre own eyeballs. Lame as fuck.
B Saffert (15 days ago)
You buy your brother car and then you immediately tell him you're going to powder coat his rims black LOL lame
Great brother. Mine beat me up, tortured me, set my face on fire, and later didn't apologize as an adult. And still I gatta love him.
Simon Foo (15 days ago)
Tami Delaney (15 days ago)
This so mad me cry!!!! Ox. What a amazing guys!!
Chalyman77 (15 days ago)
I would've gone crazy and that stupid bitch goes: Shut up.Shut up
Mubarak Moallin (15 days ago)
Shot the front door 😂😂😂 holy crab
Milan (16 days ago)
Legend says they still haven't shut the front door
DEploribus Unum (16 days ago)
What would be great is if you got me one. Where did you get so much money?
Ofelia Lepe (16 days ago)
Sweet of u
donyella richardson (16 days ago)
Reaction is so priceless...
Victor Kirui (17 days ago)
family is family no matter what.
zan 27 (17 days ago)
Can i be your brother? 😢
CayCay Sniper (17 days ago)
shut the front door! lol
Zacattack Yeet (18 days ago)
What kind of car do you have
Chetan Marimuthu (19 days ago)
Respect man, respect. 🙏🏽
Dormammu Bargain (19 days ago)
This was so nice.
Janice Devereux (19 days ago)
Giving feels so much better than receiving....
Stacy Mccoy (19 days ago)
Grace Sy (20 days ago)
Awesome! Can you be my brother? Need a wheelchair 😊😊😊
tctc12345 (20 days ago)
Would you like to adopt a brother?
Shara Simmons (20 days ago)
Lovely :)
ConfideNMusic (20 days ago)
My sister wont even text me back
onlylisse (21 days ago)
wow ur the best, that’s so sweet .
William Mogashoa (22 days ago)
shut the front door
nettababy59 (22 days ago)
this is wonderful
JustLaurie (23 days ago)
Holy shit. My sister gave me a plate with a chicken on it for my birthday.

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