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Hayley Kiyoko - "What I Need" (feat. Kehlani) [Behind The Scenes]

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Kailani Esquivel (1 day ago)
She has my name but mine is spelled kailani and hers is spelled kehlani 😇💙😝
Hayley Kiyoko shes a concert in Davao City at SMX Convention Center SM Lanang Premier soon.
southside_serpents x (2 days ago)
all hail lesbian jesus
Salty Pearl (3 days ago)
does anyone know the jackets hayley wears? i really want the blue and white jacket
imsojey (10 days ago)
Too creative. My gosh
Bree c: (16 days ago)
I love the part that Hayley kiyoko is so appreciative with her team members I love her so much keep up the great work and ideas Hayley you are my idol ((:
Maria Goretti Mary (17 days ago)
GeeCee (25 days ago)
My gay lesbian queer fluid heart is happy.
Catarina (1 month ago)
Amazinggggg 😍👏👏👏
Who is sophie (1 month ago)
I can die happy now thanks
LussheTT (1 month ago)
Is nobody going to Point out that at the beginning of the video they misspelled her last name....
eden (1 month ago)
Keosha Spencer (1 month ago)
Who else noticed when the man closed the door it opens right back up LMFAO #thetrnkscene
Marie (1 month ago)
I’m gonna be at the concert tomorrow!! I’m so excited!!
Only Pinky (1 month ago)
Can Haley just direct my life pls😂
Zeynep Aydın (1 month ago)
I love you my girl G. 💜
that icon (1 month ago)
that icon (1 month ago)
this is everything
Daisy Afriyie (1 month ago)
I thought they were gonna talk about the kiss
Alba Espejo (1 month ago)
Hayley would probably make really good movies. Just saying.. <3
Melo & Mars (1 month ago)
My girlfriend and I did a reactions to this ♥️♥️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Get Stuffed (1 month ago)
Skylar Nozomi (1 month ago)
In the arguing scene i thought the lady that was yelling at her was her gf and they were breaking up cause she thought that she liked hayley lol oppps
ione dreamer (1 month ago)
i'm gonna cry
Sam Starr (2 months ago)
idk who i ship more. hayley and kehlani or demi and kehlani 🤔
EleMeNTaL_PyroX (2 months ago)
when you go to the bts to see if they'd talk about the kiss
Gloria Njau (2 months ago)
3:06 4:42 that was honestly so adorable. I need a gurll to love me like dat 💔💔
Alamatereh Shewl (2 months ago)
WAIT THE GIRL KEHLANI WAS FIGHTING WITH IN THE BEGINNING WAS HER AUNT? I thought it was her trashy girlfriend jfc Hayley has made my vision too gay
melaa_xo (2 months ago)
Watching some of these videos because I think she’s opening for Panic! . TBH I already love her
Amelia Jenson (2 months ago)
do they actually kiss
belucky sam (2 months ago)
Amelia Jenson of course they did😂😂 in the video but dunno in real life through
# vibes Good (2 months ago)
I need lesbian advice, can anyone help? or just any advice would be nice
Emaan Ahmed (6 days ago)
Yeah sure what’s up
Katherine Zhang (2 months ago)
the aunt was so like nice looking out of character idk
Gabs Campos (2 months ago)
We love lesbian Jesus
Lina Lin (2 months ago)
damn I remember when you were that emo rebel in lemonade mouth...look at where you’re at now omg ❤️❤️
Juana Villarroel (2 months ago)
Me encanta la música y la actuación me fascina😙😙😙👍👍👍👍
Lil drunky (2 months ago)
Omg this is dope and they make a cute couple idk if they're dating tho
Qyle Dacanay (2 months ago)
Wait, the girl Kehlani was arguing with... was actually her aunt?!?
Draco West (2 months ago)
Eu amo essa mulher, meu Jesus!
Ana Matilde (2 months ago)
I loved it! You could make a song with Demi Lovato! Have you thought about becoming an international singer?
Pickle Rick! (2 months ago)
My gay heart can rest in peace now.
Roxane (2 months ago)
1:48 That's my new religion
Lud Zamudio (2 months ago)
kehlani is so cute
Guy Boiman (2 months ago)
thu350 (2 months ago)
i just realize that this song is on the playlist at work
Bia Andy (2 months ago)
I love you Hayley 😘😘😘
Nina Gee (2 months ago)
Kiyoko deserves an Oscar lol
Tiffi Guevara (2 months ago)
Jannah Ruth Santonil (2 months ago)
dumb bich juice (2 months ago)
I really thought the guy on 0:33 was Hayley with that hair and jacket
sam (2 months ago)
Kehlani n hayley is a perfect cute couple ❤️
Hannah Komar (2 months ago)
direct a feature length movie!!!
hayhayfidolize (2 months ago)
I knew it the adult was some form of guardian. Whether parent or aunt or some other form of guardian. Idk why people confused her for former GF. Even my coworker did that. But I totally got that Hayley. You’re cool! Great job! This video was perfect! I had no idea you were pressured to shoot it in Two days and all your hard work totally paid off! Love this video! Keep doing you!!
Anywhere But Here (2 months ago)
yo that was meant to be her aunt? haha I thought it was her gf or ex gf lol
Ashlee Rose (2 months ago)
A.J. Howell (3 months ago)
Nobody's gonna mention the fact "Haley Kiyoko" sounds a lot like "Kaley Cuoco" ........ And they're both blondes....
free fire (3 months ago)
I shippo hahaha i love two...😍😍😍😍
Shelby Miranda (3 months ago)
What if hayley kissed kehlani bc kehlani kissed demi. So hayley is like dam I want some of that action let's make a video .
Shmiite (3 months ago)
Even tho she lost 6 hours of footage, she still managed to make an amazing video. The gays are really a force to be reckoned with.
Sabrina Greco (3 months ago)
10 likes and I’ll come out to my best friends :)
Sara Pazmiño (3 months ago)
Cuando sale ya la kiero escuchar i al final la chica viene i se lanza con un beso 😘 😍😍😍
Krista Carew (3 months ago)
Thank you for the WLW visibility. I love seeing queer women represented because it makes me feel seen <3
Isabella Dos Santos (3 months ago)
The devil works hard but lesbian Jesus works harder!!!!
makayla rankin (3 months ago)
the moment at 2:35 is pure gold I love them so much 😂😍❤
ERiKA DE CARVALHO ViEiRA (3 months ago)
Ct wing (3 months ago)
Stevonna Jones (3 months ago)
Both my babies created a masterpeice💙🌺🌈
Sarah Bush (3 months ago)
Directing Haley is everything I aim to be in life
ringlordful (3 months ago)
condom was too big on my small cock..she laffs
Cynthia Moreno (3 months ago)
La amooo ❤💜💙 que fuera mi novia y ufff 😍😍😍
Riris Putri (3 months ago)
Laura G (3 months ago)
Sian, the aunt, is such an underrated part of the video, she really killed it
Rxnn Rxnn (3 months ago)
I'm going to see u in the Royal farms arena in July😭❤️❤️❤️
Christine Harvey (3 months ago)
gospel music
Náthally Kilsk (3 months ago)
I love how Hayley direct her music videos
john v (3 months ago)
im not even a lesbian but I feel like she invented lesbians
lucy taylor (3 months ago)
honeybi (3 months ago)
As a young lesbian she is literally a blessing
I like Butter (3 months ago)
I need more of the kissing scene
cinderella3000 (3 months ago)
I just love her... she's so cuteee
ayyy lmao (3 months ago)
Wow i Didn't now she directed too!
Didi Elle (3 months ago)
The video came out sooo amazing youre fanssss loove you for your hard work 💓💓🎉🎉🎉
R G (3 months ago)
2:32 i need them dating.
RqenaeVEVO (3 months ago)
My babies are so fucking talented
Ricki -Lee (3 months ago)
If i was working with those two I’d “have trouble” with my hard drives everyday 😂 I love them actual goals 😍 I love Haley for representing pride in the media!
Helena A (3 months ago)
oh my god hayley...make a short film already! it would be insane!
Shara-Lee (3 months ago)
My gf pointed out Hayley’s last name is spelt wrong in the opening, I’m dating a genius
Ri Ma (3 months ago)
This is pure gold. Shoot a movie please 😍
steve (3 months ago)
Velma who ?
Samantha Darling (3 months ago)
I love. Just fuck. Oh my god.
Lorenzo 20 (3 months ago)
So she's the aunt and NOT the mother.
lu lu (3 months ago)
Venetia Fernandes (3 months ago)
Patiently waiting for Free Bicycle Tours to React😂
Indira Brouwer (3 months ago)
why didnt they show us there kiss
Alexis R (3 months ago)
"You should lean me back a little bit..." Yes. Yes. I'm learning soo much. 👌
Rony (3 months ago)
I'm still waiting for Hayley kiyoko to direct a gay mf movie with a HAPPY ending cuz its what we all deserves
Blank L (3 months ago)
My queen is TRENDING
Duda Coxinha (3 months ago)
*We could make a religion out of this*
Brandon Riley (3 months ago)
Fucking icons
Freddy Antonio (3 months ago)
#Kehlani Stan since 1st Mixtape So Happy Hayley K did a Song with Kehlani! I downloaded the album and love that Hayley directs all her videos. Kudos to Hayley & Team this video didn't feel "sexualized" at all, everything came across as romantic as a straight Taylor video. If this was a man directing I'm sure we woulda had TATU 2.0 #Kehlani
Majestψ (3 months ago)
Ugh, my moms.

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