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Funny Games U.S - BONEHEAD (Naked City)

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Tema Principal (Creditos Inicio/Final) de la Película Funny Games U.S (Remake - 2007) de Michael Haneke Tema: Bonehead Intérprete: Naked City
Category: Музыка
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Text Comments (116)
Barackyomamma _ (1 month ago)
Ghost † (5 months ago)
Neonazi Song?
Kleanthis Athenian (7 months ago)
When you get no signal while playing Clash Royale.
Erick Berriz (8 months ago)
This is their motto: "Knock knock... Who's there? Wanna... Wanna who? Wanna murder you..."
Dreigonix (9 months ago)
PsychoBoyJack11 (1 year ago)
The lyrics have very deep meaning. The inner war between striving to be good but feeling a sense of nihilism. That and the underlying need for peace and love in the world. In fact I remember my grandpa quoting these lyrics on his death bed in hopes that I would choose the correct path. Actually, I’m just full of shit
Hailey Babi (1 year ago)
Crazy Mosh pit music.. Idk why they call this movie a Horror it is not scary at all.. Its actually kinda funny, Michael Pitt was so sexy in it.. And you couldn't really take it seriously after that whole weird remote thing they did.. idk what category to put this movie in
JayVas (1 year ago)
The film is a satire of Horror-Thrillers.
Tony Orsini (1 year ago)
This is like Mr. Bungle on crank!!!! n
Ben Stoddard (1 year ago)
One of the best movies ever made
Alex Harms (1 year ago)
The lyrics are like a small child having a temper tantrum
truthfilter (1 year ago)
and you better be careful old man or i'll break your! eggs
Blaines World (1 year ago)
for a very long time I thought that high pitch scream was a person but it's just a dude playing a high note on a saxophone. which is even better.
çemişgezek sakini (1 year ago)
somehow it is relaxing me ...
Alvaro Araujo (1 year ago)
So romantic and beautiful
Jason LaBarbera (1 year ago)
play this at my funeral
alara deniz (1 year ago)
Olum bu ne lan
Trollseeder (1 year ago)
fucking vegans
Dominic Howard (1 year ago)
Trollseeder fuck off
SixString Rebel (2 years ago)
Sounds like a Mike Patton side project.
YoYuan Hu (2 years ago)
lordvishnu (2 years ago)
Now the kid is in the bag Now let's see if Mommy's titties sag
Dusty Springer (2 years ago)
Play this at your wedding
N / A (2 years ago)
Rockband on crack.
melih (2 years ago)
It fucks my brains
Ms. Hunter (2 years ago)
Fucking awesome
dega723 (2 years ago)
this song makes me want to borrow eggs to my neighbour....
Andrew Goudlock (2 years ago)
I'm Paul
堤匡 (1 year ago)
Andrew Goudlock Hello Paul
melih (2 years ago)
Buradan yapımda ve yayımda emeği geçen herkesin arkasına geçeyim.
Joe John (2 years ago)
Cock it... pull the trigger :>
Steel27Sentinel97Z (3 years ago)
Can i have some eggs please Miss? Oh no, i dropped them please can we have some more?
severi saaristo (3 years ago)
I like the original better, it has better acting, except the child actor, who is slightly better in the remake. The quality is better in the remake so it has that. It dosn't really matter, which you like more, because Funny Games in general is a great film.
LiquidOzelot (1 year ago)
I think that Hanneke also want to make the spectators feel like is part of that violence, like in the real life, we are a part of the violence problem, acting passively, doing nothing. By the way this director is genius.
Velana D. (2 years ago)
+Doctor Mirage​​​​​​ They look too well...that's the problem I have with the remake. The actors in the original look more authentic and average. By the way, I think most people misunderstood this movie. This film is not an entertainment film, it's a reflection of society as Haneke himself said. The two young men represent society who enjoys sadistic movies, who actually likes people getting tortured when at the same time people want a happy end where the good ones win (with losses). Haneke did a great job by totally destroying this expectation and showing the audiences that they themselves are the true sadists who want to see such things. This becomes all the more obvious when listening to the dialogue between Peter and Paul in the house when they talk shattered about the violence consumption in the media by todays youth. Paul also talks sometimes to the audiences which leads to the logical conclusion that he is aware that he is in a movie. Also, the scene with the remote shows very well that society don't wants the good guys to win without suffering and losses, so he rewinds it to make the death of Peter unhappen and to continue the torturing. The two antagonists in this movie do actually exactly what people want to see, they are mirrors of society. The reason why this movie was rated so bad, was because of the simple fact that the majority of people didn't get the meaning of this movie. I advise to watch the movie again and pay attention to those little details, especially the dialogue between those two at the end of the movie in the boat. 
Velana D. (2 years ago)
I really don't like the actors from the remake...I mean seriously, they look like two guys from a cheesy boy group band who sing pop music. Their looks just don't fit into that movie. The actors of the original movie were better because they just looked more serious and gave the movie an overall dark atmosphere.
Traktoros Jozsef (2 years ago)
I think it was funny, I really love it.
Lance McGhee (2 years ago)
Agh this movie was so fucked up, when I first watched it I didn't expect anything like that happen, I didn't even know it was a horror film lol
Onerom4728 (3 years ago)
i can imagine the crazy guitar guy from Mad Max Fury Road playing this
Tostiv (3 years ago)
+Onerom4728 I remember that during the movie, I wished they had Naked City on that Truck :-D Would have been perfect.
Nemesi (3 years ago)
la musica PERFETTA per sto film. fantastico.
Perse Polis (3 years ago)
Goooood goooood.
Chittesencula (3 years ago)
Matthew Trotman (3 years ago)
Original is Austrian not German .
Matthew Trotman (3 years ago)
I've seen the remake. I just saw the original a few weeks back . Have to say the original is better slightly but they are very very similar.
AidanIsThisGuy (3 years ago)
I heard the acting is worse in the original
mojangles28 (4 years ago)
I'm having a house warming party later. My neighbor Flo is planning on bringing some fruitcake. I think I'll play this
bob junoir (4 years ago)
the original movie is better and a lot more disturbing
plok ijuh (1 year ago)
There's always a dude like OP...
serjin (3 years ago)
+bob junoir i thought they were identical
bob junoir (3 years ago)
ok lads i'm very sorry 
Niall Noonan (3 years ago)
it reckon its just the hipster mentality, to say youve seen the original( which is in a different language ) gives them invisible hipster brownie points.
Phylum (3 years ago)
+Niall Noonan yeah idk why people always say the original is better. i think the remake is much better. better acting better quality
Sebastien Koch Piano (4 years ago)
Watch the original movie and nothing else
Mr. Maverick (4 years ago)
i love thisssssss!!!!
rocketsauce08 (4 years ago)
dammit this song is so catchy
Giuda Basso (4 years ago)
our song. love you baby <3
just me (4 years ago)
awsome  reminds of captain beefheart
dan brady (2 years ago)
Is there a specific song that he has that reminded you of this? Just interested in listening to it.
djputt1 (4 years ago)
The movie is one of my favorites and this terrible hatred u call music is astounding I absolutely love it haha btw cold cold warmer ice cold
MGMT1580 (5 years ago)
jekyll hirsi (8 months ago)
MGMT1580 thought the same
yyyboy (5 years ago)
Probably because it is played so fast.
AioDeathgaze (5 years ago)
Sylvia Ramos (5 years ago)
sick movie i love it
Théo Giard (5 years ago)
Jhonny Jodl (5 years ago)
swwadaaaaa ta ta ta XD
Rowadie (5 years ago)
Too bad! Why is this song so short?
Because this is grindcore ^^
caNNoNNboydeNNis (5 years ago)
i stronlgy recommend to watch the german version before watching the american one! knowing the american before the german one makes u see the german, more horrible and sicker, version as not that hard ..
JenniferOcious79 (5 years ago)
I agree with you. I definitely prefered the German version actually. Maybe in part since I saw it first then judged how the English version would handle it. It was kind of like seeing Psycho being redone take for take. And the song definitely fits for the movie.
SpikeJoestar98 (5 years ago)
this comment was so awesome i just falled down of my chair and broked my leg xDDDDD
Perse Polis (5 years ago)
I just want to play with your pathetic lives.
Ephy Pinkman (5 years ago)
camgu (5 years ago)
Holy effin magma Batman, what did I just hear?!
Dan Oliver (5 years ago)
I remember fallin asleep leaving funny games playin, then waking up to this blearing ng out at 3a.m awesome me tune for a awesome some movie
Dan Oliver (5 years ago)
I remember fallin asleep leaving funny games playi g
smith wesson (5 years ago)
Ha that's funny this is my alarm song too
Liva Pleit (5 years ago)
This is the best alarm song!
kevin dn (5 years ago)
Se trata de Bonehead y Hell Raiser unidas en una sola pista.
jhonny capdevila (5 years ago)
mmmmbuaaaaahahahahahahahahahhahaha yyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!
DitzyDaffy (5 years ago)
I think the ending's trying to get the point across that, in life, justice doesn't always prevail, like we've been led to believe in many works of fiction. The ending shocked you as you expected Ann to be a 'final girl', but she wasn't, and she just drowned instead. We as humans cannot prevent every bad thing that happens in this world.
gabriel (5 years ago)
Almiro Kruger (5 years ago)
first time i watched it i was hoping for some sort of happy ending... then they dropped her on the lake... and they moved to another house... dafuck!!!? o.O
Mariana A. Jaimes M. (5 years ago)
the foucault is wrong with you!? How dare you compare it to "Friday"?
Dominic Wuest (5 years ago)
can i borrow some eggs?
Tomás Rivero (5 years ago)
this is better than justin bieber
Javier Pérez Seveso (5 years ago)
Habla del amor
Rey Pen (5 years ago)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH­HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! waahhhauahjhhhuhyyyyywaaaaaaaa­ahhhaayyyyywahhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuu­uu!!!
Olivia Edwards (5 years ago)
i like to listen to this in the pitch black right before i go to sleep
INFORMANTE3333 (5 years ago)
Duff Harris (5 years ago)
It's a shot for shot remake. I've seen both. Other than the different actors and the language they're speaking it's almost exactly the same.
Alicia Farnum (5 years ago)
WORST SONG EVER MADE! Like I don't know which is worse Rebbeca Black's "Friday" or this garbage?! I love this movie though lol, one of my favorites... music just scares the hell out of me.
08Annasia (6 years ago)
"avant garde"
TheVideoCat (6 years ago)
Loved how everybody went "YEEEEEAAAAH!!!" and then silence fell. Lol.
TheVideoCat (6 years ago)
It's like a musical FUCK OFF
TheVideoCat (6 years ago)
I applaud your comment
dekubaner (6 years ago)
i strongly encourage my american peeps to see the original ( movie ) in german (and by extension to see more foreign movies). it's slightly different. there's so much good shit being done abroad. two things people don't seem to enjoy here: subtitles and a slower pace. however, once you get into or get the hang of it you'll start to understand how from the vast number of hollywood movies only a very tiny amount is actually worth watching. btw, this song makes total sense in the movie.
Antonia Georgieva (6 years ago)
Keegan Douglass (6 years ago)
Just because all the song says is "Bllalsaldlkaslllgaf" doesn't mean it isn't F*** awesome!
Rotten Rottie (6 years ago)
Avant Guard or however you spell that word.
DylanEGL7 (6 years ago)
I like the lyrics
Wizard (6 years ago)
Good film, but little boring :/
TheMonsterGroovy (6 years ago)
Exactly! I literally yelled, "Nooooooo!" at the screen when I first saw this.
TheCandyHole (6 years ago)
it really is, people fucking hate this movie so much because of that part and don't realize the genius of a movie making you feel so much hatred
TheMonsterGroovy (6 years ago)
"Rewind." Excellent audience manipulation and perhaps one of the most maddening, frustrating moments in any movie I've seen.
Retog (6 years ago)
@gabrielduendeverde1 it is indeed :)

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