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The Veronicas - On Your Side (Written & Directed by Ruby Rose)

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The Veronicas' new single 'On Your Side' is out now: http://smarturl.it/TVOYS Follow Jessica & Lisa: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/JessicaVeronica & https://www.instagram.com/Lisa_Veronica Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lisa_Veronica & https://twitter.com/JessicaVeronica Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/LisaOrigliasso & https://www.snapchat.com/add/JessCares Follow The Veronicas: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TheVeronicasMusic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheVeronicas/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/theveronicas
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Text Comments (13677)
The Jurassic Kids (38 minutes ago)
It’s wierd that two girls are kissing🤭🙄🙀🤢🤮
La amo 😍
Gaby Michell (6 hours ago)
La amé😍
Amanda Duarte (7 hours ago)
Que vídeo fodaaaa
Magina Marte (9 hours ago)
22/09/2018 👭
Pero Cigla (12 hours ago)
Disgusting video that should be deleted because gays are mentally ill.
محمد سليمان (15 hours ago)
Alex ravenwood (16 hours ago)
look...it's Andy biersack oh no wait it's ruby rose
Daiana Gherghe (16 hours ago)
Jensen Noronha (16 hours ago)
So homi porra
Gwenaëlle Deguillaume (18 hours ago)
Brenda S (22 hours ago)
Amalia Martínez (1 day ago)
Breia Smith (1 day ago)
Officially my fave SONG!🔥
Toni Lutz (1 day ago)
Welp I’m not straight anymore
Cristina Franco (1 day ago)
Me encanta Ruby Rose :)
Isn't ruby in orange is the new black?
Janahina Valencia (1 day ago)
Wtf happen with the music of the Veronica's I use to love her music gender now is commercial, I don't like it 😢
Nakshathra Unni (1 day ago)
Ahh!!!!!!!!! She brings the bisexual in me 😍
holly (2 days ago)
ok so i'm crying wow
Snapped And Snatched (2 days ago)
I’m not gay, but this is cute
fatterthanpeppapi g (2 days ago)
Gio23 (2 days ago)
Is this gay 😜😝😝😝😝😝😝
Riquelmematos Matos (2 days ago)
Evie Andrade (2 days ago)
Everyone just talking about how hot Ruby is and their sexuality but forgetting to talk about how beautiful and emotional this video is.Besides,who else thinks this was make a great movie?❤
Chrollo lucilfer (2 days ago)
They are so skinny.. I wanna be like them
Briggitte Lopez (3 days ago)
Oh valla😭😭😭😭😭🌈
patata kawaii :3 (3 days ago)
Están buenos los tigerasos :V
Belen gamer 13 (3 days ago)
Que linda cancion
Alejandra Moreno (3 days ago)
Mesa. Tristeza. Pero.
ILoveEatingCupCakes (3 days ago)
Imagine ruby rose sung this in pitch perfect as evermoist
Crazy Kids (3 days ago)
Ruby rose is so hottt
Hasim Khan (3 days ago)
Hasim Khan (3 days ago)
Hasim Khan (3 days ago)
DIEGOHD HDZ (4 days ago)
Ruby rose i love you
O Liar (4 days ago)
love Ruby Rose
18artidaolur (4 days ago)
1:01 ❤❤😍😍😍😍😍
Gertii JGKla (4 days ago)
Damn.. maybe I’m bi?
nikol cortez (4 days ago)
Me encanta 😍
How can a girl not be gay for Ruby😫
Mika Santos (4 days ago)
Aiiin esse clipe é tão lindoo
brenda2018 br (4 days ago)
I love ruby ​​rose
brenda2018 br (4 days ago)
I'm from Brazil and I love this song.
Leslie Hola (4 days ago)
2016??? Its the first time I watch this music video!!
themob dog (4 days ago)
bro how is this hot she's like overdosing at the end omg that is sick
Nada Dody (4 days ago)
What is the name of this movie please?
NayArmy :3 (4 days ago)
Que final ;-;
Blake Lee (5 days ago)
Everything went blank and all I can see is Ruby I’m so gay :v
Blake Lee (5 days ago)
Everything went blank and all I can see is Ruby I’m so gay :v
Faby Martinez (5 days ago)
Anonymous-GamerRo YT (5 days ago)
There are only women who want to not have sex with whom to do this and they decide to shoot with each other because we are in 2000 and it is fashionable to make you face to face and guys with boy. You know!🖕 Pff love :')
Lourdes Sounds (5 days ago)
When you confuse your sexuality because of Ruby. The fact that she looks like Angelina Jolie with a mix of Leonardo DiCaprio is kinda crazy. She is so hot and her rude attitude makes her look sexier
Nathalie Torquet (5 days ago)
Elle qui est un peu gars elle est tu lesbienne dans la vrai vie
Joshua Aguilar (5 days ago)
I'm gay and this is kinda hot actually :v
Marita Roy (5 days ago)
Beautiful love♥♥♥
Krissy Kriss (5 days ago)
Sad they ain't a couple no more
Elisabet Gauna (5 days ago)
Heinz Hertz (5 days ago)
So the skinny small lesbo grabs a big guy by his head and smashes him against the counter but then she just gets lifted up by another guy with 0 effort? Smh these porno plots keep getting more ridiculous
Bruna Clark (5 days ago)
my ليدي (6 days ago)
my ليدي (6 days ago)
يا وسخين
I still watch this to this day
Min SugaD (6 days ago)
18 mil homofobicos le dieron dislike a esta obra de arte :v
Maria paraschiva Ursu (6 days ago)
Frumoasa melodie
Damian Nowak (6 days ago)
Freyah Gallery (7 days ago)
*September?* 😇
ningsih dewy (7 days ago)
I've being straight before . But now am a bisex 💕
b. b (7 days ago)
Ooh its was soo Nice How Ruby rosé to beat thst Motherfucker No fucking Guy Can touch My girl🌈❤️😍its mine Im proud
b. b (7 days ago)
Wauw😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️its soo Beautifull 🌈❣️🌹
Camila Eduarda (7 days ago)
Alguém do Brasil?
Makmont (8 days ago)
Chester Franco (8 days ago)
I love how festive is the aesthetic of this music video 😍
Anne Sophie Vovan (8 days ago)
Ruby is wonderful, i want to be like her
Suzu Rani (8 days ago)
is she Lebisine?
Suzu Rani (8 days ago)
2019 ? XD
ŁÄŇÅ ŚÝ (8 days ago)
My mom: Lana,why are you crying for? Me:"show her this video"
Darko Markovic (9 days ago)
This shows me soooo much love. No matter gay, bi, lesbian, transgender. Love knows no gender.
sarah jack (9 days ago)
Ruby Rose is a literal God
Debopriya Mallick (9 days ago)
Ruby 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍
Kimberly Gamble (9 days ago)
Love ruby rose xx
kleintjee (9 days ago)
10 times rewatched
Marina Manuel (10 days ago)
Im gay for ruby rose. SHES SO HOT
Rikrik Muktyana (10 days ago)
njir jagoan eta bambang pamungkas :O
Fafa Asamany (10 days ago)
Her looks reminds me of Angelina Jolie...
Mona Lisa (10 days ago)
Omg we can be such beautiful creatures
Jenna Ragsdale (10 days ago)
Ruby is what I imagine Andy biersack would look like as a female 😍
Fantabulous Fiend (11 days ago)
This is hot...
Kirsten D (11 days ago)
2:30 that intense eye contact. I’m ready to quit men. I want a Ruby Rose instead.
Angela Kincade (11 days ago)
This video is hot..Great plot..
Vitoria Lopes (11 days ago)
Vocês São fodas Amei esse vídeo 😍😛♥✴
Sumanika Devi (11 days ago)
I used to watch this video I luv this ❤❤❤❤❤❤
mobile gaming (11 days ago)
I hate lesbian 😡🖕
Par Bgh (11 days ago)
This deserves more views now common
Arvella Watson (11 days ago)
Ruby 🌹 GOD I would be Bi for her 😁
It is contrary to nature God created a female and a male to be people not a people for lunatics
Daizy Simuli (12 days ago)
Suppressed being a lesbian.. but wen imma get that one fine chic for me.. I'll b so damn loyal stick to her side no matter what.. it's all love.. this clip is sooo touching
Debosmita Roy (12 days ago)
My forever love Ruby 📿📿📿💍

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