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Rea Sea Pro Test Kit Demonstration

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This video was made with the new reefer in mind or the persons who are thinking about getting into the reef keeping hobby. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the ease of conducting water tests for the three big major elements in our saltwater, Magnesium, Alkalinity and Calcium. I have used API Test kits in the past, which I thought worked well. I have run low on API Test kits and thought I'd give Red Sea Test kits a shot. Red Sea Test kits give a more precise measurement and in my opinion the results are easier to decipher than those of API. As you will see, there are no magic tricks when conducting water tests.
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Text Comments (60)
La verdad gracias por este video por q yo uso red see test y estaba usándolo incorrectamente y tu dudas y para salir de estas dudas estuve averiguando y mire tu video y la verdad me ayudó mucho gracias y q tu acuario este cada día mejor
ReeferGil (5 months ago)
Mucho gusto y muchas gracias Senior Sotelo!
Buen video brother
ReeferGil (5 months ago)
Tim Anderson (10 months ago)
Nice video one of the best demo's for on any of the Red Sea test kits yet!
Richard F (1 year ago)
it is quite clear on the instruction card that you have to turn the solution blue to establish the start point and then finish at the point of the colour change to red, why do you ignore this and go from clear straight through to red, the result cannot be accurate - am i missing something?
ReeferGil (1 year ago)
Not inaccurate to my knowledge. I'm not concerned with the starting point as much as I with the ending point. This is how I've used Red Sea for past 6 years, no issues with my numbers. Wish I could be of better help.
Richard Munoz (1 year ago)
When I finally checked out your video I started testing my tank all my numbers were low so I bought all solution
ReeferGil (1 year ago)
Nice, hopefully everything turns out okay.
Richard Munoz (1 year ago)
Thanks gill I finally I understand how to read the numbers on the final test
ReeferGil (1 year ago)
Richard Munoz Awesome, very happy it helped.
i Police (1 year ago)
Thanks, first video i watched before doing these tests..
ReeferGil (1 year ago)
I hope it helped.
Fishin Addicts (1 year ago)
Great Video man. I watched a few videos about this test kit. They go so fast . After watching yours I finally understand it.. Thanks ..
ReeferGil (1 year ago)
That's great to hear, thanks!
goodall1bay (2 years ago)
I will say that API do make a good accurate ph test and the no2 no3 tests are good and simple.
ReeferGil (2 years ago)
I agree. They are faster too. Red Sea is just a bit more precise if that's important to the hobbiest. Otherwise, API is the way to go.
steve lane (2 years ago)
Excellent video mate!......just bought this kit today and watched this to make sure I did it correctly.
ReeferGil (2 years ago)
Right on Steve, thank you.
This is a good demonstration, thank you. What is the price of a kit?
ReeferGil (2 years ago)
Thanks Chris. I picked it up on Bulk Reef Supply.
A Ron (2 years ago)
this was very helpful
ReeferGil (2 years ago)
Awesome, thank you for your post.
Wil Santiago Reefing (3 years ago)
Very good video.
ReeferGil (3 years ago)
+Wil Santiago Thanks Wil!
Reef-STI (3 years ago)
Hi reefergil we miss you videos man hey can you toll me how you read the test kit is easy to use but I don't Khow how to read lol Red Sea I'm kinda new how you can tell in ml final you count the ml but is hard for me
ReeferGil (3 years ago)
+Rafael Vega Hey Rafael, it's not too tricky but it would take a whole lot of writing to explain it in text. :(
Rene S (3 years ago)
Thank you for showing what the level should be in the syringe. Red Sea should have done that with their video as it's a very important factor! Thanks for the great information!!!
ReeferGil (3 years ago)
+Rene S I agree, thanks for the post Rene, I really appreciate it.
TOM REEFMAN202 (3 years ago)
during the alkalinity test that color wasn't gold was it?
ReeferGil (3 years ago)
+L dawg The alk test can be a pain. But yes, if I were to pick a color, i'd say it was goldish.
GhostCrisp86 (3 years ago)
Great video i have a question Do i need a test kit if i only have a couple lps and softies?
ReeferGil (3 years ago)
+crispers702 Sorry for late response, I was on vacation with limited internet. Although maybe not as crucial as having hard corals, I'd still buy a kit to test the water.
Jeremy F (3 years ago)
Gil,  Hope you can help.  When I do the Calcium test I dump the level deal of powder in and mine turns blue????
YouBanania (3 years ago)
Your level of Mg seems quite high compared to the usual target value of 1300 mg/l. I was wondering if this is not the Mg+Ca value as with the JBL test for example on which you need to subtract the Ca value to find the Mg? Can somebody confirm this? Thanks.
Phil Maznyk (4 years ago)
Hi Danny, are you still using the Red Sea test kits? My Salifert's are almost done. 
ReeferGil (4 years ago)
You too buddy!
Phil Maznyk (4 years ago)
+ReeferGil Thanks a bunch. Have a great weekend,
ReeferGil (4 years ago)
I am. One of the best testers out there. Im only test once a month now since numbers are consistent.
jeff cool (4 years ago)
my powder clumps up all the time
ReeferGil (4 years ago)
+Jeff Cundiff I've seen that some lot numbers can be bad from time to time.
jeff cool (4 years ago)
ReeferGil (4 years ago)
+Jeff Cundiff Thanks you very much!
david estevez (4 years ago)
best demo video on red sea test
ReeferGil (4 years ago)
+david estevez David, huge compliment! Thank you!
Colorado Reef (4 years ago)
Awesome video, I came to this when I first bought this test kit and plan on doing a review of my own soon!
ReeferGil (4 years ago)
+The Elite Reef Great test kit, I continue to use it. Looking forward to your review.
Lathario Bowe (4 years ago)
Very helpful video.
ReeferGil (4 years ago)
+neker rivera Thank you so much for that feedback! I really appreciate it!
neker rivera (4 years ago)
very helpful video thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, so far the best explanation of how to use it, thank you again.
Quinn Johnze (5 years ago)
They are not beakers you goof ball! Vials.  And Titrant...not chemicals.
Martin S (5 years ago)
nice video.
Joe's Reef (5 years ago)
Good vid, I just bought the vegas as well but im having trouble with programming the lights with the timers for the day and moonlighting any pointers?
LeMasterReef (5 years ago)
Great video Gil, as soon as my api runs out Im going to make the switch!
drew houdeshell (5 years ago)
Is it just me or is the alkalinity hard as shit to read?
915Mang (5 years ago)
Nice man,way better than that guy from red sea! My kit came with the red tip being cracked. Redsea never answered my emails about replacing the tip, finally BRS sent me one for free. Nice video!
SIMUANGCO2468 (5 years ago)
Dang you beat me to the punch on the red sea testing vid LOL... I like the test kit but the ALK test is a pain in the but to read.. Good video!!
triumphags (5 years ago)
Good info Gil, been lookin at these kits for a while. Thanks for the vid
peteninja24 (5 years ago)
very good thanks for taking the time, now i might go to red sea test kit as i had had some false tests with api alk test kit it always said 7 which I couldnt work out why but then my salferit test kit says 9.3 which makes more sense as i was dosing alk and i kept raising the dosing of alk luckily i caught it when i did
Tony Nguyen (5 years ago)
good test kit there dude

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