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Air Canada Flight 001: Toronto to Tokyo on the 777-300ER Trip Report

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Watch my 4K video of a 747 flight from London to Chicago! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5ZH2sTeia0 (Trip Report #3) (For a playlist of all my trip reports, visit https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYtyZPMUWeI8tkUYI_hRsKc0BVEQHFzB3 ) Fly from Toronto to Tokyo in under 10 minutes (no jet lag)! In this video, you'll get a detailed view inside the plane (mainly the economy cabins, since I was in seat 46D) plus some views of Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, Alaska, Russia, and Japan. There are a couple of outside shots, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get a view of the whole fuselage from either side from the airports. Hope you enjoy!
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jeff westend (18 days ago)
My daughter is on this flight right now, living her dream. I haven't flown since the 80s and I must say to the person who described the interior of this plane as 'boring'... you have no idea as to what 'boring' is. Try flying from the east coast to Hawaii in a stretch DC-8 (basically, a really really long Greyhound bus with wings) with no tvs, no nothing, just one in-flight movie. Thanks for posting.
KBurchfiel (17 days ago)
Thank you for sharing! I certainly don't think there's anything "boring" about flying 35,000 feet above the Earth's surface! Having a window seat helps though :)
Rashid Ali (20 days ago)
KBurchfiel (26 days ago)
Thank you everyone for watching! I never could have imagined that this amateur video would amass 1,000,000 views! I like to think that my camerawork has improved a lot over the last few years, but I'm glad many of you still find videos like these enjoyable. :)
The Fozzy Bear (1 month ago)
Russian airspace is now the most expensive. In communist Russia no planes could fly over it.
saiyajedi (2 months ago)
I usually take this flight when I go to Japan (before a short hop from Haneda to either Itami or Kansai). I make a point of knocking myself out with motion-sickness meds after the first meal service so I can spend at least half the journey asleep. It’s too tedious otherwise.
Rodney Lopez (2 months ago)
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jiwan kumar (2 months ago)
good Looking arro plane
Desi Larasati (3 months ago)
Alpa Dhokiya (3 months ago)
Nice i love canada
harjot singh (4 months ago)
Nycc but plz alitalia llane video upload italy
Adrian Campbell (5 months ago)
We went the other way from TO to Hong Kong, up north and then East up by Baffin bay then dropped down into Russia and down to China.
MAX TUBE HD Tamula (5 months ago)
0:36 voice reveal
Lisa Mina (5 months ago)
Shame on them really this is unbelievable air Canada treat people differently they are racist I just find out now it’s the first and last time that I’m traveling with them I did travel with that racist company last month to North Africa the plane was very old no tv seats ,not confortable,horrible food plus lot of complications at their airport even if you doing a transit for me not anymore they are the worse company to travel and the worse airport to do a transit they don’t care if your second plane is about to fly in 10 mn because of the first plane delays so you don’t have a time but they have all the time to ask you million question and you are there for transit nothing als and finally I arrived to whatever destination that I was going but I had to wait 4days to get my personal luggage because they didn’t send them in time ! Of course After I claimed that I get air canada phone number I was calling and no body pic up that was a nightmare experience
Cyril Pinto (6 months ago)
Trial jeiwiwi
very nice so sweet
Kevin G (6 months ago)
how long was the flight from Toronto - Tokyo? ive done flights to Auckland, Sydney, the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe but never to asia.
KBurchfiel (6 months ago)
It was probably about 12.5 hours, judging by FlightAware data for two YYZ-HND flights. Unfortunately it doesn't look like any airline currently flies from YYZ to NRT nonstop.
Vanguru Mahesh (7 months ago)
Ziad Farid (7 months ago)
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Brian Wilson (7 months ago)
You're probably pretty annoying walking up and down the cabin. I'm surprised the cabin crew didn't ask you to stop filming.
KBurchfiel (7 months ago)
Yes, you're probably right. I imagine I irked a few people. When I film my airplane trip videos now, I try to avoid filming people's faces, so I usually film facing the front of the plane. I also avoid filming when flight attendants are in the aisle. Thanks for watching!
Izaulif mstheus alved
Rajiv Garg (7 months ago)
tendai mpala (7 months ago)
l pray one day l ll surely use the Canadian Airway. In Jesus Name. Amen
dimpy chema Khehra (8 months ago)
Very nice voice sir
Sergi Codina (8 months ago)
Air canada is the worst flight company I’ve ever flyied with
Prince Khan (8 months ago)
very good
Rahul Rahul Rj (9 months ago)
Jagroop Dhillon (9 months ago)
i love Canada
H2Omatters11 (10 months ago)
So, spent 10 mins watching this and no review of the good/bad reviews of taking this flight?
Izauli f matheus alves aratangu a c
Aisha Diab (10 months ago)
I love this song Bhat (11 months ago)
Isso f mstheus slves
Fia viajen e dois miu e cstorze so canada e dia miul e quze a xicago para estadis unido para verjinia depois pasei por canada em uma semana Bin engorda pasei por muitas coneqisao fiqei meu mendontrada msis qe ver se desa veis vou a Flórida e não sei se fala vou até o canada
MHAMUDUL HASAN (1 year ago)
ricky Brown (1 year ago)
world largest boeing 777 right
minhajail minhajail (1 year ago)
minhajail minhajail (1 year ago)
GEORGIOS798 (1 year ago)
air canada same uneducated rassists
sanju kumar (1 year ago)
kitna kharcha ata h Bhai Canada ka
manitobamonstar * (1 year ago)
very well done video. as someone who needs to know the plan and details ahead of a trip, even the flight, this helped to settle my anxiety
SAURABH JAIN (1 year ago)
Matloob Alvi (1 year ago)
what type of camera did you use ?
Louiselle Ouellet (1 year ago)
J’adore air canada !
Nancy Qammaniq (1 year ago)
Canadian North
Luka Morry (1 year ago)
I’ve only used economy before so your video was interesting!
zamora737 (1 year ago)
The food is free???? or you need paid for the service of food
bg patriot (1 year ago)
IS there no elite economy of the air canadas 777-300 ?
Sofia Torrefiel (1 year ago)
how many hours long is Toronto to Tokyo Japan
H. Martinez (1 year ago)
Great video but, what's with the captions? They need to stay up for another 2 seconds so they can be read in digested along with the video.
4september1947 (1 year ago)
great video
MOHAMMED salam100 (1 year ago)
Haloo gays my Name is Mohammed 33 yours im married i have the boy i living in Iraq every day or every week i dreaming to Canada because i think moveto lives to sive land .my message to all bady i need the help or advic thank for alla
CptSchmidt (1 year ago)
AC Flight 1 now operates a 787-9. I flew Toronto to Tokyo in December on AC5, which operates the 777-300. Maybe next time :(
Avaxran (1 year ago)
Question. How much did it cost? I'm asking because I plan on going for a trip for 2020.
KBurchfiel (1 year ago)
I really don't remember at this point, but I like to use sites like Kayak or Travelocity that present lots of different options.
Gencturk92 (1 year ago)
Toronto is nice, it was painful for me leaving the city. I had fun there bot hated New York.
Margaret Great (1 year ago)
very interesting and nice scenes
علي علي (1 year ago)
very good
Jim Brill (2 years ago)
Nice video. You need to leave your commentary up longer and also slow down your movements with your cam.Don't be in a rush panning left and right. Still interesting though.
Hong Nguyen (2 years ago)
great video; hopefully more new videos any airlines from toronto to Japan; Taiwan; hong kong and China please; thanks
That's a generous snack portion at 7:22!
Mrsushi1011 (2 years ago)
my trip to japan was november of 2013 it was soo fun. only thing is i was so tired and yet could not sleep on the plane the whole way there. going back in november of 2020
elta81 (2 years ago)
the worst cameraman have ever seen
Darcee Lee Easton (2 years ago)
air canada sucks!! i see still awful food was that a roast beef sandwhich? looks like the cow died 4mths ago and there feeding it to you i have no idea how there still in the air 😜😜😜😜😜
TOTransitGuy7755 (2 years ago)
Can you please do an airport tour of the Toronto Pearson Airport?
TXnine7nine (2 years ago)
2-5-2 is great if you have a window but SUCKS if you're that unlucky SOB in the middle seat of the 5. lol
Mike M. (2 years ago)
mikegobig (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for sharing this perspective. Just got a real feel for the flight.
Tomas Santiano (2 years ago)
Nice video...Just please consider to leave the messages for a longer time on screen. (Y)
Arutz Tele (2 years ago)
at least we fly over USA
DarkJackal1223 (2 years ago)
Question for anyone who has been on this flight that is 6ft 2in.  How much leg room is there on this flight as I am wondering if I should upgrade for more leg room or no?  The cost for me to get more leg room is 240 dollars round trip extra on top of the tickets but thought I would save money by getting an isle seat in the economy side n just have my legs go off the side.  I have flown delta to Narita a year ago but got economy comfort but I am taken a trip with budget in mind.  Willing to make the upgrade if I have to but just wanted input on this.  Is it the same amount of leg room as the smaller planes that are for short distances or is there more leg room compared to them?  I mean is it the same amount of leg room compared to something like a Bombardier CRJ-900 for example or more?  I find those a bit uncomfortable but can handle them for a few hours but not 13hrs especially if I am trying to sleep.
Pascal Erb (2 years ago)
Great video my friend!
Sarah Charpentier (2 years ago)
balmain2002 (2 years ago)
Fantastic video with great trip report - feels like we are along with you on this trip! Epic..thanks for the upload!
bearPower 2017 (2 years ago)
Are you going on that plane so I'm watching it
Jeff Rouse (2 years ago)
I liked how they changed the seats to the newer seats in 2015 2016 and to 3-4-3!
ZZBossGaming (2 years ago)
Why is the flight number 001?
Jan Kryski (2 years ago)
stupid video
Andrew Anane (2 years ago)
nice but please show the landing next time please!
Io Oi (2 years ago)
great vid!
P Daniel (2 years ago)
Why are the Japanese in Toronto?
James Park (1 year ago)
Because it is a flight from Toronto to Tokyo
Thanks for the video! Really appreciate it as it gives me and my friends an idea of what the flight to Tokyo will be like :D
A_g18 (2 years ago)
nice vid
KBurchfiel (2 years ago)
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!
David Pristupa (2 years ago)
Realistic as it gets. I'm going to watch it again with a cup of Mr. Noodles. The sound and vibration are totally real. Thanks :-)!
KBurchfiel (2 years ago)
Lol!! The noodles are a must!
Daniel Clooney (2 years ago)
Excellent video, thanks for sharing. I especially enjoyed the comments about location and view from the plane throughout.
I agree 100 Daniel clooney on this beautiful video thank you for sharing:)
jeff doh (2 years ago)
I'll be flying AC 777 next Friday to London 😄
P Jhajj (3 months ago)
Safe landing here
The Best Parcomètre (2 years ago)
Meanwhile, I have to fly with air Transat in a Boeing 737 where i struggle fitting my legs between my seat and the seat in front of me (I'm only 6'1" btw)
Fanima Dekoi (2 years ago)
All the passengers are at NRT going "OMFG I can't believe I just spent 12-14 hours sitting on this freakin plane..." Video does a good job depicting a typical 777 ride to Asia, but nothing can describe the countless hours of sitting and watching the little plane on the little map crawl it's way across the globe at what feels like a snail's pace.
saiyajedi (2 months ago)
(I know this comment is a little late but) AC001 goes from Toronto-Pearson (YYZ) to Tokyo-Haneda (HND). Haneda’s actually a lot more convenient to get to Tokyo proper, since Narita’s out in the middle of rural Chiba prefecture (though it is close to a Buddhist temple that’s popular for New Year’s festivities).
AirplaneFreak (11 months ago)
Fanima Dekoi Remember the Concorde?
Peizxcv (2 years ago)
Not 3-4-3 seating?
KBurchfiel (2 years ago)
Not back then I guess; they might have changed it since then.
keng keng (2 years ago)
food looks terrible. .
Me 2016 (2 years ago)
Why do people always have to complain? words not up long enough, no take off, no landing, editing sucks, blah blah blah... Go record and upload your own flights. all people do is complain
jeff westend (18 days ago)
" all people do is complain " that's complaining. seriously, when you see text, just tap 'pause' and read or double tap on the left to rewind. i kinda liked watching a video that wasn't 50% obscured by text.
Ronak Ronakatel (8 months ago)
Jigani Jigani video
nurjanahsctp cahaya (11 months ago)
Me 2016
Ilya Feynberg (11 months ago)
rapturekevin Have you seen your ONE uploaded video from 10 years ago? Not sure I would be putting myself on that imaginary high horse of yours if I were you. If you’re even far less capable, maybe just sit back and enjoy the work of others while keeping your useless opinions to yourself. You’re right, the truth does hurt, but usually just for haters, complainers and users.
rapturekevin (1 year ago)
Me 2016 because the editing does suck. Dont upload shit videos. Truth hurts.
drummersteve (3 years ago)
Unfortunately, Mr. Burchfiel’s video is documenting history as Air Canada has almost finished reconfiguring all of its Asia bound 777 jets to 3-4-3 economy seats that are ~1.5 inches narrower, with 31” pitch. For all of the criticism leveled at AC, the plane in this video gave economy travelers a reasonably dignified experience. I have four summer flights booked on the “New and Improved” 777s and it is going to be HELL!
Peter Lyu (3 years ago)
They actually served you cup noodle?
bartdereu (3 years ago)
Exhaust kerosine? haha. that's just vaporized water that you see :-)
AI AIA (3 years ago)
Good video. I'm a pilot really feel good seeing this type of videos.amazing aviation
WARPAINT GAMER (3 years ago)
BradDaMan (3 years ago)
asep sunandar sunarya (3 years ago)
i have a headache during i am watching your video. damn, so rough ... camera goes crazy!!!!!
Preme (3 years ago)
Air Canada is AWESOME!!
Richard Schlimbach (3 years ago)
We are not all speed readers.  Other than this, it was an interesting video.
vicente damian (3 years ago)
Felicitaciones, muy buen trabajo. saludos desde la capital mundial delas fresas Irapuato, Gto. Mexico. octubre 23 de 2015.
박박은하 (3 years ago)
this video is good
박박은하 (3 years ago)
this video is good

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