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India to Canada Flight Journey

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Hey guys! This video is about my journey from Pune, India to Toronto, Canada. I am hopeful this video will serve as a guide for the journey. Other videos: My Canadian PR story - https://youtu.be/MMP6uTV2bbs Monthly Expenses in Canada - https://youtu.be/3EmKwPLz9K4 Free Job Assistance for New Immigrants - https://youtu.be/I_doPPx4kbg All about Basement Apartments - https://youtu.be/rkzGraF4fEU Tips to get an IT job in 15 days - https://youtu.be/zAaNMUq-1z4 Student Life in Canada - https://youtu.be/O92dAa79Ndc Kitchen Essentials to bring from India - https://youtu.be/UpYrYmP1tfQ Please subscribe to NativeGoan here - https://www.youtube.com/c/NativeGoan?sub_confirmation=1 Love, Shilpa
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Text Comments (472)
Satish Sharma (3 days ago)
Well come to Canada....
krishna khajuria (5 days ago)
name of Background music
Rupali Konde (8 days ago)
Thanks you so much sharing your experience dear...Enjoy journey.
Rainbow-Iraq (10 days ago)
I’m happy for you as I’m waiting my flight to Canada 😍 I’m so exciting
Mayur Daryanani (12 days ago)
Enjoyed this video and the journey. I stay in Saudagar as well. ☺️
Ruchita Awade (18 days ago)
Hii shilpa make video on ielts preparation because there are many classes which only makes a money so difficult to get good score in ielts
NativeGoan (16 days ago)
It's already up and running on my channel. :)
Eva Hami Da (20 days ago)
your aunt is sooooo beautiful and cute
NativeGoan (20 days ago)
Thank you. I completely agree that she is adorable!
Lilly Mann (25 days ago)
Welcome to Canada 🇨🇦! I’m Canadian and my dream is to move to India one day and learn some yoga.
Md Kaif (6 days ago)
Lilly Mann come i know yoga and i can taught to you...
Ms.Preety shrivastava (27 days ago)
Hi, there I hope you’re very to living in Canada. I want to ask like, driving in Canada is very difficult.or it’s difficult to learn or give driving test.plz give me all the details of process. Thanks
NativeGoan (25 days ago)
Driving in Canada is easier than driving in India. I have a video on G1 license test. Please check that out.
Smita K (29 days ago)
Hello Shilpa Thanks for info,I am software test engineer working at Pune,Pls advise me name of consultants for immigration
NativeGoan (28 days ago)
Sure, please email me for more details on this on [email protected]
Mam i am fan of your videos please please pin my comment i right below please mam 👇👇👇👇 please mam request 👇👇👇
Manu Lal (1 month ago)
Highly appreciated your efforts to shoot the videos even during long hours flight.Excellent 😎😎..I couldn’t do when I arrived first time 😁😁
rinju varghese (1 month ago)
Haider Hasan (1 month ago)
Perfectly made.
sridharnaidu kolluru (1 month ago)
I forget the time when watching u r videos,,, awesome,, thank u,,love❤😘❤😘
jrenuvictor (1 month ago)
Hi, just dropped in to say that it's really nice of you to take all that pain of handling your luggage and everything as well as take the video. I mean it's difficult to take videos everywhere as well as keep your mind about the travel part as well. And also you make a proud statement as a woman traveling by herself. Kudos! And all the best!
Vineeth R (1 month ago)
Am from Brampton ♥♥
Yatish Bhat (2 months ago)
Thanks for refreshing pune memories. I am student of Indira school of business studies. N I am looking to come to Canada very soon
nizam sports (2 months ago)
Very nice video great experience
ujwala nigam (2 months ago)
Aap le khoop khoop Dhayanyvad Ghari baslya pune te Canada chi trip karvlya baddal mala hi Canada bagnyache Aahe
Kanwarjit Singh (2 months ago)
Hi Shilpa, I will be finally boarding my flight to Toronto on 30apr after obtaining my PR. Just want to double check that I have to get my passport and the CoPR document along with other identity documents. Is that it or something else is also required? Is there any step left after you CoPR and passport with VISA?
NASIH ALLURE (2 months ago)
Oh god ...this is one of my dream..!! For that I am saving money ... And getting job experience Since 2018....
HEENA PADHIYAR (2 months ago)
How many weight of bags we tack during jurny??
Ldkiya badi tej hoti ha tail dala ta waqt comedy KR deti ha😅😅
Ldkiya badi tej hoti ha tail dala ta waqt comedy KR deti ha😅😅
Vishal Gurejani (2 months ago)
Hey which Consultant you choosed for PR
cool dude (2 months ago)
Hi I am also live in pimple saudar near govind garden I am intrested to come there in Canada on visit visa after that change to work permit so can you help me on this process if you are intrested to help me so plz shear you mail id and contact no
sarnia tweety (2 months ago)
Hi shilpa !!! Did they asked you to show funds at the time of border crossing ??!!! If so, then bank statement is enough or wat is accepted from their end ?!! Please lemme know
sarnia tweety (2 months ago)
Okay !!! I have seen many saying that !! Thanq for your reply !!
NativeGoan (2 months ago)
They did not ask for proof of funds at the immigration counter.
Inder Sohal (2 months ago)
Pehlan like kita fr video dekhi
NativeGoan (2 months ago)
Thank you so much. :)
that third liker is me
it's a superb video tease her idiots I am a kid I am going to Canada in2019 in March I am waiting for that world you don't now abt that we are high you all local so just shut up and go kids
your great kid awesome some don't understand
Bipul Dutta (3 months ago)
Background music is very nice.
NativeGoan (3 months ago)
Thank you.
Ayush Morya (3 months ago)
Tomorrow is my flight to Canada 🍁
Ayush Morya (3 months ago)
+NativeGoan thank uh soon much 😘
NativeGoan (3 months ago)
Very happy for you. Have a safe flight.
Dheeraj Sonone (3 months ago)
Madam Hindi Banaona Video
R. K. M. (2 months ago)
If you do not speak/understand English, how will you go to Canada? :)
Mr.SHOAIB SALEEM (3 months ago)
kindly tell us how u apply for canada pnp program ?
vidya rajagopal (3 months ago)
Heyyy shilpa...im a new viewer of ur channel as i hv just planned in dis year to strt preparing fr PR @ canada... In a single day saw all ur videos...u r really infomatv..n njoy watching ur videos... In dis video im just scared as u had ur maushi to pick u up...frm d airport... But fr me none of my relatives or frnds stay der so wats d option incase of dat... No1 at canada so wats nxt dat u can do frm d airport... As in how to luk out fr a hotel or how to decide a place which is gud wen u hvnt got d job yet... All dees sort of qts i got in my mind n got a lil scared actualy...so can u put a video to help d new cumers in such a situation...plzzzz???
vidya rajagopal (3 months ago)
+NativeGoan thnkzzzz a ton..dear... Thnkzzzz so much...basically im frm navi mumbai..nerul..just got married two yrs back...n hv tkn a break since den due to my vitiligo...im an banker wid 4.5 yrs of exp as assistant manager n senior analyst..at deutsche bank..n city union bank...will mail u sm querries..if u dnt mind
NativeGoan (3 months ago)
Hi Vidya. Thank you for your questions. 1. You can take a taxi to your destination from the airport 2. Book an Airbnb accommodation with good ratings for the first 2 weeks in Canada. When you receive your PR, get in touch with me on [email protected] I will guide you.
Aisha Shaikh (3 months ago)
I'm also going to Canada in April. This video was awesome. Thank you.
Bhasker Sharma (3 months ago)
Whenever I meet or talk to a Goan, I realize that they are really sweet people.! Especially, Goan women !
NativeGoan (3 months ago)
Thank you.
Monu Chawla (3 months ago)
Hi.. Main ye puch raha hoon ki jo lageage hum saath main lekar jatein h kya vo Canada main milta h... Kay Abu Dhabi main vapas se visit karana padta h
Monu Chawla (3 months ago)
NativeGoan (3 months ago)
Yes, you receive your luggage directly in Canada.
syed khaleel (3 months ago)
Mam I am very interested to visit in Canada..can I talk with you once if u dont mind?
syed khaleel (3 months ago)
Mam how to get visit Visa of Canada from India...I am planning to visit there then I will try to looking for job too
Dylan Mendes (3 months ago)
Ur sooooo lucky
NativeGoan (3 months ago)
Thank you so much.
Anand Dwivedi (3 months ago)
Good morning everyone
Anand Dwivedi (3 months ago)
Nice video
Anand Dwivedi (3 months ago)
+NativeGoan I'm waiting to see your new video
NativeGoan (3 months ago)
Thank you Anand :)
Anand Dwivedi (3 months ago)
Pradeep Ganiger (3 months ago)
Surinder Mohan (3 months ago)
Not much informative.
navneet kaur (3 months ago)
Your massi is so nice
arun lal (3 months ago)
Kulwinder Singh (4 months ago)
Thnx For info
rajeev joseph (4 months ago)
Having a feel of journey,it's good to publish
Rolando Rodrigues (4 months ago)
Which consultancy did you go to for Canada PR? Y-axis, WWICS, Winny immigration or absolute immigration? Or did u do it on your own?
NativeGoan (3 months ago)
I did through a consultant. I have provided my consultants details in the description box of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMP6uTV2bbs
priyesh n (4 months ago)
Very nice experience!! Watching this video..😊😆
M (4 months ago)
Why most of the Indian's are moving to Canada ?? Anything I missed? Why not USA or Europe 🤨😟 Loved the video!!
Chakrish Varma (1 month ago)
Man it was so bore to go us you may go for Europe
LøStヅ N1NjA (4 months ago)
In us we can’t get visa easyly.. but not in canada !
oreste joseph (4 months ago)
so did you have a job offer before you landed in canada????
Ujjwal Love Singing (4 months ago)
Im planning to migrate to Canada too💜💜 Thats my dream place since my childhood...Im 18 now and looking forward to meet you once in future in Canada🤗🤗 You just gained a new sub😄😄
Juby Susanna Thomas (4 months ago)
Happy to know your from Pune.
Jasvir Singh Jas (4 months ago)
Hi.. mam please help me for PR visa application
Vijay Michael (4 months ago)
What kind of questions were asked in Immigration in India & in Toronto, if you tell me it will be really helpful, Thank you
bipin chauhan (4 months ago)
Beautiful video..... Wait for next video.... Thanks
Wildheartbeats (4 months ago)
Hi, you did not mention in how many weeks/ days/ months it took for your actual PR card to arrive in Canada? Pls specify that to take decisions from here.
NativeGoan (3 months ago)
You can live in Canada when your PR card is being processed. You would still have your stamped COPR document with you.
Wildheartbeats (4 months ago)
NativeGoan oh! To paryant kai karaycha! 🙄 I mean I don't have anyone I know there particularly to host me till then!
NativeGoan (4 months ago)
Hi, it took 3 months for my PR card to arrive.
Harish Yadav (4 months ago)
hii do u have any idea about eca??
tayab shaikh (4 months ago)
Dear I want to apply for Pr can you suggest me where can I apply in Mumbai or from where u did
NativeGoan (4 months ago)
The details are in the description box of "My PR Story" video. Thank you.
The Uncertain Sharma (4 months ago)
the drive from pune to mumbai would have been the most overwhelming.
Vivek Bhatia (4 months ago)
How come you got a PR at your first Visit in the country ??
Kaur Sall Indian women (4 months ago)
Vids V (4 months ago)
I think Mumbai airport looked better than Canada...
NativeGoan (4 months ago)
Mumbai airport is tastefully done. Yes, it is certainly more visually appealing than Toronto airport.
Revathi Suresh (4 months ago)
Hi, I have a doubt.... If we do t have any relative what is d procedure to contact people for in need of rental home..... Help me in finding out
NativeGoan (4 months ago)
Hi Revathi. You can use kijiji.ca to find your accommodation.
Sid Baishya (4 months ago)
Maam congratulations for landing in Canada. However, I quite didnt understand the objective of this video. Although you did a good job in recording. But the video just talks about the air travel and accessory you get inaide the plane. It would have been noce if you show what hapownwd in the clearance area. What kind of things you packed aome basic idea. How did you convert the currency. What inportant items like medicines or necessary things you carried with you. We would like you to address such important areas. Hope to see something useful. Once again congratulations and wish you good luck
Sid Baishya (2 months ago)
+R. K. M. Thanks mate this helps.
R. K. M. (2 months ago)
Dude, she cannot video tape the interactions with the immigration officer! Currency can be converted in the airport itself. You don't need to covert it in advance(though for better exchange rates, do it in advance). Credit/Debit cards are widely accepted anywhere in the world(ensure International transaction facility is enabled). But they add service charges. You can carry medicines with you(if you need them regularly). You need to have doctor' prescription. Inform doctor about the journey so that he can recommend you what need to be done. Though I don't think carrying medicines for 90 days+ is not a good idea. You don't need to carry Indian food items to the US or Canada as you can easily find Indian supermarket. All certificates and important documents should be in your backpack. Hope it is clear for you!
Altaf Jafar (4 months ago)
U have to show every video fast. U
FIFA TV (4 months ago)
I love India and iam Muslim
Punitha Madhu (4 months ago)
i miss canada. this is traveling my dream.one day i can achieve it.
Web Tube (4 months ago)
It Is 1°C Here In Phoenix
Ashutosh Gupta (4 months ago)
Hey Shilpa, did u get Ur PR card and SIN NUMBER at the airport?
Ashutosh Gupta (3 months ago)
+NativeGoan thanks for reply dear. One more important question, the SIN number, do we get it before baggage claim or after? I mean at the immigration check desk or how? I know it's bit too detailed questions but just would like to know :)
NativeGoan (4 months ago)
Hi Ashutosh, I got my landing paper(stamped COPR) and SIN number at the airport. The actual PR card arrived 3 months later.
Good video mam
HETRAM BISHNOI (4 months ago)
Jega Nathan (4 months ago)
Adarsh Ashoka (4 months ago)
This is a shit and show off I was in Manitoba 😏
Syed menhdi (4 months ago)
Hii mam....what is the scope of getting a job as a programmer in canada from india..hw mch salary csn one expect...plz reply...
R. K. M. (2 months ago)
Getting a job depends upon your fate even if it is India. Checkout her other videos where her friend explained what is the difference between Canadian and Indian Job market. You need always Plan A and B. If you get job easily within reasonable period of time, you are lucky. Then we can say Plan A worked. If you didn't get the job and your savings are going to empty(as Toronto is expensive), think what will you do. That's Plan B. If you have both Plans set, go for it.
Vedant Mathur (5 months ago)
Hello Shilpa, Nice to see this area in video... I have couple of question... 1) Is Canada is still the same to migrate, as i fell its little late now...I am married and have a daughter too. I want to know your honest and valuable thoughts. 2) If I make my wife primary applicant than can I enter in Canada without her ?
Khuram Shahzad (5 months ago)
Hello hi my number WhatsApp 923067458363 plz help me
Oxana Nazarov (5 months ago)
Hello Shilpa, thanks for the video. Anyway, about Etihad, so are we allowed to have 2 checked luggages ?? As for Air Canada I know that it is 2 bags @23kg max allowed, am I correct? Means, as you have 1 back pack and 1 small bag for your passport, means you brought 4 bags with you? I am planning on having my Canin Size suitcase with me to be carry on and medium size purse )as woman's allowed carry on) and 2 big bags to be on checked in (no exceed 23kg/bag).. kindly correct me if I'm wrong.. Don't wanna have issue with check in counter to oay extra dollar lol. Thanks 💟
Oxana Nazarov (5 months ago)
+NativeGoan I will. 🤗
NativeGoan (5 months ago)
+Oxana Nazarov Happy to help dear. Reach out to me anytime. Lots of love.
Oxana Nazarov (5 months ago)
+NativeGoan thanks so much for the info Shilpa and well noted, I was thinking to confirm with their CS as well just to be safe. I might be having some other questions in the future and hope you will have chance to respond and answer as well. All the best for you too. Love from Indonesia 😘
NativeGoan (5 months ago)
Hi Melisa, you should be able to carry the mentioned baggage without having to pay anything extra. But I highly recommend you to connect with their call center rep and confirm. That will safeguard you from having to pay extra dollars. All the best.
EG ATHLETIC KING 合 (5 months ago)
And will share my video link here
NativeGoan (5 months ago)
sure :)
EG ATHLETIC KING 合 (5 months ago)
Mam !!! Take your beautiful face little bit far from camera !!! Thanks . Otherwise , i will make video on my journey india to canada soon !!!☺☺.
Man Singh (5 months ago)
Kya Baat hai Ek dum Sahi hai ji
Tahmina Saki (5 months ago)
What is pr?
nice video
sarmin rai (5 months ago)
Can you make the videos what immigration asked you questions and how you answered it.. Please
Sumit Ashtekar (5 months ago)
Marathi ahe la tumhi ?
Reemz Raikwar (5 months ago)
You make realistic videos.. good work
Reemz Raikwar (5 months ago)
Were you residing in Rose Icon ?
NativeGoan (5 months ago)
Dishank Khurana (5 months ago)
amazing video 🤣🤣
tugaine yorstus (5 months ago)
OMG! Congrats 🎊🍾 you're just blessed! I wish i can make it too!!!
Malik Wasim (5 months ago)
Wow... Superb .
Prasad V (5 months ago)
mayank agarwal (5 months ago)
Can u plzz make a video on how to get a visa for canada from India i.e Cost and process?
Dimple Jaura (5 months ago)
Cangrat dear
sheeba Basheer (5 months ago)
Are you going for the first time
pranayy p (5 months ago)
Loved the lines.. whole life in the bags . ❤️
Jai Ananya (5 months ago)
Take me Canada I miss you

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