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Crappy Doom WADs Special: Terry Madness!

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This is yet another special episode, and here we're going to play a lot of Terry WADs! So buckle your seat belts and hang on! Ancient Mountain Temple (AMT.wad): http://doomworld.com/idgames/?id=17074 Scuba Steve's Epic Adventure (scubaadv.wad): http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=17046 Portal Facility (prtlfacility.wad): http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=themes/terrywads/prtlfily.zip Hell Cage (hellcage.wad): http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=themes/terrywads/hellcage.zip Angry Video Game Nerd in DOOM! (AVGNDOOM.wad): http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=themes/terrywads/avgndoom.zip Desert Assault (DESERT.WAD): http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=17079 Dementia (DEMENTIA.WAD): http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=16995 Reface the overlord (Reface.wad): http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=16971 Credits: Recorded With - Fraps Maps Made With - Slade3 and Paint.net Source Ports Used - Skulltag and ZDoom Movie Made With - Windows Live Movie Maker Music: From MAP11: Feeding Frenzy of Icarus: Alien Vanguard The track was composed by Team TNT Icarus: Alien Vanguard: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=5191 Also, here's the link to ugh.wad after you watch the video I linked: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=16987
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Text Comments (391)
ARCHTANK (1 month ago)
Too bad you added all your own text commentary instead of using your voice or just playing the wads with nothing added. Zdoom > skulltag
V. S. Cosplay (1 month ago)
vienna sausage (2 months ago)
Can I have some iddqd semen juices
Lucas C (3 months ago)
Oltryk (4 months ago)
Xcel '99 (5 months ago)
These certainly are annoying, but they don't look NEARLY as bad as some the Half-Life meme mods...
samutalyist (5 months ago)
at 12:11 he says looks nice so fat
Crazy Hunter Films (6 months ago)
May I ask, what is the definition of a, Terry Trap?
TheDARKYOSHI64 (10 days ago)
Crazy Hunter Films Late reply but they tend to be huge areas (usually boxed/square or in the shape of a penis) with loads of Archviles, flashing colors, loud sounds or music, the “somemong” texture (the red tinted picture of CarnEvil, the guy who created the Skulltag source port), a lot of vulgar messages onscreen and they also have you bouncing all over the place and cause the source port to lag. Some traps also mess with the source port’s settings such as controls and screen size.
do you realize that the somemong wads are a joke
Black Hand (1 year ago)
That first wad. Had so much potential by looking at the map. Why do people waste they're hard work and effort. Just to be a troll. God this generation is retarded.
Austin Reed (1 year ago)
Someone should do a Megawad of all the terry wads with the Terry-isms and shit removed, leaving only the layouts.
CadmiumRED (1 year ago)
that guy at the start of loading that one WAD that you couldn't figure out who he was, that's Asalieri on youtube. he mocks Irate Gamer and talks about what a worthless sack of crap he is.
Călin Semeniuc (1 year ago)
11:02 - 😂
LambdaLegend (1 year ago)
Why you use Skulltag for Terry WADs?
hacène Benabdelaziz (1 year ago)
There im have skultag doom and the bfg10k the railgun the grenadelauncher and the minigun
Spook Toque (1 year ago)
24:30 Top 10 Anime Battles
Count Knappula (1 year ago)
more like terry WADness
Michael BORM (1 year ago)
ParaboIa _ (2 years ago)
Stinky pinky
Michael Skřepský (2 years ago)
11:22 what is the floor texture? mechanical cyberpunk fish?
Butter Butt (2 years ago)
Michael Skřepský Its from quake. Its an easter egg in one of the maps
camerplay (2 years ago)
That Wolfenstein 3d music!
The Original Gamer (2 years ago)
3DO Wolfenstein music? I'm impressed just at that.
Charles H. (2 years ago)
TERRY MODE ACTIVATED. (Insert vulgar message here)
DiamRaude Ytb〽 (2 years ago)
Hey aquarius use tntem
DiamRaude Ytb〽 (2 years ago)
Hey aquarius use tntem
Tyrese Hayes (2 years ago)
hey it's Angry Video Game Nerd
Cynthia Bell (2 years ago)
I'm on my phone so I can't get the annotation for the link to the video with ugh.wad
KennyT06 (2 years ago)
A Kenny Trap is it tricks you into making the player think it is bad but then changes into an amazing game
KenshiMOV (2 years ago)
Smells like "DOOM" Spirit 3:32
Nᴀɴᴏᴍᴇɴ (2 years ago)
10/10 would stick a drill in my ears again
YoBadMama (2 years ago)
Once the initial disappointment fades away, I find Terry Wads hilarious.
eltiolavara9 (2 years ago)
same they're still a plague tho
The Disaster Master (2 years ago)
I've been looking AVGN Doom WAD files and yeah none cares but for nerds this might be interesting. The creepy puppet guy is named COK This boop sound is called BUTTBOOF "I'm a ballsack, Here comes drop!" audio is BALLSACK. That weird sound is COKINASS.
Steve Wayne (2 years ago)
8:08 What is the track name?
Steve Wayne (2 years ago)
P.S. 15:58 That's based on the tutorial level of Powerslave, right?
Goblin Rabblemaster (2 years ago)
I can't wait for some DOOM(2016) Terry Maps!
Goblin Rabblemaster (2 years ago)
+Ekacahya Garfiantama I saw you on the Undertale community.
Valkyries733 (2 years ago)
I got a video of a Doom 2016 Terry wad
eltiolavara9 (2 years ago)
Caleb WOODring (2 years ago)
Oh jesus christ! Don't wish that on us!
Romi (2 years ago)
Can you learn to strafe?
QVear (2 years ago)
So terrywads are basically Kaizo hacks of the Doom world?
久夫中井 (2 years ago)
+FIB Special Agent:Dave Norton dafuq
久夫中井 (2 years ago)
Don´t you get tired of appearing in aqua's videos?And i would like to know how your assrape dimension works.
Carvool (2 years ago)
+QVear God no. Kaizo hacks at least have interesting designs with thought put into them for the most part. Sure, they can be rude, but a good Kaizo has an interesting challenge, however difficult. I've seen people take weeks to make good Kaizo levels. "terrywads" are more akin to those "adult" ROM hacks out there that simply aim to be as offensive as possible for no good reason. These are the "Super Penis Bros" of the doom community.
Yarida (2 years ago)
oh fuck terry wads never get old
The Disaster Master (2 years ago)
Is that carmaggedon guy?
Terry Trap (2 years ago)
The Disaster Master (2 years ago)
7:29 music?
Ian Campbell (2 years ago)
VertX (2 years ago)
VertX (2 years ago)
joke mod in other games: "HAHA THAT AMAZING!" Joke mod in Doom "fuck you! this WAD sucks !"
TheWarriorX (2 years ago)
Actually is just sarcasm.
Valkyries733 (2 years ago)
You're right. I dont know what i was thinking :/
VertX (2 years ago)
I wouldn't say so, Its just a click and drag situation.
Valkyries733 (2 years ago)
I think it's because it takes longer to install a WAD
aa yu okey (2 years ago)
02:10 (Uh oh intefisies)
Derek Tailor (2 years ago)
Such a waste of talent with all them traps!
Trey Pritchett (2 years ago)
who the hell is terry crews?..
Capt. RiskyBoots (2 years ago)
What's with this Terry guy always including homosexual rape and sex in all of his wads? I'm not apart of the Doom community (which I probably should join since I love Doom), but what's his beef with everyone?
alex romine (2 years ago)
+GoldenTorizo  doomworld wont take down wads as far as i know, and yeah, terry wads are painful to play
Capt. RiskyBoots (2 years ago)
+alex romine It's surprising that they're still there. I feel bad for Aquarius who has to torment himself with these "wads". I'm putting that in quotes because these wads shouldn't be classified as wads.
alex romine (2 years ago)
+GoldenTorizo file sharing sites, doomworld.com
Capt. RiskyBoots (2 years ago)
+alex romine But how is it that his wads manage to get onto the Doom Community?
Simon Leary (2 years ago)
Terry has some serious unresolved issues to work out...
Terry Trap (2 years ago)
+Robert Terrick How bout No!
Robert Terrick (2 years ago)
+Terry Trap fucking die
Simon Leary (2 years ago)
+Terry Trap The obsessions with penises and anal rape is a good place to start. 
Terry Trap (2 years ago)
+Simon Leary What u talkin bout
ANDRADA (2 years ago)
+Simon Leary he's crazy
Jang Soap (2 years ago)
Oh, didnt know that.
smol bean (2 years ago)
2:00 I seen this trap in another shitty WAD. video Aqua did. 8T
Rocket (2 years ago)
what's the song name on the second level of scuba steve?
theDesync (2 years ago)
+Orcah smells like teen spirit?
Rocket (2 years ago)
13:34 is that skrillex?
Somemong (3 years ago)
Oh lordy, Your ass is so scrumpy.
xXx_mariah_xXx Love (1 year ago)
Kami mmm... the juices of your intestines taste SOOOOO FUCKING GOOOOD!
Jaden Green (1 year ago)
me bottle of scrumpy
xXx_mariah_xXx Love (1 year ago)
Robert Terrick shut the fuck up you gaylord
andrews animations (2 years ago)
+Tyrese Hayes Muhahahaha!
Tyrese Hayes (2 years ago)
Mister MidKnight. (3 years ago)
Headphone Users Are Extinct By The One With The PSX Style Doom Effects! Curse You Terry!
DaveThe SodaGuy (3 years ago)
jesus christ I laughed so hard at this...
Doodle Bob (3 years ago)
Dear Aquarius199, Terry, Your worst nightmare! Can you escape?
Jesus Bear (3 years ago)
You know you've been playing real crap, if you're happy you can actually move. Lol
Mr. Fahrenheit (3 years ago)
Where did you get this version of Feeding Frenzy?
noah Evans (3 years ago)
13:00 now you can move
noah Evans (3 years ago)
12:52 terry trap
Michael Hutchinson (3 years ago)
why are terry wads called terry wads?
andrews animations (2 years ago)
+Michael Hutchinson It's because, the whole genre of Terry wads was made by than other but, Terry himself back in 2007 when he released the first ever major Terry wad (UAC Military Nightmare).
Mr. White (3 years ago)
Because the man who created the original "terry wad" was named, you guessed it, terry. Or at least that's what he calls himself.
Blorox Cleech (3 years ago)
I just wanna know who is terry -_-
I GUARANTEE IT (3 years ago)
I wonder how old Terry was when he made these wads. If he's just a bored teen back then, that justifies his tendency to reference homosexuality and sodomy. If he's old as an adult... maybe he has a repressed side of homosexuality.
Robert Terrick (2 years ago)
Do you guarantee it?
1:58 best sound effect. ever.
Stephen Rounds (3 years ago)
Is there a way to contact SirCaco19? His email address is dead.
Dan "Toasty" Forden (3 years ago)
What's the name of the intermission music at 4:14?
LocalDisk (2 years ago)
+laserbreak why do you think
The Noot Noot Recruit (2 years ago)
+NaCl why is salt your name?
LocalDisk (2 years ago)
+laserbreak oh _shit_ *niggA* we *_g OT_* a BADASS xDDDD over *here!!!!!!!!*
Shigbeard (2 years ago)
+laserbreak so salty
The Noot Noot Recruit (2 years ago)
+grassblight the chespin go fuck yourself.
Thatcake2Channel (3 years ago)
To be honest, after playing most of Terry's wads, Terry seems to be a pretty good level designer. His "TerryTraps" suck, obviously, but he does a good job making the maps look convincing before the traps come into play. It wouldn't surprise me if it turned out that Terry secretly had another account (a main account) under a better name where he makes wads that are actually good.
There's more people that make Terry WADs out there, you know.
Simon Leary (2 years ago)
+Thatcake2Channel If it were a one off joke, I could applaud him a bit for a clever (if juvenile) trap/troll, but he wallows in this shit. It's not shocking, it's annoying.
Mr. White (3 years ago)
The optimist side of me likes to think that.
Jang Soap (4 years ago)
Overload mod song sounds like  The Immigration Song from Led Z
AscalonMaster (2 years ago)
+Jang Soap The Overlord level song is actually Zero Signal by Fear Factory (likely an instrumental version). It was featured in the Mortal Kombat film during the scene where Johnny Cage faced Scorpion. I instantly recognized it when I heard it.
Shiki Nanaya (4 years ago)
where do you find all those wads? (guns...and NOT TERRY MAPS...but those wads...any map?) cus google didnt help a shit
Ethan Morrow (4 years ago)
When he said UH OH! LOST SOULS! I died there. A good DOOM player is never spooked by lost souls, they in my opinion are annoying as zombimen
Frankie Stardust (4 years ago)
Shindou26 (4 years ago)
2:40 what is the name of the song?
Robert Terrick (2 years ago)
+Gamerguy shut up. God you guys make me want to kill people for sport
Spook- Kane (3 years ago)
+Shindou26 Cooking with Scorpion ( i think)
psych0p0ptart (3 years ago)
Darude-Sandstorm hehe
Shiki Nanaya (4 years ago)
man.....i dont know the name of this music.....but what you just wrote is something that attracts trolls
Lord Typh (4 years ago)
So, why do people like Terry's stuff so much.  It requires little effort, it's incredibly immature, it honestly has no point and is only made to either trick you into playing an actually GOOD level or to... well, screw with you.  Or Zip Bomb you because Terry and his fans hate all life on the planet.
Lord Typh (2 years ago)
+Simon Leary Oh. Him. I saw him on CuteFuzzyWeasel's Feeding The Trolls series. Is he really as insane as he sounds in that one video?
Simon Leary (2 years ago)
+Lord Typh *SIGH* It's a lot to fit into a post. Just look up BrutalDoomSucks. It's bizarre. 
Lord Typh (2 years ago)
+Simon Leary ... seriously what why
Simon Leary (2 years ago)
+Lord Typh It's worse than that. This guy has a goddamned CULT around him. Ask SgtMark.
Lord Typh (4 years ago)
+Viewtiful Joe I have.  It's pretty alright.
Scupple (4 years ago)
These people sure are obsessed with ass-fucking.
Viewtiful Joe (4 years ago)
They are projecting their own desires in those wads x_X
Forte Sasser (4 years ago)
It's dudebros that call things 'gay' and 'retarded'.
Ivan Simpson (4 years ago)
And gay porn, too.
bel (4 years ago)
"is this some sort of joke?" yes. that is the whole point of these
bel (4 years ago)
"gee i have no idea what ironic humor is therefore this is bad"
Empanada y Gaseosa (2 years ago)
nice tits
SaviorAssassin1996 (4 years ago)
I like skulltag better. And you shouldn't show your private messages in a public video.
AeizzatToha (4 years ago)
No, I thought he said 'Wonderbolt' instead! (insert MLP joke here)
Barnard's Loop (2 years ago)
+AeizzatToha no
AeizzatToha (4 years ago)
Lost Beetle (4 years ago)
Can't even download most terry wads because people moan, bitch, whine, and cannot take a joke. So they take it upon themselves to make sure others can never download it. What a bunch of self righteous pussies.
Lost Beetle (4 years ago)
+reaperman2010 That sounds like a good solution.
XenRiddle (4 years ago)
+EthanJM That's a pretty legitimate point, actually. I didn't think anyone liked Terry wads for legitimate reasons other than "trolling, lol," but you have proven me wrong. It makes sense for weird amusement to be a good reason for liking Terry wads. Maybe if they were kept in a specialized section of the /idgames archive, then it would be all good. You know, like the Adults Only backroom of a video store: equally accessible, but out of the way so no one runs into it if they don't want to. Anyway, bottom line is that I agree with you.
Lost Beetle (4 years ago)
+reaperman2010 "There's no entertainment value or humor value for anyone except the author." That is subjective. Some people find the strangest things amusing, I am one of those people, I enjoy giving Terry wads a play through. It is not for them to decide what people will find funny, entertaining, or valuable. Maybe someone just wants them out of curiosity? People should be free to try whatever wad they like. As it is, it is effectively censorship. "I don't like this thing, therefor nobody else will be allowed to try it".
XenRiddle (4 years ago)
The question is, apart from making gameplay videos why would someone want to download a Terry wad? There's no entertainment value or humor value for anyone except the author. Worst of all, they only show that the author is certainly capable of creating quality levels and Doom experiences, but they simply choose to waste all of that amazing talent. That's why people don't like this stuff; it's not because people don't get the joke or are pretentious, it's because Terry wads are not objectively funny or creative. There is no joke to begin with; there's just stupidity and wasted talent. EDIT: Okay, so the "Wunder-boner" and Terry Crews references are pretty funny, but that's pretty much it.
Jack McMillionaire (4 years ago)
Why are your movements so awkward? 
ALegitDoctor (4 years ago)
I literally LOL when i see a terry trap when i'm playing myself
Earrape Database (4 years ago)
19:07 use the BFG aquaris
Entire Equine (1 year ago)
Retarded maps, that's what they are. Annoying sounds, annoying textures, annoying everything. Good video though. Too bad that there are few crappy wads that don't have Terry traps.
Juonsteel456 (4 years ago)
13:21 XD omg i can't stop laughing 
there are hilarious joke maps i dont get why you hate them some much
MomoTheBellyDancer (4 years ago)
Where do the nice parts come from? Have they been ripped off other wads? I can't imagine anybody going through the trouble of making these, just to fuck 'em all up.
Entire Equine (4 years ago)
Yeah. They probably stole parts from good maps, then, using doom builder, they added the triggers to teleport you to the Terry traps
Giggles The Goat (4 years ago)
Wow, I fear for the human race due to some of these retarded rape jokes and meme pass offs. It would have been nice if they were funny, but they are all the same.
xXSuPeRkamiguruXx (4 years ago)
Wow a Doom WAD referencing the movie Big Daddy?
R17 aka $17 (4 years ago)
Where does the sound that the Cyberdemons in DEMENTIA.WAD make come from?
The Disaster Master (2 years ago)
Ivan Simpson (4 years ago)
Also, Desert.wad was removed. Good riddance.
Panzermann11 (2 years ago)
I want the HUD in desert.wad. It looks so cool.
The BTD Bomber (2 years ago)
^^^ ouch
Ivan Simpson (4 years ago)
+Aquarius199 No shit. Owwww, my eardrums nearly died when I heard the Cyberdemon sound effects when they all appear at once.
Aquarius199 (4 years ago)
Yeah, and so was prtlfacility.wad and DEMENTIA.WAD.
chodetaculous (4 years ago)
your commentary make this fucking insufferable to watch. and before any mental midgets get a gear turning in their head to say something witty, yes, i am not going to watch any more of this garbage
samutalyist (1 year ago)
samutalyist (1 year ago)
ANDRADA (1 year ago)
chodetaculous don't hate
Cyrus Stryker (4 years ago)
i think if agvn played avgndoom.wad he would propably say this is a fucking pile of shit
OrangeStrayCat (4 years ago)
It's a good thing I already had no faith in humanity when I saw these WADs, or I might have despaired for our race.
Irochi (4 years ago)
Wow, how can somebody who can create maps waste his time in such retarded "pranks". What a looser.
Jr. Jackrabbit (1 year ago)
Irochi "looser"
samutalyist (1 year ago)
Irochi its a terry trap u weeb
Paul's Channel (4 years ago)
who the fuck is terry anyways, and why is the joke always the picture of his stupid face, i mean was it ever even funny the first time a terrywad was created? pointless
H G (4 years ago)
Rly Rly Pointles
Allen Ravenix (4 years ago)
Not the Bees AHAHAH!!!! I lmao off at that part XD
Jaakko Polojärvi (4 years ago)
Song on the backround
Guy's Spaghetti (4 years ago)
Man, you really like stating the obvious with your annotations, don't you?
Limppu Man (4 years ago)
The last wad was really fucking annoying
Xdarkitox (5 years ago)
Do you use ZDoom to run your wads? I use ZDoom, and the backgrounds (in most WADs) are something akin to when you're out of the map and the image sticks there, and some walls are just little squares, white and light blue, please help.
12ealDeal (5 years ago)
All of these terry wad vids have my insides twisted around. It really is possible to die of laughter.
canoxn (5 years ago)
"hey there is a berserker pack here...BUT ITS A TRAP!" epic plot twist aqua...

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