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Giveaway! SICKEST Looking Vape Mod 2019! The Mechman 228W Kit By Rincoe!

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For More Information On What Was Shown In This Video Visit: http://bit.ly/2pgClyu My Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/riptrippers SMOK Morph 219 Kit Review/Giveaway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZwLgOpZgqI
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Text Comments (2970)
zack barton (4 hours ago)
Email: [email protected] Age 20 I’ve been vaping for three years and don’t regret it one bit
Zaid Aqrawi (1 day ago)
Insta:zaid_92.48 From iraq Been vaping for 7 months
Sgt. Serpent (2 days ago)
Name: Tyler Andersen Age: 18 Location: Billings Montana Email: [email protected] I just started vaping to quit smoking I was a smoker for 2 years
Erik Andrews (2 days ago)
Hey rip. Would the falcon king fit on this mod?
Raymond Rigdon (4 days ago)
[email protected] im 26 and have been vaping for 7 years. I have also been making my own E liquid for just about as long. Unfortunately got into cigs when I was in high school and vaping saved me from a lifetime of smoking. I live in California with plans to move to Texas within the next 10 years. Ive been a longtime viewer of RIP. Heck I remember back when the Atomic rda was as they say "sick as ti**" lol...good times
Mark Thomas Mendoza (4 days ago)
Instagram: markmendoza9775 Age:38 Tried vaping 2012 then I stopped and am trying again at present... I am from Philippines and been watching your reviews since I get back my interests in vaping... Keep it up...
Radek Sidorowicz (4 days ago)
[email protected] 28year old. Im vaping around 6 years. My first vape been smok xcube with subohm nautilus tank :) UK Glasgow!
Jack heath (5 days ago)
[email protected] Age:23 Been vaping two years now and not looked back since From : United Kingdom
Ryan Zuber (6 days ago)
Oh and I’m from Boise Idaho
kulapetag kulaspog (6 days ago)
[email protected] 30 Philippines Vaping since 2016 Road to 10M subs 👌🏻
Red Line 616 (7 days ago)
Instagram: yorkalec https://instagram.com/yorkalec?r=nametag Age 26 Tennessee 1 1/2 years
Nuha san (7 days ago)
Insta=Syafiq_nuha Age=21 I been vaping since 2017,at first i use tesla invader3 by teslacigs and now i use revenger by vaporezoo.iam so like Chanel about vaping content like this buruh.keep vaping everyday yeah
Dizzy Hollow (8 days ago)
Insta @lennseis Age 23 I’ve been vaping since summer 2016 and have been coming to your channel for all of my vape information since 2018.
David Dingler (8 days ago)
Ig superdave6281 USA 38ys old Vaping since 2013
Daylon Naidoo (8 days ago)
[email protected] Age:25 Been vaping since 2016
Deion Gonzalez (9 days ago)
Insta: Deion48 Age:21 Kansas Been vaping for 3 years and I love the videos and tips you give man Legend!
Chris Souders (9 days ago)
[email protected] 8 months Mississippi
Jaime Patino (9 days ago)
Inst: ms6_panda Age: 28 California. I've been vaping since 2013 started with mechanical mods. Stopped for a little while then about a year ago I started up again.
Olsen 05 yt (9 days ago)
[email protected] Vaping fore 3 yers. Norwegian.
Brennan Risner (10 days ago)
Instagram: brennan_risner Age: 18 Location: Ohio I really do love your videos bro! Has really helped me make many decisions on products! Keep it up!🔥
Yahya Murad (10 days ago)
Email: [email protected] Age:23 Started vaping 2 years ago, your channel helped me understand the complex world of vaping, Keep up the hard work.
Ian Sullivan (11 days ago)
Insta: Poopfaceian Age: 26 Fort Bragg Been vaping for about a year and half.
Reinaldo Saltares (11 days ago)
[email protected] Age 40 From north Florida, been vaping for just over a year. I don’t buy anything vape related anymore that hasn’t been reviewed by you. I’m still rocking the Alien 220 with a Falcon tank. Just can’t kill this old Alien mod no matter how many times I fumble it.
Peter Kavula (12 days ago)
IG - peter_kavula Location - Virginia USA Age - 26 Haven’t vaped ever, but looking to start 🙂
cedie ongpauco (12 days ago)
IG:cedie_35 Location: Philippines Age:21 Been vaping for about a year now and i really love watching your videos😊
Abayakla Acetam (12 days ago)
IG : abayakla Location : Indonesia Age : 21 y.o. I'm a newbie vaper, just want to get rid of my bad habbit (smoking)
Jousche Lopez (12 days ago)
[email protected] Age:18 Been vaping for about 1 year
George Waters (13 days ago)
Instagram: @Toiletmechanic92 Your videos are awesome your my go to before I buy this mod looks sick asf
Alexander Mark (13 days ago)
@alxjmrk insta USA Proud 30yo Vaping for 3 years, started with no nic. Just did it for the flavor.
L N (13 days ago)
Location: Canada Age: 23 Email: [email protected] I’ve been vaping little under a year
dong pagong (13 days ago)
From the philippines can i havevape please from the bottom of your heart
C C (13 days ago)
[email protected] 46 yrs old vaping 3 months from Indianapolis USA
Saint Francis (14 days ago)
Yahoo mail: [email protected] Age: 22 Philippines Been vaping since 2014. love your vids RIP. Hope i win this sick mod <3 ONE LOVE!
David Acevedo (14 days ago)
Instagram Davidleeace87 my age is 32 and I'm from Texas and I been vaping for 8 years know thinks to u RIP and I love vaping and I'm a big fan love all ur videos keep up the good work
Jordan Broly (14 days ago)
Insta: jd3seeker Age: 28 Maryland USA Been Vaping since 2016. This thing is sexy!!!!
Invictus TV (14 days ago)
IG: dzanerianc Age: 20 yrs old Country: Philippines I've been vaping for about 7 months now and im planning on making a youtube channel with the same content as yours but focuses more on mechanical mods.
Chad Kirton (14 days ago)
Insta Djchadcorea Age 34 Vaping for about a year now and love ur vids. Taught me so much Canadian boy living in South Korea!!
Kana Doots (15 days ago)
insta: kanadoots age: 22 location: the philippines been vaping since 2017. you've been my no.1 vaping channel since then.
BB10 Gaming (15 days ago)
Insta: ben.gfc Age: 30 Country: England Vaping for about 18 months and still on the Smok Mag mod. Looking for a new mod to go with my new drop dead rda, new to the dripping scene so looking forward to building
Joshua Eitelberg (17 days ago)
This still hasn't reached 5k yet how
Gerhard Lemmer (17 days ago)
Rincoe looks sick!!! IG : gerhardl23 Age : 25 Location : South Africa Been on the vape train for 4 years and chooo chooo still going strong.
Snow Wolf (17 days ago)
IG: fckdrest Age: 20 Country: Philippines Love your vids rip been a sub since 2016
xero (18 days ago)
Lol.... the best looking mod of 2019?? Huh?! I wonder how much money Rincoe had to pay Trip for him to say that? Check out my Instagram Account for a REAL VAPERS attempt at quality vape material!! IG: xero.gravity
heathsss (18 days ago)
IG: @heathsss 25, AUSTRALIA 🎉 Quit smoking and now been vaping for about 18 months 🙌
Trevor Marchant (18 days ago)
Email: [email protected] I am 42 years old and have been vaping for about five years now. I just recently came across your review videos and get a kick out of just about everyone of them. Some of your coined phrases such as chuck-in tits is awesome. Anyway keep up the good work.... Virginia is my home state.
Jayden Boshoff (18 days ago)
Email: [email protected] I am 18 and live in SA I have been vaping fore 1 year . Got of the sigs. Love you're video's rip
Adolfo de Jesus (18 days ago)
been vaping for about a month now but i only use a pod system, so i really need a mod to get it going 🤘🏾 Im 20 and from the Philippines email: [email protected]
Just Call Me Dan (19 days ago)
Insta: dannohh12 Texas 28. Been vaping on and off for 5 years. First mod was a sigelei 150w.
Daniel Zagar (19 days ago)
Instagram: Daniel_Zagar Love your videos, have a great summer. Age:21 Country: Canada
Stephen Patterson (19 days ago)
Just before Christmas i bought a Smok Mag Grip, Now the adjust buttons don't work. took to a shop that deals in all sorts of mods, and they say a very small thin piece of metal has broke, so now i have no mod to use and can not afford to get a new one at the moment. so i will not be getting another smok product again, now i am £60.00 down and i can't see getting that back.
Kimberly Maiale (19 days ago)
Love your reviews
Kimberly Maiale (19 days ago)
Derek Lindsey (19 days ago)
IG: bwlindsey22 Age: 20 Been vaping since 2015
Josh McDaniles (19 days ago)
Email:[email protected] Age:34 From:Carlinville, Illinois Been vaping for 4 years. You got me started with rda's, and for that I thank you!
Anki K (19 days ago)
Awesome looking mod. Annie 38 in NC. Would love to be hooked up
paulie kane (19 days ago)
IG: powley_ Age: 24 Country: Ireland Love the Chanel watch vids everyday ! This giveaway would be awesome looking to start vaping more with strong mods and atomizers would love this boxmod ❤️
Aaron Miguel Malonzo (19 days ago)
IG: @aaronmlnzo Location: Philippines Age:20 i hope i win! thanks rip! watch your vlog since 2017!
Alpha 86 (20 days ago)
Craig Hodson 33 year's young Was vapeing in my mums belly man... Standerd! From England. [email protected]
Calixto Calicot (20 days ago)
Email: [email protected] Age: 32 Location: Philippines Vaping since 2014 Thanks RIP!
Yvette Nicole Guerra (20 days ago)
IG: yvettenicolee 23 TX Been vaping since 2014💙💙
critical temp. (20 days ago)
insta:mohammadabdullah3 age:22 from:Bangladesh i want to quit smoking but cant afford a cool vape 😑
Al- Ayoubi (20 days ago)
Insta : vape.clouder Age : 37 From : Syria just moved to France Being in vaping : since 6 years Unfortunately moved without my equipment 😥
Brett Sowell (20 days ago)
IG:Brett Sowell 27 Salem, or [email protected]
jawad rakin (20 days ago)
Jaydee_rakin Age:24 Have been vaping since 2016. Love from Bangladesh ❤
NokiataOK (20 days ago)
Insta: therealnick94 Age:24 from Bulgaria Been vaping for half a year now. Love your videos m8, keep being awesome!
shroomie_vlogs (21 days ago)
x.3lawe (21 days ago)
Instagram: x.3lawe Age : 20 From: iraq Name: ali wisam Vaping from 2 years I do really need new mod my old one is broke
5280 303 DENVER!! (21 days ago)
[email protected] what's up mr RIP.. thanks for yet another great review. I have seen that mod all over the place. Looks pretty nice. I like the more Durable mods I'm a heavy equipment operator. I have Ben vaping for about 6 or 7 years. I think at this point I'm a collector of vaping everything. I have watched manny manny of your reviews. It has to be hard work doing what you do so thank you! And keep them coming!!!!!
Prince Balabbo (21 days ago)
[email protected] 26 Philippines
mike davies (21 days ago)
[email protected] 30 Been vaping since 2016 on and off finally quid fags 19th March 2018.
Mervyn John V. Baylen (21 days ago)
[email protected], 22 y/o, i'm from Philippines, i always watching your videos and i am your no. 1 fan
jonathan d (21 days ago)
Insta: jonnte1 Age: 18 Been vaping half a year now. U convinced me to buy one. (Quit smoking)
Mohamed Elzuhry (21 days ago)
Email: [email protected] Age 21 Location: Egypt Been vaping for a year now helps take the stress away
Im in love man ❤ Insta : soufy_dz Full name : youcef boutaghane . From : Algeria Have been vaping a year and few months now Age : 19
ASUS Micro (22 days ago)
Insta: asusrock Age: 22 Arkansas Thanks for the giveaway! I started vaping with a beginner's kit just couple months ago. This mod looks cool.
John Glenn (22 days ago)
[email protected] 22 years old Vaping since 2016.
prototype4285 DOOM (22 days ago)
DamageInkshop- 44 Just checking out your clips. Very informative keep up the good work.
InternalInferno (22 days ago)
Insta: synslash96 Age: 22 Location: California I've been vaping on and off for 4 years due to the California smoking age changing when I started vaping.
Marco Corgas (22 days ago)
Instagram:@marcocorgas Marco Age 32 Portugal Nice Review :)
Daimon Paul (22 days ago)
Daimon Paul I'm 22 From South Africa Hmm been vaping for about 4 years now When I see a mod that I like, I always check to see if you have a review on it first :D
Bazzlton.B (22 days ago)
@bazzlton.b Age:30 Started vaping a year and a half. Im from Southern Africa - Botswana
Romel Lemor (22 days ago)
Romel I started vaping 1 week ago to quit smoking from philippines [email protected]
Devin Crowe (22 days ago)
[email protected] Age 22 From Virginia Vaping since 2014
Krycian (22 days ago)
Why dual 18650 😔😫
Victor Johnson (22 days ago)
[email protected] 33 yo texas
Shahzaib's Lab! (22 days ago)
Insta: @ myselfshahzaib Location : Pakistan Vaping since 2017 [email protected]
Alvin Gallardo (23 days ago)
ig: lonner07 Age: 43 location: saudi arabia your youtube channel inspired me to quit smoking and shift to vaping, plus coil building and try different e-juice .. and i love it!!!
VIN CENT (23 days ago)
[email protected] Age:23 it's about 1 years since i started. i'm kind of new in vaping, so i watch your staffs.
dent12000 (23 days ago)
Anyone know if you can lock the wattage buttons separate from the fire button?
jc gamez (23 days ago)
[email protected] Age:19 From: North Carolina Been vaping for about 6 months, love watching ur videos
Юрий Зайцев (23 days ago)
Yurii Ukraine 28 years old Vaping since 2016 Instagram.com/vape_racurs Nice review, Rip
Case Karriker (24 days ago)
21 and Virginia, [email protected]
Steve Pecoraro (24 days ago)
It's sick Rip! I love the American flag. I've been vaping for 6 years. I'm in New Jersey. 54 yrs old
Debi Meinwieser (24 days ago)
Ive been following you RIP ❣for the longest time!! Love the shit out of this Mechman!!🇺🇸❣ I thought I finally won one but my luck the dude was a scammer on Instagram🤷🏼‍♀️ My IG name is @debivapeselux & Ive been saying all along the Mechman is the best of 2019 nothing on the market touches it and you just confirmed it💪🏆🇺🇸 Im from New Jersey 55 yrs old and vaping almost 4 years! Ill never touch another cig as long as I live🚭 Smoking is Dead & Vaping is the Future and the Future is NOW!! 🌞😗💨💨 I know there's a shit ton of entries but I really hope you pick me please🙋🏼‍♀️🤞🍀🤞🍀🙏🙏🚭😗💨💨
Aaleyah White (24 days ago)
@Likely_aaleyah California Age 21 I started vaping this year to quit smoking black and milds
cosplayboy (24 days ago)
[email protected] Holland 20 Vaping for half a year
Dustin Ballinger (24 days ago)
Dfb1355 instagram 34 Texas 3 month Are my email [email protected]
Sunshine Sandhu (24 days ago)
Sunshine 51 [email protected] New to vaping -- 3 months
John Cooper (24 days ago)
How much they go for might buy one and slape a mesh rda on it
Tyler Byrd (24 days ago)
@tylerbyrdman is my Instagram, I'm 25 years old, and I'm from TN. Let me get that 'Murrican flag mod, Mr. Rip! 🙃🇺🇸

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