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I Kissed A Girl cover by CANDY (Malaysian Rock Band) at Mandolin Bar

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Ujang Kundo (8 months ago)
Se tau aku vokalis band ni pat yg msuk islam n berkhwin dgn org dunia hiburn gak
J&J MOVIECLIPS (10 months ago)
Haha komen 😂😂tk cukup sejok kott
Zul Ariffin (11 months ago)
z s kevin ewing (1 year ago)
geram tgk vocalis nie
Siong Lin Soo (1 year ago)
the singer has got the body package
zungaloca (1 year ago)
zepp3lin (1 year ago)
Wow vocalist badan baik..... Sexy rabak.... Power.... Steam aku tengok.
MichaeL shafie (1 year ago)
penyanyi candy yg baru ke?
Tastlessly Offensive (1 year ago)
great voice from what I can tell
0rale karnal (1 year ago)
gambar blur pehal?
hey guys peace No War (2 years ago)
solid body vocalist dorg ni.. pergh

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