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Like, Comment and Subscribe Kpop Idols kissing on stage with Super Junior, Troublemaker, Big Bang, SHINee, TEENTOP & more Song: Ship Wrek - Pain (feat. Mia Vaile) Instagram: Laurii_kpop Snapchat: Lauri_kpop Twitter: Laurii_kpop
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Text Comments (417)
JC DZ (5 hours ago)
Im kinda addicted into Yaoi this days
Quién es la primera?
ma.cristina Rinoza (19 days ago)
danie키미 (20 days ago)
0:35 kinda look like taehyung
Susan Frank (21 days ago)
Why were they kissing the girls on tv
2:05 omg. Which group?
fortunegot7 01 (2 months ago)
0:30 who? JB?
Kookie Love (3 months ago)
Para cuando el V-Kook???
yeontannie tu patron (4 months ago)
Hyuna la hyuna :v Entienden? (・∀・)
Manisha Kapasia (4 months ago)
If taekook do this 🤪
Chanfel Elicano (4 months ago)
iyot pana sila
Precious Jewel (4 months ago)
1:04 kinda look like taeyhung
bondyczep (4 months ago)
Everyone commenting: luckily *insert kpop group* isn't on the list. I'm sorry to inform you but the joke is on all of you because idk if you realised but a lot of idols already dated before debut or at least already kissed, only a few have yet to lose their first kiss. And also, what do you expect with them not kissing someone? Would it change anything for you? No it wouldn't, instead of commenting about how you're glad, comment on how cute some of the kisses are or something else, hell, comment on their clothes for all I know, just don't leave comments that make you sound like one of those fans who believes they have a shot with their idol and will end up together
Heart Jimin (5 months ago)
I came here for gay tbh
Did you call Meee (5 months ago)
My automatic thoughts: boy band? KoReaN boy band? i SHip
Zarizaru Yang (5 months ago)
1:15 is that Seungri?
Luz Mary Coaquira (5 months ago)
Alguien me podría decir la canción de fondo :v
Ashley Yoon Gi (5 months ago)
1:37 who?
Retno Fitrihastuti (5 months ago)
0:19 who kiss
Crain Yu (5 months ago)
2:36 is that Dara from 2ne1?
— mαriαnα (6 months ago)
AAAaaaAaAaAaaAaAAaaaaAAaa OH MY GOD THIS IS SO GOOD ;-; ~~mas cade os br
S.V.O D.P (6 months ago)
fuck it
Zuza (7 months ago)
1:05 mans was shook
unerrort (7 months ago)
1:38 who are the boys??
Nis sa (7 months ago)
shinee taemin and jonghyung(R.I.P)
indigo d (7 months ago)
okay but what song is in the backgroudn
ESHANI MANNA (7 months ago)
I love this video sooo much
JinJoonJooheon (7 months ago)
I’m only mad that none of them seem to kiss appropriately
aycie Dejesus vlogs (8 months ago)
That was not V on BTS
red hair homa (7 months ago)
BeatDroppingBeats (8 months ago)
monicamae (8 months ago)
0:45 Girl ... are you mad? Why’d you move away ???
Lizy Garcia (8 months ago)
las corenas son tan feas y tan delgadas
The Number Oneeeee
Drippin Love (9 months ago)
0:17 A E'dawn no le gusta eso
杜阿鵝 (9 months ago)
WTF is the 0:22?
All I do is wait (9 months ago)
1:32 yesung's reaction is iconic😂😂😂
It' s me (9 months ago)
red hair homa (7 months ago)
no some one else
Lorrane Fasha Kim (9 months ago)
It is bigbang??
Padilha FF (9 months ago)
What is 1:38?
cute stuff (9 months ago)
1:46 eho sre they
Mina Matyan (9 months ago)
Where is Heechul? XD
exo L (9 months ago)
mmmmm the first one
Mina Matyan (9 months ago)
It`s from the show dancing 9
viet anh Nguyen (9 months ago)
0:33 who are they
fairyjungtw (9 months ago)
Ailee and Roh Jihoon
Gillian Mullen (10 months ago)
Who’s at 1:35😇
Mina Matyan (9 months ago)
Heechul and Leetuk
Galaxy Gaming! (10 months ago)
Who is at 0:30 is that kim taehyung??????????????????idk if taehyung is the right spelling i forgot lol
Jogie Sastrillo (10 months ago)
Gay or Lesbian
Jogie Sastrillo (10 months ago)
Love me harder
Francesca Love kpop (10 months ago)
0:50 what is name
Mina Matyan (9 months ago)
Leetuk and Ryewook
Angely Mercedes (10 months ago)
Can someone name al these vids because I’m lost😬
Bga Alamara (10 months ago)
Yass.. BTS not here
Azka alfalah (10 months ago)
2:57 look lesbian
logicx is inhumane (10 months ago)
Who are those girls 😭😭. 2:58
Kathy Pham (10 months ago)
1:15 who is it?
Lisset Escamilla (10 months ago)
And there is no mentioning of names. 🙄
Mubiena Fathan (10 months ago)
Gay afff
akiko koboyasi (10 months ago)
0:44 Jennie?
Pavol Bogdan (3 months ago)
Wtf no
The Best Angel (10 months ago)
Yess Im so happy BTS NOT!? I Loves Yet
jeonpriya kookies queen (10 months ago)
song name? ?? can any tell me
Vibra S (10 months ago)
gay ew
Nhóc Quân (10 months ago)
2:45 Minyeon ♥ ♥
Thùyy Linhh (10 months ago)
Jiyeon Hyomin what 😱
Alina A.R.M.Y (10 months ago)
Breseis Luna (10 months ago)
0:50 is my fav
마티 네즈사이먼 (10 months ago)
1: 37 who are they
Chloèboox (9 months ago)
i was scrolling to find this comment sooo THANK YOUUUU <3
Mina Matyan (9 months ago)
Taemin and Jonghyun
gd isbelief (10 months ago)
you should add gdtop ver
ARMY BLINK (10 months ago)
V oppa!!!!!No!!!!!!!
red hair homa (7 months ago)
it ain't him
fairyjungtw (9 months ago)
Comment on a video where your oppa really appears.
shingularity (10 months ago)
ARMY BLINK that's not him dude
Jungkookie Monster (10 months ago)
I noticed kissing game is common among Korean idols esp between males. What gives?
mochibii` (10 months ago)
Masearte Abraha You do have a point
Masearte Abraha (10 months ago)
KPOP Fan I saw that one where DDKTV which are Korean youtubers were interviewing people. Also even though some of them were a little open minded, in general Korean society doesn’t accept homosexuality. One girl even said even though some idols put on gay acts for fanservice, many people wouldn’t allow it if they were really gay. In general it’s not accepted, although the younger generation tends to be a little more open or to at least have the conversation.
mochibii` (10 months ago)
Masearte Abraha I dont even know how to explain it anymore but I have seen a video about Korean's reactions to an openly gay idol, it looks like they're trying to accept it so it may not be as bad as you might think it is
Masearte Abraha (10 months ago)
KPOP Fan Lmao it’s still gay though and contradictory that’s all I’m saying.
mochibii` (10 months ago)
Masearte Abraha Well, if it is only fanservice, Koreans probably wouldnt think much of it
CJ Perez (10 months ago)
CJ Perez (10 months ago)
red hair homa (7 months ago)
Did anyone had a kiss😍😘😗??
Thu To (10 months ago)
Ôi T.O.P 😭
Pé Thùy SunHy (10 months ago)
V coi hôn ai k
trà kookie jeon (10 months ago)
Kinh tởm
jeon lory (10 months ago)
Passada :-:
chelsea ;; (10 months ago)
*Envidio a todos alv :''v*
Tiara Oktariana Po'oe (10 months ago)
what taehyung is here?
red hair homa (7 months ago)
it's not him
shingularity (10 months ago)
Iwan Anwar channel that's not him!!
mikhaela kim (10 months ago)
I'm Glad BTS is not here😄😅
Anjali #Savage (4 months ago)
I'm glad too🤣
red hair homa (7 months ago)
yeah ...they are good boys...it's one of the reasons of their success
Sakura_ Haruno (10 months ago)
Holy shit is this true?
Park Chimchim (10 months ago)
0:37 TAEHYUNG???
Intaellegent (9 months ago)
sikook çam ikr
Sila çam (10 months ago)
He doesn't even look like tae tho
Sila çam (10 months ago)
Maicah Jubelle nah hyungseung
Juvii (10 months ago)
MJubelle Tapia he's hyunseung a former of Beast
Park Chimchim (10 months ago)
Bi Su (10 months ago)
Jonghyun oppa 😢😢
Olivia Griffin (10 months ago)
can some tell me all the people who kissed? by number of time?
Danna Agreste (10 months ago)
¿son idols de kpop enserio?
Erika Meneses (10 months ago)
Emily Agreste sip
Briggitte Plaza (10 months ago)
Earlkeithnel Perez (10 months ago)
Si sandara ba yun
Masearte Abraha (10 months ago)
I thought Korea was conservative in terms of LGTBQ? At least I heard they didn’t except that... have they conformed? 🤔
red hair homa (7 months ago)
it's fake...just fanservice
Yến Nhi Nguyễn (10 months ago)
koreanpineapple (10 months ago)
Me before they kissed “NO NO NO NO” me after they kissed “HOLY SHIT!”
I want one !!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Anh Phung (10 months ago)
The first who
Ruth Pingsterhaus (10 months ago)
Aaaaahahahahhhhahhhh Trouble Maker!!!! (0:19)
Ray - (10 months ago)
Who are the girls at the end?..
Ray - (10 months ago)
Who are the girls at the end?..
Art STUDIO (10 months ago)
Omg 2:00 - boy with boy? 2:59 - girl with girl? Omg
JaneCraige (10 months ago)
koushinproductions (10 months ago)
Fan tried to kiss her lol, good thing she got good reflexes, she was just going to rub her nose on his cheeks. Fan thought otherwise.
Erika Meneses (10 months ago)
JaneCraige yes
Tati (10 months ago)
Jhannella or Roxy (10 months ago)
Omg *few hours later* I THINK MY DREAMS COME TRUE OMG!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😲😍
Julia (10 months ago)
The guy wanted to kiss dara damn
Anfal bts (10 months ago)
Bts😌😌😌😌thanks god
Putri Sera (9 months ago)
Anfal bts hes not v lol just look alike hes fr troublemaker
Anfal bts (10 months ago)
kim krtrsys yes
hey! krytsys (10 months ago)
Anfal bts omg you just knew BTS in the kpop_-
park jimin (10 months ago)
Mano não acredito que o Seungri beijou a fã kkkkkkk sortuda Kaká
SsEeAa kétchum (10 months ago)
0:19 khe weno que no tengo pito por que zhy no v: nmms ezto en verdad ez etzitante :v ya lo repeti un shingo alv v:

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