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Let's play Final Doom TNT Evilution. All secrets in all maps Part 1/4

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Hi there! Time to reupload the first part about how to find all secrets in all maps. This time I'm gonna clear another wad. Final Doom: TNT Evilution. I had to clear all maps again, but I've fixed those annoying lags. Besides, I've captured the original soundtracks from the wad. I'll try not to delay so much next parts. Now it's time to click on the play button and remember where the secrets are. Ready, set, Doom! Maps list in this part Experimental Labs Levels. Map 01: System Control. Map 02: Human BBQ. Map 03: Power Control. Map 04: Wormhole. Map 05: Hanger. Map 06: Open Season. Military Base Levels. Map 07: Prison. Map 08: Metal.
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