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Funny Games Rewind Scene. TF?

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Saw Funny Games(2007) for the first time and the rewind scene had an..."effect" on me. Of course i don't own the first minute and 18 seconds of this. It's from the movie "Funny Games"...obviously..
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DN N (1 month ago)
did he get that remote control from the movie "Click"? Maybe they are related.
Vtmgll (2 months ago)
There's 2 things people are looking over. First the fact that he says "look out" obviously too late, and Second that he says "say goodbye to georgie" but that's what he called the kid, wich was already dead. The father he called "captain"
aida perez (2 months ago)
White supremacy ruling over people of color in this case there’s black face being played. They control what happens next
omniae (1 month ago)
bro wtf
Nate DS (2 months ago)
Uh what. I’m sorry but how the fuck did he do that
미야 (2 months ago)
oh my god
Alleyup1994USA (3 months ago)
They should have rewind the movie at the end to the point where George gives them the eggs and they just walk away
MuzyShayk (10 months ago)
This movie is about 2 psycho boys Dreaming about a ‘Film’ in which they have all the control (hence they can rewind, look at the camera with a cunning smile etc; ) and can easily torture a family and do sick things and play funny games with them Just to complete their sick psycho fantasy , because they are insecure in themselves Simple as that I don’t understand why ppl are making a mess out of this Lol
here is a video breaking down the plot of the movie and the themes of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F75kUaNJJxU
MuzyShayk (9 months ago)
Gta? More like Gtgay! Then it’s What ?
That's not at all what it is about
slutthefuckup (11 months ago)
this scene was without a doubt the most powerfull ive ever felt watching a movie. knowing not just that he controls his own actions, but he controls the entire movie. very well done.
Jthrillz 728 (1 year ago)
It depicts that this isn't that movie where by some stroke of luck she or her family somehow gets away from this serious to death ordeal. Like so many past other films. They're in a home invasion as if it's real life from the beginning, middle, and to the end. The victims have no control in this situation only the killers. Hence the rewind sequence.
Draven Gonzalez (1 year ago)
*gets shot* LOOK OUT!
STVG71 (1 year ago)
I like the original better. The actors seem to be more real.
Ryan Parker (1 year ago)
The original is much more authentic. This seems just contrived or maybe I am biased since the original is one of my favorite films.
Japeth321 (11 months ago)
They're the same movie.
Russy Shipley (1 year ago)
This movie had potential if they had some certain drive for the family to live. But they don't. It's a piece of shit because of the 4th wall and this scene. Us normal people want to see a good thriller not some 4th wall torture porn. 2 guys and a golf club stoping them? I've broken my leg in two places at once and idc if I was on my last breath nothing would stop me from protecting my family. Especially with all the weapons around the house even when they left and came back. What a peice of unrealistic crap this movie was. If you think this is good or even remotely entertaining you need a physiological evaluation on your brain.
Deckard (7 months ago)
Scotty Lewis look at how angry you are. I hope you put a gun to your head and pull the trigger.
Newt-Hands McCoy (1 year ago)
The problem is that too many people expect the movie to hold your hand. It's sad that so many people didn't even try to understand it. They took it literally and then just jumped to the conclusion that it's shit. Just because you didn't get it or didn't like doesn't mean it's bad. I feel like I shouldn't have to say that, but people like you force me to. To say a movie is bad because the good guys didn't win is just ridiculous. You can't possibly think that's true. It's his world, and he made the characters exactly the way they were supposed to be. He wanted to upset the audience by showing that the protagonist doesn't always win, and he succeeded. So what about this movie is bad? Not the story... Not the acting... Not camera work or editing... I'm not understanding your issue. You might want to just stick to your basic movies from now on. Or just not talk about things you don't understand before looking into them.
Russy Shipley (1 year ago)
You can defend it all you want. It won't change the fact that this movie was a huge piece of shit. 50% of Critics felt the same way I did. So I guess we're all stupid huh? Haha but you can keep feeling butt hurt over a independent film. Hahaha
Tickmayham42 (1 year ago)
Russy Shipley or, OR, maybe you need to get a brain. This is an art film with commentary on the horror genre. It's fine if you don't like it, but to pretend it has no meaning or is stupid, ironically makes you stupid. Maybe do research or watch the movie again and UNDERSTAND why those weird things happen in the movie before giving out your stupid, pointless, meaningless opinions.
TalkingToMyself (1 year ago)
Honestly the most jarring thing about this scene is people thinking it's not entirely open to critical interpretation i.e. it's either going to sit well with you or not. It's not a case of "Oh hur hur I'm more intelligent so I get why it's genius" or "God I hate this artsy melartsy rabble; these other people are just being pretentious", it's meant to provoke different feelings. I personally don't like it; while I understood why it was done, the way it was done was too jarring a switch for me to get behind the meaning. And that's ok. It's also ok for you to love this scene and what it means. This is one of those few moments of film that is so out of nowhere and bizarre, you can have different opinions and have them still both be correct. Jesus.
ferial (7 months ago)
have you seen the original film ?
Joffery Baratheon (10 months ago)
Ugh shut up
Tickmayham42 (1 year ago)
TalkingToMyself well said.
Deiradinn Draven (1 year ago)
If people would pay attention to the boat scene and dialogue between Peter and Paul, when he pushes her into the water, you could get a lot more from this movie. The boat dialogue is on purpose. The director already tells us the point of the movie but he also gives us a window to theorize imo. My take/theory on the movie; there are two constants, Peter & a family/sidekick. The family/sidekick are a random type of "actors in the movie", this is one of the reasons he keeps calling him random names of the past sidekicks who make mistakes and everything else. Peter is trapped in a typical horror movie, but he becomes aware of this and learns people are watching and hoping for the turnaround for the family. The time when they defeat the bad guys. It's apparent that he gets annoyed at so many things, even with his sidekick who clearly shows he's not aware he's in a movie. It's a cycle that he keeps punishing viewers for expecting the inevitable "tables turning". It's his only form of communication. He's in the anti-material world. He addresses us and is aware of us completely. He has games that he finds funny with the audience, since the family(s) of each different movie's anti-material-multiverse, they seamlessly visit, are not real. He learns powers to rewind, interact, reset the day and prey on our desire to escape and root for the family(s). The family(s) never realize a reset and the boat is a kind of gateway to the next lake family(s), beginning of the movie. His disdain for the rules of the game he made up and the growing annoyance of repeating scenarios will only heighten and get more severe with each new audience. He's not going to leave you with any positivity or letting any hero's save the day unless one finds a way into the anti-material world. Not a perfect theory but how I see it.
Hannah Garman (1 year ago)
This is a GREAT in-depth explanation to the ending and overall theme of this movie. I agree with you 100% with the fact that the boat scene is really on purpose to give the audience insight on the main antagonist. Job well done on this theory, and I see it in the same way. ;)
Kasper (2 years ago)
I came for the scene, not for a reaction to the scene.
Emlonknee (2 years ago)
love this movie
Sunny Raven (2 years ago)
i get it but that was some dumb shit... why wait till towards the end to do that... WTF!! shoulda started it with something like that so all of us normal people would leave knowing we didn't spend 2+ hours watching a shity movie...
Tickmayham42 (1 year ago)
Sunny Raven "normal people" yup, that sums it up. "I want straight-forward, easily interpretable movies! Screw these artistic movies that have layers and meaning! I want stupid cliche slasher movies!"
Donald Slayton (2 years ago)
Do not play with thigns you don t understand.
Verified Scrobbler (3 years ago)
why the hell did they re-make this...
Tickmayham42 (1 year ago)
Probably because the director wanted to makeit again and thought he could do better this time. I haven't seen the original yet, but I can tell you this film is absolutely amazing.
Joseph Martell (2 years ago)
I actually prefer this
Charles (3 years ago)
+jaytang79 Its a shot by shot ''remake'' by the same director.
Thomas Jaynes (3 years ago)
Add a full pound of dues ex machina and a dash of fourth wall breaking and viola, something that really makes this film stand out on its own.
Luis Moreno (3 years ago)
35 likes / 64 dislikes. This resumes the film valoration.
Irais Morato (3 years ago)
Here is the key of this movie.
Matthew Raizo (3 years ago)
I like the original film, 1997 version
47Silent (3 years ago)
So all I have to do is go to the persons house I hate, take a remote control, kill him, then just press the rewind button to where I'm back at home. GOT IT! 👍 I'm going to try it.
Nate DS (2 months ago)
Wait ya gotta read the fine pri- *BOOM* Never mind.
Eye Giveaway (3 years ago)
This movie should've came with one or two alternate endings. I think that would be a loving touch to the remake. Maybe even a on screen choice on the Dvd. I'd do something like that, show different ends at different movie theaters.... Which ending did you get kind of thing. Anyway, I wish those two did live through those traumatic deaths.
Shu Shen (3 years ago)
breaking the fourth wall is a scary thing for some audiences and they do not like it.
Tolbka Miskin (1 month ago)
lol, its dumb, and not scary at all
Your Nan (10 months ago)
Nah not really the scene and movies just stinks 😷
Noise Marine (2 years ago)
This is just shattering the 4th dimension
futurerev21 (3 years ago)
This whole movie is a statement on our desire to see violence and people suffering in other movies, as if it's entertainment. The two boys basically play the role of the director of a shitty hollywood horror movie, and since they're the director, they control the fate of the entire movie.
Tolbka Miskin (1 month ago)
Nick Vogler (3 years ago)
The original was better.
Knurdyob (3 years ago)
+Nick Vogler THEY'RE EXACTLY THE SAME SHOT BY SHOT, FROM THE SAME DIRECTOR AND THIS ONE IS BETTER ACTED!! I seriously don't get how people say the original is better, is it just to show off that you watch a lot of movies and have seen the old one? could you elaborate?
Jon AGE Kunstadt (4 years ago)
Can someone explain this scene and movie in depth please? I dont get how you can rewind time, im hearing this whole film is infact, a film in a film? Idk, im a smart guy but please explain so i get it. :).
Found this cool video on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F75kUaNJJxU
Knurdyob (2 years ago)
+mightisright I think it's better than in the original
mightisright (2 years ago)
+Knurdyob If you think the acting "ist besser" in this one you are "loco."
OTOBIOhazord (2 years ago)
lol Shot for Shot remake with same Director, and the Originals better? Please....
Knurdyob (3 years ago)
+mightisright how can you say the Austrian original is better? this isn't subjective: they're EXACTLY the same, the only differences is that the remake has better image quality and better acting. ps: both were made by the same director Michael Haneke, so it's ok for them to be shot exactly the same
NutterCutterPro. (4 years ago)
Main protagonist breaks fourth wall, he hints throughout film that he knows he knows he is in a movie. Sort of like "ferris bueller's day off" or "Spaceballs" for example. At one point he even states the name of the movie to another character. If you know this, scene starts to make sense. Some might even say, this is why there murdering people, they know it's just a movie.
coi tip (7 months ago)
Their murdering these people for us the viewers entertainment. If you want there to be no death you stop the film.
Death Dealing (4 years ago)
This scene was awesome.  Its a shame a lot of people don't get it.
Nemo Chepbror (6 months ago)
Jackiee Bhabiee The point is that that's what all films do. Movies aren't actually real life. The characters all do what the author wants them to do. Way to miss the point of an entire film.
Your Mom's Creepy Uncle (6 months ago)
It's really not that clever. It's thoughtful, sure, but it's not an earth-shattering bit of commentary.
+mikerin07 the themes of the film are subversion, hence why the start of the movie is opera which quickly transitions into metal, it randomly demolishes the fourth wall halfway through and why the trailers were made to look like a run of the mill horror movie
Jackiee Bhabiee (1 year ago)
rightattheunicorn and there is many movies where the victims dont make it our alive...the descent...Ouija and more...but they didnt just put bullshit in a movie that makes no scence
Jackiee Bhabiee (1 year ago)
rightattheunicorn not an horror film...that movie bacame shyt because of what they did...not a master peice of nothing like some think...and my point is movie is filled with bullshit no one wanted to see happen...why make a movie that gunna piss the veiwer off...they thought they were gunna make a mind twisting killer movie that was gunna have the audience in wow..when in reality it just makes you mever want to watch it again...a good slasher is something like holloween...not rhis bullshit...and i get it...this movie wants to act like theres rules and shyt to a slasher movie..so the guy wasnts suppose to die...but thats what makes it garbage
Skepticalways13 (4 years ago)
Haha...that was pretty funny. Good vid!
Arkadi Danielyan (4 years ago)
And all of u even the ones who likes the movie missed the point. The first scenario when she shoots the friend is not a happy ending, it is the same shit cruelty. That is one more death, no matter of the bad guy or good guy, bad or good is personal preference, the kid himself would kill that guy. Self protection and other kind of morale which leads u stand besides the family not the maniac is just a taste. Just we love cruelty, some of us needs to justify his cruelty the others don't. But both types are the same shit.
HYDROCHLORIDE (3 years ago)
+A Wooden Chair nope
A Wooden Chair (4 years ago)
Ur taking the meaning of this scene waaayyyyy too far
Arkadi Danielyan (4 years ago)
Michael Haneke is the director of the movie, if u dont understand the rewind scene watch also mivie caché where he dares to take a video of his movie's characters lifes and send it to them. The whole thing is not about ehich scenario is more probable. It is much more deeper, the audeince keeps watching cruelty justifying it that it is curiousity. Whereas in both cases the movie is cruel and there is nothing to watch if u dont like it. U watch porn because u love sex not because u wonder how it will end with cumshot or creampie.
Und34d Army (4 years ago)
I didnt read anything about time travel or anything significantly related to fantasy while checking the info on my Directv control while watching this movie. Just two psychopaths who terrorize a family. Can someone explain this?
Tickmayham42 (1 year ago)
Und34d Army absolutely not true. His films are carefully planned and executed. The people who said that are probably people who hate the movue because they like movies that are easy to understand.
DIRTY SPIC (4 years ago)
It's his plot. His shot-to-shot remake from his own movie.
Und34d Army (4 years ago)
+Lamarck Rant i read somewhere that the director didn't care about the story and decided to screw up the plot and do his own thing. Is that true?
DIRTY SPIC (4 years ago)
He knows he's into a movie, so he would be able to control it or take precautions and such. This scene just shows that he has all the control over the situation. He is not going to let the movie cliches win and the villains loose. It's almost as if he and the other guy entered the movie from outside of it and now they mess with it's reality.
nonamesam (4 years ago)
It's kinda funny how the people hating on this scene are really just proving how truly effective it was at showing our ingrained instinct to deny reality and immerse ourselves in a fantasy escape. The whole point of this scene is to show that, instead of getting to be a Hollywood hero that kills the bad guy, in reality a scared housewife would be completely powerless against a pair of sociopathic killers. The goal of the main character is to torment the audience, and by rewinding the scene he is taunting them with cathartic relief before pulling it away and re-establishing his absolute power. 
antboy76 (4 months ago)
Oh yessss ! I was brutalized by this film, and rightly so. I invited it into my house and it fucked me up! I loved it! Fuck simple-cinema!
Cha Cha Cha Mania (1 year ago)
nonamesam I don't know why you say people hate this scene, maybe they ( and I) hate the edition of the youtuber.. i wasn't necessary... (At the end) the decision of haneke, I think is right... But I hope to see the movie'fragment, not a stupid edition ...
Rodrigo Caro (2 years ago)
filmafinfity is stupid as fuck. They are a bunch of pretentious cunts that love themselves and think they always are right. The Godfather has a 9,1, and I sincerely don't consider it the best film in cinema history.
Luis Moreno (2 years ago)
Really. Its seems like you are Haneke's brother. XD. 6/10 Filmaffiinity. A normal film.
Rodrigo Caro (2 years ago)
Luis Moreno your lack of intelligent arguments is amusing. Congrats, you're acting as Haneke wants you to act. Rejection caused by fear. Feaf caused by ignorance.
Johnny Blanco (4 years ago)
This.. is where I threw the remote and stopped watching this piece of shit. God what a bad movie.
WalterWhite (10 months ago)
For a horror movie a 6,2 is not bad. Plus, saying the movie is "shit" and then using that argument is just stupid. Shit movies don't have positive reviews. Shit movies don't have a 6.2. Also you're just using one source of data. According to Metascore, it has a 69/100, which means it's not shit, at all. Rotten tomatoes? 64% positive reviews, rated at a 6,8/10. Now if you're talking about the remake, meh, it was not shit either. Not as good as the original. You really need to check what the word "shit" means.
Ri Fenty (1 year ago)
Luis Moreno you really hate this movie sweetie I saw like 10 coments of you hating already hshshsh you have so many free time
Luis Moreno (3 years ago)
+xXcrazyjayfilmsXx Ok, ok, surrealims, point of view, 3rd dimension, but the film is a shit. 6,2 filmaffinity rate. 34 likes / 65 dislikes.
Euan Guthrie (4 years ago)
This is not some tom hanks piece of shit film, the reason this was done is to demonstrate that the antagonist cant just die half way through a normal horror movie because thats not the way hollywood does it. This film is no low brow paranormal activity, its a commentary on the routine generic "horror" genre. I understand that this isn't for everyone but the few who understand it love it
Arcoiris Aycaramba (8 months ago)
Bruh the director officially expressed that he wanted the audience to feel horrible. The peoples response was what he intended. Why would you call an a Tom Hanks film piece of shit. Is it just that all the film techniqe and mise en scene shizz that matters to you. You are talking about how people could not enjoy this , but it has value. Yet you call films that are meant for a specific purpose and successfully achived it shit.
Joffery Baratheon (10 months ago)
Fuck you
Luis Moreno (3 years ago)
+Harold Haroldson The only reason of this movie is be polemic. Nothing more than this. Is a 6/10 rated film. A normal film that could be more than it is...
Pinhead .Larry (4 years ago)
Any tom hanks movie better than this
Death Dealing (4 years ago)
+morgan n The movie wasn't terribly acted.  What are you talking about.  Michael Pitt is a phenomenal actor who did an amazing job in this film.  Tim Roth is great too. 
Boooty Lunch (4 years ago)
some prince of persia shit
Francesco Faluomi (4 years ago)
Most senseless scene ever
Jon Anitsakis (4 years ago)
yeah i literally left the room and had to be forced to watch the rest of this movie, completely killed the entire thing.
That's the best part, it shows that there was never any hope, because like most shitty horror movies, there is no hope because the villans always have plot armor
Joffery Baratheon (10 months ago)
Luis Moreno (4 years ago)
this scene completely destroys the film. bad director
Lord Tony (17 days ago)
you clearly have to be somewhat intelligent to fucking understand this scene I literally said "yeah" when the woman shot the guy and I was confused when the scene re winded but I knew something weird was going to happen because the guy kept breaking the fourth wall numerous times before this scene.
Your Nan (10 months ago)
Ihate People wow your a little bit butt hurt over a shit film with a pretentious message
Newt-Hands McCoy (1 year ago)
Haha someone didn't get it
This scene was genius ! I love how the characters play with us !
MrSPIDEY21 (1 year ago)
And that's exactly why it's probably the greatest scene ever...a poor innocent family being tortured and every viewer was probably waiting for them to get killed lol...it finally happens at a turning point and he jus rewinds the scene...hit every viewer that was cheering her on with a big "SIIIIKE!!!!" Lol...that's a great scene...had you engaged and got a reaction out of you...you were probably pissed off 😂😭😂😭
Erin Daniel (6 years ago)
Also, I apologize for the terrible quality and lighting and such...

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