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First Time Flying First Class - Taiwan Trip(Korean Airlines)

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My first time flying first class on my way to Taiwan. ★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★ Facebook Show Page: http://on.fb.me/1MlPKvU Facebook Mike Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/mikeychenx Instagram: http://instagr.am/Mikexingchen Twitter: http://twitter.com/Mikexingchen Vine: https://vine.co/Mikexingchen Snapchat: Mikeychenx Periscope: Mikexingchen Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! https://www.shenyunperformingarts.org/
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Text Comments (7432)
Hotdog Buns (9 hours ago)
10:48 I was dying laughing
Cristaly Olivo Aguilera (18 hours ago)
I go to jfk airport
Inger _x (1 day ago)
I love watching these videos and realising that I’m an economy class girl and I’m never going to get this type of luxury. I’m having my first long flight this summer (11h30minutes) and I hope that my food is edible... I’m flying with Air France so there better be some good cheese lol
Anna claire Tutor (2 days ago)
I flew first class to Disney with my family and let me tell u for what it cost the experience was there but we didn’t get much like all we got was some floor room and the same food as everyone like nothing special maybe bc it wasn’t that long anyway the flight attendants were really kind and they provided us with any drink we wanted not just water and coffee so it overall was pretty ok especially the floor room
Sophie Meikle (2 days ago)
Him: Goes to expensive airport Him: Uhhhhh i thought there would be LOBSTER AND STEAK Me: Goes to american airlines Me: OMG PRETZELS? A TRAY? THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!! THEY EVEN SERVE MY SPRITE IN A GLASS!!!!!!!!!!!! ~looks out the window in amazment~
PersonaChick (2 days ago)
I'd like to see a video on like first timers to Korea/Seoul. It's on my bucket list of places to go, but I have NO IDEA where to go first...
Julius _gaming (2 days ago)
*read all the good food in the menu... Mikey: Eeeehhhh!?!
Julius _gaming (2 days ago)
I think the lounge look really good...you have too high expectations brothet
Julius _gaming (2 days ago)
There is no first class lounge that has steaks...only like soups..some stews and dumpling probably..no lobsters
Caleb Plays Games (3 days ago)
What is a transfer?
zenobia10127 (4 days ago)
I don't why I just suddenly starting getting suggestions for Mikey Chen travel videos, but thanks YouTube!
AJK The Weirdos (4 days ago)
Him: Goes to a VERY expensive airport and plane Me: goes on American Airlines
Depressed_child (4 days ago)
Seed weed tastes so good
Kant Relate Kris (4 days ago)
I'd steal all the food, omg it all looks amazing.
iiLuli xa (4 days ago)
I don't understand y ppl are complaining about the long...ramen noodles r ROYALTY to meh
Junhao Kuang (4 days ago)
It's not even typical lounge, it's subpar Business at best, it's not even qualified as first class lounge.
Big Boi (4 days ago)
I saw my man had that B R I Ō C H E
Kelly Star (5 days ago)
U got ripped off.... for what that ticket cost....that is the crappiest first class I’ve ever seen....
I never have been in a lounge so
L J (5 days ago)
I love his personality!
mattchoo (6 days ago)
Bruh I always thought aftershave was deodorant
Jane Cate Irungu (5 days ago)
Kate Oconnell (6 days ago)
Aw what a genuine dude and great video
Lucille Keating (6 days ago)
And I thought Delta was nice
Kyle Rudman (7 days ago)
First class is a huge ripoff unless you can blow 20k and not wince.
Mari M (7 days ago)
omg I love this video & definitely subscribed!
Alexander Ibay (7 days ago)
You're so lucky though bcos you're in FC.
Biron Clark (7 days ago)
That's for first class??? Should be wayyyy better lounge food. :0
WoWKoest (7 days ago)
I'm glad the service was good, because KAL's hard product always seems to be so pitiful.
Noe (8 days ago)
Imagine being in economy
Ludo Saenz (8 days ago)
He dint like anything
sTaTiCC_ᑕᕼEᘔY (8 days ago)
10:42 when your mom makes you eat something you think is gross but it’s actually good 😂
876Gawd Gaming (9 days ago)
I live 10 minutes away from JFK airport, I live right there on the south conduit
da kid (9 days ago)
I would've been slugging that Remy xo that's a 180 dollar bottle lol
Munajj S (9 days ago)
Cazza Kid (9 days ago)
Ur flying with Ching Chong airlines what did you expect
l lree (10 days ago)
u wouldn’t wanna leave the plane it’s so nice
Monica Argyo (10 days ago)
Did he just say this is my "LITTLE" chair?!!!
eli gogo (10 days ago)
A microphone would be nice if you use it
Tom Ibay (10 days ago)
It would be better If you ever tried Emirates when you get many money.
RecoveryJ (11 days ago)
Valeria Co (11 days ago)
Closes the door.............FAAAAPPPPPP
Emma Berry (11 days ago)
When he showed the flowers I thought it was lettuce 😂😂😂😂 In the bathroom
ELEM (9 days ago)
so did I, thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one. :D
carrie white (11 days ago)
Oh man for first class I would have wanted better food than that.
PrincessV 33 (11 days ago)
You are so charming & cute 😍
Jay P (11 days ago)
The flight attendance arw so lovely!
Dede Detto (12 days ago)
U seem like a bitchy china guy
Angel Marie Magdoza (12 days ago)
Angel Marie Magdoza (12 days ago)
Princess Jakii (12 days ago)
I’d literally fly there just for the food
J C (13 days ago)
Mandu.. means dumpling in Korean.
ellen3131 (13 days ago)
I can just imagine how comfortable a flight from Europe to Australia would be in first class. Ah well, maybe one day. Untill then, it's putting my feet behind my neck to fit in the chair and wait 24 hours to move :P
Juliet Ochavillo (13 days ago)
He reminds me of jackie chan
Grazie 25 (14 days ago)
"i think the machines trying to kill me." lol 😂😂😂😂
Zariah Williams (15 days ago)
"Up until that thing tried to kill me.." hahahaah
Tenice Livingston (15 days ago)
Kookie Gachalife (16 days ago)
Alright...tastes like water😂
Zachary Mcrae (16 days ago)
It’s better than my house 😕
MissKiaraNicole (17 days ago)
I want all that food lol lounge looks awesome!
crew tran (17 days ago)
Tia Tokkesdal (18 days ago)
I can’t believe you’re not 700 lbs.
Secrecy (18 days ago)
My experience with airport lounges has been much shittier. Chairs only, and I’ve had to wait for an hour to get on the plain.
Remi Johnson (18 days ago)
What’s his job?
shi shi (18 days ago)
He looks like Jackie Chan in those pyjamas
MilkA TALK SHOW (12 days ago)
Home Lastwin (19 days ago)
You can get almost all these things in economy class if you flied with Qatar Airways
Home Lastwin (12 days ago)
+texasatan i sure have to agree !
texasatan (15 days ago)
Definitely. I used to fly the direct flight from Houston to Doha and back pretty often and their service is amazing.
BigCali (19 days ago)
Water out of a cup, is very typical for western flights! Like KLM or Tui💕
2006aperson is awesome (19 days ago)
BTS want to that lounge in Seoul Korea before.
Oscar Pan (19 days ago)
Other airport lounges are a lot nicer. Toronto's is really good also Vancouver's and Shanghai's and they also have actual food
jennifer sampson (21 days ago)
What are you talking about lobster is on the plane
Phillip Fun Vlogs (21 days ago)
Was it a 747-8
liam feeley (21 days ago)
First class flights do usually have better food then that
Sophie Meikle (2 days ago)
how can u agree wit him his expectations are WAY to high, hes so spoiled
Musiclover Girl (21 days ago)
Is it sad that....... I’ve never been on a plane on my life
Eyuu (20 days ago)
You'll get there someday
T Lee (21 days ago)
Are you single??
Andrew King (22 days ago)
Delta airlines sky lounge was wayyyyy better.
Vicky B (22 days ago)
Me: There's a lounge?
Devesh Sharma (23 days ago)
Zane Freeman (25 days ago)
Lol, the business class lounges I go in are bettwr
ThereseSN (25 days ago)
Hmm.. sorry but I can't seem to see any view from those windows, except the ground .. is this a joke :p
Chloe Gingell (25 days ago)
in first class lounges, is the food free??
Alex Zhao (24 days ago)
Chloe Gingell yes.. but be carful when taking the....... Everything
Katie Dorton (26 days ago)
Cooling eye gel goes on the eyelids and around the eyes to kind of represh and perk them up.
Cheeze (26 days ago)
I guess I’m not the only one who would take all the food
manifestman132 (27 days ago)
I still think about my econ meal on a Lufthansa flight it was pretty damn good.
Emma Field (24 days ago)
Lufthansa food is the best!
Your mother hoe. (27 days ago)
That first class is DUSSTYY
Vv Mew (27 days ago)
All that is nice but daaaaaamn you put sooo much salt in your soup :O 12:04 😂😂😂
Duke Nukem SLO (8 days ago)
For real
Big Gunna886 (27 days ago)
Dam that ain’t nothin like the bucket seats on frontier...
The Wandering Wife (27 days ago)
The Jurlique products in the bathroom are definitely an upgrade from coach class. A Jurlique lip gloss is $12, but they are great products.
Tony Jung (28 days ago)
That’s not beef stew
flipingboredcritic (29 days ago)
That lounge was piss poor. What a rip off.
uranus0007 (29 days ago)
all good but food is yukkie... it's violent food .. animals are slaughtered
A .Y (29 days ago)
He put so much salt in the oxtail soup
heather haze (30 days ago)
Want to know a weird travelling gift given by the airline...in the seat back of every seat?? It was on the Concorde frm Paris toNew York and it was a pewter flask...like what alcoholics use to carry alcohol with them! It was very fancy. :)
heather haze (30 days ago)
PS kinda wild that this random little video has nearly MILLI0N views???
Sōshi Miketsukami (30 days ago)
Someone sitting next to the bathroom door can just hear Mikey talking to himself XD
Donna Marshall (30 days ago)
First class douche
lasagna yum (30 days ago)
it doesn’t taste like normal water. it tastes like *first class water*
legit beast (1 month ago)
I remember when it was my firt time first class I was eating when I first did I took like two bottles of Coke
William Harrison (1 month ago)
You were cheated out of that lounge
Ohvo (1 month ago)
I was just thinking.. you pay for the first class flight, as in on plane experience, you aren't paying for the lounge
Zandra White (1 month ago)
korean air service really is unparalleled
Paolenmang Haks (1 month ago)
Fruits?? Ehh...😂
Ansi Lee (1 month ago)
I would prob raid that lounge snack table cause who dont love unhealthy food
im shook (1 month ago)
You are so judgmental. Be grateful, because on that plane people are in Coach and cannot pay for First Class. Be thankful for the money you have and are able to pay for this.
KimAckerman 21 (1 month ago)
Not hating on him but it's the truth. Not many people have the money to fly in first class let alone travel to another place.
Zenya yalena Korver (1 month ago)
*ramen addict has entered the chat*

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