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Rebuildable Genesis Atomizer Tutorial

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For more e-cigarette news, videos and daily updates, be sure to visit http://www.ecigadvanced.com/ To join our community visit http://www.ecigadvanced.com/forums/ A tutorial video on how to build a wick and coil in a Genesis style atomizer tank. Using the BliSS V1 rebuildable atomizer for demonstration purposes.
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Text Comments (54)
ill name it later (1 year ago)
Dam times have changed your building at 1.9 ohms in 2012 in 2017 I'm building at .08 ohms the vape industry is evolving like crazy
Zakd (2 years ago)
some old ass video.
Giorgio C. (2 years ago)
sei uno scarpone
Christopher Brown (4 years ago)
This is fascinating. Its like watching cavemen discover fire. Someone should do a vape history channel
Rick9482 (4 years ago)
Wow, have times have changed in the vaping world! I generally build using #26 kanthal at 0.5 to 0.8 ohms using steel rope/cotton skirt topper. Can't help but wonder what another year will bring to vaping habits. Nice video but I've never had a build reading that high.
Ginmars1 (4 years ago)
This makes me want to smoke
AFatalPapercut (4 years ago)
The angled end of the wick goes inside tank or outside?
Hey do (4 years ago)
If you want less ohms do you just wrap it less?
Christopher Brown (4 years ago)
Dual coil cuts the resistance in half.
Hey do (4 years ago)
okay thanks :)
Er0rr0perator (4 years ago)
Fewer wraps would work but you're probably better off just using a lower gauge wire like 28g. 
Chronepsis5 (5 years ago)
Fantastic tutourial mine has a crazy wall at the back I dont fully understand but thanks to your ace tutorial I dont need to it was shorting out because I was lazy and tried to skip step 2 .
Peter Cardinal (5 years ago)
Very good tutorial , thanks for the great building info.
darren kawasaki (5 years ago)
thanks for video. looks like i was building it wrong i give it a go like this  
Ryan Martin (5 years ago)
thanks man!!! by far the best rba build tutorial i've come across yet. i just completed my first build with your video and got a couple questions and a few tips for your video. 1) Will it really taste this bad for half a tank!? 2) If you make this video again you should a) get more in depth with the length of the mesh (from what i noticed that has a lot to do with the ohms?) and b) explain how to fix the "hot spots." for example, I am using a "UD AGI RBA." the opening for the mesh is a little far from the positive terminal. before wrapping it with the coil should i bend the mesh closer to the positive??? I'm guessing that's the only way to fix that particular hotspot. it's a too late now because i've already wrapped it and because i bought a starter kit, i dont have spare wire or mesh. Anyways, thanks again man. Pretty in depth build. Will you be posting a video for the dual coil?
Greg Rodgerson (5 years ago)
Nice! Finally a build vid with proper editing. Thank you, this was very well put together.
BlackJudgeJudy (5 years ago)
dat green screen
Sir.Marsh ˙ ͜ʟ˙ (5 years ago)
mediocre build... but thnx for basics so newbies can learn.
Brandon Cabral (5 years ago)
My build shows on the ohm checker .35ohms but won't fire any ideas ?
Dylan McGhee (5 years ago)
mechanical mod? or variable voltage?
E greubel-pubill (5 years ago)
Where do u buy your wire
jsnowbrien (5 years ago)
I just got mine 3 days ago and built my first coil took for ever tons of hot spots voltage moving around still another one with the cigarette paper around the wick method that is the key I didn't have to move the coil at all perfect glowing coil bottom to top I think it leaves a perfect layer of carbon so you don't want to move it around or you will lose it it seems to have eliminated any hot spots and makes it so easy to build.
Comic Guy (5 years ago)
Good Video.
surphkid11 (5 years ago)
32 is thicker, the lower the gauge the thicker the wire.
Jilljeanne59 (5 years ago)
Great tutorial...thank you!
Uncle Jack Partybus (5 years ago)
32 is thicker or thinner than 36 ?
Uncle Jack Partybus (5 years ago)
what number of kanthal wire to use ..I bought A1-32GA and couldnt use for ego_T
Ron Harris (5 years ago)
For $25 or less you can get an AGI or an AGA-T, get some wire/mesh, and your set. Paying these crazy prices of $100 + for pieces of metal, in my opinion, is more about status and compensation then vaping or some are just blessed with mad cash. I need my $150 for stuff like food and medication. Great video, Matt is a cool dude.
KillerTofu808 (5 years ago)
is it necessary to check the ohms on a mechanical mod? I just dont see the point unless im trying to get a certain ohm right? but personally i dont really care as long as its between 1- 1.5 and from what i heard as long as im doing 30-32 wire with 3-4 wraps thats what ill get.
Cream Of Weber (5 years ago)
No need to correct him, as you don't know what you're talking about. We're talking filter media... not your earlobes. Filter media is sometimes rated in U.S. Mesh instead of microns. This gauge standard is the number of openings per linear inch using standard wire diameters. Wire mesh measures the number of wires (or threads) per linear inch, not the size of the holes between them. As the number of wires per inch goes up, the size of the holes (in microns) goes down.
Cream Of Weber (5 years ago)
Just use a $5 meter from harbor freight.
Vega Nite (5 years ago)
Awesome video man
Dustan Binzer (5 years ago)
thats from madvapes. they go out of stock a lot though.
cardos (5 years ago)
where did you get that ohm meter?
Eve Newsom (5 years ago)
How many wraps for higher OHMs?
George Wash (6 years ago)
Our liberty is at stake. Abraham Lincoln said "A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded." George Washington and other founding fathers grew hemp and it seems very likely used it for euphoric purposes. Cannabis is much safer than alcohol. In the last 30 years however there have been over 22 million arrests for cannabis, incarcerating non-violent offenders, and branding many youths lifelong criminals driving them to commit more crime.
Nicholas Garratt (6 years ago)
Have you tried oxidizing the wire before wrapping the coil? I've heard that it wraps easier and gives good taste from the beginning.
ecigadvanced (6 years ago)
The lower the gauge, the lower the ohm OR more wraps to get a higher ohm coil as a higher gauge.
Debrecini Music (6 years ago)
Thanks to both of you for the replies :) Also wondering what resistance in different gauges of Kanthal I use. Bought some 20 gauge which is thicker than 30. Am I right to assume with thicker wire (like 20 gauge) then the lower the resistance. As I'm assuming it gives better conductivity. Or have I got that one backwards? ... LOL
Fizzo ba (6 years ago)
how many weeks the mesh gonna last? cuz i want to change using the normal coils
TheEbred (6 years ago)
it doesn't make it "non conductive" it just makes the wick not conduct "very well"
TheEbred (6 years ago)
water quenching speeds up the oxidation process, also stiffens the wick for better coil wrapping.
TheEbred (6 years ago)
yes, the more coils you wrap the more resistance you will get.
Charles Hicks (6 years ago)
i always wondered why i was putting juice on my wick and "burning it off" it seemed to help so i JUST did it but the whole "water quench" thing? What does that do exactly? BTW i like your vids, you seem more like a down to earth person unlike a lot of the vapers i see making vids, thanks
M600 (6 years ago)
A longer wick will lead to a stronger resistance so the more wrap you you, the more resistance it will be.
Debrecini Music (6 years ago)
Can anyone help with a question. Do more wraps of coils around the wick = more resistance? I just bought my first rebuildable an AGA-T2+ and would appreciate it if anyone can answer me on this one. I dont want to make too low of a resistance atty you see. Either way I'm sure going to experiment with it.
Traveling Tribe of 5 (6 years ago)
Yes you want to draw air over the wick otherwise dry hits
Da Epicenter (6 years ago)
4. i see a lot of people using cheaper genesis style rba, produce a huge , thick, cloud of vapor. in my build the vapor is very thin and regularly gets a burn taste. what should i do? i use 500 ss mesh, 32g kanthal wiire. and a 50/50 ejuice. i also use 325, 400 ss mesh, and get the same problem.
Da Epicenter (6 years ago)
3. at one time i built a mesh and coil set up with 3 ohms. it was a lucky strike. i could not make another one like that usually from 1.5-2 ohms. i
Da Epicenter (6 years ago)
2. is it necessary to line up the hole to the wick?
Da Epicenter (6 years ago)
1. where did you buy the roll of kanthal wire?
thereal cmac (6 years ago)
Something so satisfying about the hissing noise when you put more liquid on after burning some off ;) Making wicks is fun! Great vid for those starting out in genesis vaping, thanks Fazed. I usually leave the ends of the wire on there until I have a nice coil just in case I need to play with the length a bit. I also usually use a lighter to burn the wire a bit as well, makes it easier to work with and gets rid of any taste on the wire/coil......just what I do though :)
Matthew Olmstead (6 years ago)
4.2-4.4v gives me a good vape with that setup, although I can go higher, it isn't necessary.
castello west (6 years ago)
You made it look easy! How many volts did you like with 2 ohms?

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