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Jo Ann Greer - Bewitched (with Rita Hayworth)

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Jo Ann Greer (vo) (with Rita Hayworth) Morris Stoloff (con) Album:" Jo Ann Greer / Hollywood's Secret Singing Star "
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robotnik77 (1 year ago)
I was watching "The Caine Mutiny", and could not decide whether she were Doris Day, or Patti Page!! What a surprise. She's great.
Mauricio Durón (2 years ago)
Quite remarkable. Almost as if she had been Julie London's model. Great, sadly late, revelation.
robert beatty (3 years ago)
very beautiful singer surprised she was not a bigger star
orchardist1965 (4 years ago)
So thankful to Jo Ann Greer for her singing of "I cant believe youre in love with me" from the film "The Caine Mutiny." Her singing and the beautiful May Wynn whom she dubs make for a memorable moment of film history.   Thank you.
Jason Madore (4 years ago)
+orchardist1965, from what I've read, she also preferred to be involved in more behind the scenes work than actually being in the spotlight herself. While I agree she should have been more famous, I am nonetheless thankful that she recorded her considerable musical skills when she did - I have her on a 1957 radio transcription disc performing jazz standards and it is one of my most frequently-listened to records!
orchardist1965 (4 years ago)
I agree completely with your comments.Researching her career I discovered that she sang with the Les Brown "Big Band" and that Hollywood film studios used her considerable talent to dub many of the great female stars,which probably affected the acclaimed fame she would have so richly deserved.   Best.
Daniel Forte (4 years ago)
that song from cane mutiny brought me here , how can a singer of this caliber come in under the radar ?. many celebrated singers have  covered that song , including billie , ella , and frank , but given the lyrics , she sang it like it should be sung .
quenneville tom (5 years ago)

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