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RPM TV - Episode 282 - VW Polo TSI 81 kW

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RPM TV - Episode 282 - Volkswagen Polo TSI 81 kW
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brian david (2 years ago)
This is not a review , more like an advert.
brian david (2 years ago)
Not as reliable as a Toyota.
Stuart M (3 years ago)
The Highline does not use the same engine
GaSs_ZA (4 years ago)
Correction, The DSG model is 7 Speed.
Udo Louw (4 years ago)
Correction:  Curtain airbags are optional.  Dual front and side airbags are standard.  Note:  Side airbags and curtain airbags are not the same thing.  Great review!!  I love this car (the 81kW Highline version)!!

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