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Morning Prayer (start your day right)

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Start your day right by offering your best to God, and by thanking Him and allowing God to shine through your life.
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Melody Ortega (5 days ago)
Thank God for this day I love you God
suman haloi (5 days ago)
Who is viewed in 2019 may -june
Hellen Grall (5 days ago)
Velangani Fernandes (7 days ago)
Very nice morning jesus bless my every day with you blessing.🌺🌺🌺🌺
Norie Eusebio (7 days ago)
Thank you Lord for another day, and thank you everything, and always guide us,my family and your strength that gave to me to face all trials,In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit AMEN!
Hand on my Cock (11 days ago)
We only offer our praises to God alone
Hand on my Cock (11 days ago)
Why you have to mention mary
Eric Santos (11 days ago)
Because Mary is the mother of God! "May my heart always burn and my soul be consumed with love for you, oh Jesus, my beloved Saviour, oh my dear mother Mary. Grant then, oh Jesus and Mary, since without your grace I cannot love you, grant to my soul, not through my merits, but through yours, that I may love you as you deserve. Oh, God! the lover of men, thou hast died for thy enemies, and canst thou deny to him who asks it, the grace of loving thee and thy mother?" Excerpt from St. Alphonsus Ligouri's The Glories of Mary http://www.themostholyrosary.com/the-glories-of-mary.pdf
daizy rebato (14 days ago)
A M (19 days ago)
Deus mandou Jesus Cristo à terra com um intuito 💓💓
Jazz Once (19 days ago)
💝💖💗💓💞💕❣️❤️🧡💛💚💙💓❤️😘😍💜💘AMEN ILOVEYOU PAPA LORD GOD JESUS AND MAMA MARY 🙏❤️😘😇😍💓💋💘💝💖💗💓💞💕❣️❤️🧡💛💚💙
Rachel Dube (21 days ago)
Dear Lord i commit my family, myself, the sick and all those who are in need into your hands. Guide,protect and lead us throughout the day. In Jesus' mighty name. Amen and amen🙏🙏🙏
Mary Fayad (22 days ago)
Maricel Benzon (23 days ago)
Thank you for everything lord..amen
a s (1 month ago)
Thank you lord for everything you gave me and I have faith that you will bless me more and more in my life Amen in jesus name
Miriam Rosa (1 month ago)
(+) Andy fuck you
Miriam Rosa (1 month ago)
(+) neeto fuck you
Miriam Rosa (1 month ago)
(+) Eric Santos how you call yourself a saint when you an alcoholic and you be in bars ??????????
Miriam Rosa (1 month ago)
(+) heavently Jesus for Gilbert Rosa was always jelousy of miriamrosa and his gay friends and some of his hay family members for I miriamrosa speak the truth yes
Miriam Rosa (1 month ago)
(+) I rebulk you Satan for Jesus Christ never gave me hell Gilbert Rosa in hell since he was saying it Gilbert Rosa has no autthourity over miriamrosa in the name of Jesus Christ amen thank you
Miriam Rosa (1 month ago)
(+) heavently Mary the Lord it's with me
Miriam Rosa (1 month ago)
(+) thank you negra and your son God blessed your
Roblyn Borbne (1 month ago)
Thanks god always always help me any trouble you always there
Anu Bopanna (1 month ago)
Thank you Jesus praise you lord Jesus.. Thank you Jesus for protecting my family
Aggy Aggy (1 month ago)
Thank you God for another day 🙏🙏🙏
Maria Sheranee Patrick (1 month ago)
Thanking you always lord, now and forever. 🙇 ❤
Douglas Anderson (1 month ago)
No Hail Mary . Mary had other children! Which means she made love to jo .
Martin Urry (1 month ago)
Lord jesus i thank you for the goog night you gave us and woke up us for a new day I love you lord Pls from the hands of our blessing mother i wish to offer you take this day with my work thoughts.joy and happyy and i give you my heart for your love . Plsssss lord look at my grand kids and keep your eyes on them and all kids
glenna zaraspe (1 month ago)
Heavenly Father Thank you for this day,as you always guiding my family and friend
shilpa jkaraveeramath (1 month ago)
Thank you Jesus
Praveena Kanakam (1 month ago)
What language is this song and what does this song mean?
Praveena Kanakam (1 month ago)
Oh vow! Wonderful. This is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for letting me know. Have a blessed life.
Eric Santos (1 month ago)
Hi Praveena! The song is in Filipino language, and it means, "This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!" Thank you.
Lina Al Hassin (1 month ago)
I love you Jesus whatever happens
Zaynah Lodge (2 months ago)
Amen Thanks and Bless
Angelina Are (2 months ago)
Thanks this morning Amen and Amen
LOLITA CORPUZ (2 months ago)
Thank you lord for the blessing and guindance
msharon0418 (2 months ago)
Thank you Lord for enlighten me,and blessed my family. Amen
Flor Rosales (2 months ago)
Ama salamat sa ngalan ng yong anak na si jjesus magaan naming tinanggap ang mga pagsubok sa aming pamilya thank you thank you lord
Gram gram L (2 months ago)
Angie Alves (2 months ago)
Thankyou dear Jesus for the peaceful night. Bless our new day in your abiding love. Bless Agnes and puch I they are in need of your protection and love..amen.....give eternal rest to all those are gone. Specially dear Steven. Amen.
Ernest Imken (2 months ago)
Prayer-real prayer is open expression to the Creator also called Heavenly Father. The words of true expression don't come from writings by another, but from the individual heart. This makes it personal, but most people don't have a personal relationship with their Creator Father, so the best they can do is repeat from memory the "Our Father" or read prayers from a prayer book. Only reading the Bible on a daily basis can teach us how to pray.
Onel Vc23 (2 months ago)
Praise Thy Lord Jesus.. Thank u for d love.care and protection to all our members of family..bless our nation..Heavenly God d Father thank u for the beautiful morning......
Nima Tamang (2 months ago)
Jesus u loved all the children why you are not loving me? Love me Jesus n come to me pleas..
cheelee ngan (2 months ago)
https://mysticpost.com/2019/03/have-you-heard-the-music-some-scientists-say-comes-from-heaven-beautiful-and-profoundlisten-nowcelestial-music-found-on-mantel-of-our-lady-of-guadalupemiraculous-and-healin/ 聖母像(Our Lady of Gudalupe) 發出的天堂音乐 Image of Our Lady of Gudalupe's Heavenly Music
Minister Shanda (2 months ago)
Abba heavenly Father, as believer's in Jesus Christ we welcome Your Gentle Holy Spirit to indwell in "all" of our heart's, be with our children younger and those who are now adults and please our Lord and Savior take sweet care of our spouses as they serve as the head prophet, protector and provider! Allow us as Your servants to be s better Christian woman, wife, mother, sister and benevolent alms supporter for those who've grown older, less fortunate and in-need of spiritual uplifting! In Jesus' Holy Name! Amen and Amen!
Nelson Dsouza (2 months ago)
S Elizabeth (2 months ago)
Joel Santos Millo (2 months ago)
Purihin ang panginoong diyos magpakailan man Amen!
Carljhay Aguto (2 months ago)
Jennifer Napoli (2 months ago)
I Love You Jesus❤️Thank You for all your Blessings.. please never Leave my side❤️
Palaino Santiago (3 months ago)
King Abba God is good amen
gloria manumbali (3 months ago)
Thank you lord for all the blessing amen...
louie fernandez (3 months ago)
Nice morning prayer!!!!🍻🍺🎈💄😃
Elsie Caranay (3 months ago)
Thank you Lord for all blessing.amen
Rachell Hugo (3 months ago)
Thank you lord for all the blessings..... amen
neng labor (3 months ago)
Thank you Lord Amen
Naomi Godwin (3 months ago)
Amen Thank you Lord God for another day amen forgive me all my sins in Jesus name amen 😀
Gwendolyn Ellis (3 months ago)
E. H. (3 months ago)
Nowash Mochahari (3 months ago)
cheelee ngan (3 months ago)
耶稣說: 完全相信衪,天堂是我們的未能理解和想像的地方,死到要信耶蘇到去到為止的意思!Jesus says: receive from God that Trust and look forward to dwelling in Heaven which is incomprehensible, unimaginable wonderful, amazing (Jesus describes some features of Heaven for us - all the high s without any bad side effects) https://youtu.be/QXVctNo8J4U
cheelee ngan (3 months ago)
耶稣說: 完全相信衪,天堂是我們的未能理解和想像的地方,死到要信耶蘇到去到為止的意思!Jesus says: receive from God that Trust and look forward to dwelling in Heaven which is incomprehensible, unimaginable wonderful, amazing (Jesus describes some features of Heaven for us - all the high s without any bad side effects) https://youtu.be/QXVctNo8J4U
cheelee ngan (3 months ago)
耶稣說: 完全相信衪,天堂是我們的未能理解和想像的地方,死到要信耶蘇到去到為止的意思!Jesus says: receive from God that Trust and look forward to dwelling in Heaven which is incomprehensible, unimaginable wonderful, amazing (Jesus describes some features of Heaven for us - all the high s without any bad side effects) https://youtu.be/QXVctNo8J4U
Gram gram L (3 months ago)
Thank you this was beautiful
gertrude guyil (3 months ago)
Lord God Heavenly King, i praise and worship you. All glory belobgs to you. Thank you for this undeserved gift of life i receive today. Guide and protect my family and i, and open doors of breakthrough and increased faith for us. I ask all these through Jesus Christ. Amen.
Suzy Lactive (3 months ago)
Max Acuna (3 months ago)
Лена д (4 months ago)
Bless God you my dear <3 SALVATION IN CHRIST <3 :-* :-* :-*
Vijay Pal (4 months ago)
Good morning from India to all, I pray to god kindly save me to give meimmediate financial help & healthy peaceful life. Thanks God . Thanks for beautiful prayer.
Sadaqat Azeem (4 months ago)
Holly Spirit Ameen God bless all sadaqat Masih from Pakistan
diamondtrix evans (4 months ago)
Thank you Lord...
Bert Vargas (4 months ago)
Lord jesus guide me always
daizy rebato (4 months ago)
Vivian Eunice (4 months ago)
Thanks GOD for this wonderful day??
dominic olayon (4 months ago)
Lord I graetly adore you, and always believe in your everlasting love. I offer you my life, and trust in your Divine Mercy. Please Lord protect me and my family now and forever...pls give us good health and ong life, and happiness while we are on earth. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
Alvin De Guzman (4 months ago)
Barbie Cagara (4 months ago)
in jesus name,heal me and my family,Amen
Bride of Jesus Christ (4 months ago)
I am blessed in Jesus name Amen
flora de ocampo (4 months ago)
Thank you Lord our God for waking up us this morning shines on us the bright side of life. Guides us always. Amen
Dp Patton (4 months ago)
T.R.U.S.T. I.N. G.O.D.
Jun Arcega (4 months ago)
ren baric (5 months ago)
Nonoy Mahilum (5 months ago)
Thank you papa Jesus..
who hi (5 months ago)
Thank you papa jesus for everthing. Iloveyou
Rosalinda Fernandez (5 months ago)
Kevin Osuji (5 months ago)
Love Songs (5 months ago)
Amen n amen Lord! Thank you for this wonderful morning...
sundaripaull (5 months ago)
Amen Appa
Dolores de los Reyes (5 months ago)
Thank you Lord for the everyday blessings You are giving me and my family. Thank you so much! I Love You Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.
Reginald Hodge (5 months ago)
Philippians 4:19 (NASB). "And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." AMEN! 🙏
Renu Sharma (5 months ago)
glory be to my father ,son and the holy spirit
Tina Jones (5 months ago)
Thank you God for allowing all of us to see another day. Have a Blessed day Everyone
Vivian Gabisan (5 months ago)
God be with us amen.
Aloysius Moureen (6 months ago)
Teresita Castro (6 months ago)
salamat po s umagang dumating nmn s buhay nmn🙏🙏🙏
Walter Perry (6 months ago)
I love Jesus's Christ
Mercedes Aquino (6 months ago)
Thank you lord for these another day
Joe Nathan (6 months ago)
Hi my name is Jonathan and I have a hip problem. I am training for track and i can't afford to not train and ice it constantly, so I thought the only way for it to heal is for God to take it away from me. If any of you reading this could please pray for my hip pain to go away completely i would appreciate it immensely. Thank you all and have an amazing day!
Vanessa Angeles (6 months ago)
I'm here with you oh Lord i know you always with me and you'll never leave me God Amen
Angeline Bumait (6 months ago)
Thankyou sooomuch Lord Jesus sa lahAt ng blessing Lord Jesus pls protect my family bless me n BLess my family in Jesus name amen
Michelle Castillo (6 months ago)
To God be the Glory
T. Possible Andreas (6 months ago)
Thanks for another day my Lord. Thanks for everything. Amen

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