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How to setup stainless steel mesh wick in a genesis atomizer properly.

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http://www.pegasusvaporacademy.com I'm well aware there are other tutorials of this, however I wouldn't have made this video if I didn't see a ton of flaws.
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80 iridium (2 months ago)
which size of mesh that wicks better for 90% VG ? 300 mesh - 400 or 500 mesh? also thankyou in advance
Vaping with James (9 months ago)
Thanks for the information I just set up my first ss mesh wick and I’m honestly surprised it’s much better than I was expecting.
Neloleon55 (9 months ago)
how gauge for stainless steel: 400x400 ; 500x500 ; ... ¿?
macs (11 months ago)
Uwe F. Herle (1 year ago)
Nice Video, Thanks. How big have to be the diameter of the hole? Because there are different paperclips.
bubby blindy (2 years ago)
shame about the white balance and lack of close ups in the tutorial bro, still your methods are good .
Darius T (2 years ago)
Let's pulse on a mech with wires dangling and not knowing what resistance I've got! Moron
macs (11 months ago)
Dude you’re so dumb
milan djikic (1 year ago)
Have you ever set up genisis atomizer? If not, go back to school, this is not 0.013 build or similar DL shit everyone is crazy for nowadays. This is a video from 2014 when normal coils were built at around 1-1.5 Ohm, so even if it shorts the wire is so thin it'll burn out immediately, which is not the case with quad staggered hexacoil aliens that is so thick it could heat up a smaller room...
Tech_Bloodbath (3 years ago)
thanks for the video im getting my first new genny tomorrow never had one before this mesh is a whole different game.
krista nohrenberg (3 years ago)
Great vedio. Well don, watch out RIP TRIPPER
disscard (3 years ago)
Great, informative video
MARIOS MICHAIL (4 years ago)
Hi there. Is it the same proccess for kanthal ribbon?
Gman 34 (4 years ago)
how do clean a kanger pro 2 tank?
lettherebe piece (4 years ago)
 hi great video very helpfull . what is the best combo of ss mesh and kanthal wire to use please
Austyn Wilson (4 years ago)
Can someone tell me what rba this is? I got the same one off of a friend the other day and don't know what it's called.
rick chy (4 years ago)
I did my first wrap tonight ever on an rsst. 30awg, first coil 1.2ohms, 2nd coil 1.4 ohms. First was a 4/3 2nd a 5/4. Here is my problem. I bought the pre oxidized wick (400 mesh) and had no hot spots on either. I do have a slight mettalic taste on both. I went with mesh because everyone says it tastes the best. The metal taste is ruining the taste for me. Any ideas? Thanks.
rick chy (4 years ago)
@Pegasus Vapor Academy LOL, thanks, great video btw.
Pegasus Vapor Academy (4 years ago)
run your own juice on that mesh on the side,  toast it a few times to get that taste out.   rinse repeat 3 times and call me in the mornin.
Ziggy Gavelis (4 years ago)
Can you give a approximation for the size of the mesh to start?
karl glass (5 years ago)
hi i can get my coils to glow ok ,i have a hole in center of the wick and its not too tight in wick hole of atty my problem is i cant get it to wick the juice . iam using standard mesh which came with the attys i have i use 90 per cent VG 
Pegasus Vapor Academy (5 years ago)
its fine to choke the wick if you keep something like a paper clip in the wick. then go ahead and wrap it tight and remove the paperclip later.
karl glass (5 years ago)
@pegasus1337 hi thanks for info have rebuilt again this time winding coil around wick before inserting thus more control over tension of coils i think i may have been choking the wick all is ok now many thanks and keep up this channel 
Pegasus Vapor Academy (5 years ago)
try leaving an open fill hole. although pg may help,  it should not matter even if your juice was 100% Vg which is what I use.
karl glass (5 years ago)
Yes iam tilting will more pg ratio help thanks
Pegasus Vapor Academy (5 years ago)
are you tilting?  you must tilt. 
Da Butcher (5 years ago)
What size stainless sheets do I use
elitesbaby (5 years ago)
Good shit
Atilio Escobar (5 years ago)
thought u said by 'coating' the wick u wouldn't have to adjust hot spots w/ a screwdriver?!? u adjusted w/ a screwdriver.. 
Pegasus Vapor Academy (5 years ago)
the adjustment is mainly to get the coils even because its hard to wrap machine perfect.   As hot spots  I said, the more you coat the less likely.  I never said it will completely prevent it.   When you have thing wire, tension on the wick will cut off some of the carbon you built.
Andrew christensen (5 years ago)
Its wire
Andrew christensen (5 years ago)
I highest ohm rating i can get i 1.0
Andrew christensen (5 years ago)
I am using 30 with 5 to 6 wraps. I put the tank on a ego-t it fired once and i couldn't get it to fire again.
Andrew christensen (5 years ago)
All ways great videos. Question though i have a vamo 5 and i bought the aga-t3. Set it up the way you showed how. I can't get to fire up. Ot keeps saying low ohms. I was wondering if I need to use Electrical mod or the mechanical model I have??
ivaninnz (5 years ago)
Like your videos. The white background on the close ups makes it a bit harder to see, can you try another colour next time.
Pegasus Vapor Academy (5 years ago)
yea I'm noticing that too.  I'll get a different pad.

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