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Honest Sex

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Text Comments (4528)
2013 jeep (2 days ago)
Like people who are watching by one hand
MUHAMMAD USMAN (2 days ago)
Whats movie and her name???
Abdul rajad Khan (2 days ago)
Genie Wiliams (3 days ago)
Want me to cook tonight
Linette Chretien (3 days ago)
Looking forward to cuddling with you later 🙂
A l (5 days ago)
Damn the script is terrible
Mercaya Calcanis (7 days ago)
3:41 anyone else see Zach!?
Poppy Datta (8 days ago)
The girl kinda looks like emma stone🙄🙄
Jehanna Corvana (9 days ago)
Romantic Baby Girl (9 days ago)
So hot 😍😍😍😗😗😗
andrew johnson (9 days ago)
Cool channel
NAVEEN M R Navi (11 days ago)
Wow sexy umma madbeku ekbeku nekbeku 910 8093464
Austin Wilwayco (13 days ago)
That’s pure seduction
Matt Steer (13 days ago)
88 million views
Love Girl (16 days ago)
Lovely 💋
Porn Girl (16 days ago)
Fantastic ❤️
Leangkruy Heang (16 days ago)
*i need some milk*
Queen Girl (17 days ago)
Fantastic 💋
Harry Clarke (18 days ago)
Horny now after this
indian sex (18 days ago)
Fantastic 💋
Farhal Ali (9 days ago)
I didn't get this video. Can someone explain it to me?? Edit: Now I got it by watching it 2 times. BTW I'm monogamous so i didn't like this video...
Andrei Struc (19 days ago)
I'm 10
Andrei Struc (19 days ago)
gilmar bomfim (19 days ago)
Thank you for the Subtitles!
Shelley (22 days ago)
no way its inevitable for a person to feel not good enough when their partner looks for multiple partners. I would never
Anant Kumar (23 days ago)
Anant Kumar (23 days ago)
Charlize Monk (25 days ago)
I find this so funny! This almost like me and my boyfriend's talk went a few months ago. He introduced me to the lifestyle and now we're in a wonderful 3 way relationship!
khoosh khan khan (26 days ago)
Kalokairi (1 month ago)
That was a shoulder massage not a back rub I would have been so mad omg.
Lord Diamond 92 (1 month ago)
There are many Rosses and Joeys in the world chose who you are.
Eleanor Freebern (1 month ago)
Love this! Also who else saw Zach Kornfeld in the background?
Cammypup B (6 days ago)
When?!?! #TryGuysFan
Alexis Blue (1 month ago)
Just want to make a difference for people with my youtube channel. Real advice, vlogs, lifestyle, questions, etc. Please check it out and support.
That last questions, make me feel stupid
Hindi Mashup (1 month ago)
Simone Regina (1 month ago)
Hquba Hauba (1 month ago)
"I tried a monogamous lifestyle. It just doesnt work. For me" hahahaha that werr my excact lines a few yeard ago. I was sure i didn't want a relationship, but then i met a person with whom im still in a relationship and it jhst felt natural to be with him
Usmc Gruntz (1 month ago)
Every single girl on tinder.
vickiluv studio (1 month ago)
Love me some communication.
Meghan Grace (1 month ago)
She's completely trying to get in his pants knowing he's uncomfortable. Does anyone else see she's taking advantage of him? I get that he could say no and walk out but come on she couldn't keep her hands off him.
Anas Azzaoui (1 month ago)
Ewww u guys r freaking wierdd do u like pork with everyone
Felicita Meijere (1 month ago)
im 10
songangelsmusic (1 month ago)
I've gone down the comments and I just don't understand. Most people in the comments are just saying polyamoroy is wrong, but honestly it's just an opinion. Very simply, for some people, it's not the right type of relationship ship for them to be in, but on the other hand it can be the best thing for other. Some people can't handle jealously, or just prefer to be physically and mentally intimate with only one person. Some people only fall in love with one person at a time. That is completely fine and there is nothing wrong with that. However on the other hand, there are many who feel most comfortable in polyamorous relationships. They can fall for multiple people at once, and though those who have multiple relationships are not immuned to jealousy, they communicat with each other, so that it can be dealt with. There is nothing wrong with this either. There are many kinds of people in the world, with all kinds of different feeling and beliefs. Some things we can choose and others that we can't. As long as no one is hurt by what someone is doing, I don't see how it could be wrong, if it makes them feel good and comfortable. The world does its best when there are many different people with different ideas, and when everyone can be respectful of others, even if they don't have the same options.
Rudi Hermawan (1 month ago)
Sy suka bget
Birdy have12nicknames (1 month ago)
Atleast they Are honest
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Hashyvin Arumugam (1 month ago)
Guys what movie is this??
Brep Brep (1 month ago)
Why are so many thristy indians in the comments?
meriemsmileslike (1 month ago)
Monogamy is the best
Sharkboyryan (1 month ago)
Remember meee
Rimi Dey (1 month ago)
Miido M. (1 month ago)
Bogna Kowalczyk (2 months ago)
Poly lifestyle is great. #approved <3
Sexy kissing
Mike Po (2 months ago)
Someone for hard ro this
Isakitten (2 months ago)
I have the same bed lol
Nessma Galal (2 months ago)
I actually kinda agree with her. Plus she knows exactly what she wants in life. I know not everyone can handle it but I believe that every person offers something different; just like how some of us don't have just one best friend. You connect with others in different levels. You talk and act in different ways according to the person you're with.. but yet you love then all.!
Crix (2 months ago)
Omg haha
Adie speed (2 months ago)
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syggy 14 (2 months ago)
He looks like an off-brand kylo ren
Rohan Poddar (2 months ago)
Kory the Gay boi (2 months ago)
I've been in many open realtionships , and the only time it hurt me was when my s/o refused to let me date other people while she dated 4 at once . Not to mention she called me the favourite then dumped me with no regret when I told her to choose
wow wow (2 months ago)
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Trace Winterbottom (2 months ago)
Yes it does
James Hofer (2 months ago)
I just wasted 7 minutes of my life watching this video
rosenzauber (2 months ago)
These actors were soo good!
Sophia Song (2 months ago)
Awakened Spirit (2 months ago)
Dang she is hot!
Sweety Sweety (2 months ago)
bulla utra masth he
Sweety Sweety (2 months ago)
bulla utra masth he
ridraculous69 (2 months ago)
white night chode
Kaitlyn Chung (2 months ago)
This is how u get STDs kids🤣
Jesse K (2 months ago)
I pefer a nice private jacuzzi over a public pool, you catch my drift
george tsalapetikos (2 months ago)
that girl is not attractive at start, but when she talks she becomes soo hot.... wow
Kacey Lidgard (2 months ago)
please don't call me
Kapicirit Gaming (2 months ago)
Bridget Hayes (2 months ago)
87 million people viewed this?
Hazan Yaslica (2 months ago)
*says he isn’t ready ready for a monogamous relationship* *gets jealous of her because she sleeps with other people*
hatake's hoe (2 months ago)
There is no such thing as 'poly relationships' u just a hoe thats it.
Bounty rukiye (2 months ago)
So innoproppiate
Rajender Singh (3 months ago)
Cassandra Willans (3 months ago)
"an" exclusive relationship ..😤😤
Caitlyn Gatchell (3 months ago)
FrancesBaconandEggs (3 months ago)
This is really stupid.
Melanie Tauchert (3 months ago)
I 1/4 yrs old
SUBHASH KUMAR (3 months ago)
I liked this video
idk bitch (3 months ago)
It needs more porn
يلي بتحب السكس تجي وتشوف زبي واقف نااااار
Sandra Achen (3 months ago)
Peter Austerlitz (3 months ago)
Ivyrule25 (3 months ago)
I respect poly relationships that work but can’t see it ever working for me. I think I’d hate it. That’s just me personally though
Bettpou (3 months ago)
zounoa a (3 months ago)
people, this is buzzfeed in middle of its descent from making cool, awesome, thought-provoking relationship videos to making [you-know-what]
Camera Shot Lps (3 months ago)
Who else was like “Just f*ck already!” Lmao
shari lore (3 months ago)
John King (3 months ago)
Emma Stone and Adam Driver?
The Wrong Title
Joshua C. Artis (3 months ago)
Cameron (3 months ago)
AA GAMER (3 months ago)
Am 10 and here I am watching this
Jacob Dano (3 months ago)
Not cool men

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