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Is the Anglican Way Protestant?: The Via Media (Catholic and Reformed)

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John Smythe (20 days ago)
Yes you are Protestant. Use whatever label you like, heresy is heresy. Repent for you are surely destined for the hellfire.
Richard Sells AZ (23 days ago)
It was heretic Thomas Cranmer that turned a once valid Church that was simply schismatic into one that was heretical and created the line of invalid consecrations.King Henry VIII simply broke from the unity of Rome and the Church had the option to rightfully return upon his death.You can blame heretic Thomas Cranmer for what he did to it.True Anglicanism is only found in today's Anglican Ordinariate of the Catholic Church.There they hold the Anglican music,liturgical traditions,and sound faith of the Catholic Church while being Anglican in heritage.
Rodney Royal (7 months ago)
Lutheran here, we are also Catholic, which just means universal Christian-its just a word
Richard Sells AZ (23 days ago)
That would not be true.'Catholic' by the middle of the 2nd Century referred to the true Church and unity with Rome.ALL of the Christian sees acknowledged the Bishop of Rome as the head of the Catholic Church.Jerusalem,Antioch.Constantinople,and Alexandria.ALL of those Churches held to the 7 sacraments and Apostolic Tradition.ALL of those cities had Bishops present at the Council of Rome in 382 AD that Pope Damasus I presided over that gave us the Bible.
deusimperator (10 months ago)
??? Apparently the person in the video has not read the 39 articles. You are catholic or you are not. Anglicans are not catholics. The claims of the catholicism is only due to the Oxford Movement. You are not Catholic , you are not in schism ... you are just in heresy. Your 39 articles were written by knox and cranmer
deusimperator (8 months ago)
They are as Catholic as the pope (perhaps more so). The problem is that the every Anglican minister has to agree to the 39 articles. There were attempts to reinterpret the 39 articles in a Catholic mode by the Tracticians. But what are you going to do with the statement that transubstantiation is a superstition? You cannot be Reformed and be a Catholic. Calvinism is a heresy. Any amount of heresy makes a belief system a heresy. The Catholic Church considers those in the Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox and even the Churches of the East (since clarifying their position further) to be in schism for this reason, the Catholic Church considers ordinary persons in the pews (I know they stand) in these Churches as Catholics. Doubtless, many High Anglicans are thoroughly catholic in their beliefs, however, their priesthood is invalid. This was not only a declaration by the Catholic Church but the Orthodox Church as well. Anglicans have attempted to restore apostolic succession by going to breakaway groups from Catholicism and Orthodoxy and even the Churches of the East such as the Mar Thoma. Mar Thoma has since cooled towards the Anglican Communion. The ordination of women especially women bishops says much about the intent of the Anglican rite of ordination - it cannot be considered catholic. The Anglican Ordinariate is attempting to revive the Sarum Rite and might even restore the Sarum pontifical for the purpose of ordination of priests and bishops at least in North America under bishop Lopes.
Jaaval (8 months ago)
deusimperator. What about the Anglican Rite through Catholic Church?
Adrian Thomas (1 year ago)
Yes - also the view of W H Hutton
Vince Adkins (1 year ago)
Does anyone know who this guy is?
Fergus Tyson (1 year ago)
Here's the Wikipedia article on him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Dart.
Metalgears1968 (1 year ago)
Good source of knowledge, I'm thinking of joining a reformed episcopal catholic church here in the U.S, I been roman catholic, and don't agree with a lot of things on roman Catholicism.
Joel Tunnah (22 days ago)
Moses King, and I pray you have a healthy and happy rest of 2018, and to all your family as well. In Christ.
Moses King (22 days ago)
+Joel Tunnah I pray you realize the errors of your false church and return to the One True Church founded by Christ. God bless.
Joel Tunnah (22 days ago)
Moses King, may God bless you brother. Peace.
Moses King (23 days ago)
Also, the anglican church does NOT believe in the real prescence. Read the 39 articles: the eucharist is "an outward and visible SIGN of an inward and spiritual grace given unto us, ordained by Christ himself, as a means whereby we receive the same, and a pledge to assure us thereof." You clearly don't know your own church's teachings on the Eucharist. A false church founded on the principle of divorce is NOT the church of Christ. Period. You've kept the liturgy, lectionary, and calendar but thrown out all the truth. SAD!!
Moses King (23 days ago)
Joel Tunnah Your manmade church does NOT have apostolic succession. Period. Apostolic succession requires BOTH a valid line of consecration AND proper transmission of the faith. Your church lost the faith when they embraced the heresies of Cranmer. Do you actually think that Augustine of Canterbury would agree with the current CoE? Throwing out the eucharist, the saints, mary, the papacy and allowing divorce&remarriage and gay marriage? Of course not. You are an invalid church. Period.
P.E. Gottrocks (2 years ago)
What a crock of shit. The truth is the truth. Their IS no middle way.
vito corleone (2 years ago)
Do you eat with that mouth?
Rev. J. Roger Allen (2 years ago)
Very good and true, Sir.
medene (2 years ago)
Aaron Carlson (2 years ago)
Lutherans are also via media because we started the "conservative" reformation - liturgy, creeds, architecture, episcopacy, sacraments... And so on. I would agree that Calvin and Zwingli, were the radical reformation however.
Antony Rafter (3 years ago)
a good and accurate explanation!
Amanda Saunders (3 years ago)
why did the catholic Church abolish the passover and the Sabbath? Since that happened it has happened in every church. The catholic Church also introduced pagan customs and since that happened it has happened in every other church too thinking they are Christian traditions but they are pagan traditions. It has been rather upsetting for me to find out how much "Christian" things are not actually Christian. I was baptised in an Anglican Church and I am now glad my mum chose me to be baptised in the Anglican Church rather than my dad would have chosen the catholic Church. My Mom is Anglican my dad is Catholic.
Jaaval (8 months ago)
deusimperator I gave you scripture. Did you not see it? That's my evidence.
deusimperator (8 months ago)
Where is your evidence?
Jaaval (8 months ago)
deusimperator They meet on The Sabbath Seventh day not First day of the week. Paul is the servant and from the Tribe of Benjamin. He never contradicted Jesus or The Most High. Give scripture references like I have done in previous post. Romans 7 says it all for those who have understanding. Paul's writing are not going to be understood by those who believe the law is done away with.
deusimperator (8 months ago)
Even the gentiles have a law. Humans were not abandoned by Gd to sin, rather he wrote the law on the hearts of man, this Law we call Natural Law. The Gentiles have a law unto themselves and have the Law. Jews had the torah given to them under a holy contract - I am your Gd and you are my people. As a people of Gd they had a Law as they were sanctified through this law to bring forth the Messiach. The Early Christian church was worshiping on the first day of the week according to Paul in the bible - it is ment as an observation of reality. Christians worshiped on the first day of the week owing to the New Covenant between Gd and his people (this time the Church which is his body). If you claim that Sunday worship is pagan please explain as to how Sunday worship is pagan.
Jaaval (8 months ago)
Paul is the servant and never contradicted The Most High God and His master Jesus. Acts 13:44. They meet on the next Sabbath day. Let's see what Jesus said, because most Christians misuse Paul's writing out of context. Read Matthew 5:17-20. Christ fulfilled the sacrificial element of the law. Christ likewise said anyone teaches contrary and does not keep the law will be called least in the kingdom. Christian doctrine forgets Paul said he would not know sin if not for the law. Sin in scripture defines sin as absent of the law. You mentioned Paul then church fathers, neither are God. God said his laws are everlasting and perpetual. How do you get around that. Paul was dealing with stiff neck Israelites who wanted the law without Christ. Likewise Christians today want Christ without the The Most High God. Revealtions 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Key points keep the commandments and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Sunday is pagan and there is a severe punishment for those who have changed God appointed times. Shalom
Devon35 (3 years ago)
Great , Thanks for video

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