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Solid quartz wick in genesis style atomizer

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Using twisted 28g dual coil, right around 0.7-0.8 ohm. Solid fuzed quartz rod as wick. I think they are 1mm but could be wrong since I ordered a bunch
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johnanance (2 years ago)
What did you use to cut the material with?
kwaynem83 (3 years ago)
which quartz was wicking vertical?
Devin (3 years ago)
Dude ur on to something Huge unlike any other stuff that I've seen. The Vaping Industry and Community need's people like you my friend!!!... I hope their ready!... Your a Vape Mad Scientist!
Philip (3 years ago)
NIce Mod Sir :) - Philip Gomez
RB Bedard (3 years ago)
So what is the follow up on this?
Tyler Hoffman (4 years ago)
Which one was wicking? The smooth or sanded?
JAG 88 (4 years ago)
whoa that very danger Quartz, Crystalline Silica Toxicity. refuse buy it   no thank
pulsevape (4 years ago)
This was tried out a long time ago..it doesn't work worth a damn...yes is produces vapor flavorless vapor there's not enough juice that gets to the coil for a flavorfull vape, but hey if you just want to blow clouds....what a breakthru.
Danny C (6 months ago)
Um it's about delivery of nicotine/THC/cbd/what ever. Vaping isn't about just cloud and flavor.
QUITTHATGRIT.COM (5 years ago)
Man that is genius!! So which rod was is it that worked vertical, smooth or sanded? I found these, is this what to use? http://fusedquartz.qsiquartz.com/viewitems/all-categories-clear-fused-quartz-rod/ries-clear-fused-quartz-rod-clear-fused-quartz-rod?&bc=3001061|3001041 I figured 2mm was a good size to go for with the kraken EDIT: wow website has MIN $50 order... lame
William Sweitzer (4 years ago)
I bought a lot. Wanna buy some?
donotstealmythunder (5 years ago)
So which one wicked better vertically?  Also, did you sand it in a certain direction?
Jeff Seggelke (5 years ago)
where'd you order the quartz?
Adam Lenz (5 years ago)
mind blown
kelton e (5 years ago)
on the virtical whiching issue, did you figure out which one was sanded and which one was smooth?
Michael Carr (5 years ago)
What shop do you work at?
Fabio Maini (5 years ago)
where is it possible to order these wicks?

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