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Genesis Style Coil Rebuild by Vapelyfe

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This is a video tutorial on wrapping a coil on an AGA T2 using a Provari. I am using 30 gauge A1 kanthal wire with an 400 mesh oxidized wick. I am using zig zag paper to create even spacing between coil and mesh resulting in an even glowing coil with no hot spots. Methods from the Peter K method regarding angle bends (Kinks) between negative screw to coil play and between positive post and coil. This method isolates the coil heat to just the coil. This method is much easier especially with the spring/washer mod on the center post. Yes, I understand the nuts don't match. Just used a bunch of other nuts and parts from different things lying around the house. Thanks for all the videos, forums and friends that gave me some pointers. This is one of many types of methods to come. At this point, this is the method I use and hope it helps others to get more familiarized with Genesis style rebuilding. I continue to learn each day which will in turn, improve my techniques. I will try my best to provide more video tutorials. Thanks for watching!
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Shantanu Singh (1 year ago)
You could take out the positive post to wrap the coil it'll be easier and more precise. That's a suggestion.
vapenjoy (5 years ago)
Bless you! Lol
RealOrbit - Australia (5 years ago)
Good vid but man! Half the time your moving out of the camera field!
allan manubay (5 years ago)
Go VapeLyfe
ph0kused (5 years ago)
Yo - I went to home depot, and I couldnt find a washer that small... where did you get yours?
Joe See (5 years ago)
Finally got my AGA T2 working! Thanks man!! It doesn't look as pretty as yours but it's close and it works! I went to a local hobby store and picked up a 3' piece of 047 music wire for $.67.
Sojourner (5 years ago)
Where do you get the spring and washer? Do they need to be a certain kind of metal?
vapelyfe (6 years ago)
The rolling of the paper is to create an even spacing between the coil and the rolled mesh wick. Uneven glow on coils is due to uneven spacing. Too tight of a coil against the wick bottlenecks the wicking. Too loose won't evaporate the juice. The thickness of the zig zag paper is just right. I've reverted to peter k method on all of my current builds and currently experimenting with stainless steel cable.
Albert Cortes (6 years ago)
What exactly is the purpose of the rolling paper?
vapelyfe (6 years ago)
The song in the end of the video is called "Capacity" by my band OFFVIBE. We are currently not an active band but just had the song and went with it at the end. Thanks!
vapelyfe (6 years ago)
The hole is about 2mm wide. I normally like a draw on 1.5mm holes. At the moment that was the only cap I had. But 2mm isn't that bad. I prefer a 2mm hole for more of a direct lung inhale than a normal cigarette inhale.
Günhan GÜNCÜ (6 years ago)
Can i ask the song id at the end of the video :)
palmmute00 (6 years ago)
It looks like you drilled out the airhole. What size and how do you like it?
vapelyfe (6 years ago)
@twiztid83222 Yeah I have it set up dual coil dual wick in my Macaveli hybrid. It capes monstrous. Good luck. Pretty tough with a screw tight center post.
vapelyfe (6 years ago)
@twiztid83222 Nice!
vapelyfe (6 years ago)
@gfred611 Most atomizers I own are designed having the screw directly to the body. I believe the raised negative post is for the use of silica. I figured is once it is lower to the body you have more room for more coils.
vapelyfe (6 years ago)
@Steffen Grunni I can't take the credit though. I know someone made it up. Been trying to find who so I can give the appropriate credit. Thanks!
vapelyfe (6 years ago)
@gfred611 Haha.. I know how that is. I'm spoiled having a bunch of RC hobbyists and what I do for work I got plenty of them lying around. Good luck man. I'm sure you'll find the right one.
Gwen Frederick (6 years ago)
looking everywhere around my house for a washer that will fit this!
Steffen Grunni (6 years ago)
Clever that rolling paper trick!
Gwen Frederick (6 years ago)
I noticed you swithced the negative screw around instead of using the post with the hole in it. Why is that? I'm gonna give it a try also!
vapor83 (6 years ago)
Im going to try and do a dual coil dual wick later today. Its gonna be smokey in here lol
vapor83 (6 years ago)
Cool I did the spring also awhile ago

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