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Trap Beat 2014 Lex Luger Style

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Next Trap beat. Have fun.
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It'sKrowOnDaBeat (5 years ago)
Im making a mixtape and would like to use this beat. I will definitely give you credit. Who knows maybe you may get new customers. You can contact me on google:[email protected]
Mogan V (5 years ago)
+montel carter No pproblem bro
It'sKrowOnDaBeat (5 years ago)
+Mogan V ok and thanks bro. I'll send the song after.
Mogan V (5 years ago)
I will send you the beat
Nils Kae (5 years ago)
Gutes Video
London Blaylock (5 years ago)
Send this to dinomusic00.com Thanks
sharky caips (5 years ago)
fettes video geiler beat just a gutes video

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