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Pug vs French Bulldog vs Boston terrier - Differences & Similarities

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Check out pug vs french bulldog vs boston terrier differences and similarities. Pugs, french bulldogs and terriers are very interesting breeds and it can be difficult to choose between them. Boston terriers, pugs and french bulldogs are dog breeds that were bred to be small companion dogs for families but have many differences, as well. Learn about them in this video. Watch Pug vs French Bulldog vs Boston terrier - Differences & Similarities and have fun! Don't forget to leave a like and share if you enjoy the video and subscribe to our channel for more! Click to subscribe: http://bit.ly/2iYaSOb Join us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happyfunnypets Ring the Bell to never miss a new video.
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Text Comments (8)
Dave Israel (2 months ago)
Pugs are funnier
Shaun Greer (4 months ago)
As a bossie and pug owner I have to say that they’re both amazing dogs and great to be around, one is absolutely nuts (pug) and the other two (bostons) are quite laid back
audizz (5 months ago)
They live so short 😭
TOCZEX ! (5 months ago)
Pug win!
WHat a cool video. Would you please check my profile, I have 2 dogs Frenchies. Sub for Sub?
Pipas The Beagle (7 months ago)
First 😍😍 what a lovely video 😊😊👍👍👍👌👌 Boston terrier, they have that look 😍 😍
Pipas The Beagle (7 months ago)
@Happy Funny Pets you very welcome 👍 👍 keep going whit the great work 😘😘
Happy Funny Pets (7 months ago)
Thank you very much for the kind words!

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