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prank & girlfriend swap pranks..kissing prank -prankinvasion (gone sexual) - How to Kiss any girl - kissing Strangers - Funny Pranks - Thanks for watching and subscribe me for daily videos! :) Subscribe Me (ITS FREE)➨ http://sh.st/A4rlD Subscribe to our directors ➨ http://viid.me/qtg4WW (Future Twinz) Get Partnership with Fullscreen: http://apply.fullscreen.net/?ref=thehellmachines Make Money: http://sh.st/4c7d3 Support me on PayPal ➨ http://sh.st/NmUOH Facebook: http://sh.st/A4rQC Twitter: http://full.sc/1quSivA Google+: http://sh.st/A4rvP Intro Song: TOP 5 Pranks 2017 - Prank Compilation - Pranks Gone Wrong - Kissing Prank - Funny Videos 2015 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMFgRGYWCvs TOP 5 Pranks 2016 & Social Experiments - Pranks Gone Wrong - Pranks in the Hood - Kissing Prank - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76K-B_57uk4
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PacoVL46 (1 year ago)
Wow, you guys just ruined a relationship!
no shit
PacoVL46 (1 year ago)
Yeah, but if they hadn't pulled that prank it wouldn't have come to that.
Alben Murcia (1 year ago)
pacovl46 no they didnt. the person in the relationship did by making shitty decisions. he obviously had no qualms about fucking another girl he doesnt even know first chance he got even when his gf said no. she even gave him the option to change his mind instead of leavong the moment he showed interest in fucking a stranger, then he kept insisting for her to be ok with it and finally walked off with the stranger. he was shitty and the ex gf is lucky she found out sooner rather than later
Alex Hill (1 year ago)
I love how every guy keeps looking at the girl hoping they say yes hahah
Hezo (1 year ago)
My dream is to become a good youtuber 😁 😂❤️ Nice video ❤️❤️
Hezo (1 year ago)
ClickClan100 Why everyone so mad?? 😂
ClickClan100 (1 year ago)
Hezo then stop watching this bullshit
3D x pro gaming Boy (1 year ago)
Hezo who the fuck cares

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