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Hallmark With Love Christmas 2017 - Newest Hallmark Christmas Movie 201

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globalman (19 days ago)
Really nice film. Good cast. Nice to see Delta. It works for a script but not always in life. You must risk something even if you fear rejection, humiliation. And maybe, just maybe your negative voice is wrong. But better to try and lose than never try at all. You might just win!!!
Amruta Bhalerao (1 month ago)
Halfway into the movie and you know who she's ending up with..... But nicely acted
Sarlota Mrazova (1 month ago)
20 minutes into the film and you know it. But still nice film for the afternoon tea :)
MJ Plania (1 month ago)
I love this it's a sincere story😊😇 watch it ❤️
Ivor Tinkle (2 months ago)
Bridal Fever

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