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Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church Service May 22, 2016

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JayMizzTheOne (2 months ago)
Former JW here. Thanks for that beautiful explanation of the Trinity.
Yasi Raph (2 months ago)
I'm call Rapheal tokoh I'm a Lutheran Christian from Africa Cameroon in prices, I'm now in UAE trying to plan a life. I'm looking forward to know a good country in which i can study and be worshipping in Lutheran church as Well.
Seemon Varghese (8 months ago)
Good service
Yasi Raph (5 months ago)
Seemon Varghese where is this please?
Jesus Valentin (10 months ago)
Almost looks like the original jewish interior setting doesn't it? If only necessary things were easier to get for all of us forgetting the luxuries ; I bealieve that would give us peace all world peace.
Yasi Raph (5 months ago)
Jesus Valentin where is this please?
sfappetrupavelandrei (1 year ago)
Explain me something: Lutheran Liturgy is made of 25% worship and 75% preaching?
Yasi Raph (5 months ago)
sfappetrupavelandrei where is this please?
Thomas Goodrich (11 months ago)
sfappetrupavelandrei it’s more like a 40/60 ratio
Mackenzie Whethers (1 year ago)
Frankenwald your English is excellent.
Frankenwald (1 year ago)
sfappetrupavelandrei Hard to say. A typical Lutheran service here in Germany takes one hour approx., and if Communion is celebrated, one and a half. The sermon usually takes about 15 minutes.
sfappetrupavelandrei (1 year ago)
Let me rephrase it: Lutheran Liturgy is made of 25% prayers and 75% preaching? I'm trying to create a list with all Liturgies from different denominations. Not being a Protestant I'm not very familiar how are the Protestant Liturgies. For example, the Orthodox and Catholic Liturgies have like 90% prayers and hymns and like 10% reading from the Holy Scripture (if we ignore the preaching made at the end of the service). So in this way of thinking I was asking.
Debra Turner (1 year ago)
God's truths at.... www.champs-of-truth.com/books/dr
Chesterbarnes1 (1 year ago)
Listen to that beautiful ORGAN and the ORGANIST is right on time. Wonderful!!!!!!
TheJakeman789 (2 months ago)
It's very plain and bland.The organ sounds very old, they should get one that sounds really good that's newer.
Yasi Raph (5 months ago)
Chesterbarnes1 where is this please?

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