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Racist Bugs Bunny Cartoon

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This is a bugs bunny cartoon that depicts black people as having the appearance of monkeys. Black people are also made out to be stupid, gun toting, lazy "suckers". Thanks for watching and please show your support and subscribe to my channel. Thanks and God bless! Bugs Bunny: "All This and Rabbit Stew"
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Vision Goated (1 day ago)
blackface is the rasmit of blackpeople you people is dumm to make this show bicth
Sheldon Offenbach (8 days ago)
That's when cartoons were the best!
Essentials Machvilian (9 days ago)
So if a black character is included in a cartoon is considered racist?
M C (11 days ago)
Not Racist!
night ninja no.751 (17 days ago)
Poor guy 😪
Vashaundra Barnes (17 days ago)
Its how they made him look same reason why blacks isnt supporting Gucci any more
TheLostOnes YTT (17 days ago)
Wow bugs bunny basically the main face of Warner bros racist this change my thoughts of Warner being innocent to racists
Dumb nigga
Janiya Robinson (19 days ago)
KwebbelkopFan5852 (20 days ago)
*Jim Crow has joined the chat.*
yasashii89 (21 days ago)
How's this racist at all?
Dank Sanchez (21 days ago)
Or else I’ll blitzkrieg ya
Shannonbarnesdr1 (22 days ago)
little sambo
Tradition IV (25 days ago)
chaucer44 (26 days ago)
"Black people are also made out to be stupid, gun toting, lazy". Have you ever been to Oakland? This is accurate.
halftwisted3 (27 days ago)
I have this on VHS
SwtShp (27 days ago)
Wowda mellum
Zrizzelangelo3.0 (28 days ago)
Sooooooooooo a black man can’t be a bubbling moron , it’s just racist ? ... hmmm interesting
Tactical NoobYT (28 days ago)
lol he did the sucker thing like 5 other times to white people
fuka yomama (1 month ago)
why does his lips look like that?
Jihad Griffin (1 month ago)
First of all black people lips aren't that color, secound the character is created making balck people look dumb. And last making this wholes skit racist we don't talk like that.
Hi Im Awesome (1 month ago)
As a black guy I think we shouldn’t over react this guy is just like Elmer Fudd
MLG Thuglife (1 month ago)
Bill Cosby's descendent
John Striker (1 month ago)
Can't help but just LAUGH & LAUGH from 3:56 xD
Rachael Moore (1 month ago)
*boo hoo let me cry about cartoons that were aired when I didn't even exist because it's my duty as an sjw* go cry in your safe space
B13Helghast (1 month ago)
Grew up watching these, still watch these and I'm still not racist.
jcheeseman21 (1 month ago)
Nothing racist about that, it was a representation of the times
King David (1 month ago)
So is Elmer Fud a racist depiction of white people? This isn't racist!!! Grow a pair and stop being overly sensitive you snowflake!!
Waiting for ES6 (1 month ago)
Bugs stereotyped EVERYONE. If there were no blacks in his cartoon he'd also be racist
ArtisticLicensing (1 month ago)
I agree that the depiction is far more ignorant and racist than not. What really would have sucked would have been to be black when this cartoon was released, for more reasons than the comfort with which this cartoon was illustrated and syndicated. Let's hope that present and future illustrators are better than that. However, I think that it is too easy for people to discriminate based off of skin color. It happens globally, and has happened since the beginning of time. Heck, look how long it took "natural selection" to final produces humans that could finally stop having its best scientific minds believe that the would couldn't possibly be round. Each of just needs to focus on being the best that we can be in the present and future. There is no future in being stuck in the past, or stuck complaining about. Best present and future wishes to everyone who read this post.
Nick Ribbly (1 month ago)
And if it was racist why would you be showing it
Shehruz Khan (1 month ago)
Hitler's views were wrong but we still learn about them, are you saying we should just ignore everything historically bad?
Nick Ribbly (1 month ago)
How is this racest?
madri zach (1 month ago)
Meme review
James Dalton (1 month ago)
I saw bugs making fun of a female cartoon character................disgusting sexism. We should all apologize for watching these.
Bert Collins (1 month ago)
Instead of worry about racism, we really need to worry about our utility bills, mortgage, and where our next meal is coming from.
Chi Ji (1 month ago)
Ugh the reason why it’s racist is because black people are seen in the Jim Crow days on cartoons as having big lips and they are always lighten than our face. They make us super dark and if you listened to the voice , that’s the stereotypical southern “uneducated “ dialect. It’s not about what bugs is doing it’s about how they are portraying the black boy.
pensnut08 (1 month ago)
Hahaha. What's racist? Black version of Elmer Fudd...
Robert Smith (1 month ago)
erasedbythesun (1 month ago)
Bull shit. What about Elmer Fudd?
Duggy Duce (1 month ago)
The fact that he used slave dialogue is something most in the comments couldn't feel... Sorry.
mountainguyed67 (1 month ago)
The artists weren’t picking on this guy anymore than they picked on Elmer Fudd. Snowflakes see racism everywhere.
daniel gunner (1 month ago)
So racist yet still good quality.
Gunnar Willett (2 months ago)
How is this racist? Hell they even give a black guy a gun 😂
Alan Malcheski (2 months ago)
the voice is slightly off, and the illustrating... if they had called this Bugs bunny or used the logo they'd have gotten sued. What is it actually called?
James Paschall (2 months ago)
Yeah ,blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... Blow it out of your ass...it's just a cartoon.
Rich Richard (2 months ago)
Equal Opportunity Shenanigans - Bugs Bunny made everyone look like a fool regardless of race, ethnicity, or social status.
James Valentine (2 months ago)
Always trying to hold the black people back but they can’t no matter what you do them you’ll never break their Spirit
ZelcroNub {TDM} (2 months ago)
Warning: I'm not racist for saying this. This African-American is apparently a reference to Black-Face. It is a type of makeup and even show that was use for non African Americans dress up as African Americans.
jerrold rose (2 months ago)
The look of the black , big lips and the way he talks, and dices really really
It's not Racist if it's true.
Roy Jones (2 months ago)
Was the portrayal of Yosemite Sam rascist also? They make fun of everybody. If you think that's fascist then you are just an idiot looking for a hand out.
Roy Jones (2 months ago)
skyeisle (2 months ago)
its funny cause its true
Kevin Conners (2 months ago)
The good old days!
Eddie McCutchen (2 months ago)
Racist?.. true life species
Gary AppleSeed (2 months ago)
The south will never rise again. Try it. Please do.
Aleksander Finstad (2 months ago)
Why is Elmer Fudd black in this episode? 🤔
Scott Johnston (3 months ago)
Not far from the people I encounter daily.
Nick Brown (3 months ago)
My God I saw this when I was real Young and I thought this was just a normal cartoon.
Lenny Pignatello (3 months ago)
Leave it to black people to find this and label it racist Looney Tunes had many cartoons featuring other races Speedy Gonzales Pepe Le Pew numerous Italian cartoons Asians black Americans are the only ones that complain about this very sad
ItsDoomguy666 (3 months ago)
I like how the bear is like "thank god I saved myself from myself"
not racist. racebaiters need to just stop.
Jiggly McSugertits (3 months ago)
This is identical to the Elmer Fudd bit, and that wasn't racist
Darkfoxa (3 months ago)
I have this on a VHS somwhere with a cartoon collection. I honestly never saw this as racist as a kid. All I saw was another victim of Bugs' little pranks
A B (3 months ago)
You mad, bro? LOL
America First (3 months ago)
Love it
Love life (3 months ago)
I don't understand why we can't make cartoon about stupid white people 😡😂😂
newhamp2 (3 months ago)
what i loved about this cartoon is how warner brothers had NO SHAME to even think about doing this LOL! Which makes it really funny to me. I loved it! And this is a black man saying this!! So,lighten up people!!
angryman (3 months ago)
Some of the animation in this short was reused for The Big Snooze
BEATZ4DAZ Global (3 months ago)
Racist part comes in when this character speaking saying that's how black people spoke in the 40s & his lips no black person lips look that way. That's two parts very racist & dumb! Wasn't for a black person inventing TV internet US would still be in Stone Age!
BMV BMV (3 months ago)
White people just mad because we run things now 😂
Alonzo Ruffin (3 months ago)
I have this on VHS. I used to watch this all the time when I was younger, and I laughed all the time, and I'm black LOL 😂
shah abdurrasheed (3 months ago)
The character is looks like a blackface mask or sambo character. He is portrayed in the same light as those characters, a dumb fumbling bafoon who can only understand food and sex.
This cartoon was played in black theatres for black audiences along with movies starring all black casts. Were those movies racist to you as well? The black people it played to laughed just as hard as white audiences laughed at Elmer Fudd who was similarly goofy but white.  Were the black people that laughed at the cartoon white supremists? You politically correct people can't grasp humour.
SS SS (3 months ago)
Zal Moxis (3 months ago)
Get over yourself you stupid prick asserting these cartoons are anywhere near as bad as today's examples of black culture, like Lil Wayne for instance..... besides it is the truth to some extent.... the piss is taken out of all the stereo types of the day..... F.F.S you people are so easily lead.....
Reverend Benzo (3 months ago)
Have you ever worked in a restaurant? Yeah, this cartoon isn't an exaggeration.
Danny Hernandez (3 months ago)
J- Kane (3 months ago)
No one calls it racist when they make Elmer Fudd just as stupid and a lazy sucker, blacks always gotta make something of it. Yes not all blacks look like that, but not all whites look like Fudd either...lighten up
Alex 1218 (3 months ago)
I think rappers are more racist than the show.
Eelis Nuutinen (3 months ago)
That's racist you can't say the N word
ARCHIE MEGEL (3 months ago)
Why is this racist? Did they make he to dark?.
Kevin Stephens (3 months ago)
this was racist from the start with the black man's characterization. As I watched I thought well at least bugs is treating him no different than Elmer fudd... until the last 30 seconds, that was a bit of a let down. so over all this is pretty racist.
I'm dying over this
FlameTomato (3 months ago)
This isn’t racist at all
GuAn Fra (3 months ago)
Change the name to "bugs bunny all that and rabbit stew" I don't see anything racist at all. All I see is rabbist.
Exposure (3 months ago)
Liberal twats making everything racist if it doesn't fit their extreme lefty agenda. Get a life.
Jeff Burleson (3 months ago)
Blacks ain't happy unless they got something to whine about.A show/cartoon is racist if it has any black characters and it's racist if it doesn't.So do I give a shit?!Hell no just shit the "F" up and don't ruin a good show
Jon Stewart (3 months ago)
I had this cartoon on a cheap VHS I bought in the 90’s of 50 of the Greatest Cartoons. Never saw it anywhere else. I don’t even think it was in Ted Turner’s AAP collection of 1930’s-1948 cartoons.
Jón Páll Sigmarsson (3 months ago)
Louis E. (3 months ago)
Are there any black people commenting on this? I'm curious how anybody who is black feels about this cartoon.
shah abdurrasheed (3 months ago)
This is racist. Only a racist would say it is not racist. A racist sambo like character.
Rob Bowman (3 months ago)
Why is it racist? I'm curious?
Landon Hildebrand (3 months ago)
What the actual füük
Spencer Willis (3 months ago)
*massive chewing noises intensify*
Matt Thompson (3 months ago)
Black people love shooting dice
YELLOWER (3 months ago)
Hehe its funny
WeeabooDan (3 months ago)
Click bait
Gage Williams (3 months ago)
That black kid might have lived in Houston
Juan D'Marco (3 months ago)
The character is indeed a racist depiction, but otherwise this could as well be an Elmer Fudd cartoon
Kurt Feeney (3 months ago)
How is this racist
Jaxon Brenton (3 months ago)
Listen, though this is loaded with some black racial stereotypes, it’s a cartoon. It’s meant to find levity in things; rabbits don’t talk or walk on their hind legs, either. These aren’t perpetuated anymore. Black mammy culture is plastered all over the fronts of syrup bottles, but it doesn’t mean they are advocating being a surrogate tit feeder for whites families. It’s just syrup.

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