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Ultimate Doom (100%) Walkthrough (E1M2: Nuclear Plant)

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A playthrough of Episode 1, Mission 2 of Ultimate Doom (Nuclear Plant) on the Ultra-Violence difficulty for the PC. This is played through ZDoom. 100% kills, 100% items, and 100% secrets.
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Hey It's Ron Here (8 days ago)
This may be the best let's play of any game ever. Your commentary is so dry yet hilarious at the same time. "Ah-ha! He got squished, look at his giblets!" anyways I noticed you're doing Pirate Doom, so I'm just going to subscribe. Also Big Mac is one of the best ponies ;P (don't watch the show anymore though)
Super Vegito (1 month ago)
There is a glitch in my game. I couldn't find the chainsaw
KitAkira1989 (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video. Didn't have 100% in items when I was playing this in Doom 3: BFG Edition and I found a couple items I missed in the maze.
RaSkipper (1 month ago)
ibrahim turan (3 months ago)
How to get the armor in the beginning?
BigMacDavis (3 months ago)
Bump up against it. If you already have over 100% Armor you won't be able to grab it.
007speedcuber (3 months ago)
I think "Heh he got squished look at his gibblets" is the best sentence I've ever heard
BigMacDavis (3 months ago)
Delicious giblets.
daniel hamby (4 months ago)
Reminds me of Chris Hansen with dateline to catch a predator..
BigMacDavis (4 months ago)
"Why don't you have a seat over here?"
Emanuelgamer 1313 (4 months ago)
Your voice is awesome
BigMacDavis (4 months ago)
Hey, thanks. Glad you're enjoying.
GD Kepler (5 months ago)
didn't know the first secret but got to the 2nd secret by flying myself from the stairs :) you can watch my playthrough in my channel (btw who's here from 2018?)
Over 9000 (6 months ago)
You are doing God's work here.
Anthony is Okay (7 months ago)
This weekend, I promise I would be on a fucking BMD binge, who else will later on or if he is right now?
Stephen Lawson (8 months ago)
This Doom is so much fun. Thanks for making these excellent walk through videos, I have learned secrets I missed for years. Your voice over commentary is excellent.
Hazama Kurosaki (8 months ago)
Your voice is similar to the Postal 2 guy's voice
Wesley C (8 months ago)
Winning smile though 1:37
TT dyinglightfan (8 months ago)
I tried to download zdoom but it will download but not play doom?
TT dyinglightfan (8 months ago)
Thx it’s working now
BigMacDavis (8 months ago)
Do you have the Doom WAD inside the ZDoom folder?
talldude123 (8 months ago)
After watching you beat Scythe Map 30, this looks relaxing!
ch282 (8 months ago)
god i hate these maze parts of the levels. it would be so much more fun without them.
BigMacDavis (8 months ago)
Yup. Old FPS games were famous for these.
WOЯK HAЯDEЯ (9 months ago)
what nationality are you? btw best english i ve ever heard
BigMacDavis (9 months ago)
Tucker Volker (10 months ago)
Tucker Volker (10 months ago)
BigMacDavis (10 months ago)
Sirk Oremuf (10 months ago)
I usually play Doom 1 & 2 on either the PS3 or the Game Boy Advance. I have yet to play Final Doom, but I have it has a console version.
BigMacDavis (10 months ago)
Yeah, I believe Final Doom was released on the PS1.
Roy McMasters (10 months ago)
Sounds like will wheaton
Ryan Ell (11 months ago)
No rocket launcher?
BigMacDavis (11 months ago)
Not yet. Not until the next map.
Master of 1,320 Magics (11 months ago)
I grew up with this game (and other classic PC games such as Command & Conquer) and still play it along with Doom 2. It never gets old.
BigMacDavis (11 months ago)
I find a lot of these older games more fun than the newer ones. Not saying ALL newer games are bad though.
Michael Hill (11 months ago)
"Aww, he didn't explode. But that's ok. I'm sure there will be more opportunities later on." That voice is the best.
Nishandx De Zoysa (1 year ago)
what difficulty did you play this
Joseph Yhu (1 year ago)
I got only 96% kills probably because I could hardly see in the maze except when the lights turn on for like two seconds every few seconds. I spent maybe over five minutes going around in circles trying to find the secret area in the maze with the backpack. I got 100% secrets though. :) Great walkthrough, I also liked your Half-Life walkthrough. I finished that game about a month ago.
Ricky Valentine (1 year ago)
My favorite weapon this level chain gun
chris johns (1 year ago)
Appreciate the walkthrough. Got no problem with the straight up levels just was trying to find secrets. Good job buddy
Glitchell (1 year ago)
fake ass voice
metal9lover9maniac (1 year ago)
The way you narrate this is hilarious, and awesome.
gingataisen (1 year ago)
Chris Robertson (1 year ago)
"Deliciousness. Heh."Best quote on whole video.
Random Stuff (1 year ago)
How to make and comment your walkthrough as a gentleman.
Engel78 (1 year ago)
I've always called the shotgunners sergeants
ty-3 (1 year ago)
I just noticed I WASN'T SUBSCRIBED!!! Problem fixed. I like how organic this guy is, he feels natural, he talks normal, he gives opinions at the end, he is systematic but not mechanical, I love how his tongue gets caught on certain words and expressions and he keeps using them for a while then they disappear. Bigmacdavis, as a viewer; a big heartfelt thank you for all the fun hours I've spent watching your beautifully made videos, I salute you, sir. And as a person, I hope life's treating you well, bud.
Egorence (1 year ago)
ahh the chainsaw best communicator
C Am F G (1 year ago)
It's a very short map for speedrunning. I think I finished this in 24 seconds or something. But I didn't get any secrets.
BlackThorne 2001 (1 year ago)
i like your voice i feel like im watching on home tv shopping.
Hugo Barros de Souza (2 years ago)
Took a deep breath, and remembered my childhood, specially today, that it's raining here. :)
LukasG2004 (2 years ago)
I played this with risen 3d just for the fancier graphics.
FailedKiller (2 years ago)
why do you sound like an employee orientation video.
Pedro Thome (2 years ago)
this game is very cool
TheBluejay (2 years ago)
Solid walkthrough thanks!
sonicteam2k1 (2 years ago)
when the imps diet you can see their butt hole
The PlaugeDocter (2 years ago)
:D i got here
marsupialmestre (2 years ago)
hey :D
TFUII (2 years ago)
I could listen to this dude say "a box of bullets" all day long! Really helpful vids.
Alexander Harvey Conrad (8 months ago)
Imagine those ASMR sessions...
Зонт (2 years ago)
If Carl Sagan devoted his life to Doom, instead of science.
metal9lover9maniac (1 year ago)
Dr. Carl Sagan is one of my idols! Everything he said was moving, because his words were so poetic, mind-blowing, and true when he spoke about the value and wonder of Earth, nature, and human lives.
Facey Neck (1 year ago)
We're everywhere!
Doom シ (2 years ago)
Oh my fucking god, didn't expect a carlsagan fan to be over here.
qwerty anon (3 years ago)
the secrets on this level is the bitch
GuyThatCommentsVids (3 years ago)
Hes got that 90s early 2000s, construction job safety training video voice. Love it mayne
im da bes (3 years ago)
I like this guy's serious businessman voice.
AB-Doomer (6 months ago)
Synthia Vice, odd
Synthia Vice (8 months ago)
Personally his voice drives me crazy. I have to turn the volume off.
domenico fazio (1 year ago)
im da bes same .-.
FireIce38 (3 years ago)
Justin Silvers (3 years ago)
Came from the new doom livestream yesterday.
Sata (3 years ago)
and this game has lots of secret areas:D u shoot it and theres a secret area:Du go up and theres another secret area:Du go more up and theres some.......(me waiting for the other s.a:D)enemies:|
Sata (3 years ago)
ur voice is so cool and ur so good in these hard games:D
Farsight (3 years ago)
The Voice of Yami Yugi xD
d1mez (3 years ago)
Is there a way to get the green armor in the first big area just opposite of the starting point in anyway? Or is it there just to confuse some ones that need to get any possible items... ?
MeguhCorey (3 years ago)
I like your voice. No homo.
Dra åt Helvete (3 years ago)
I did watch this in retrospect to see how things evolved into the games I later played myself but I still find it disturbing that the narrator feels the need to present everything as if it was satire when revealing every single secret. It's as if he's ashamed of being good at something.
Josh Willey (3 years ago)
You dont have to collect all the armor right? cause at some parts, i'm full armor and can't pick it up
Anthony Hill (2 years ago)
+Dank Memes Thanks, Billy Mays.
Hugh Min (2 years ago)
Anthony Hill Yes, that is true.
Anthony Hill (3 years ago)
+Josh Willey To my knowledge (which is not the best), simply moving over an item, even if you don't pick up, will register, as if you were going towards your item percentage.
Ash Williams (3 years ago)
Oh, Hey, +BigMacDavis! If You Can Read This, I Have Something To Ask. Have You Done Final DOOM? Or, How Do You Feel About It? :) And Yes. Don't Forget! 10th Of December Is The 22nd DOOM Anniversary! :D
Cuzeg Spiked (10 months ago)
Ash Williams Wow doom is 24 years old. Could be 25 years soon.
Ash Williams (2 years ago)
Hugh Min (2 years ago)
Technically 24, since it is very close to 2017.
Ash Williams (2 years ago)
+Dank Memes 23?
Hugh Min (2 years ago)
Ash Williams Doom is 24 now, damn it's old.
Matt D (3 years ago)
play it on black metal brutal doom v20 bro
Hugh Min (2 years ago)
Matt D He said his computer was from 1997, no way he's running brutal doom, he has a new PC now, so he should be fine now. ??
Joe Manternach (2 years ago)
Matt D no thanks bro
Dinossauro (3 years ago)
best voice
Waves (3 years ago)
no offense but you sound like a robot
NinjaCringa A sexy robot.
MrSidrickCCA (3 years ago)
<bad guy explodes> -Delicious!
King Of Vaseline (3 years ago)
Chainsaw time! xD
01:35 I Love that Smile.
Randall Howerton (5 months ago)
irk hes like heheheee i am going to give them mouth full of led
Cory Trevor (3 years ago)
come back please
angeldeb82 (4 years ago)
You continue to impress.  Also, "The Imp's Song" is included in Super Columbine Massacre RPG.  Nice one!  :)
Nitty Gritty (4 years ago)
thank you for calling movie phone:: you have selected:: Brown Eyed Girl if this is correct press 1 now...
Clyde Marshall (4 years ago)
Big Mac Davis, I think you should take to calling yourself The Completionist.
SuperDuck Lukas (4 years ago)
wen i was little i was afraid of the maze
Hugh Min (2 years ago)
SuperDuck Lukas Same.
Abe Salom (4 years ago)
mow them all down lol
JRRacing64 (4 years ago)
Thank you for doing these doom walkthroughs. Especially doom2. Hard to find detailed WT's on YouTube that are enjoyable to watch.
MountainD18 (5 years ago)
I had made it into the secret area to get to the Chainsaw, but never realized that secret with a handful of armor bonuses, so nice to watch this video for my Nuclear Plant video I am about to do for my Ultimate Doom Walkthrough. You truely are 20% cooler, even 20% cooler than a Megasphere, lolz.
Madbull29 (5 years ago)
I remember when I was young like 7 years old being so scared of the imp in the starting room! xD
Hugh Min (2 years ago)
Madbull29 I was 3 when I first played, I was really scared of the barons. When I was 3, all the music for burned into my head.
Mark Cooper (5 years ago)
this is the best 100% everything playthrough on youtube.
NeonLadyUK (5 years ago)
You are probably the coolest guy on YT. I love your commentary style.
LM670-4 (5 years ago)
your awsome
Ardilla Del Mal (5 years ago)
Awesome videos dude, help me a lot, I played this game when I was in elementary school xD Hopefully you can make some videos of Doom 2 Saludos dede México
ZethHolyblade (5 years ago)
"Deliciousness" Hahah that's the best time ever I've heard someone saying that. Amazing stuff.
SpiritualFlame (6 years ago)
in that large maze area i usually take the right path for that secret chainsaw then the left for the secret backpack
bbman2011 (6 years ago)
I like the way you talk.
gamer263 (6 years ago)
Nice commentary. I didn't know that level had that many secrets.
LightningBoltForever (6 years ago)
I got a question: Why ZDoom and not GZDoom? GZDoom has OpenGL graphics and a whole bunch of other options. I mean, ZDoom is fine, but why not GZDoom?
Hugh Min (2 years ago)
LightningBoltForever At the time, his computer was from 1997, so his PC probably couldn't handle the crazy lighting and smoothness of gzdoom.
MountainD18 (6 years ago)
Excellent work BigMacDavis1.
Arddernog (6 years ago)
This was the first game I played.

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