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Crushing on Fireheart - Cinderpelt: Day 4 - Warrior Cats Speedpaint/Theory

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Text Comments (578)
Wolf girl (14 days ago)
And i ship them
Wolf girl (15 days ago)
Yes i do
Ashley Lee (15 days ago)
I ship!!!!
Alicia McKenzie-Bott (25 days ago)
Cinder x Fire = Meh Sand x Fire = I’ll take it Spotted x Fire = I ship it Cinder x Little = I ship it Dust x Sand = it didn’t happen but I might have shipped it
Princess Eyepatch Fox (27 days ago)
I read dis
Nattycat (1 month ago)
I think they're cute together
#Tuhkamarja on besu (1 month ago)
Aww Cinderpelt is my favourite warrior cat :333
Aqua Cat (1 month ago)
AHEM LionxCinder Cinder blaze!!! >:3
Mapleshade (1 month ago)
This is one of your best! :)
A Random Furry (2 months ago)
Jus Escote (2 months ago)
Cinderpelt admit it to fireheart dude.
Grininja 94 (2 months ago)
firestar have kits with sand storm
Wolf Clan Nation (2 months ago)
Screw you firestar u should of loved her
Miguel Orozco (2 months ago)
Ok I love the ship but right now they’re both dead
Student Adarynn Randolph (2 months ago)
Yellow fang knew da wai even doh dis vid ain’t bout herz
Poison Tipped Sword (3 months ago)
2:21 you do know she was talking about sandstorm, right?
Monique Perreault (3 months ago)
I'm almost at that part!
The Cinderpelt x Firestar ship is my 2nd favorite Firestar include ship, my first being Firestar x Spottedleaf
EclipticRose the Therian (4 months ago)
Im actually happy that cinderpelt and firestar didn't become mates because cinderpelt would have gotten in trouble,ya know because medicine cats can't have mates.
BirdCat (4 months ago)
EclipticRose the Therian Leafpool?😅
lps cookie Aj (4 months ago)
I love cenderpelt :p
FaZe Brazzer3 (4 months ago)
See cinerpelt loves fireheart me: WOAH!!
The warrior code never stated medicine cats couldn't have kits
Blue_lagoon_ 97 (4 months ago)
Nice video, I ship Fire x Sand, but on the REAL BEGINNING-as I started to read, I wanted Cinder x Fire. Btw. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS THEY'RE AMAZING! So, greetings and have a nice day ❤
Kim Daniels (4 months ago)
Peyton's Gray (5 months ago)
Early star sat and meowed we are early clan!
Pokemonpup XG AA (5 months ago)
Some of it wasn’t in Rising storm, I checked😠
Cooshu (5 months ago)
*cough* Littlecloud x Cinderpelt *cough*
Animal Lover (5 months ago)
Actually in another book with Leafpool ( Spoiler alert ) Leafpool is in love with crowfeather and sneaks out with him at night then Cinderpelt finds them and said I know what it feels like to be in love...... she probably did have a crush on Fire (spoiler alert) Firestar
Puddle’s Projects (5 months ago)
Great Job on the Art What Art program do you Use? I'd love to Draw! on it.
WeekendPotato (5 months ago)
they would look SO CUTE TOGETHER
Schleich Productions (5 months ago)
Bobafizz Tea (5 months ago)
Fireheart stared at Cinderpelt, "WAAATTT????" he says.
Angel Productions (5 months ago)
Is cute :3
Smith Riley (5 months ago)
I go see it happing
classicgirl 7654 (5 months ago)
I ship these two so much
Mya Roper (6 months ago)
I never liked sandstorm...this should have been the ship!
WolflexZ (6 months ago)
I want to be dense sometimes :D
Lunar Tea (6 months ago)
I remember this scene and clenching my fists because fireheart was so dense
RandomRainbows 101 (6 months ago)
I never shiped CinderHeart and never will. Though i like Littlecloud and Cinderpelt. SANDHEART IS LIKE THE BEST EVER XD
Jelena Lostumbo (6 months ago)
Aww poor Cinderpelt ;(
Tyler (6 months ago)
I think that cinderpelt and firestar would of been a good couple
StariiMonster (6 months ago)
maddragon (6 months ago)
Well you called it, cinderpelt admitted this to alderheart.
KittenCat 239 (6 months ago)
My book doesn't say that 😭😭😭😭
Kemrey Rowland (6 months ago)
Firepelt!!! Totally together forever!! Did u notice that when cinderpelt was re-encarnated her warrior name was cinderheart which is the beginning of cinderpelt and end of fireheart? This seals my theory of them being a couple.
jelly puma (6 months ago)
I love your speed paint!! And you reading the fanfic!
jelly puma (6 months ago)
Happy Lps (6 months ago)
They look so cute... poor Cinderpelt! =( How come Fireheart doesn't like her?
Samara McKenzie (7 months ago)
"Alright lateclan.." meowed a small brown tom his eyes gleaming in the moonlight. "We attack earlyclan tomorrow at dawn!" "Who should I take, Crowstar?" Meowed Cloudshine the deputy.
kion lionguard (7 months ago)
Yes cinderpelt x fire heart
kion lionguard (7 months ago)
Moon Watcher (7 months ago)
i really wanted cinderpelt and fireheart to mate i would have been sooo cute
The Caydenator (7 months ago)
The Caydenator (7 months ago)
The Sophia Show (7 months ago)
I just read this in Rising Storm! Moving on to A Dangerous Path! •~•
PwincesMR _ (7 months ago)
My favourite ship is Firestar and spottedleaf
Zozo Frito (7 months ago)
Didn't cinderheart even admit that in her "past" she had feeling for a cat she could never be with?
classicgirl 7654 (5 months ago)
Zoey Gilks In a way, yes. When Leafpool was yelling at her about her not knowing about love she looked away and didn't say anything.
Neko Eclipse (7 months ago)
I thought she was talking about sandstorm the whole time
E_Ruby_S I love to draw! (7 months ago)
THAT'S NOT WHAT IT SAID!? I remember her talking about sandstorm.but she didn't say things about changing her mind...
Quacker Friends (7 months ago)
alright fireheart you should know tat she has a crush on you >:C
Sophie Douglas (7 months ago)
I ship cinderpelt and firestar
Pandu Mandu (7 months ago)
Carmen Wolf 101 (7 months ago)
I like the ship:)😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 can you make me a costume a cat or a dog that's a girl who is confidential and Braf and adfangores and her name is aphmeu or hope and her color is orange and that has strip that are colored dork orange thanks 🐱🐺🐾🐾 I love your videos
Hi five emoji is god (7 months ago)
Please tell me im not the only one that ships spottedleaf and firestar/heart
The Roxy FoX (7 months ago)
*Y* *E* *L* *L* *O* *W* *F* *A* *N* *G*
Jellomations CB (7 months ago)
I ship Cinderpelt with nobody
FreSh ToAsT (7 months ago)
That is not written in the rising storm. Not trying to offence or anything. Just saying
Hall Babies (7 months ago)
dun da da dun dun duuuuu dun du du du dadadadadududu
my tom cat name: blonde tail my she cat name: blonde fur
cinderplat know the WAY BECAUSE QUEEN FOUND THE WAY!
Kristene Dingus (7 months ago)
yes i ship it
Viorela Stinga (7 months ago)
Luna Da Warrior CatFox (7 months ago)
Silent Cornflakegirl (7 months ago)
Favorite CinderPelt Ships: CinderPelt x SilverStream(OTP) CinderPelt x FireStar CinderPelt x LittleCloud
Amanda Anne Wang (7 months ago)
Skyler (7 months ago)
I read the title wrong “Crushing FireHeart”
I like Cinder Paw x Fire Heart :3
pastry.animations (7 months ago)
hh my fave ship ;3;
Sienna Hume (7 months ago)
I ship cinderpelt and yellow fang
Layla Potata (7 months ago)
I love it
Mia Hutchinson (8 months ago)
Its sad
Mia Hutchinson (8 months ago)
I find that she will never get her chance with him
FUTURE LPS (8 months ago)
Fireheart is so smexy 😂👌🔥
Tundrapaw AJ (8 months ago)
LPS Bellagurl (8 months ago)
Oh my gosh cutie I’m so sorry my channel, I have no eps yet
Janiya Lebron (8 months ago)
Fire Star and Cinder Pelt tho it would be forbidden
Kxtz (8 months ago)
Of course she had a crush on him!
Kitkat kenny (8 months ago)
I shall tell the facts about the me. Clan: Late clan Age:Late Name: Lateface Occupation: Late Mate: Latestar Kits: Lateclaw and Late jesus Parents: Latepounce and Lateblaze Word of day: Kitkatkenny x Latestar
T1ndoria (8 months ago)
I ship FireHeart and Cinderpelt: CinderHeart, FirePelt
Raven Ladrido (8 months ago)
i did not know that cinderpelt had a crush on fireheart
Moon Stream (8 months ago)
i would TOADS ship Cinderpelt and Fireheart, if Cinderpelt didnt get hit and became a medicen cat, i would todally DO IT!
Feather Animates (8 months ago)
I never actually said she liked him, but it's possible.
Integrity (8 months ago)
I never noticed that she was about to confess to him...... I’m so sad now... I feel so bad for ms. Cinder.
Gacha Galaxy (8 months ago)
Alexandra Juel (8 months ago)
ClearStar: ALL CATS OF RE-WATCHING CLAN GATHER UNDER CLAN ROCK LilySong: -walks out actively- Are there new cats coming? Earlyclan? Lateclan? Reply with your Cat! Like and Reply thanks!😍
Kittycwake708 MEEP (8 months ago)
i think this makes so much sense nowwwwwwww cinderheart, fireheart aaaah lionblaze= firestar ( deed firestar has another life) cinder pelt never got to love so its just another what the heck now
Robin Copeland (8 months ago)
I ship cinderPELT and fire heart/star 😎
walter Shumate (8 months ago)
Plz make a cinderpelt coloring contest!! Plzz!!
Galaxy Kittens*closed* (8 months ago)
I think CinderxLittle💙
gray wolf 708 (8 months ago)
Their kits wold have been so pretty

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