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Genesis Atomizer Coil Wrapping For A Newbie!

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Thomas Greer (3 months ago)
Thanks again! Knew I could count on rip trippers to show me how to build this thing
Florian Bouchez (2 years ago)
vive la poésie
David Gembe (2 years ago)
we've come a long way😎
Whoa. Blast from the past here. I missed the genesis fad. Looking to learn. Lol Either way, heard these are good for TC
great video, very helpful.
blewmonkey (3 years ago)
Hi Rip Trippers,  I'm doing a 100% VG concentrate (0% Nic) and was looking to get a RDTA like the big dripper, but I just saw the Genesid Atomizer style buid and i think its the way I'm gonna go.   My question is, I would like to know will the wire mesh wick work well with 100% VG or will I have to thin it out with distilled watter.  What I'll be using for now is the Petit Gros Clone mechanical mod which comes with a Hobo Atomizer found off ebay. Regards,
Sarah Marquez (4 years ago)
ok i get  it but whin i got mine i had 2 on mine and how do you do 2 bec i have a valkyrie mod with a genesis atomizer
Ahmad Adyarso (4 years ago)
What's the difference between genesis atomizer and RTA like kayfun, taifun, squape, etc. ?
MARIOS MICHAIL (4 years ago)
I must say it's one of the most detailed coil guides I 've seen so far. KUDOS dude. Can't wait to set up my Prometheus (Tomorrow it will be mine!!!).
Jeff G (4 years ago)
Such an awesome video helped so much, I'm getting into gennys I'm kinda bored of drippers and kayfun like stuff. What genny do to recommend I want something high end thats easy to find online for retail. No kraken
Harry Bowell (4 years ago)
Thanks Rip! Your vids are awesome! They always help me so much and many others I am sure. Your time and efforts are greatly apreciated.
Jord Ben (4 years ago)
btw, thanks for all that you do rip.... 
Jord Ben (4 years ago)
do you have any comments on crystal wicking?
Tony Beavers (4 years ago)
New to vaping and decided to try out the kraken clone. Its very hard to build single or dual coils using 28ga kanthal, compared to building on my igo-w. When trying to wrap around the screws my wire slips back out and I'm cranking down pretty darn tight. And now my tank leaks from the air holes and around the Pyrex tank. Please share any advice if any to help me out and get to liking this thing cause I think its pretty cool looking. Also when removing the outer cap, the glass comes off as well spilling juice everywhere
Forrest Hooker (4 years ago)
Can't help you with the slipping coils, but the tank slipping has been my experience with Kraken clones haha. You might try swapping o-rings, that helped me a little bit.
Tony Beavers (4 years ago)
New to vaping and decided to try out the kraken clone. Its very hard to build single or dual coils using 28ga kanthal, compared to building on my igo-w. When trying to wrap around the screws my wire slips back out and I'm cranking down pretty darn tight. And now my tank leaks from the air holes and around the Pyrex tank. Please share any advice if any to help me out and get to liking this thing cause I think its pretty cool looking. Also when removing the outer cap, the glass comes off as well spilling juice everywhere
Michael Flowers (4 years ago)
Hey RIP, so i guess i missed it, what gauge of wire do you use on like the grand vapor Prometheus? And would that be a 4/3 wrap (on what ever size wire you tell me) im a complete newby, and probably bought WAY too much of a piece. So im having to learn really quick. Even the guys at the vape shop couldnt build one correctly like you did
Kuha (4 years ago)
Smok rsst works on Eco twist for me :s Not much vape but. It is what it is
Trevor Davidson (4 years ago)
Thanks RiP Tripper. Your video helped me out. Just bought my first mechanical mod and used a juice with sugar in it. It totally messed up one of my coils and was giving me a hot spot. Got rid of the juice and did the brushing thing on the new coil. Good as new. I enjoy your videos a lot. When I'm in doubt or trouble I always look to you first. Thanks!
goldark3 (4 years ago)
Would it work on a itaste mvp 2 if i make my coil around 2 ohm ? And is it hard to make it work ?
ShitWrangler (4 years ago)
glad i got a kfl+ to start out on my rebuildable path besides the kanger coils i was building, this looks like an absolute mess to do but still very enticing to try
87lancerguy (4 years ago)
Genesis atties can be a bitch. I know a lot of people that have thrown theirs away, because they just can't build it or don't have the patience. Kayfuns and RDAs are definitely a much easier starting ground for rebuilding. HOWEVER...if you can get a genny setup going properly, it can last several months, and the flavor off of ceramic wick or stainless mesh is UNBEATABLE. You won't throw the huge clouds with most setups, but the flavor is just WOW. So crisp. It took me a couple days to perfect, and I'm an extremely patient person when it comes to this stuff...but it still had me pulling my hair out. Was it worth it? YOU BET! There's nothing I can't build on now! Doing RDA's and Kayfuns is a joke compared to Gennies...but the satisfaction you get from a proper genny setup is hard to beat if you are a flavor chaser.
Joshua Horvath (4 years ago)
Hey Rip, I have been balls out chuckin clouds for about 1 year now. and im 100% off the cigs. I have gone through all the growing pains...atomizer to bottom coil tanks, then found the joy of RDAs. Along the way I got a Genesis Atomizer and I friggin hated this thing. HATED IT! it was inconsistent as hell and so finicky.  Recently, I found this thing in my "Vappin Tackle-box" and I thought, why dont I do some builds on it like I would my RDA. ( MACRO, MICRO , even Parallel) and fix the air flow, now that I know it matters.  I gotta tell you man, Its the only thing I vape on now. Im wicking with mesh and cotton wrapped around it.  I get the flavor/ clouds of the RDA and the convenience of a tank. Makes those kayfuns and other like it, look like little bitches. You have helped me learn so much and I thank you. I dont always agree with you anymore but it feel good to know that I have learned so much I can make my own opinions, which is largely thanks to you. I know you get about 10000000 messages but I felt I should shoot you a line anyway.
xblazedduckx (4 years ago)
question, i rebuilt my coils without changing my wick... now i cant see if i have any hot spots even tho its working very well any suggestions? Also does it matter if you dont make your coils red hot befor you vape like your supposed to to your SS mesh?
Chris Sims (4 years ago)
what is the wick made out of?
Mayne Media (4 years ago)
Great thorough video!  Appreciate the CLEAR, in focus close ups!!!!
Jerry Stringer Jr (4 years ago)
I have to say Ok video instructions were right on, and very easy to follow. The problem I have is I watched your newest videos before i watched your older ones. With that i like SICK AS TITS Rip better lol much more entertaining. Hell my 72 year old dad likes watching your videos even my 14 year old heard you from me watching and was laughing. You do a great gob man let the haters hate and exhaust their energy and you keep rockin what you are doing. Great contributor to the community. The you
RSX type S mobbin (4 years ago)
Great video!hey I have a question,I have a evic and I want to get a rba mod and I'm new to the whole rebuildable atomizer s,I like the nimbus and the genesis cause it has a tank,I wanted to know if I'm going to have a problem with my evic cause it's variable voltage n what not,thank you for any advice
DjNawo (5 years ago)
Thanks so much. I couldn't figure out what to do with my new steamboy. 
Cole Dunn (5 years ago)
501-920-1516 please call
somerockenguy (5 years ago)
great video and info! It would be awesome to see a new newbie coil building video from you!
Andrew Delashaw (5 years ago)
Help... how do you know the resistance of the coil if you are building it on a hybrid since you cant screw the genny onto an ohm meter since it has the proprietary threads of that specific hybrid? Isnt that dangerous not knowing the resistance so you can calculate the amps you are going to be pulling fo,rmbattery safety? Like if you use 26 ga A-1 and the coil ends up being 0.4 ohms and you are pulling 11 amps on a 10 amp battery? Do you go by the length of the kanthal you use to figure it out or do you use a regular multimeter?
Andrew Delashaw (5 years ago)
+pumpkin1escobar Yup, also when checking resistance it doesn't matter which side is popositive (red lead from the multimeter) and negative (black less from the multimeter). You can put either one on either side. Make sure you touch the two multimeter leads together to check the resistance of the leads. Older/cheapo (multimeters under $20-$30) multimeters sometimes have oxidation built up on the connections or sometimes the strands of wires that make up the leads can have corrosion on them, and things like this can cause resistance. So say you touch the leads together and the multimeter reads 0.3 ohms of resistance, then you touch the leads to your atty to test the coil and it reads 1.9 ohms, you have to subtract the resistance of the leads from the resistance of the coil you're measuring, 1.9-0.3=1.6 ohms. Most new/good quality multimeters will read 0.0 ohms, if not try twisting the part of the leads that plug into the multimeter (if it has detachable leads) around, even pulling them in and out while twisting a few times will sometimes work. Hope this helps, and you can ask anymore questions you have, that's what we're here for.
pumpkin1escobar (5 years ago)
+Mat Marana retarded question....how would you check it? just put the points on each side of the coil?
Andrew Delashaw (5 years ago)
That's what I figured. I just have noticed every hybrid genesis coil building video I've watched they end up finishing up the coil then popping the battery in right away and fire it up. I guess if you're using a VTC4/5 then you can go down to 0.145 ohms before you are above the battery's amperage limit, so you don't really need to worry.
Russell Neils (5 years ago)
What's the wick made out of? You don't have to use that right?
Blades-4-U (5 years ago)
Why do you recommend using a mech mod with a genesis? I'm just getting into RBAs, and I'm using a buddies genesis on a provari (like as I'm typing this lol)
Blades-4-U (5 years ago)
Thanks for answering my question dude!
Dennis Santos (5 years ago)
VV/VW mods generally won't fire below 1.2 ohms or similar and when you're getting hotspots/legs it's essentially shorting out the coil to a greater and lessor extent so electronic mods stop firing. Mechs just fire regardless if the coil is shorted or not.
donotstealmythunder (5 years ago)
Great vid.  Thanks for the info.
Canadian Vaper (5 years ago)
You helped me so much with your vids. Your awesome dude! I'm currently running an Mvp v. 2, smoketech rsst, clapton coil at 1.2 ohms with the cotton auto dripper technique I seen on one of your video's! works great for not being a mech mod. Thx so much. Your right "Smoking is dead, vaping is the future and the future is now"
Gillius (5 years ago)
just getting into rebuildables.. and your videos are awesome, but my god it looks alot bigger on my screen than when in doing it myself....  thx for all your help dude
custommade21 (5 years ago)
i got my rsst today, did 2 wraps of 28 kanthal at .4 ohm and when i was testing for host spots, which i seem to have a lot of, it caught fire. :k
R V (5 years ago)
Albert Vu (5 years ago)
yeah i dont have a weaker battery, just a vtc4 and purple efest. blew 4 coils in a row. 4. incredibly annoying, but i'm not about to buy a crappy battery just to do this.
Recluse (5 years ago)
Weaker battery means a battery that isn't fully charged. Not a cheap low quality battery. Use a battery that is about half way drained. Around 3.7 volts When your battery is fully charged it is firing at 4.2 volts. That's too much voltage for setting up a new coil. Of course if you're using a regulated device (Provari, VAMO, etc.) you can just set the voltage to 3.7 or lower.
Daniel Nielsen (5 years ago)
i just got a Genesis today, this video helped me out alot. but in other videos i see when they make the coil, they burn the whole coil, how come you only burn the top? Thanks
Daniel Nielsen (4 years ago)
+Mat Marana Thanks!
Torrey Scott (5 years ago)
God Bless you RiP
JACKSONAXE1 (5 years ago)
I recommend all newbs get a genesis and get learning, they're awesome! I had hot spots, cold spots, flatulence etc all in the same night but if you keep at it you get it and then it's just heaven. Everything else ends up a bit lacking in comparison.
sonick808 (5 years ago)
can you avoid hot spots with a higher quality wire ?
Josh Heyder (5 years ago)
I have been vaping for around 6 months I currently am using the rsst pyrex by smoktech could u do a video on on that and share your opinion on that setup. I use ceramic wick with 28 gauge kanthal and im wandering if there are other ways to wick and wire it to get a better or more "dense" vape. Thanks for all the posts u put up I enjoy watching and learning!!
Mark Williams (5 years ago)
Hey thanks for the great video. I just got my RSST genesis atomizer yesterday. My only mod right now is a SID. I am waiting on mech clone to come in the mail. So, I am trying to build a coil above 1.2 ohms. I was having trouble with the hotspots since I couldn't pulse it. Now after seeing your video. I took the coil and wick out and torched them and put it back in the SID. Presto, no more hot spots. Thanks.
Dominic Johnson (5 years ago)
Awesome video man! Can't wait for my genesis style rebuildable to get here. So much good information!
TheCthulhu6969 (5 years ago)
Great video! Thanks! About to get in my first Genny style, a brass kraken clone, can't wait!
Lance Hamilton (5 years ago)
I don't own a Genesis, nor do I plan to buy one, but this was still incredibly interesting to watch! Great job Trip!
Byteboy1 (5 years ago)
Great video...well produced and informative - best I've seen so far on youtube. I look forward to giving this a try on my iHybrid - hot spots and burned out wire were all I got 90% of the time. The taste and vape production when I DID get it right were awesome compared to my iTaste vv v3. This should be fun...
W. Murphy (5 years ago)
Just going to purchase my first Genesis Atomizer tank. I know your busy man, i  don't expect a reply. But i just want to thank you, for all the video's and help you give. You a diamond geezer, cheers RiP. 
Giacomo F (5 years ago)
great video always sick as titsssssssssssss
Joe Wolinski (5 years ago)
Just wanna say great video. Thanx for passion to help other vapors.
Brigadier Jones (5 years ago)
what mesh are you using just got my first genesis atomizer
ALRULZ1965 (5 years ago)
Start with a #400 stainless.
Michael Kollar (5 years ago)
Hey man, I tried messaging you but you're locked, would appreciate it if you could message me, I'm a newbie in need, having an issue with my coils.
Tim Andoni (5 years ago)
Awesome! i was testing my coils on the SVD and I kept getting red error, Ill make sure to use the mech mod, makes sense i finally set up the IGO-W with the mech mod, success!
Clifford Beatty (5 years ago)
Good Morning Rip : I'm very new at using a mech. mod I want to learn as much about everything there is to know about build my drip atty.
Stormtroopersi4 (5 years ago)
Can you please start sharing the size of gauge and mesh you use, what you prefer for the AC9 and so fourth in your future videos.
John Barton (5 years ago)
Thanks Rip I love all your vids.
Jason Stokes (5 years ago)
You don't know how happy I am to see this video. I just found it today ironically after I went and bought a AGA-TD RBA. I see this video and talked about how it was Genesis-style type of wick and wire tutorial. I had the EXACT same problems as what you were saying in the video. Error messages, etc. This got me to figure out what was wrong and now she fires up perfectly. A HUGE Thank You for this video!!!
Brncofan13 (5 years ago)
I have a noble 1 that I actually tried to return because I couldn't get the wick/wrap figured out. No help from seller and refusal of refund. With your video, I'm going to give it a try again. I have 28 gauge and 400 ss mesh. Thanks for the vid. Hope I get it this time. I've come close to giving up on vaping because the cartos just don't give me the flavor I need to stay off the analogs, and this wick problem so frustrating! Wish me luck...
iDIMi (5 years ago)
Love your channel! Just did this first try, goes to show how good you are at explaining these topics! Thanks, I was very tired of getting my vape shop to build mine. Now I got 100ft of 28g Wire! ;) 
Clint Gardner (5 years ago)
What would be a good starter atomizer for me? I use the joyetech eVic and mostly kanger t3 tanks.
Eric Stumpy (5 years ago)
Getting ready to try this today for the first time, and totally expecting to fail. How big of a piece of mesh do u use?
Dean Hilario (5 years ago)
do you  have to oxidize the wick all the time? don't have access to a torch atm
goldark3 (4 years ago)
just buy a torch ligther for cigarette they strong enought just need to wait longer  to oxydise properly and make sure the torch dont over heat lol
Slowpokedrone (5 years ago)
Bro, is it possible to do it on Provari 32g? I tried many time but fail, always error msg OP
RiP Trippers (5 years ago)
This video will help. Genesis Atomizer Hot Spot Fix When Using A VV/VW Device
Sakata Gintoki (5 years ago)
So, can't really use these on standard eGo batteries or with enough wraps to get higher resistance it should do fine?
Sakata Gintoki (5 years ago)
How does it differ from other attys though? You can wrap similar resistance coils to most other ones that work off the bat.
RiP Trippers (5 years ago)
No, you need a mech mod or a vv/vw device that has a 3amp or higher limit.
Carlos Puentes (5 years ago)
Thanks dude.
• Bruh • (5 years ago)
smoking is dead, vaping is the future and the future is now <3
ryan cao (5 years ago)
Can you please let me know is it normal after a few pulls, atomizer felt hot?  Thank you love your channel.
TheNRmovies (5 years ago)
Why i cant PM you ? i need help RiP :(
adog7474 (5 years ago)
make sure u oxidize it enough you can get a wack flavor out of ss mesh if u haven't oxidized enough
jose perez (5 years ago)
Having trouble with the ss mesh wicking. Its not carrying the juice up at all. Maybe my wick is to thick?
jayallday01 (5 years ago)
Thank you for the great video. I am new to RBA's and needed this video in the worst way.
RiP Trippers (5 years ago)
Could be the battery. Could be that you are not making connection.
Dario Jauregui (5 years ago)
hey dude when i wrap the coil it does not glow at all could it be the battery?
Dustin Korpi (5 years ago)
Rip, thanks to people like you and your wonderful videos I was able to get lucky and my very first PV (SD mod + AGI RDA even though people told me to get an ego whatever first) works great. Good vapor, not too hot but gets up there quick. Guys listen carefully to Rip. That's what I did while my shit was shipping and I got a awesome working mechanical mod for my first vape. Great community on here. No were else do you get this kind of help.
RiP Trippers (5 years ago)
You could still be having a short somewhere. I recommend using 28 Gauge Kanthal. IMO, its easier to deal with when getting shorts out.
bjurni (5 years ago)
Why is my setup tasting weird ? Got 400mesh, 0.20/0.25, usually wrap a couple of wraps, kinda tight, and also trying to get the wire near the poles, then i pulse the wire and get it glowing evenly, still getting a bad taste, what could i be doing wrong ? Oh and ive got an RSST
y0tn1nam (5 years ago)
lets say below 2.0?
RiP Trippers (5 years ago)
That depends on the ohms you want to reach brother.
y0tn1nam (5 years ago)
hello, ig im using a 30 gauge khantal wire on a mesh for ud agi how many wraps should be, and how many on a 28 gauge?
neocyke (5 years ago)
not enough coil winding or wicking is too slow. had that problem too with my T2. upon firing it without the cap on, found that the top part of the wick was drying up too fast. the wicking just could not keep up with the coil. roasted the coil to burn off residue, added 3-4 strands of cotton yarn and re-wrapped the wick. with the "eclair wick", it's now working properly again. the wick stays nice and wet *all the time* see if that helps
NightBot (5 years ago)
bought zmax mini after vaping for 2week on/off button is not working properly i mean have to press hard- i'm going to buy the magnet button on/off switch
JR Roe (5 years ago)
I have been vaping for a 1 1/2 now, and I am buying the Temon Hybrid package from MMVapors. It is my first rebuildable Genesis style atomizer. I found your videos to be the most informative. I am positive I can do this successfully myself after watching all your different videos. Thanks Rip!!!
suprachris (5 years ago)
*what do you recommend?? (thats what I meant in last post)
suprachris (5 years ago)
Cant wait to get into rebuild-able tanks... RBA....Genesis... I will be getting a Magneto Mod VERY soon and want to get a genisis type rebuild able.... What (cheaper) easy rba do you recommend???? ... Thanks in advance for everything....Keep the great vids comin!!! Thanks Rip!!
RiP Trippers (5 years ago)
Try using 28 gage wire, much better.
y0tn1nam (5 years ago)
hello, i just got a ud agi atomizer use a 32 gauge wire 4 wraps on a mesh and its not vaping very well, im new to this atomizer...
RiP Trippers (5 years ago)
Pull that juice out and start over, and make sure you get those hot spots out before you fill the tank up.
David Gospel (5 years ago)
cant get rid of hot spots after jucies is in
Casey White (5 years ago)
Can you please give me a call in reference to my RSST. 954 470 0965. Thank you so much
RiP Trippers (5 years ago)
Yes, above 1 ohms
Sunny Ripple (5 years ago)
Could I work this on a Silver Bullet with a kick 2?
Rob Farrar (5 years ago)
its a chi hybrid. literally no knuckle room. tank looks like a genesis but i said screw threw it out and got a rsst. im vaping hard on it and its great man.. ss mesh 2-3 wrap 28g kanthal a-1 sub ohm with a kamry fuse on the battery
Jose Uceda (5 years ago)
You rock, thank you.
moe hadla (5 years ago)
I Love your effort to help your amazing!!!!!!!!!!
Brian Stout (5 years ago)
hey man love your videos. i got a aga-t+ and my first coil i ever made was a micro and it works great on my vamo v3. thanks for you good videos man.
RiP Trippers (5 years ago)
Definitely, you should try my Auto dripping method. Check it out on my channel page under coil building tutorials. :)
Tyler Dec (5 years ago)
Hey RIP, I just got my RSST, Can I use Silica wick 2mm and double it up instead of SS mesh.
Michael Vo (5 years ago)
Oh and my Protank has a 50/50 juice.
Michael Vo (5 years ago)
I just tried that and it doesn't seem to work, but thanks a lot for taking time out of your day to reply. I see no uneven lighting coils with no juice and with juice there's no hotspots or hot legs, and yet with boba's in the tank at 0.9 ohms on a fresh battery, it puts out less vapour than my micro coil in a Mini Protank. I'll probably try an Ekowool sheath or the cotton wrapping like you do in one of your videos.

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