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NO DRAMA HERE!! Kylin M RTA VS. Profile Unity RTA!!

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For More Information On What Was Shown In This Video Visit: http://bit.ly/2pgClyu My Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/riptrippers
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s kas (1 day ago)
And vs the obs engine and the zeus x? Pls put in order best to worst!
ChaosKataGaming (1 day ago)
Just got my kylin m today, I've run it on my tesla poker, vaperesso revenger mini and voopoo rex.. if you're thinking of buying but not sure... do it. If you're not sure if you wanna switch from coil head atomizers to rtas? Do it. Love this thing
tony stevens (3 days ago)
What mod is that
ΤΓΦ Atreyu (4 days ago)
No bitchy. Rip trippers is the Coolest guy on the planet. 😎
boragdable (4 days ago)
I tried the profile rda with the wotofo rda alot of dry hits but when i use it with firebolt almost zero dry hit. Firebolt is best cotton that i used.
hoogle designs (4 days ago)
I guess he never got the wicking down, hence no follow up video like he said he would do. A hell of a lot of dry hits.
Baemax 14 (5 days ago)
So are they releasing this or nah?
Kari Gordon (5 days ago)
Anyday now.....waiting for the build AND wick video for the kylin m.....come on. The future is now and all that jazz!!!!lol cant wait.
Emily Chasteen (6 days ago)
I love this guy. Best reviewer and I as well am tired of everyone screaming rip off at the top of their lungs. But could someone tell me why he wouldn’t use vandyvapes cotton with the shoe lace type end?
N Song (5 days ago)
Emily Chasteen from what I’ve seen on other videos and read, some people think it’s tooo thick and a little hard to wick with ease. 3 pieces of fire bolt cotton in an upside down triangle shape seems to be what a lot of ppl are doing and prefer is better
Koda C (7 days ago)
still waiting for your wicking vido :(
R Williams (8 days ago)
Hey Trip Will you reviewing the new Kylin Mesh Coils? KA1 Dual Mesh SS316L(TC)
Ventsislav Rachev (8 days ago)
So a 100% of ppl on Reddit hate it and a 100% of (paid) YouTubers love it ...wtf I can't make up my mind ..
DorkDadProductions (8 days ago)
Just got mine today and I LOVE THIS RTA! I've never had an RTA until the Profile Unity and I have to say it is really simple to build and wick and then ENJOY! I hate to say it BUT I will be putting my Profile Unity away and using my Vandy Vape Kylin M from now on and OH the flavor (in my opinion) is so close to the Profile RDA that its ridiculous!
Eddie Stafford (8 days ago)
my shop had 4 of these and i got 1..im hype to put a build in it
jamie skinner (8 days ago)
Gareth Evans (9 days ago)
Personally, I think they're both flawed. The spring(s) should be pressing the coil down, rather than pushing the wick up (the higher the liquid is lifted, the more it has to fight gravity, lowering the flow rate). They're also blocking the middle of the wick from soaking any liquid directly. Even change the shape of the center spring contact to a bar, pressing the wick into the apex of the mesh (while leaving the wick able to contact the bottom of the tank). This should be flat, even just channels to allow the cotton to wick along the whole width of the mesh. They need to get the coil as low as possible, ideally zero vertical lift to get the maximum vapour production. One more thing... They need to direct the air over the surface of the mesh coil as fast as possible. This will suck the liquid into the coil (the Bernoulli Effect, it creates enough vacuum to keep planes in the air). The AFC should be right in front on the coil enabling a fast stream of uniform air across the width of the mesh, with the external AFT only serving as a visual aid rather than limiting the airflow. Vandy Vape, Wotofo, etc are welcome to use those ideas as long as they send me some free sh!t, lots of free sh!t.🤘
Pierronimo (10 days ago)
The Profile has some leaking issue, the Kylin M on the the other hand is noisy. But Kylin win the building ease and maybe a tad better flavor. Profile win on the look.
Oswalds Reef (11 days ago)
My kylin M is absolutely the first and only rta I will ever need. Fantastic.
Mark B Jones (11 days ago)
Why didn't they make this squonk compatible so we can have best of both worlds.
MykeGaming H. (11 days ago)
We have exact the same setup. Mini aegis + kylin m
Matt Evans (11 days ago)
If vape companies weren't copying each other, they wouldn't figure out how to makes things better. If it ends up being shit, well it's shit. And they have an alternative to that shit product. If i design came out in 2014, you know that by 2019 there have been hundreds of modified versions of that. And if companies aren't going to continue producing that stuff after a year, they have no right to complain when another company one ups them. There are only so many possible designs, and they've all been done.
Morgan Sedge (12 days ago)
Nice i like it ..you have already convinced me that my next will be the Wotofo Profile unity :-)
Yoohohoho (12 days ago)
Liquid Marijuana please
falcon 1776 (15 days ago)
" Smoking in dead Vaping is the future" Unless you live in Colorado
sean sullivan (17 days ago)
whay fuck around with this mesh RTA shit just buy a smok sub ohm tank they even perform better
Jason Strange (18 days ago)
My Kylin M arrived today. Just need your wicking tutorial now 👍🏻
Diddles 87 (16 days ago)
I've got this and it's great. Cut the wick at a 45 degree angle then cut it flush against the build deck then tuck it in.
Jason Strange (17 days ago)
eBay in the UK. Wicked it ok first try. No doubt could be improved but it works and it is 👍🏻
ggwp (17 days ago)
Where did u buy yours
Alec Prince (19 days ago)
Joe Whitenstall (19 days ago)
Your videos are amazing, so amazing that I’ve bought the profile rda and pre ordered the Kylin m!
keith brealey (21 days ago)
what mod are you using there dude?
caleb natseway (21 days ago)
@riptrippers what kind of mod is that your using ? Or if anyone knows please let me know
mody mdon (21 days ago)
Who is the best?
Diddles 87 (22 days ago)
How many tanks or rdas use the half pipe airflow? Now Mike vapes thinks it's his airflow 🤦🏻‍♂️
Ian Charles (23 days ago)
I dig the point about the velocity deck.
Crystian Correa (28 days ago)
Shoe lace end is called an Aglet
anthony san martin (28 days ago)
I just bought one. I can't wait to get it. 23.00. At cheapvaping.com.
anthony san martin (27 days ago)
22.30. Used my browser. Google in fact. Typed in kylin m. Used a code from cheapvaping or whatever site it was. I thought it was a pretty good deal. If I remember right I think they said the 29 was the release date
Racer (27 days ago)
anthony san martin - Wrong website address AND the Kylin M has not been released yet. Only preproduction models.
canned soup (30 days ago)
the taste and the smooth draw you get from mesh is so much better than regular coils.
Samuel Clemmons (1 month ago)
where would i pick up replacement mesh? and do they make a TC mesh?
canned soup (30 days ago)
nexmesh is $10 for 10pcs on pretty much any website. i have been vaping the same mesh for a month now. they're very easy to clean, and the taste doesnt go bad after a couple days.
Drew Monz (1 month ago)
you're not kiddin. I just got a wotofo squonk mesh rda with nexmesh .13 ohms... Coulds are so good plus the flavor is excellent.
Man I remember how hard it use to be to prime up mesh this rta makes it so much easier
Tecnos Player (1 month ago)
What rta do you reccomend for flavour among all those who have already tried
Son Rukiri (1 month ago)
It's a profile deck plain 'n simple, but is it better? actually no. It's pretty much a clone and they vape pretty close. We need a bubble glass for the profile and then I'm happy.
CountryBoy Vapes (1 month ago)
Check out the new Doom RTA from Damn Vape. The deck is pretty much the same design as well. Don't know if they have released it or not. They have been getting hit pretty hard on IG when they first posted a picture of the deck with a mesh strip, the chamber, glass, top section right beside it. I personally don't see any innovation here and how this would preform any better than the Unity either. It's the same thing but with top airflow which can make it a little turbulent. I'll just stick with what Joel and Brian did with the Unity.
CountryBoy Vapes (1 month ago)
Why does he purge on almost every device he usues? Just to show off? Mesh strps have an instant ramp up so you don't need to purge. Some RDAs I can understand purging because it takes a second for larger, more exotic builds to heat up. He even purges on sub ohm tanks. Don't do that guys unless you want juice spewing out of the airholes and all over your mod.
renkawat (1 month ago)
Your voice changing rip..
Alexander Husebø (1 month ago)
2:10 *"Smooth as a porn star's ass"*
Steve Lowrie (1 month ago)
Put it up against the fatality. Qp killed the rta game
Durby24 _yt (1 month ago)
Sure it ain’t kylinm=kill in m.
ARN0NYM (1 month ago)
„Keelen Uhm“ 😂
Vapedrive Talk (1 month ago)
Is there any products you don’t like?
Taaha Hydrus (1 month ago)
You must be stupid. Why would someone post a review for something they don't like? He literally said he was using it for a month before posting this. If he finds that he doesn't like something after the initial testing he won't post a review you goof.
CountryBoy Vapes (1 month ago)
The ones that don't pay him..😂
Durby24 _yt (1 month ago)
He’s kinda annoying with his hyper ness but I love how well he does reviews got a lot of products cause of him.also hope for this rta
nixice (1 month ago)
What sunglasses are those Rip?! Those things are sick, I want a pair!
Game Thogic (1 month ago)
point of hats...to keep sun off your face and out of your eyes...bends it up therefore ruining the purpose....wears it inside where there is no sun....continues to wear sunglasses on top of that....do you see the issue with fashion today lol
username sucks (1 month ago)
The reason that mesh won’t be the “New Trend of vaping “ is because mesh isn’t for those who enjoy higher wattage vapes. Yes there are a fuk-ton of people who enjoy a mid-wattage vapes,but that’s not enough of a following imo. Regular as well as “exotic “ style builds will always take the cake in Rta’s (again-imo) and that won’t change anytime soon. Now if mesh becomes able to handle higher wattages(the reason I stayed away from the Profile rda is because I enjoy a hot,not warm vape at around 110-125 watts ) than that could change everything I’ve stated. But from what I understand,it cannot. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m going by what I’ve learned over the past few mos. Does Mesh now handle higher wattage?
CountryBoy Vapes (1 month ago)
I'm with you bro. I don't believe that mesh will completely take over in rebuildables. Plus there is no way a flemsy little mesh strip can handle 80+ watts without getting a horrific dry hit! I love rocking coils as well especially more exotic builds like Fraliens, Pro comp mirror aliens, ext.. at 110 watts because I also enjoy that heat with the flavor. Right now I'm running 2 JB N90 pro comp mirror Aliens in the Rebirth RDA .10 at 110 watts and I'm getting just as good of flavor like I do with mesh but with heat. I can't enjoy a cold vape all day I don't care how good the flavor is.
Peter J (1 month ago)
Another awesome review! Keep up the incredible work rip!!
Cristian zamudio (1 month ago)
Smooth as a porn stars ass 👏🤣 Hilarious
Sebastian M (1 month ago)
Did you use the fire bolt cotton or the cotton that came with the rta?
Anon_A Muss (1 month ago)
So between a Profile RDA on a Topside squonk, or a Kylin on any reg box, which is better?
CountryBoy Vapes (1 month ago)
Flavor is no different imo. The Kylan M holds around 4.5mls of juice. The Profile Unity RTA has a bubble glass section to add that holds 5 mils and it drinks faster than a dehydrated eliphant in dry season! Profile RDA on the Topside and the 10 mil bottle will last longer than the RTA but that's based on preference. You'll just be filling up the RTA more than the Topside squonk bottle.
John Matson (1 month ago)
I might just have to pick one up it probably won't be for like 5 months because my local shop sucks and are completely ok with being months behind the game.
xxdonvitoxxful (1 month ago)
Can you do a review on the advken dark mesh sub ohm tank please?!?
Zach Brown (1 month ago)
I think the kylin rta’s have been the best of the last few years for build deck and flavor. This looks promising. Are you still enjoying it? Are these out yet?
citiZen (1 month ago)
Can you use traditional coils on the kylin m like on the profile?
CountryBoy Vapes (1 month ago)
I don't think so. The RTA is exclusively for mesh only. You already have the Kylin and the Kylin V2 RTA's so why would you want to put a coil in a Vandy Vape's mesh RTA?
KillerWatt Ω (1 month ago)
Should've ended with: 😲"And the future is Messsshhhh" 🤘🤓💨💨💨💨
Julio Villarreal (1 month ago)
I have a profile and it's the best flavor I've had, but the spring loaded clamps on this have swung me from buying the unity. Huge quality of life upgrade, and so simple.
MC HOOK (6 days ago)
Julio Villarreal man i dint get much flavor from it
Thomas Haskins (1 month ago)
What mod is he using here?
Travis Atchison (1 month ago)
Looks like Aegis mini
Dripped out Nick (1 month ago)
Honestly I'm tired of people bringing up the velocity as example lol. Yes I will admit same concept but its 2019 be original. The vape game has changed drastically since then
snookerssNV (1 month ago)
Crafty Craff (1 month ago)
Remember, coils are dead and mesh is the future, and the future is now!!!
MinecraftGaming (1 month ago)
It’s says it gonna be released on the 25 of this month
Alan Hoy (1 month ago)
@Son Rukiri they have a clone already?
Son Rukiri (1 month ago)
A few sites are saying early June... and since it's literally not leagues, or even a 1 point difference why not just get the original over the clone?
Alan Hoy (1 month ago)
Where does it say that at for reassurrance
Dreams and Lies (1 month ago)
"Line your employees up and let me fuck you up" had me absolutely rolling. Hahaha
Aaron Mohns (1 month ago)
am I the only one that just comes here to watch Richard Pryor talk about funny stuff and here I'm uses wild voice I'm just saying I find it very interesting
Jay Langley (1 month ago)
If it don't release let me buy yours
9thChamber (1 month ago)
'Key-lin'? 'Smock'? Nice glasses.... and hat. Wtf is wrong with you dude?
Double 0000 (1 month ago)
malcolm yaple (1 month ago)
I've got both the profile and the profile unity rta and the flavor on the unity isn't even close to the profile and I'm running the shurt tank
Exodus (1 month ago)
Funny, you bitch all the time about people coping your drip tip ( phobia rda video) . Hypocrisy thy name
Alan D (1 month ago)
Any update on da production - are they moving forward or not?
MAVERICK _ GAMING (1 month ago)
Yes, it's been released.
Paula Stilson (1 month ago)
how do i get to being able to review new products.
Dripped out Nick (1 month ago)
It takes money
Smoke Jayz (1 month ago)
Make sure she’s nice and tight...then you full her up lol
Dripped out Nick (1 month ago)
Words to live by
arab content (1 month ago)
@RipTrippers dear, first of all thank you for gre8 vids (top viewer for me :) ). i have profile RDA, i use vandy vape mesh strip , it is from another world way better than ofrf, (at least from my point of view and 2 others friends), vandy has 100 ,200 and 400 mesh, personally i use 400 it is over posting flav and low power usually 30w :D. it need some work around but worth it. cut the strip in half, then get 1.5 to 2 CM, insert one end then ... stuff the cotton on the ceramic peace then trim the other end of the coil so that when it is installed it would squeeze the cotton firmly, (i use a pancake cut i learned from you ) ... it is magic i swear .... i think vandy should stick with that mesh coils it is way way better than what they include here, what do you think? can you give it a try and tell us about it ?? cant wait your next :)
Micah Thieret (1 month ago)
hey rip, any idea on when vapetrik will have the 30mls for rainbow nuggets back in stock? love the videos. thanks for all the reviews!
Micah Thieret (1 month ago)
@CountryBoy Vapes i emailed them like over a week ago and no reply :/
CountryBoy Vapes (1 month ago)
Rip doesn't even look at the comments section. Check and see if VapeTrik has a "Contact Us" section and email them about it.
Edgar Perret-Gentil (1 month ago)
the RTA was at the vandy vape booth at vaper expo so it must be a GO
Elliot Lawver (1 month ago)
adil ajaz (1 month ago)
and guys Wasp nano RDA is good?
Ryan (1 month ago)
Yes it's good, would take the RDTA over it though, wasps a single coil and is easy to build on, absolutely great tank 🤘
adil ajaz (1 month ago)
This Rta or SMM Serpent ELEVATE?????
adil ajaz (1 month ago)
@Diddles 87 LOL
Diddles 87 (1 month ago)
This, the elevate is trash
brendan gonzalez (1 month ago)
Been watching your videos for over a year. Great reviews. Just got Transmission from VapeTrik. IT IS THE ABSOLUTE TITS!!!
Mitchell Conte (1 month ago)
Do you wear those glasses now because of your butthole eyes ?
dylan thorn (1 month ago)
I will never understand why he constantly chooses to use the word "restrictiveness" over the word restriction...
isaac shively (1 month ago)
Might not release it? The shop I go already has them in stock
Meng Lee (1 month ago)
This thing will suck your juice like crazy
David Rotenberg (1 month ago)
Wow you weren’t kidding the build looks very easy!
Chi-Town (1 month ago)
Hahahaha he said AMA fuck you up lmao
Jim Dalziel (1 month ago)
No matter what you think about this crazy fucker, he is absolutely right about the Firebolt cotton. I got some Cotn and Firebolt last week, just to try, and the Firebolt is far and away superior to not only Cotn (horrible taste for a while) and my old standby Cotton Bacon (all renditions.) In my opinion, do yourself a favor and pick up some Firebolt (wicks its ass off and no taste whatsoever) and try it for yourself. I'm a convert.
AmbitionZ VapeR (1 month ago)
hell yeah man you said it perfectly! they both look great! and i agree that ofrf mesh is the best.
CountryBoy Vapes (1 month ago)
He'll wind up tweaking the deck just a bit, change the airflow design and and claim he built it from the ground up but won't put his name on it. AV is nothing but a con man.
Just A Vape Guy (1 month ago)
Of course you would be down with implementing others designs into your own products smh. Come on bro you have lots of followers you need to come out with your own original design. If not for anything at least do it for your followers
Hasan Amra (1 month ago)
Okay but whats with the glasses rip? Lmao
Mark B Jones (1 month ago)
Someone make this with a push top filler PLEASE, then I would buy.
Dan Smith (1 month ago)
did you get new teeth?
Macky Bear (1 month ago)
RIP Trippers bringing the Real Talk game
Lilcomet Psn (1 month ago)
Rip, Why are you wearing shades like Ryan Hall lol
Winston Wolf (1 month ago)
How about we put the whitening strips on after we film the video next time, alrighty then
Krys (1 month ago)
We need a video on the new voopoo drag nano from the best vape reviewer waiting on you rip
Darren Seely (1 month ago)
No, no, no... Voopoo committed the cardinal sin.
Islam Alaa (1 month ago)
I need this.
Ed Kyle Belleza (1 month ago)
Aglet is the word for that shoelace thing

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