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Flying on Ryanair. A $22 flight? TRIP REPORT. London to Warsaw

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Flying on Ryanair. A $22 flight? TRIP REPORT. London to Warsaw! ___ Uber sign up to drive: $50 - $1250 GUARANTEE or Bonus https://get.uber.com/p/eats-courier/?invite_code=u59vdswtue ___ Robinhood APP http://share.robinhood.com/jermaie2 $40 in travel credit if you use this link https://www.airbnb.com/c/jellis277 ___ Send Mail Here P.O. Box 640085 San Francisco, CA 94164 ___ Follow me here! Instagram: 901cali Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/901jermaine Twitter: https://twitter.com/901cali Snapchat: nychnlsfo ————————————————— By Jermaine Ellis If you like my videos subscribe to my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/901cali ---------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (191)
Brent Watson (22 days ago)
Ha! Charge to use the bathroom. That'd be awesome!
NoobyGamez (2 months ago)
I had two seats to myself on a flight to Barcelona with Vueling airlines lol
solongsofa (3 months ago)
Gets the cheapest flight available - complains the whole time!
I went at this station before...is this in London?
Blake Grandersen (4 months ago)
Brother you have some nice videos but watch your back bcoz there are some racist countries out there.
Jenson Ball (4 months ago)
Its like east Midlands airport
RustigReizen AUB (5 months ago)
Why are you freaking complaining. Be content that your flight only costs 22 dollar. Spoiled American.
TriCkz (6 months ago)
Its Ryanair , not O'Ryanair you fucking american gobshite
CruachanKeith (7 months ago)
You're criticising the way the airport operates, this has nothing to do with Ryan Air (not Orion Air)
CruachanKeith (7 months ago)
I love that the seats don't recline, I hate when someone just appears in my face when they recline their seat ... or worse, knock my beer off the tray. Anyway ... RyanAir transformed European avaiation, before them I would pay an average of 200 / 300 to fly from Dublin to Birmingham ... today it's pennies
Sousou EL HAMDOULILAH (7 months ago)
Nice video 😍👌💖
Rabia Afzal (7 months ago)
I'm.surprised they survived
Joseph (7 months ago)
It's actually Ryanair not RyanAirlines. And you just need to ask for ice. Typically low cost budget carrier seats don't recline.
Lee Grant (7 months ago)
Hi man me and my wife and my stepdaughter and her four kids we used Ryanair to get to Costa Brava in Spain this month and I can’t really fault Ryanair to be quite honest. Oh by the way great video I’m another thing my seat was C 17 right over the wing the best thing is loads of like space
Can't Think Of A Name (8 months ago)
today I went on ryan air it's fine tbh
Piotr Michotka (9 months ago)
They are good videos
Genie Last (9 months ago)
A mall with flights! 😁😁😁😁
Szymon Niezgoda (9 months ago)
Jermaine I hope your reading this I see you fly a lot any words of comfort for those afraid of flying?
Joshua Garland (9 months ago)
simon niezgoda take Ur plane will most likely crash😕
Francesco Di Mauro (9 months ago)
nigga nigga, yo yo !!! yo bro !!! Cheers.
Expecto Patronum (9 months ago)
Try to travel with Aegean airlines. It's from Greece.
Lee Newton (10 months ago)
If you use their app you don't need to print your boarding pass
J o n a t h a n (10 months ago)
what i hate about airports thees no help. i spend half the time wondering where to go.
shymike (2 months ago)
use the screens to find your gate then follow the signs to that gate number. if no gate shown just chill. it's pretty easy!
Brian Robson (10 months ago)
catch a bus!
RAFAL CHARUTA (10 months ago)
My line to a gdansk flight from leeds bradford were full
Elliott Shuttleworth (10 months ago)
I brought a fare to Bremen for £4.99
Rabia Afzal (7 months ago)
Hello u are the first person to comment
Edward Cameron (10 months ago)
What is your job.
Jermaine Ellis (10 months ago)
MrVillamike (10 months ago)
Is O'ryan air a new airline?I've often flew Ryanair myself.
Jermaine Ellis (10 months ago)
StupidWhiteBoy (10 months ago)
Please never call it O’Ryan air again you handicap
Gambit771 (11 months ago)
Ryanair you get what you pay for and for £20 I'll take a bit of waiting.
Sira Mea (11 months ago)
the security to gate experience is a difference depending on the airport - not Ryanair for example Prague is a very different experience to Cork
Speedbird 93 (11 months ago)
It's Ryanair not RyanAIRLINES lol!
Ben Wyatt (11 months ago)
That's Stanstead? I recognise it
Dr Chunky Biscuit (11 months ago)
Ryanair are ar*eholes!!! They left me & my disabled mum stranded in Lisbon with no way back home & wouldn't help us in any way. Had to pay over £300 for a flight from Lisbon to Luton & then get a National Express coach from there to East Midlands Airport. We've put claims in for refunds for 2 flights & a hotel which we couldn't stay at because they cancelled the flight the day before we were meant to fly out to Rome. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! ANY other company than Ryanair.
Sira Mea (11 months ago)
how long ago was this? this is against the EU regulations
Michal Nowinski (11 months ago)
You paid $22 for deliver you from point A to point B. For everything else you need to pay extra. Pepsi, food, additional suitcase, extra legroom.... I travel 3-4 times a year with them, it's just a flight. They wanted to charge for the lu, as well as introduce semi-standing places to put more people into the aircraft, but CAA/EASA/whoever didn't agree.
Renaissance Nomad (11 months ago)
Wait, explain the oyster card ambush fine thing. I'd refuse to pay it, so you can't depart the public transport at the airport with an oyster card? What is that? Also, when you purchased the oyster card, did you have to put your personal identity on it? If so I wonder if it is some kind of privacy violating marketing thing to track your whereabouts whererver you go.
Victoria Louise (8 months ago)
Spencer Wilton you can use Oyster card at Gatwick on the Express, Southern etc. I’ve always used my Oyster card to and from Gatwick and the guy checking tickets said it’s valid. You just tap in and out like normal. It charges like 20 pounds on Express and 12-16 pounds on Southern one way.
Spencer Wilton (11 months ago)
Also worth noting- if you're not travelling from zone 1 (prime central London) you can get travel cards for different combinations- for example travel only in the outer zones excluding crossing central London. These are usually significantly cheaper. The best option depends on where you live, where you work, how often you work, how many leisure trips you make to other zones- it can get complicated! Transport for London website explains it quite well.
Spencer Wilton (11 months ago)
Renit Rift Apologies, I probably wrote that at two in the morning! Yes, you can get weekly or monthly "travel cards" which are not actually a card at all, just an electronic addition to your Oyster card. Most commuters do this as it is slightly cheaper than paying Day by day. For Heathrow, which is in zone 6 a monthly travel card from zone 1 would cost £239. I can't imagine many people commute to or from Heathrow to central London every working day, so it is probably better to buy a travel card for the zones you commonly use, and just use the cash balance on your Oyster card to cover the difference, automatically, as and when you travel beyond the zones covered by your travel card.
Renaissance Nomad (11 months ago)
Spencer Wilton Spenser you wrote a lot but didn't answer much. Didn't I mention zones? How much is the month long oyster card (is there month long) that covers the zones that reach to heathrow?
Spencer Wilton (11 months ago)
Renit Rift You can use an Oyster card to get to Heathrow on the underground. Gatwick is further, and only part of the route falls within the oyster zone. There was talk of possibly allowing oyster to / from Gatwick but it's been ages since I flew from there and I don't know if it ever happened. Oyster cards work by zone, like all fares within London. You pay more or less depending on how many zones you travel between. You can add weekly or monthly travel cards to your oyster, say for example to cover your commute from zone 4 to zone 1 and home again, then have a bit of cash on there too in case you ever travel beyond your purchased zone. Or you can just top up with cash and pay as you go. Fares are capped at a daily limit for this. Many now prefer to pay by contactless bank card or phone now, but as yet they haven't worked out how to add a season ticket to this.
Danny Kay (11 months ago)
hahaha Ryan Air is the worst airline man. I couldn't do it. I fly a lot and if I got to fly with Ryan Air it's a painful process. I'll do everything I can to not travel with them.
Pj Mackey (11 months ago)
I love Ohryan airlines it's called 'Ryanair' you fucking scum
I'm smarter than you (11 months ago)
Lol this is your typical Ryanair customer, "wow only $22!... wait no safety cards? no magazines? no touch screen? the seats dont recline?"
Jim Damulira (3 months ago)
I'm smarter than you ,,,,cheap for reason most of time cheap products are always horrible
dru bombom (8 months ago)
For 22 dollars Do u want champagne as well ??
ufewl (8 months ago)
and no in flight meal either!!
ariana gb (9 months ago)
if your not from Britain​ then yeah this is literally any other Ryanair customer haha
BRADLEY BREAD (11 months ago)
Is it London stansted?
Jermaine Ellis (11 months ago)
heyJOE (11 months ago)
in europe you usually hang around the shops till your gate is called, then you go to your gate, gates are never usally announced till about 30 mins before boarding
J T (5 months ago)
heyJOE it’s a strategy to keep the passengers in the mall section of the airport so they can spend money instead of sitting in front of the gate
Zak Lawson (11 months ago)
I don't think he understands that all the things he listed are bad are just in every european aviation travel its not the airline its the airport LOL
Ian Lacey (11 months ago)
Stansted? Know it well. Early check-ins are a given. Ryanair...it does what it says on the tin. You get exactly what you pay for, and everything else costs extra. Most flights are direct so I have never had luggage issues with Ryanair.
Mike (11 months ago)
Ryanair isn't bad. A bit like being on a bus that flies, but not such an issue as in Europe most places aren't too far away. Not sure I'd like it for a 16 hour flight though.
Ian Gamerz (2 months ago)
Jay Cobbina (11 months ago)
I cannot do budget airlines....has to be British Airways ...
YC Aviation (3 months ago)
BA: £60 for a seat. £50 for a hold bag
Ginger (7 months ago)
Love Ryanair. Use them all the time on a number of short haul routes. Never fly them again to any major European tourist resort destination. Normally stay away as usually a rip-off premium but from London to Alicante the only way is BA; not because of the product, which is comparable to Ryanair (although BA do reliably have snootier cabin crew) but because BA flights to resorts tend to carry expats and local business people rather than the early morning pissheads and screaming, kicking kids that Ryanair resort flights are stuffed with. Of course there are tricks to getting budget fares on BA but a bit of pre-departure detective work beats two hours on a plane where cabin crew need to say "don't touch me" to one or more passengers. And far from isolated anecdotes flew the Ryanair route to Alicante three times before noticing a pattern with the target market. Absolutely love Ryanair on pretty much any non-resort route (e.g. Dublin, Berlin etc.) but between Alicante and London the only decent option is BA – and it's one of a tiny number of routes they operate worldwide where they're the best option.
J o n a t h a n (10 months ago)
do you smell your own farts?
Dariusz Wolodzko (10 months ago)
Tell Me when your homeless
Liz Graham (10 months ago)
British Airlines have not got thr Integriry they used to have! They used to be up there, not now their not!
Not Who You Think I Am (11 months ago)
You were getting a lot of looks it that airport I don’t think they’ve seen a black person in Poland before😂😂
stevo728822 (11 months ago)
You cannot stow your bag under the seat. It has to go in the overhead locker.
Sarah Donnelly (14 days ago)
With ryanair your bag goes under the seat and with priorty u can put your case in the overhead cabin
CaptainCurtiss (11 months ago)
stevo728822 yes you can unless you’re in an emergency exit row
Mr Chode (11 months ago)
I've heard horror stories about Ryan air. It's cheap, but some people have had really bad experiences
Kuba Jaroszczyk (11 months ago)
Welcome to Modlin! I’m always flying there every half a year or so. Very quiet place and very warm in April
Next Poland 1337 (11 months ago)
Kuba Jaroszczyk form shoe
hauskalainen (11 months ago)
22 dollars ... what do you expect for 22 dollars??!!
fasterthanyou2Aviation (11 months ago)
Nice you got the new cabin! Shame they didn't put on any mood lights for you :(
Giulio (11 months ago)
Ryanair air not Airlines, great vide btw
Janco van der Westhuizen (11 months ago)
Ryanair + Hawaiian Airlines = whatever the fuck this guy keeps callin it
Terry (11 months ago)
First time for me ... will book again..do as they say..book on line and well get what you pay for :-) 4 Star..
xshanghu (11 months ago)
I get to hunker down in my Compound and travel around the world via Jermaine.
BigDannyK (1 year ago)
6:34 it's basically a flying bus :-D
adam jalbrzykowski (1 year ago)
You can get app on your phone and heck in on your phone so tou dont have to print anything. Hope you got good time in poland.
Andry Hernandez (1 year ago)
Before i even looked at the comments, i told myself that the first comment that was going to see was "why is he saying Oryan Air?"
Doctor DBJ (1 year ago)
Keep it up! love your vids.
SoUTh Outdoors (1 year ago)
Excellent video Jermaine! I watch your vids all the time and it makes me want to vlog in public, I also have a outdoor channel... keep up the good work brother
John Small (1 year ago)
Keep getting those Stamps bro!
Renaissance Nomad (11 months ago)
Totally. Freedom man.
Louis Lark (1 year ago)
Can you please do a video on the UK news, newspapers, and TV stations?
NoobyGamez (2 months ago)
Louis Lark Our news is biased, newspapers are biased and tv stations are normal
Renaissance Nomad (11 months ago)
Louis we all dig them.
Smiling Happily (1 year ago)
Next time bring some ice, too! geez! $75.00 to print a boarding pass. Nah
Smiling Happily (1 year ago)
*goes to Google and types Blacks in Poland* hmm ! Reads a couple of links about their little "issues" POC. Jermaine, be careful! May God protect you! Travel young man Travel
Nicole Mantip (11 months ago)
Smiling Happily this guy is gonna be just fine in Poland. I have pitch black friend in Poland..they are having parties 24/7
Smiling Happily (11 months ago)
History does repeat itself!
Smiling Happily (11 months ago)
Nicole Mantip Dudette here! Huh? Racism is prevalent anywhere on this world or universe! My statement will be always travel ..And Be Safe!
Nicole Mantip (11 months ago)
Smiling Happily dude you are talking like racism is not present in uk or Europe in general xD
Grovel (1 year ago)
Didn’t everyone guess Poland during your live stream? 😆
Jermaine Ellis (1 year ago)
Rich Threeonesix (1 year ago)
Thanks for "taking us with you". I luv it!
skawashers (1 year ago)
How fucking much for a can. God damn Ryan air is such a rip-off..I wouldn't have bothered and tell them to shove it
Zulficar hamid (1 year ago)
The weather is really great in Poland now compared to uk
blues watchin (1 year ago)
It’s great your traveling but bro you are way to comfortable waking around by yourself with a GoPro
Jamie 14 (11 months ago)
That’s a good thing
Nicole Mantip (11 months ago)
blues watchin why ??? What is the problem ?
Ben Shippin (1 year ago)
Hey Jermaine. How long was the flight in air?
TysaQ & xElsk (10 months ago)
I form Poland. I have flown in Warsaw to London Luton. I think 2 hours.
relentless5321 (11 months ago)
Ben Shippin, did you watch it til the end? He said 2 hours.
Andy Martinez (1 year ago)
Where a McDonald’s sound better 😂
Hip Hop Netflix (1 year ago)
great vid, safe travels kid.
ManiiXo (1 year ago)
Why do you have a girls bag on ? 👀
AcroYT (9 months ago)
Amani Yvonne why are you so ugly ? !
ManiiXo (9 months ago)
Geneva Maria Pesci I’m just now seeing this . He puts his life on the Internet he knows what comes with being a YouTuber . If I want to ask a question I can . If he had a problem he didn’t have to answer it .. he let me know if was a messenger bag & that’s that. Now you mind your business thanks.
jollie Park (9 months ago)
it's not that deep bro, sometimes you just need a bag
Geneva Maria Pesci (1 year ago)
Why do you even care?You need to mine your own!And stop deeping!
Jermaine Ellis (1 year ago)
It’s not a girls bag the green and red was unisex a couple years ago.Also in Europe a lot of guys I have messenger bags just like that. Maybe not Gucci but the same size
Kylo Ren & Stimpy (1 year ago)
I wouldn't have paid the fine. I would just tell them I don't have the money.
Grovel (1 year ago)
MrUndecidedVoter Jermaine should have told them he was going to pay it next week. 😂
StardustlikeU (1 year ago)
do you still have to print out your own boarding pass? You could have used their app and go electronic, no?
lammy1234567890 (11 months ago)
Mobile boarding passes are only allowed for EU/EEA citizens, because non-EU citizens still need to get the visa check done before going through security. There may be many cases of people successfully using the mobile app despite being non-EU citizens but they do sometimes decide to enforce the visa check rule and deny boarding. So it's best for non-EU citizens to always print the boarding pass and get it stamped at the desk.
mama9048 (11 months ago)
Print or app. I'd print though as a phone might die or even have issues.
Jermaine Ellis (1 year ago)
For this fight I have to put my boarding pass. However I booked another fight with them and I don’t have to print that one I can use the app.
AL Ian (1 year ago)
You want ice in your Pepsi for a $22 flight? You're lucky they gave you a plastic cup to pour it in. Lol
dru bombom (8 months ago)
So true
Victoria Louise (8 months ago)
AL Ian they have ice though, they gave me ice with my wine 🍷
Renaissance Nomad (11 months ago)
You don't want ice on airline flights, unless you want to get sick.
Donal Crotty (11 months ago)
More expensive than whom?? Sure than Boots at the airport but vs other airlines... nah... try scandinavian airlines including low fares Norwegian
Andy Martinez (1 year ago)
The flight is cheap but the food is more expensive lol 😂
AL Ian (1 year ago)
Jerm flyin' Ireland's best airline! O'Ryan Air! 🤣🤣🤣✈🍀
Daniel Rooney (7 months ago)
Aer lingus i think
Pete S. (1 year ago)
El Mission (1 year ago)
Awesome, bro! I'm totally enjoying your vids. They look like they're getting better each time. I hope you enjoy Poland in the Spring. Thank you and be safe.
Kevin Schauwaers (1 year ago)
Fly Ryanair frequently. Brings you wherever you want in Europe cheap and efficient. Only minor is they choose to fly smaller airports. When you travel to Brussels south you land in Charleroi and need to travel 50 km to Brussels.
J T (5 months ago)
I mean it depends - now Ryanair is also flying to Zaventem - it’s also great for people who don’t necessarily live in Brussels but in the south of Belgium and don’t have to go to Brussels to catch a flight But yeah, if you are going to the main city for 1-2 weeks it’s okay but for a weekend trip it really sucks
Anoroc (11 months ago)
That's their businessmodel, they take over some small airport so they have the majority of that airports flights. They can then bring down cost cus the airport can not afford loosing them
Janco van der Westhuizen (11 months ago)
Kevin Schauwaers It has been a lot worse though. Nowadays they fly to and from FRA for example
micah cooper (1 year ago)
what is the name of the hostel your staying at i want to look it up on google
micah cooper (1 year ago)
you go Jermaine this is exciting to watch
micah cooper (1 year ago)
this should be interesting Warsaw do you do research on the history and culture of countries before you go
Joyce Attaway (1 year ago)
I would love to have a layover there
Gal wasserthil (1 year ago)
Fly to Isreal with El al
Geneva Williams (1 year ago)
Have fun J!What a life you have.
AL Ian (1 year ago)
Jerm see's the Po Po and about shits himself. 11:55
AL Ian (1 year ago)
Jerm stayin' one step ahead of Interpol. 🤣🕵️‍♂️👮‍♂️ https://www.interpol.int/About-INTERPOL/Overview
Eddie Martinez (1 year ago)
Why do you keep calling it Oryan Air? Its Ryan Air haha... safe travels bro
Renaissance Nomad (5 months ago)
Ginger Still falling for it eh? You probably think The Onion is a legitimate news outlet. Who even an allowed an addict like you on the internet? Oh right you got yourself a smart phone so now like every idiot you have access. Get off the drugs and try to understand satire when you see it. So STOP taking your medications, they are making you dumb as hell.
Ginger (5 months ago)
+Renaissance Nomad Take your medication and stay off the internet
Renaissance Nomad (5 months ago)
Ginger Wow there are still gullible people falling for this?! I love teasing you kids. Funny how you had to argue the made up points. See how easy it is for Russian hackers/social engineers/etc. to troll you into acting one way or another?
Ginger (5 months ago)
+Renaissance Nomad The 'A' in "McDonald's" is added by consumers outside of Canada and the US. It is not "implied" by any stretch of the imagination — no more so than the non-existent 'O' that Americans insist on adding to the end of "Edinburgh".
Ginger (5 months ago)
+Janco van der Westhuizen That it isn't. Only people in parts of the world where the company wasn't invented pronounce it *WRONG* (i.e. "mac"). Not a single American (or Canadian) in the universe has trouble pronouncing the company name correctly (i.e. "mick-donalds"). Insisting on saying the differently-spelled Scottish surname is a disease especially prevalent in parts of the world where "Los Angeles" is thought (wrongly) to rhyme with "Japanese".

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