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Funny Games | Unveiling Fiction

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Awesome video man, I’ve been wanting to have a conversation with someone about this movie because of all the deep tones .. I agree with most of what you said about the movie but I have a different idea about the meaning of end .. first things first, I really didn’t like this movie the first time I watched it it was boring and overly slow at times .. I had expected it to be such a gory slasher film that the lack of action took me by surprise and I guess I didn’t pay good attention to the movie but the whole remote thing bugged me out, A few days after I watched it I started putting thought into what it could’ve meant and after another two days I simply had to watch it again even tho I didn’t like it the first time viewing it .. the second time watching it I paid much closer attention and it became apparent that the director wants the viewer to consider certain questions, Pitt’s character is asked on multiple occasions who he is and what he wants which he obviously refuses to answer and then he directly addresses the audience asking them who they’re betting on then scoffs as if to say this is only happening for you .. Anyway around this point of the movie I had actually felt an uneasy feeling for the first time since seeing it, something had occurred to, the big question wasn’t who is he or what he wants it’s how did he become aware that he’s nothing more than a character who’s sole reason for existence is to entertain the audience he can now see .. also, how did this affect him? It’s natural for us as humans to ponder the possibilities of the universe, what’s our true nature, is there something after this, however for us these are questions that will always remain a mystery .. now imagine finding out that your entire life ur entire existence isn’t even real in a sense, as I wondered about these questions this movie brings up I felt something less akin to fear and more akin to pure disdain as I tried to imagine the inhumanity that most rest in pitts soul .. it trades over the top gore for plot development that takes you down a very very dark train of thought and even makes you consider the monster that might dwell in yourself
El Gato (2 days ago)
I am not a supporter of these slash ships because they seem incompatible and thus I think it's just wishful thinking but when I have the choice between one of them dead or them hooking up I would still pick the latter. (It would be Supes that would die because Goku is relentless)
Jordan Little (3 days ago)
Superman would win in a fist fight, but he doesn't kill! SO no one would win!
amahe btdem (5 days ago)
One of my favourite videos on youtube, do more of theese
Joe Gregor (7 days ago)
Nice ending lol
Peter Del Villano (7 days ago)
I love how no one pronounces Michael Haneke's name correctly.
baba BOOEY (9 days ago)
Goku. qt pie..
reverberate10 (17 days ago)
i have a friend that said that iron man could beat goku in a fight and for that reason i'm gonna say superman would win a fair fight but i think goku wins at super saiyan
Elliot Bailes (23 days ago)
Goku can blow up planets. The question might be fair Ginyu-force era Goku but by Frieza, Goku’s more powerful than a guy who can blow up a full planet with just one finger. Though you can also throw in the monkey wrench of like all the times the moon was destroyed in a single blast and you could probably extrapolate something out of that. What I’m saying is: I don’t think Superman would survive a direct Kamehameha wave.
Arnaud Miller-Goupil (24 days ago)
Shit, thanks for making this, so that I don't have to watch this... Horrible movie. I mean, I couldn't stomach it for sure.
Yohann Last (25 days ago)
I got here late. OMG. Violent Films. I saw MondoTrasho when I was 20 Years old.....no 22years old 1972. After that Last House on Left, Texas Chainsaw Massacree etc are BORING.JOHN WATERS MondoTrasho made my POINT OF REFERENCE for NASTY HORRORABLE and SICK, while ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONAL.....I realised I was a Transsexual after seeing MondoTrasho. I was a young married father, and LEFT IT ALL to be a SODOMITE QUEER wearing WOMENS CLOTHING---IM A LUMBERJACK and THATS OKAY, I SLEEP ALL NIGHT AND I WORK ALL DAY! I PUT ON WOMEN'S GARMENTS AND HANG OUT IN GAY BARS!
Conrad Sabatier (27 days ago)
I'd just like to thank you for this very interesting and enlightening discussion/analysis. Thoroughly enjoyed it, have now subscribed to your channel, and am recommending that others come and check this out. Keep up the good work! P.S. I can't even begin to offer an opinion on the Superman vs. Goku question, as I have no idea who or what Goku is! Please pardon my ignorance! 😊
insector2 (1 month ago)
I get the point of the movie, but when people pay money for fictional entertainment, they're going to try and get the most out of it. If it was something playing on a TV in a store, I'm sure a lot of people would walk away from the torture porn, because they didn't lose money on it and it disgusted them. If it was 'real' few people would pay money for it, let alone watch the whole thing. I'm sure someone will come along 'oh just because you put money into means you have to watch it and says something morally about you as a pers-Blah blah no. It's fictional media there's nothing immoral about wanting your money's worth from a product that didn't hurt anyone in it's creation. (We can get into the morals of mass industry and worker wages and that sort of thing another time) It reminds me a lot of Spec Ops: The Line "Oh gosh you're so evil for killing those civilians, but you did it because a game told you to OOOOOOOOH YOU'RE SO MINDLESS AND TAKE ORDERS FROM A VIDEO GAME YOU COULD HAVE JUST TURNED IT OFF YOU DIDN'T EVEN QUESTION ANYTHING" - Spec Ops: The Line You don't question a video game when it tells you to do something,. because it's pretend and has no real world consequences. I don't mind when media gets meta and asks the audience to think, but when it's being spiteful towards you for experiencing it, that's when hits a new level of screw you and your story.
Jaxon Garside (1 month ago)
I remember seeing a trailer for this movie and the only thing I understood was golf.
Swanee-Shore (1 month ago)
German version of Funny Games beats Superman every time
Eleanor Griffiths (1 month ago)
I really prefer not to watch horror movies, and slashed flicks and torture porn in particular. However, what this movie does is amazing! The scene with the remote honestly amazed me, like holy shit! There were a few lines that I thought I didn’t understand because I was seeing it out of context, but it totally wasn’t! It’s these things that make me really appreciate analysis channels because I wouldn’t have watched that scene otherwise. And the few horror movies I do watch I miss a lot of because I’m probably not going to watch them multiple times and I’m too scared to catch a lot of what is happening on the first watch.
Robyn Timmons (1 month ago)
Goku would die, Superman's only weakness is that green rock that Goku doesn't have. I'm a Marvel girl myself so I might be wrong but that's my answer.
Tiadiad (1 month ago)
I’d love to watch a video essay on the ‘Baskets’ show. It’d be great to hear your opinion.
Bliss (1 month ago)
Teresa Dragschitz (1 month ago)
For me funny games was really disturbing, because I set there, middle of the night actually having to get up in the morning thinking to myself „why am I watching this“ but I couldn’t stop.. when he looked at the camera and asked me if I wanted it to go on I felt caught and guilty and that’s why its one of my Favoriten movies ever
SJNaka101 (1 month ago)
Idk I've seen some pretty convincing videos saying superman would win. Superman lifted the book of infinite pages for example, that feat alone says his strength is literally infinite. Goku is always pushing his limits to meet whatever challenge comes his way, but the point is that he HAS limits. Superman doesn't.
Live Coil Archive (1 month ago)
I saw "Funny Games (2008)" almost completely blind. I knew it was a shot-for-shot remake and almost nothing else. I absolutely adored it. Your analysis puts some things into greater perspective, leading me to love the movie even more. It's like "Doki Doki Literature Club," except a torture porn. Wonderful subversion of a genre I normally abhor. Thank you. :)
Davesknd (1 month ago)
In a fight between Superman and Goku if written IC this would happen: Goku challenges Superman. Superman says no because he is Superman and he doesn't fight for fun. Goku pesters him for 5 minutes. Superman says no. Goku respects that in the end because he is an idiot but not an asshole. Roll credits.
Kosta Jovanovic (1 month ago)
No, fictional images can't have the same effect as real life ones
Doctor Doom (1 month ago)
I doubt they would even fight, but dceu superman would stomp ssj1 goku. The only time he's ever really hurt is when he gets stabbed by doomsday when weakened by kryptonite.
Matt (1 month ago)
Goku is probably stronger than Supes, but he's also WAY dumber
Zok (1 month ago)
I watched this movie only once almost ten years ago but it's one of those rare movies that I actually remember well, and this review made me see it all over again. It's all so unnerving, and so well done. Love this analysis. Also Goku and Superman wouldn't fight to the death. Superman wouldn't kill someone who's not threatening Earth and Goku wouldn't kill someone who can provide him with a good fight.
Descoda (1 month ago)
funny epic goku Edit: I was told to give reasoning, so I think anime is just overall better.
Descoda (1 month ago)
fuck :(
Halcyon Claire (1 month ago)
honestly I think who would win depends on who the protagonist of the story is. also not to beat a dead horse but they're married next question
Anthony Johnson (1 month ago)
Counter-point: The movie is really boring.
Claire Cade (1 month ago)
I saw this version when it first came out. I was just a kid, but it's always been one of my favorite movies, even though I didn't understand it. This makes so much sense.
Phil the Conquistadork (1 month ago)
Outstanding video. I watched Funny Games quite some time ago, and it bothered me enough that I never wanted to watch it again, despite appreciating its craft. This is a terrific dissection of the film.
Atticus Shadowmore (1 month ago)
Superman, the debate does not even exist until he gets further on
Rowan C. (1 month ago)
when I first saw this movie I was in high school and I thought the Funny Games Boys were so hot I rewatched it like 9 times
Scorpion Sketch (1 month ago)
Would Superman and Goku even fight?
Skinnymarks (1 month ago)
Your brain is hot.
luna128 (1 month ago)
you fucking got me with that ending lmao
StationTo Static (1 month ago)
I would assume these are ferris bullers stepkids.
Azurite (1 month ago)
I don't watch horror movies to see people suffer. I watch them to see a couple of characters overcome a difficult ordeal.
Jimmy Browne (1 month ago)
Micheal Pitt is bae
Yami Bones (1 month ago)
Lol, nice
mark david chapman (1 month ago)
if only he had rewinded to a little earlier, she could have said the prayer backwards : /
InfernalPume (1 month ago)
see i havent seen the end of the video but since i've seen funny games ima go ahead and assume the point is that i dont want either superman or goku to hurt each other because they're both good people who dont deserve to be thrown into planets
lacuna poltergeist (1 month ago)
That scene where they just sit and cry is just horrific, holy shit
jonathan kinsella (1 month ago)
Superman duh, Goku dies and just gets resurrected losing the battle but winning the war in a few days when he kills superman back.
Dappis (1 month ago)
Damn The video is almost as brilliant as the movie
Chex Baxter (1 month ago)
Goku would turn to killing Superman faster that Superman would turn to killing Goku. They would both try to beat the other physically but I think goku would decide he would have to killing him to bear him first.
Pugia (1 month ago)
superman because ive never watched dragon ball
Konstantinos M. (1 month ago)
I'm really hoping you will see this. In the conversation Paul and Peter have at the end, I think you missed something. Peter is talking about the sci-fi story he's been writing, and how the place where the protagonist is stuck in, which was first supposed to be an anti-matter alternate universe, turns out to be fiction. Then Paul posits "if you can see it, it's real". I don't think Paul is (directly) saying that all on-screen fiction is real because you can view it, but that in a work of fiction, dubbing an element of that story 'fiction' (in other words two layers of fiction for us) does not make any difference if you actually depict the 'fictional' place, since there is no basis for distinction in the audience's eyes; fiction inside fiction is as real to the viewer as the story within it resides, so if the story is supposed to be 'real', then the fiction inside it is just as real. I'm not sure if this is something you've considered and whether you thought it was a metaphor for what you explained it as in the video, but in any case I would like to hear your thoughts on it, since I found your essay very insightful. Hoping I'm not too late and that you reply to new comments
alex ives (1 month ago)
yes its hard to explain its like its saying its ok to like horror films your not sick in the head or a manic in fact you more intelligent if you look at Jason or chukey some one like that there like a anti hero and not real yet people frown at people who like them movies but they don't hurt kids and only go out there way of there killing spree to kill people who are not innocent or in power like chukey kills a teacher or a cop Jason kills a doctor etc I think the horror fans its more about the ultimate battle of good and evil but this film saying sick people are every were and they rarely come with mask they come with smile on there faces or when you don't expect them and can happen any time to any one for no real reason so ley of horror classics saying they make you do bad shit which is not true they are just bad people in the world and movies have nothing to do with it . that's what I got from the meaning of the fourth wall bricking seens in this movie any way.
Secret Guy (2 months ago)
As you pointed out some new tweaks of acting in the remake, but the original is far more disturbing. Susanne Lothar and Ulrich Muhe played the couple brilliantly, as they were a couple in real life. And you didn't show the 11 minute shot in the original were the father just breaks down with grief is devastating, when Tim Roth was poor in comparison and just didn't connect. And Arno Frisch's Paul is just cold, because as he seems speaks normal, but also comes across as mentally deranged. You need to understand German to notice this.
Gael Violet (2 months ago)
You're right about this: this is not a condamnation of depicting violence on screen. But if we have to take the very discourse of Heineke about this movie (and Benny's Video also) seriously, this is not a dialogue with the viewer of such fictionnalized violence - this is a condamnation of said viewer. Without a shadow of a doubt, and without nuance. Heineke expressed numerous times his intention with those movies, and this is a spit in the face of his public, and, although I liked some of his movies, I despize Heineke for that, with all my heart.
WaterMark (2 months ago)
Superb video. Just checked out your channel and you have some really interesting videos, and I think you have the talent and opportunity to grow quite big, possibly if you focus in on specific types of videos only. Please do keep it up, I dropped you a sub, hope to see more quality vids in the future from you and to see this channel grow big. Good luck with everything. <3
pShurican8 (2 months ago)
"why not" is also said off screen, behind the viewer almost, as if we, the audience, are saying "why not" rather than them saying it to us.
Dio Brando (2 months ago)
Yeah we know you wanted Goku to win
leandro sanchez (2 months ago)
Goku is literally a god
Wild World (2 months ago)
Who the fuck is goku
Colin Walsh (2 months ago)
The movie was too boring so I couldn't get invested in it & ended up skipping bits here and there
x x (2 months ago)
this channel is a piece of shit for many reasons. nothing you said is accurate in a larger way of explore movies in a artistic or intellectual level. you are just another editor who thinks discovered the moon mix with tons of narcissistic arrogance for non other reason than be a crappy pseudo-intellectual.
Kosta Jovanovic (1 month ago)
x x (2 months ago)
This is not boring
KEvronista (2 months ago)
goku is fictional. KEvron
Toastwig (3 months ago)
I watched this video when it first came out about a month ago. And more than any other video essay it has played on my mind ever since. Fantastic work Eric.
Josh Mandrake (3 months ago)
Human brain: funny games is an excellent meta commentary on watching slasher films and why people watch them Monkey brain: hhhhhh murder man hot hhhhh
Joao Alves (3 months ago)
Michael haneke is a fucking genius
Matt Emery (3 months ago)
I feel like the two antagonists being young, attractive, yuppie-like characters creates a sense that they are almost like god like frat boys, who's parents could probably buy their way out of all their problems, which is terrifying on its own
Marlon Davis (3 months ago)
First of all don't you EVER disrespect my nigga Goku again idgaf
AfroToad75 (3 months ago)
Depends on the Superman. Original 1940s-Superman could beat anybody. If we are talking current versions, it would be Goku.
moviemadness 1030 (3 months ago)
No I have to correct you there The lines weren’t improv, they are the same in the original Haneke speaks English very well but he only speaks German in front of cameras
HylianBowTie (3 months ago)
Justin Davis (3 months ago)
Or maybe watch Death Battle?
dooms daisy (3 months ago)
Goku Reason:only queers like superman Real reason: goku has to grow in power with each battle which is how he got so op but superman is more consistent. Also comics are a convoluted mess and it depends on what you deem as canon to how powerful he is.
Dennis Ndrmn (3 months ago)
the original is better
Insomniac Astronaut (3 months ago)
Breaking the 4th wall isn't meta. Working on two or more levels at once is meta. Funny Games breaks the 4th wall while cabin in the woods is actually meta. Also I'm kind of annoyed by both of these movies as both are self aware but both fail to make a meaningful comment. Entertainment uses tension to make it's resolution more satisfying... so? Same thing happens in almost all music. We don't condemn dominant chords because they're only there to create tension. Is having a "self-consistent universe" that isn't only there to satisfy the audience more dignified when that isn't the function of it? Whether art is for the audience or the artist it's there to either satisfy or satisyingly dissatisfy. Goku would win.
Lolikage (3 months ago)
I always fantasized about making a movie that subverts every expectation to 11/10, where I could just do whatever I wanted "because", but in my mind it always ends up reaching a point so ridiculous I feel like only a few people could possibly appreciate my pretentiousness of being "so meta" and/or being entertained at all without walking out. I never knew this movie already existed lol. Edit: I really wish I could go back and watch the movie now, before watching this essay. I'm curious to know whether or not I would have appreciated it or been frustrated with it. I feel now like I would have liked it. But part of me wonders if I would have hated it before having its intricacies spoon-fed to me. Similar to Enemy, before watching Chris Stuckman's analysis.
(3 months ago)
Incredible analysis dude. Seriously impressed. Subscribed.
(3 months ago)
I resent your leading question goading me into commenting on your video but that being said... Superman... Obviously...
Pill Box (3 months ago)
Superman because he survived a super nova, but All Might destroys Superman as he can smash apart a black hole. That’s the story I decided to create. Loved Funny Games. It is funny and sick and makes you feel uncomfortable.
tdtbaa (3 months ago)
goku because hes cool.
62chipo (3 months ago)
Neither would win cause neither can kill
Box Boi (3 months ago)
Superman from the DC universe would win, because he doesn’t care about the damage he causes and doesn’t have an ounce of empathy.
blacklite911 (3 months ago)
Ok I get his leg is hurt but I feel like most normal fathers would fight back, especially against two snot nosed teens you may be stronger than. At least when they’re separated. That instinct to protect your family at all cost is too great. If you get him on the ground you can choke him out and one done. Then grab a weapon, say a knife and when the other one comes back stab the shit out of him. Horror movies can be frustrating like that but good thing this is a parody or else hat scenario would’ve been irredeemable to me.
Kate Kursive (3 months ago)
I would say Goku bc Dragon Ball and Laura Bailey was in Dragon Ball and I love her. But overall I agree with love wins
moviemadness 1030 (3 months ago)
I disagree with you on politics but at least you have a good taste in movies ;) Except cabin in the woods. I hate this film As an Austrian I have the say that I prefere the original Haeneke is one of my biggest idols, and I met him once in the movies
Mal c.H (3 months ago)
This video was exquisite.
CaptainLekirk (3 months ago)
Yeah, fictional images do not have the same effect on people as in real life. Even witnessing and hearing something in real life, in front of you, is totally different. It's pretty easy to see the difference in dozens of situations, at least. Humans are disconnected from fiction, they can separate a movie from a real situation. Just because there is a feral pack of dogs on screen, appearing to watch you and follow you at night, doesn't give you an adrenaline dump and make you run. In real life, it certainly will. You'll probably forget that scene, as well, but you wouldn't ever forget that irl. There are hundreds of similar situations. I agreed with you about things up until this.
Mimik Pro (3 months ago)
If it's nit on Netflix i'm not going out of my way to watch it. (Edit: Goku would win, never watched DB but DCU Superman sucks ass)
Pajamapants Jack (3 months ago)
An amazing video but likes are disabled.
Neko .Zombie (3 months ago)
New funny games theory Paul and Peter are literally a metaphor for viewers/critics of film, quite literally they are siskel and ebert Roger Ebert is the piecemeal Peter, who takes things as he comes. The fat viewer who is fine with getting film in portions and doesn't mind leaving to get food [One of Peters first positive actions instead of being passive and obeying Paul is to leave and get food] Gene Siskel is the 'whole viewing expierence' Paul who needs the film as a whole to enjoy it or discuss it. Cold and calculated by how the wheels spin in the movie. He quite literally asks about a plausible ending to the audience, something roger ebert [Peter] would be able to ignore if he enjoyed most of the film, whereas ofor the Gene siskels this could be a dealbreaker. When he leaves to get food, the film shifts to him, implying he's still 'there' watching in a sense. This theory is furthered by the ending, Paul asks 'isn't fiction real'? An incredibly philisophic approach to fiction that reflected Gene Siskels reviewing style. While Roger Ebert considered film art and such and obviously took them seriously, his method of consuming films could never reflect such an all encompassing philisophic question. If you read his introduction to 'your movie sucks' you can get this sense that Ebert would laugh at the question 'is fiction real' and dismiss it out of hand. In the book he talks about a movie he went to see at caans and declared it the worst movie he's ever seen at the festival. Later he found out the director re-edited the film, cutting 26 minutes and brought the film up to three stars. He says "When movies were cut on Movieolas, there was a saying that they could be "saved on the green machine." Make no mistake: The Cannes version was a bad film, but now Gallo's editing has set free the good film inside." Essentially implying that this could be true for the other movies in the book. That if you added or subtracted the right parts -- not rewrite the thing entirely -- you can still have a good film. Fiction being real would mean everything has to be whole. We understand that history is not a thing that is to be taken piecemeal. It is a whole, even if we digest it in chunks So Peter says 'bullshit' to this whole idea. It's why Peter is excitedly talking about the climax of this sci-fi -- the hero realizing the truth that one world is real, one is fake -- and Paul can only go 'How?'. He takes these events in pieces where Paul needs the whole picture to accept the events -- like something as spectacular as overcoming gravity. It explains why Ebert can enjoy lowbrow comedy like Rugrats in Paris, cop and a half, or the Original Rugrats movie while Gene Siskel couldn't. Paul is skinny and a bit stuck up, just like Gene Siskel. Peter is fat and gets emotional, just like Roger Ebert Anyway, the 1997 funny games came out a decade after Siskel and Ebert where mainstream successes, so my idea has merits In this sense you could read funny games as aa critique of movie critics and the audience Edit: My Peter-is-Siskel theory is actually lended further by when they leave. Since we the viewer have complete control over this movie, act 2, the rising action can only happen when we leave Siskel as a wholesale viewer then, needs this act 2 to happen. Peter asks Paul 'wheres your sense of timing" quite literally a slave to the three act structure So Peter makes them leave to create the rising action tension -- the chance the family will escape and turn them into the police for multiple murders. "Player 1, Level 2" This is why Peter rather than Paul needed to be the one who grabbed the remote in his first real outburst of anger. all the rising tension was just ruined two fold. He gets emotional because his wholesale was ruined by killing one of the viewers [can't kill your audience] and now an unplausible ending -- one of the killers dying. She's 'not allowed to break the rules' of this plausible ending or bet. They have complete control of the film, why would one of them die?
Neko .Zombie (18 days ago)
+Joce Almighty So I did.
Joce Almighty (18 days ago)
Think you got Paul and Peter mixed up in the edit.
Jack Clare (1 month ago)
Neko .Zombie you don’t have to get so defensive. i could just as easily level the same charge at you, considering you’ve written a lengthy mini-essay about the intersection between funny games and siskel and ebert, with edits, but i didn’t do that. i actually took your theory seriously and tried to engage with you on that basis, because i’m not the kind of person who swears at people and tries to belittle them at the first sign of disagreement
Neko .Zombie (2 months ago)
You must be real fucking fun at parties, you know that? Holy fuck it was a fun little theory and you had to get all pedantic about it and tell me its worthless.
Jack Clare (2 months ago)
Neko .Zombie well let’s account for that. if it’s not intentional, then it tells you nothing about the artist. that’s fine. let’s go through the other options. if it can’t help you understand the artist, there are a few other useful things that you can learn from art. you can learn about yourself and your life (understand how you act, and why, the effect it had on yourself and others, why your past panned out the way it did). you can learn about the world at large (why people act the way they do, why history has played out how it has, etc). you can learn something new that is useful to your life and alters your behaviour accordingly. (i’m sure there’s others things i’m missing out here). if funny games is about siskel and ebert, and it’s an allegorical retelling of their careers, then that’s just a dead end. it’s not worthwhile knowledge. it’s an interpretation that only refers to itself.
Mr. Stuff (3 months ago)
(BTW batman would totes win with enough prep time) But to be serious... I've been thinking about this stuff for a while... Spoilers for the end of the video Unless you record every asspull power down to the molecular level (impossible because of fiction and are lack of understanding), account for diffrent realtys (lets say one universe has glasses break once you hit a sound boom while the other dosnt. This might not seem important, but if you break it down it could change a lot)choose a highly specific area, and account for ever insane to logical solution you cannot tell if X Vs. Y wins you can only tell who might have a higher chance in the end. Since a lot of stuff like this requires such pinpoint accuracy a lot of fight crossovers end with both sides going into a repititon saying how they imagined a different scenario for infinity.
Test Subject 13 (3 months ago)
The movie seems to think it's a lot more intelligent than it is, intentionally making it unenjoyable for the audience it supposedly wants to teach. Not to mention absolutely none of these themes or concepts are in the least bit original or impactful considering all the movie really does is say a lot without actually meaning anything. It simply presents ideas about the nature of fiction and specifically horror films and then... well. that's it. Cabin in the Woods achieves all the same things this movie does and it's actually, y'know, entertaining.
magic__brian (13 days ago)
+Eric Taxxon Come on, you know what he meant. Why the pedantry?
Eric Taxxon (3 months ago)
movies are incapable of thinking they are intelligent, movies aren't sentient.
Start With Yourself (3 months ago)
thank you for bringing this to my full attention
Great video. I have a very kneejerk negative reaction to "it's the same movie, but remade in your language!" But in this case I'll have to make am exception and finally watch the 2007 version.
DannyWilliamH (3 months ago)
Your constant "in all of cinema ever of all-time" opinions destroy the concept of exceptionalism. Stop.
dhoakohime (3 months ago)
I still think Haneke denounces the brainless use of violence in fiction in this movie. I think that, appart from all you said, which is an excellent analysis, he is also adressing the audience as follows: "i have created this fictional world where i show suffering as disgusting and real as possible, i have made it clear that both you and I know it is fiction and i dont even want it to pass as real... do you still think it is ok to enjoy this violence just because it is fiction? Do you think it is just entertainment with no further effect?" Which ties with the last conversation of the killers. I think this is more obvious tho in the original where the characters are less of an archetype and the violence and acting is more raw and feels more natural ( this one was my fab verdion btw). Also Haneke has stated himself his worries about how fiction and reality are intertwined and how the brainless and superficial use of violence in fiction is something worrying.
Jon (3 months ago)
the movie is shit
Jacob Applehoof (3 months ago)
I can't answer that. They're both powerful beings who've died and come back to life. I guess goku would win because superman has never really done the kind of land destruction superman has
Crazy Productions (3 months ago)
This isn't funny, nor a game
Nunu Rats (3 months ago)
Funny Games is undeniably a horse shit movie that pretends to be smarter than it is. This carnage does not occur because the viewer wants it, the moment that preppy fuck looks at the camera, it happens because the director is begging you to get it. There's no difference between this and the director just masturbating on screen for a feature movie length of time.
Nunu Rats (3 months ago)
Fiction can be a barrier, no lies allowed.
Nunu Rats (3 months ago)
Superman would win if Goku was confined to SSJ1, and no, saying it doesn't matter or that whoever the plot favors would win isn't right either. I've made this comment before the video and I already know that dumb shit is gonna come up.
Eric Taxxon (3 months ago)
why so angry lol
Nunu Rats (3 months ago)
Fuck you, Eric. I hate Funny Games and I want you to know that.
Nunu Rats (3 months ago)
Yeah so my answer was correct, Eric. I'll subscribe but your opinions are awful.
Nunu Rats (3 months ago)
I don't agree that the long shot is good, fuck you. It's too long and the movie was unironically better when the two shits were out of the movie.
a man of culture (3 months ago)
Why does fiction work in the first place? Are we just that stupid? Also my favorite part of the movie is the discussion the two have on the boat at the end, where they're just like, "Yeah, don't even try talking yourself into thinking all the torture and suffering you just witnessed means nothing. It was valid." The creator honestly read my mind with that scene. The first thing I wanted to do was dismiss the whole ordeal as fiction, but he wouldn't allow me to. This movie honestly forces you into a kind of growth spurt

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