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AGI Genesis Style Rebuildable Atomizer Tutorial

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How to build a Genesis Style Atomizer. Atomizer - AGI Rebuildable Genesis/Drip Atomizer Wick - 500 Stainless Steel Mesh Wire - 30 Gauge Kanthal PV - The Nemesis by Atmomixani, Vape Rev Edition the method i used here is very simple with a very minor twist of using 2 touching coils. i did it this way because i wanted a larger area of heat without having to use ribbon kanthal. you can still use a single wire and make it work lovely.
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Peter Ellis (5 years ago)
Thanks for great video.  First time I managed to get it right.
Tek Vi (5 years ago)
khai - steammonkey.com is awesome
Khai Bui (5 years ago)
hey bro , can you tell me where to buy some mesh online ? thanks
12FluffyBunnies (5 years ago)
Thank You Guy!!!
William C83 (5 years ago)
As I said previously the AGI is NOTORIOUS for hot spots, especially on the top leg, the only way to completely resolve this is to use a braided silica/ekowool/ceramic sleeve topper. I also put some stainless steel washers on the positive post & with SS cable & ekowool sleeve topper I was able to set it up without hot spots at all. I would still recommend several other RBA's over the AGI, most notably the Kayfun but their pretty pricy & the AGA-T3 just came out which got a good review by Todd.
William C83 (5 years ago)
I recently got a Vaperev Nemesis & I F-ING LOVE IT!! ABSOLUTELY EPIC MECH MOD IMHO. Unfortunately the only RBA I have for it atm is an AGI, its actually a pretty good dripper but in genny mode, eh not so great, working out that top hot spot can be a TOTAL PITA!! The center hot spring is also terrible, especially with sub ohm vaping, so I replaced it with an 8mm piece of copper tubing & that made a HUGE difference. What I REALLY WANT is a Kayfun 3.1 Delta, $175 though so I may have to get a clone
Tek Vi (5 years ago)
sorry for the long time to respond, Sebastian. drill the air hole out on your AGI. the stock air hole on that thing is TINY. and you're absolutely right, it feels like an EGO/CE4. drill it out to about a 1.5, it'll ease the draw quite a bit, and it wont be too airy if you line it up with the wick/coil.
Sebastian Londono (5 years ago)
Help me ?
Sebastian Londono (5 years ago)
I'm having problems with my agi its a pain in the assignment to build and it just doesn't give me any vapor at all it socks as bad as an ego
Discos Out Murders In (5 years ago)
Cheers Tek.Made probably my best build with a looser(but not too loose) coil.At first I got the usual hot legs but with a bit of tinkering they went and haven't come back.I think they'll always make an appearance every now and again but I can deal with that. Thanks again dude >:)
Tek Vi (5 years ago)
the pen style torch is a butane torch i picked up at Home Depot for $4.75. i might get a larger handheld one for 20, but this has worked great for me for the past year
Marc Losenara (5 years ago)
Where'd you get the torch?
Tek Vi (5 years ago)
i used to get that all the time! it's a pain at first, but what i've learned was to just make contact with the wrap around the wick, but don't put too much pressure. what i did for a little while until i got the hang of it was i took a bolt that was about the same size as my wick's, and i would wrap my kanthal around the bolt. twisted it off the bolt, and then just slip it right over my wick, and i would almost never get hot spots. if i did, just a few pokes, it would go away
Discos Out Murders In (5 years ago)
Nice vid Tek.I keep getting hot legs on the RSST.I've tried keeping it as close to the positive post but it seems to always come back.Sometimes if I manage to get rid of it on top,I'll get one on the bottom! Its soooooo annoying.Ive been using flat ribbon and 32' Kanthal.
Tek Vi (5 years ago)
when i get an RSST, it'll be better and shorter
ArJhay Vas (5 years ago)

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